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29Devils and Angels - Page 3 Empty Re: Devils and Angels on Sat May 21, 2016 12:46 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean

No one knows pain, I'll show them

Kash seemed primed to speak and address her current situation along with her decision hopefully. When her words started she was jumbling them mentally before Leparo heard someone approaching through the same doors everyone had fled through. He simple glanced in that general direction. This duo were dressed just as the rest which means they were Niles men. "Bad timing for you two" joked Leparo who simply looked at Luther who would then look at Kash. Both men knew what this meant for them. Before Leparo could get even get his thoughts out further one of the two men were down already "Whew, there's one" joked Leparo who enjoyed when Kash showed this side of her in small spurts.

Kash's words sounded like those of her brother. It's quite odd how much both Leparo and Kash both emulated Asher accidentally in times of stress. His eyebrow would raise as the goon didn't cooperate with Kash's demands which saw him meet his grim faith. Kash would turn to Leparo and say it to the best of her ability that she needed help finding Niles. Leparo smirked because he knew he shouldn't help her with such a petty vendetta but he knew if it were him he would want help. "He went North East. You can still catch him if you go that far."

30Devils and Angels - Page 3 Empty Re: Devils and Angels on Sat May 21, 2016 9:01 pm


Task 6:

Task Name: Devilish Angel
Tier: Tier 3
Location: Rubeck Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description: Kash finds Niles and sees his true plans. The final fight.
Enemy Details: 2 Tier-2 Enemies, 1 Tier-3 Boss


Devils and Angels - Page 3 Icom078_displaysize_by_mckadesinsanity-d63w4mn

Boss Name: Niles
Tier: Tier 3
Description: Niles is the ring leader of new rising slave trade and an old romance of Kash's. Devilishly charming, cut throat, and power hungry.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: Savage Soul
Equipment: Tier-2 Sword, Tier-1 Pistol
Specs: Tier-2 Hand-to-Hand, Tier-2 Marksman, Tier-3 Swordsman

Kash would waste no time continuing her hunt for Niles using the info Leparo gave her. She would run off through the jungle and up the incline of the mountain, literally north east. She would reach Niles no matter what it took. Her path would take her to a part of the mountain that leveled off and over looked the ocean. It was an awkward spot, hard to reach and she couldn't see any reason any random passerby would venture here which meant it was perfect for someone as shady as Niles.

Kash's sprint would return to a brisk walk, she assumed Luther and Leparo not too far behind her. Her hand rested on the hilt of her blade, ready to draw and end things once and for all. There was a cave around the curve of the mountain and she could see a few cages with people inside sitting on carts. Kash felt her blood beginning to boil and her grip on her blade tightened. This pissed her off because it confirmed everything she had heard, not that she needed any more proof. She didn't see Niles anywhere but obviously he was preparing to pack up and leave. She could see where the mountain began to slope downward again heading for shore where she assumed his boat would be waiting. This was her last chance to catch him.

"Look...wait, where's Leparo," Kash would begin to say as she turned back to look and only see Luther standing there.

"He said he was going back to the ship and that you had everything from here," Luther would say.

Kash simply nodded, saving her words. She would then proceed toward the cave entrance where she would see one guard keeping watch. Kash would rush he guard, drawing her blade when close which would be blocked by some kind of gauntlet on their arm. Acting quickly, Kash would bring her blade back while stepping out of the way of the guard's punch and then stab her sword into his foot. She would grab her whip, spinning around to the man's back and use it to wrap around his neck as she pulled away from the sword. A cracking sound would be heard as she would break his neck. She would grab her sword just in time to kill another enemy who would be coming out of the cave, pulling a cart with more cages on it. Still, no Niles.

"Where is he?" Kash would wonder.

"I'm right here," Niles would say standing near the downslope of the mountain. He had just returned.

