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Melissa's eyes wouldn't be able to follow the assault, the sonic boom erupted and then blood squirted from the pirate. It seemed even his body needed time to catch up before his death became apparent. Yet the haki faltered and the young female would push herself via her intangibility through the barriers and out of the now faltering cage. "OOH girl, your getting used to that chill" Melissa would say, she would shiver but honestly it was a fake one, the girl was immune to the cold and its aspects, a smile upon her face as she looked to the deceased slaver. "Ugh, he probably died thinking i was weak, i shoulda gave him a good punch just to make sure" the devious little minx would utter shaking her head.

It would seem roughly about this time Flash was pulling himself to the beach along with the captive fish woman, or octopus woman or well fishwoman thingy that Melissa had never met yet apparantly it had some connection to the crew. "OOH so this is the reason you left me, someone like a bit of the old tentacle porn" she would say with a wink to Nicky. "You dirty little dog you" she said with a giggle before looking to the fish woman. "may i ask why we were fighting for her.....wait no..she's not joining us is she? you realize that means theres so much vagina on our ship." Melissa would say, yet her face then took on a confused look. "Wait, do you even have a vagina, like with all those tentacles and stuff, is it like a proper vagina or are you like a male with a female look, and one of those tentacles is your penis. I don't judge though if i could have eight penises around me all the time i probably would" Melissa would say, obviously her filter wasn't working,not like it ever came in handy before, she said what she wanted and be damned with thw consequences.

"Melissa Devaroux's the name and well, i don't really have a game" she would say prior to her stomach rummbling like crazy. "Awww man, i came looking for you buggers without even having food, what kind of monsters are you declining a beautiful young maiden like myself the right to eat huh" she would say to Naga with a wink. "Lets go eat some fiiiiiiiii..........can we actually eat fish if she's joining us...or is that like racist or something?" she asked no one in particular.

This may be the strangest crew ever.

Naga D. Linnea


Naga D. Linnea
Ever the funny one... Lin chuckled at her first mate's little jest, even if she had almost been captured all she cared about was ensuring the enemy didn't die thinking she was weak. It was too late for any of that however. The arrow had flown through and the guy was left with a gaping hole with copious amounts of blood gushing out of it. He died quickly enough, and Mel promptly went back to her humour, even if she didn't stop in between. Why would she? It was still Melly.

"I think he might have realized that after you survived inside the cage with him all this time.", Linnea tried to reassure her with a chuckle, these guys were obviously not weak, especially their captain: She saw the strength of his aura first hand.

Then they turned to the beach, where Flash was coming over with the Mermaid walking next to him. He introduced herself as Sabrina, and though she had already met both Captain and Navigator, the dark haired thief was unknown to her, so she simply looked at the girl, scanning her head to toe, before scoffing at her foul mouth. She was too proud to look agited by such cheap provocations, and having seen the girl's Logia ability; she knew she wouldn't be able to slap her that easily just as she wanted. However, that wouldn't stop her from being venomous: "Here I was wondering how a Logia got Captured so easily.", she commented with a mocking smirk, "With so much debauchery in such a simple mind, it's no wonder you can't acknowledge anything else."

Meanwhile, Linnea just laughed, it truly seemed like Melly had met her match, at least as far as insults were concerned. After so long of hearing lewdness come out of Mel's mouth, she was mostly desensitized, at least when it wasn't directed at her. Of course, Sabrina soon shifted her attention back to the Captain, "Do you pirates have a cook?", to which Linnea nodded negatively, "Then you just got one! Go ahead and be happy all you want."

She might if she wasn't shocked... This girl was a cook? She was so... Regal... Why would she bother getting her hands dirty like that, "You're... A cook...?", wondered a doubtful Linnea.

"Obviously! Do you expect me to eat food cooked by idiots with no taste buds?", she shrugged before crossing her arms, resigned to having to cook to eat food she could enjoy, "Want something done right, you have to do it yourself.", of course, Mel didn't spare her usual comment, and got a similar one in response as Sabrina scoffed and gave her a similar racism, "Hmph! About as racist as you humans eating pigs."

