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1Search & Recovery [Solo Task] Empty Search & Recovery [Solo Task] on Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:10 am

Liara Reyold

Free Agents
Free Agents

Liara Reyold
@Naga D. Linnea wrote:

Task Name: Search and Recovery
Tier: 1
Location: Ennies Lobby
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: While Exploring Ennies Lobby disguised as a Marine, you'll come across an old man wandering the beach, looking for something. He's apparently a retired Marine who has lost his treasured pendant, a keepsake of his deceased wife. Agree to help him and find the pendant matching his description to earn his thanks and some prize money. You'll be identified by some real Marines while doing the job, so be careful!
Enemy Details: 3 T0 marines, 2 T1 Marines with guns, 1 T2 marine with a rifle
Boss: No

2Search & Recovery [Solo Task] Empty Re: Search & Recovery [Solo Task] on Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:44 am

Liara Reyold

Free Agents
Free Agents

Liara Reyold
they must be felt
"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, or even touched

How do Marines stand these uniforms!?

A manicured finger came up and pulled on the collar of this visually offensive excuse for "clothing." Naga had informed her that if she was going to traverse the inner depths of Enies Lobby then she was going to need to disguise herself as a Marine to get access. Her only real purpose for traveling this far was because she'd came to the conclusion that the very good craftsmen and artisans were probably closer to the potential clients that could afford it.

Aka, the money grubbing Marines.

Unfortunately, since her face had a 180,000 beli reward on it - relatively low honestly - she needed to be careful. You never know who was a bounty hunter just waiting to strike. One good thing that did come out of this assault on fashion, however, was that Marines seemed to get a hefty discount at Enies Lobby. People had even offered to give her some things for free! It begged the question that maybe all the Marines weren't bad if people were willing to just give things to them...
Or the people were just stupid.

Liara was more inclined to the later.
Slipping past checkposts and other Marine patrols had been child'splay for a while now. It seemed that they didn't expect anyone but an actual Marine to be wearing this uniform. Liara didn't blame them though, you'd have to be stupid to wear something this atrocious.

Deciding to push away the fact that she was a walking fashion fopau right now, the sound of waves slowly crept into her attention. Sometimes she forgot that these towns that they visited were really islands surrounded by water. They'd been at this city for a week now and Liara hadn't seen a speck of seawater since then. The red-headed Knight decided to indulge herself and turned towards the sound of the sea. As her footsteps brought her closer and closer to the coast, she couldn't help but wonder what her crewmates were doing right now. Mea-chan was probably nose deep inside a medical encyclopedia. Nicky was probably knee deep in a unlucky woman. Ike was most likely sleeping. Locke had to be off tinkering with something. Naga was probably with Mel - almost certainly doing something illegal. Liara's glossed lips spread in a slight smile at the thought of her Kuja Captain. Even now, Liara was glad that she accepted Naga's invitation to join their crew. Even though she still wasn't very close to any of them - she still felt like they were some sort of a family.

By the time that Liara surfaced from her thoughts, her feet had carried her to the coast, where a serene looking beach unfolded in front of her. She could tell that it was a public beach based upon how clean it was but other then that, no one was there. Liara stepped off the stone path and onto the soft white sand. Her feet sank in it just a tad but it felt good to have a change of pace for once.

She took solace as she watched the waves slope up and down the sand. She didn't even realize how long she'd been standing there until she felt a tickle go down her neck and her eyes whipped to the right. She caught sight of what seemed to be a crinkly old man walking...well, walking wasn't exactly the right word, staggering would be a better description. Liara didn't deem him to be a threat but she was interested as why he would be stumbling along this beach at this time in the afternoon. He honestly looked like he belonged in a bar somewhere or a bed, passed out, let alone the beach.

He closer to her and Liara was going to call out to him but something made her stop. That non-threatening feeling that she had before went away all too quickly. The Knight's brows furrowed as she instinctively placed her hand on her hip. Her whips sat at the ready. The man just staggered on past her without incident though. Liara's hand lingered on the handle of her whip as she watched the man saunter away.
• ### words
• tagged: Sooooolo
• notes: Equipment: T2 Armor & Bastilla Shards 1 & 2

Search & Recovery [Solo Task] 0Bqbiwk

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