Kash Stackz
Devils and Angels - Page 3 3HFFct5278AYU

31Devils and Angels - Page 3 Empty Re: Devils and Angels on Mon May 23, 2016 12:10 pm


Kash eyes would find Niles and upon seeing him, her blade would be drawn and she would charge full speed. She would swing her blade only to be blocked by his own. Their eyes meeting as their blades pushed against one another. Niles looked at Kash with playful eyes while Kash had nothing but utter contempt and disgust for him.

"You know, you have really been hard to get rid of today. You always keep coming back as a pain in my ass," Niles would say coldly. His voice and tone so different from the Niles Kash had once knew.

"Screw all of that, I'm here to put an end to your life Niles," Kash would say before pushing off, creating distance between them.

Luther stood a few feet behind Kash, just watching her and Niles fight. He didn't know if he had a place in this fight so he simply decided he would help when told to or when he had no other choice. He wanted Niles just as dead however.

"Well, you can try I suppose. But don't you want to know why?" Niles would say teasingly.

Kash stared at him, her blade hungry for blood. He had a point, why and when this all started were good questions. But would he actually tell her the truth? Was it worth listening to anything he said right now? Kash wanted to know why he would use her and try to throw her away. After everything they had been through years ago.

"Fine. Why?"

"Jolly," he would say.

Kash Stackz
Devils and Angels - Page 3 3HFFct5278AYU

32Devils and Angels - Page 3 Empty Re: Devils and Angels on Mon May 23, 2016 12:36 pm



Niles would smirk before he would take a few steps to his right. Kash was careful to keep an eye on his movements.

"That's my inspiration. Jolly. He's quite the legend of the underground and young too. He's what motivated me to do something big like he has. He's the reason I'm free honestly. I hear he has great influence and seeing how I'm here today, I guess it's true," Niles would say. The way he was talking about this "Jolly" guy made Kash uneasy. Who could get someone free so easily, someone like Niles?

"Yeah, he even gave me a starter kit into this entire slave trade. Weapons, equipment, a few lackeys. Nothing like his people though. His people where they mysterious blue masks and you really don't know who they are. I tried with what he gave me but clearly, I have to work on them. I hope he can spare a few more to replace the ones you killed."

Niles didn't have to say much more for Kash to realize who he was talking about. Hell, he didn't seem to plan on saying much anyway seeing how he would quickly rush Kash after he finished. Kash would block the attack and as she did Niles would pull his pistol with his other hand. Kash would pivot, spinning around to his back. Before she could swing her blade however, Niles would kick her in her abdomen, sending her backwards.

"Is your new friend going to help you like last time? He's been standing there quietly this entire time," Niles would say referring to Luther.

Kash would stand to her feet, catching Luther's eye and giving him a reassuring look that she had everything under control.

Kash Stackz
Devils and Angels - Page 3 3HFFct5278AYU

33Devils and Angels - Page 3 Empty Re: Devils and Angels on Wed May 25, 2016 1:46 pm


"Well, I guess there's no more to say. Time for you to die," Niles would say before holding his sword in front of his face.

Kash had seen this before and her eyes would widen as Niles would swing his blade in her direction unleashing a massive wave of compressed air. Kash would drop and roll to the side, the wave flying just above her hair, nearly scalping her. When she would try to stand, Niles was on her and she would have to block. The attack would push her back and she found herself against the edge of the mountain. Luther on the other hand had his hand on his gun, ready to fire...desperate to fire. But Kash would shoot him look that told him not to do anything.

"You know Niles, it's all kind of funny now," Kash would say as she struggled to stay on the mountain. "That guy, who helped you get out and set you on this path. He's my brother and now you're trying to kill his sister."

Her words clearly caught Niles off guard because he became distracted and eased up on his blade giving Kash the opportunity to push him back.

"You're lying and it's quite pathetic of you," Niles would say.

Kash would regain her composure and she never looked more like her usual self at this time. She knew the battle was over because Niles couldn't bring himself to kill her anymore. Even though he was trying to deny it, he couldn't dismiss it.