"Why would you want to travel with us though...?", Linnea couldn't help but wonder, "It sounds like you hate humans..."

"I don't hate humans, most of them are just annoying.", she answered, smacking a tentacle on the sand vehemently like a human might stomp her foot, before blushing slightly as she realized the words she just spoke, "I-it's not like you'll survive without my help or anything!! I c-can't feel indebted to Pirates!"


 Rescue the Princess!! [Final Arc Task/Melissa/Flash] - Page 2 UndxD27

Theme ~ Linnea's Sheet ~ Uroboros Pirates (Updated)



Nicholas had been with this group for a while, ever since they formed back in the South Blue. So to suddenly hear such things out of Melissa's mouth caused even Nicholas to blush brightly. Where the heck did all this perversion come from? Was she going through some sort of phase where her sex drive just went through the roof? If so, would it spread to the rest of the women on the ship? Nicholas knew he was one of very, VERY few males in the crew. Was he going to have to spend a lot of days in bed to keep up with all the demand?

Still, it seemed like the other girls weren't at all flustered by this. Oh god, this really was a thing wasn't it? And as one of the strongest men, odds were they were all going to turn to him. Would he be able to keep up? Thankfully, he was able to pull his mind off of the possible sexual shenanigans when Sabrina mentioned cooking. So not only was she a kick ass mermaid who could control water to her whims, she could also cook as well. "I say we keep her," Nicholas spoke with a smile, "Seriously, we're never going to find a catch like this ever again! Erm, no pun intended," he gave Sabrina a sheepish grin before turning back to the ladies, "Besides, when was the last time we had a good meal that didn't require us to fork out beli for it?"

Already, his mind was going through the possible dishes they could be eating. Of course, he had a feeling steak and all that would be out of the question. This was a mermaid they were talking about. No doubt they were looking at many possible seafood delicacies. Fried fish, scallops, hell, even sea kings! He always wondered what those juggernauts tasted like. And fighting those slavers did work up an appetite.

His thoughts were then pulled from food when a sharp wind blew across the beach, and he then realized he was cold and half naked. He let out a small shiver before looking around. "I guess we should head back to the ship then. Probably get a nice bath or something." Lord knows he'd need to wash all the salt out of his hair. He didn't look this good naturally after all.




"All part of the show dear, but weren't you the one who got captured first?" Melissa would say, her eyebrow raised, the cheeky smile located perfectly upon her face. It would seem she and this fish were going to be rather chaotic and the thought of that enticed her, "Oh great, so you are joining us, I sooo loved my octopus soup in the morning" Melissa would utter, she had never eaten octopus, the thought of it was horrid, "Oh your a fishman right, you know Leonardo, he's like a puffer fish or something, you all know each other right, your like gay people you know everyone whose a fish and they know everyone whose gay" Melissa would utter naturally joking but the need to poke fun of the new crew mate was vast.

"but i suppose welcome to the crew fish sticks, I like meat and lots of it, specially sausage so i hope you can cook that properly, I'll send you my dietary needs so you can make lots of nom noms for us when we return from doing the hard work" She would say with another wink before tossing her arms in to the air yawning. "I suppose we should get back to enies, really if your intent on joining us you should head back to the rest of the crew on board are ship, if you were to come to enies with us it would look to suspicious and its not like your inconspicuious with all that boobage" She would say before looking to Nicky and Naga.

"I don't intend to stay there longer, being undercover in one of the marines strong hold's is getting more and more dangerous, the longer we are there the more chance of discovery and there is no way we can escape if we become known, we need that fucking log pose to hurry up and point us in the next direction and i swear to god if this sends us to Impel or Marineford next i'm docking at the next island and become a high class escort. So much vagina on the ship makes me miss the company of a goood strong man who i can throw around the bedroom." the rather lude firl would say. "Might have to see if there is any fuckable marines when we get back, mumma is desperate for that dicking" the female would say with a smirk winking to nicky before turning and heading away.


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