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Marina ,knowing her sisters personality, activated her Kenbunshoku Haki to obverse not only her sister, but their pirate captives. Marina noticing that the pirates where preparing for something took notice of something below the ship. It appeared to be a octopus woman. Marina instinctively grabbed her sisters specific den den Mushi and began barking orders before the men and her sister entered the room. "Naomi I thought I told you to be careful the pirates are up to something and we have a intruder underneath the ship. It looks like a fishman woman of some kind." Although the den den mushi translated these words out loud only Naomi and the 6 guards could hear it. The marines within ears reach heard what their captain had said and began acting accordingly. "Attention all hands their is a intruder under the ship. It is a Fishman. I repeat it is a Fishman." The words of her sister stopped Naomi and the six swordsman guards in their tracks.

While the crew was being notified Marina began to fly in the air; she flew over to the water. The eye patched woman  was only a few feet from the ship itself. She quickly gripped her blade, drawing it from her sheath. Marina raised the blade above her head. Electricity began cracking around her weapon, before she brought it down towards the water with a single powerful swing. A single wave of electricity and condensed air erupted from the blade, as the electricity dispersed from Marina's weapon. The attack had such force behind it that the wind cracked it its wake. The wave struck against the water. The surface of the water up to 10 meters deep became electrified. Although Marina's intentions weren't having the electricity reach the intruder below the ship. Her true intentions were having the sound waves her attack produced reach the octopus fishman. The sound waves were loud enough to severely injure anything within 50 meter range. Fortunately only her target was within these waters.

Marina quickly flew back to the ship. "Contact Hermes and tell them to hurry up." The soldier that Marina was talking to saluted and went to contact the air ship immediately. On Naomi's end on of the soldiers had pulled out two canisters. Canisters that were filled with a gas that knocked anyone out within seconds. It was the perfect item to use for a room with no way to ventilate the gas out. The soldier approached the door from the side and slid open the the small window through the canisters inside, as the canisters left his hand the soldier closed the small rectangular window. The canisters would immediately began spewing the knockout gas. The soldiers stood with three on each side of the door, while Naomi was standing on the other side of the hall with her back to the wall prepared for anything.

Stamina Information:
Haki Stamina: 50
Remaining Haki Stamina: 35

Stamina: 450
Remaining Stamina: 350

Skill Name: -
Skill Type: Speed
Skill Range: 40 Meters
Skill Cooldown&Duration: 5 posts/Instant
Skill Description: Marina flies up into the air. Endowing her blade with Power of Destruction electricty, she swings her sword and releases a single wave of electricity and condensed air that speeds up to T5 on the speed chart. The wave itself is 20 meters in length and 5 meters in height.



  • [Hermes will arrive after another round of Posts, so not the next post but the one after]



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Topic Voided:
I apologize for the inconvenience and for wasting anyone's time. However due to there a good amount of details missing in regards to the environment and such I'm gonna void this. A new topic will be started and I'll clearly explain the situation.

Ps. Before I get any pm's or messages on skype expressing anyone's displeasure with this decision just understand I'm not changing my mind. I tried to be nice and was taken advantage of, so we're going to do this properly.

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