Kash Stackz
Devils and Angels - Page 3 3HFFct5278AYU

34Devils and Angels - Page 3 Empty Re: Devils and Angels on Wed May 25, 2016 2:02 pm


Kash would sheathe her blade and begin to walk slowly toward Niles.

"You seriously think I would lie about something like that just to save my own life. You know I rather fight it out. But come on, you can't tell? Surely you've met "Jolly"? she would say.

Niles looked as if he was beginning to analyze Kash like never before. He looked at her like she was some new found species he was discovering for the first time.

"Silver hair," Kash would say while running her fingers through her own hair. "Blue eyes. He wears a long coat kind of like mine. He has a smile straight from hell? Clearly you can see it now Niles. We're twins after all," she would say, stepping toward him slowly.

Niles's eyes would widen as he finally let go of the delusion. He could see the resemblance and it honestly was in the eyes alone. "I..."

"Had no idea? Yeah, obviously. But what do you think he will do when he finds out you've hurt his beloved sister? You know what he's capable of, what influence he has. Asher Kringle. Kash Kringle. Children of marine vice admiral, Kris Kringle. You won't be able to escape," Kash would say, finally stopping.

Niles looked as if he had been backed into a corner, literally and figuratively. He had been retreating with every step Kash took forward until his back was against the mountain side.

"Then I have to kill you, so they never find out," Niles would say with a scared look in his eyes.

Kash Stackz
Devils and Angels - Page 3 3HFFct5278AYU

35Devils and Angels - Page 3 Empty Re: Devils and Angels on Wed May 25, 2016 3:10 pm


Niles would hold his blade at the ready, committing fully to killing Kash. Yet Kash simply stood there with her sword sheathed and it began to unnerve him.

"Draw your sword Kash!"

"You don't want me to do that. You don't even want to do this."

"Do it! I don't know what game you're playing but..."

"You're scared! You're not going to do anything because you know you can't outrun what will happen next."

"SHUT UP! You're not anything special. That's why you were so easy! I'm not afraid of your brother or your father. I will be the new king of the slave trade. You can't stop me, so draw your blade!" Niles would say vehemently.

"Since when have you needed someone to draw their blade in order to kill them? What you think a noble death would lessen the consequences? Don't be delusional. Besides, if I draw this blade, you're dead," Kash would say coldly.

Niles grew increasingly frustrated, especially with Kash's unphased demeanor. Her calmness was both terrifying and infuriating. Kash watched as Niles basically reached his boiling put and let his body react rather than think. Niles began to charge toward Kash, ready to swing his blade.

"Fine," Kash would say, unsheathed her blade quickly and holding out to her side. A small wave of compressed air flew forward toward Niles and he would stop to block it easily. Kash would begin to sheath her blade again, slowly.

"Are you mocking me?!" Niles would say, angry that Kash would deliver such a childish attack.

"No," Kash would say as her sword would finally be completely sheathed. Once it was, another wave of compressed air burst into life between them. It was massive in size and would overtake Niles with ease, especially since he was caught off guard. The wave would move through Niles and right into the mountain side. Blood would spray from Nile's mid-section and he would fall to the ground. The side of the mountain behind him would begin to crumble and a small avalanche would begin as everything around them would begin to shake.

"Has anyone ever told you that you are completely terrifying?!" Luther would say as he would begin to run past her toward the down slope of the mountain.

Luther would jump on top of one of the carts with cages on them. "You guys should hold on!" He would say to the slaves in the cages and as the cart began to roll down the mountain.

Kash would would follow suit and jump on another cart as well, racing down the mountain. The two would escape the avalanche, leaving only Nile's dead body. Once they reached the bottom, Luther and Kash would release the slaves and tell them they're free and to find and free the others. It was the right thing for them to do and Kash couldn't live with herself had she done nothing to help them.

With Niles now dead, Kash had exacted her revenge and it was time to return to the ship. Though an extreme weight had been lifted off of her, Kash still had some things to sort out.

[end of task]

Kash Stackz
Devils and Angels - Page 3 3HFFct5278AYU

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