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1Mistakes & Wanted [Event Task] Empty Mistakes & Wanted [Event Task] on Mon Jun 06, 2016 3:35 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Task Name: Wanted & Mistakes
NPC or PC:Event
Location: Illusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: While you are minding your own business, and perhaps maybe investigating the rumors on the Enies Lobby situation and what the marines may be doing. A platoon has arrived in your area attempting to sweep for pirates/rising criminals. Through word of mouth and assistance from the locals, they have heard of your business [Only if you have a bounty of 400,000+ or higher due to their detailed checking in on every source]. They are now attacking you, deal with them by any means necessary be it fighting, fleeing, outwitting them or even tricking them into thinking your a marine if you'd like to go that far. If you have a Bounty of less than 400,000. You will still encounter the platoon. However they will simply identify you as suspicious and "as someone who's been doing things around this town". Causing them to attack and attempt to take you into custody, fight them off or do whatever it takes to get away, outwit or whatever the hell your thinking of doing. Upon the defeat of this platoon, via interrogation or other methods. You find out certain powers are mobilizing within the blues that are both pirate and marine related, and that shit may just get real right now.

This task must be done with atleast two people, and at maximum can include four

Treasure Roll or bonuses may be awarded at the end of the task depending on execution, depending on execution I mean if you wrote some ass then you get some ass

Enemy Details: 40 T1 Marines|20 T2 Marines
Boss: Commander Armstrong


Mistakes & Wanted [Event Task] Rearad10
Boss Name: Luis Armstrong
Tier: 3
Description: Armstrong is a very prideful character who is very reliant on his physical strength. Although his bulky appearance, Armstrong can easily breakdown crying if someone pokes fun at him. After crying he transforms completely into another person who is now hell bent on destroying everything within his path. He is light skinned with blonde facial hair.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: Pugilist
Equipment: Steel Spiked Knuckles, Flintlock
Specs: H2H:6 Marksmanship:1

2Mistakes & Wanted [Event Task] Empty Re: Mistakes & Wanted [Event Task] on Sat Jun 11, 2016 10:18 am

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack

Relaxing on top an oak tree branch within the midst of Illusia Plains, Trently takes a bite out of an apple while he stared out at the great plains of Illusia. It has been quite a peaceful morning so far, nothing and nobody has caused anybody trouble here on Illusia as of yet. Alabasta kept slipping into Trently's train of thought, it may be due to the fact that it is of course a kingdom similar to Illusia. The recent events that have been occurring here in the blues are dangerously interesting in the eyes of Trently Nefertari. Wind whistled beneath and above the grassy plains as Trently was just dwindling into deep thought. The Grand Line has been on the prince's mind for a while also due to that he left the Grand Line to start anew somewhere else, he has been hesitant on entering the Grand Line again but he knew that it would be much different this time since he has Raphael, Byron, and Aizen who has his back if times begin to get rough. One would say that Trently had to do the same for them too but Trently didn't care if he had to since he wanted to, entering Paradise with new friends would be quite an interesting road. Luckily and sadly, chaos has been brewing within the blues lately and so Trently and everyone are of course being dragged in due to that their all wanted for the crimes they have recently committed. Within his view, an abnormally large platoon of soldiers begin marching toward the oak tree's branch which Trently was resting on at the moment. The peace of his morning has now been rudely disturbed meaning that Trently will have to deal with marines once again. The platoon of marines that were approaching were clearly attempting to apprehend Trently who not too far back recently attacked a marine camp.

Word Count: 321

3Mistakes & Wanted [Event Task] Empty Re: Mistakes & Wanted [Event Task] on Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:55 am




Raphael had been resting in the crows nest of the Susan'o. They had been docked in Ilusia for a while. It wasn't as if the didn't have an idea of where he wanted to head next. He just was choosing to wait, so they could prepare fully before leaving. His crew wasn't huge, but he didn't like the idea of them being unprepared before leaving these waters. After all the Marines had gone into flux after the Enies incident, which was making it harder to be a pirate.

"Captain Trently is gone again." Raphael instantly woke up and looked down from over the crows nest. Standing there he saw Von, who was standing with his arms crossed. "He can handle himself. He'll be fine." Raphael said while shooing Von away with his right hand. The scientist sighed and adjusted his glasses. "I'm sure he can, but a saw a rather large group of Marines dock on the island."

Raphael immediately climbed down and darted towards the edge of land where the ship had been docked. "Watch the ship." Raphael said to his crew member, while jumping from the ship. At times like these Trently was most likely in the plains. Raphael ran straight there; it didn't take long because it wasn't that far from where the ship had be docked. Raphael eventually began to see a large group of Marines.  

Raphael managed to get to Trently before they did. Raphael whistled sarcastically. "You ready Tren?" Raphael asked looking up at the blue haired boy. His gaze shifted back to the marines as the golden eyed pirate began to feel the excitement in him rise. He was truly a ferocious human being. Many things about him had been changing, but this was not something that would ever change. Raphael stepped forward some. He wanted to greet their leader face to face.

Word Count: 310 Post Count: 1|5

4Mistakes & Wanted [Event Task] Empty Re: Mistakes & Wanted [Event Task] on Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:26 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
The sadistic shark himself wondered around the Susan'o. He had linked up with Golden Eyes and joined his crew. He was surprised to see that the Blue haired boy was an acquainted with the young captain. Truth be told, Aizen knew their names but had forgot them. So, he only referred to them by their distinct appearances. As he wandered the ship he would come across the captain himself speaking with the guy with glasses. If Aizen remembered correctly he was of "royalty". That was only a title though and nothing else. Just like the bounty the Marines put on him. It wasn't much like the captain, but it was enough to make him a threat.

As he looked at the two males from afar he would hear about a group of Marines attacking Trently. Oh! So that was his name. As the captain ran off the ship, the shark would decide to follow him. Now what kind of guy he was if he let the captain get killed. Thinking about the last time he had savoured the taste of a human he would lick his lips. He sprung forward, running on the ship as he jumped off the side of it coming into a roll on the sand as he ran to the plains of a Ilusia behind his captain.

Soon he would come to the group of two which was made of the captain and Trently. Walking towards them he would turn around on the right side of the captain as he said "So, I'm quite bored."

Wordcount : 262
Postcount: 1/5

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