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1"Recruit Recruit no Mi" [Task] Empty "Recruit Recruit no Mi" [Task] on Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:14 am

Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza

Task Name: Recruit Recruit no Mi
Tier: 2
Location: Dawn Island, East Blue
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Go to Dawn Island and recruit some revolutionaries! They probably hate the government anyway, right? Beware though, these citizens have serious trust issues, there may be a few who don't want you to enter, defeat them!
Enemy Details: 2 T1 Island Guard Skrubz with bats and Knives.
Boss: 1

Boss Name: Kyle
Tier: 1
Description: Kyle is a pretty muscular brown skinned male with white short hair with trust issues and a bad attitude.
Devil Fruit: -
Haki Aura: -
Equipment: Two 12 inch daggers | Bow & 5 Arrows | Spring boots that allow jumping up to 10 feet in the air
Hand-to-Hand: 2
Marksmanship: 1
Weaponry: 1

So the plan today was to recruit some revolutionaries. Kaiza knew that the elites in the revolutionary army were always watching him, so he figured that he might as well do something to look good. Truth was, he didn't care who was apart of the revolutionary army nor did he really care for anybody apart of the army. If it wasn't for Joseph, he would have probably ended up being a pirate, or just some loner living life. Although he really didn't care for the army, he could admit that they provided him with the shit he has so it's only fair that he works for him. If it wasn't obvious by now, Kaiza was neutral in this world. He went with whoever or whatever benefited him the most- like most people should do anyway, but seeing as he didn't even have a goal nobody really benefited him. Sad case really. As of now he was just working for the revolutionary army, nothing more, nothing less. He needed some spice in his little world because literally nothing interesting was happening at all, and with each passing day his annoyance with life grew more and more. He didn't have a purpose, and knowing that alone was enough to put him in a deep depression. Shaking the thoughts out of his brain the young man walked on the side walk in east blue. Birds chirped annoyingly and ships could be heard throughout the whole area. When does it ever stop?

Oh, and there goes another thing to complain about. Ever realize how much Kai talks to himself? Although he does have ONE friend, that's hardly enough for a growing young man. He needed to find a bitch- better yet a girl who could give him a reason to dress up and shit. Granted he has had his share with women, none of them were worthy of being taken seriously but perhaps that is his fault. Hoes will only be hoes, ya know? As K walked through the east with literally no idea on how to go about recruiting people for the revolutionary army, he gazed upon the ground and thought. Considering there were so many marine controlled towns in the east, it'd be extremely hard to get caught, especially since he had only recently murdered a few marines. Before he left to live on his own he had never murdered anyone himself, but in total he's probably killed thirty people. Don't be so quick to judge though. This doesn't necessarily make him a bad person, hell in most cases he was just defending himself. Just as he turned a corner, Kai heard two people speaking, both females. What they were talking about really didn't matter to him until they said two specific words.

"Hey watermelonisha, did you hear anything about all the dying people on DAWN ISLAND?

That's it! Dawn island was the island know for the Goa kingdom. There is a place on that island called the "Gray Terminal". Supposedly all the people who were kicked out of Goa city reside there. Perfect place for recruiting people who hate the government. Quickly Kai turned towards the female who had unknowingly given him the idea to go there. "Thank you!" The female turned with a confused expression not sure whether she was being spoken to or not. Kaiza didn't bother to clarify for her for he was too busy rushing to make his way over to the city. The poor people of Dawn island must hate the world. Joseph once told K a story about him going over there to set up a small hidden revolutionary camp, but the condition that the citizens of Gray Terminal were in was far too dangerous for revolutionaries to be. Apparently they had all types of sicknesses and diseases at that time, but rumor has it that it's not as bad as it used to be so Kaiza really didn't have anything to worry about. If anything he was sure that he could create some sort of concoction to fight whatever sickness or disease he obtained for being there. Goa wasn't too far from here, all he had to day was spend a couple beli and he'd be there in no time. The white haired man reached the port quick enough to catch the ship that had been going to Boa coincidentally.

With a simple hand wave to the captain the ship opened up for him to get on. Upon entering he handed the Beli collector the required amount of money to travel before taking a seat. Surprisingly there wasn't much people going to Dawn, but he didn't really care. It didn't take him long to reach Dawn island, fifteen minutes tops. With a quick sigh he leapt off of the ship and walked onto the Island. On the left of him was a forest, and thanks to Joseph's stories he knew that through the forest he would find the Junkyard known as the Gray Terminal. The forest actually wasn't too big and it felt like he reached his destination in literally no-time though in actuality it was about a twenty minute walk. Finally reaching the Junkyard, he was confronted by three men. One of them had white hair and was much more muscular than he was. In his hand he held a Bow and arrow, and on each side of his waist was a dagger. Behind him stood two men.

"Whaddya think you're doing pal? Turn around, you don't belong here and there's no more room." With a chuckle, Kaiza sarcastically looked around as if he thought the brown skinned male was talking to someone else.

"I'm actually here to visit, I would really appreciate it if you step aside." Quickly his tone got serious.

"I said, leave now!" Immediately the dark skinned male charged forward before unsheathing both of his daggers and swinging them furiously at Kaiza. With each swing though, Kai was able to dodge until he saw an opening to kick his enemy in the stomach, sending him flying backwards about two meters. Quickly he grabbed his bow and an arrow from behind his back with two separate hands before quick-firing an arrow towards him. Coming to his rescue one of the skrubz behind him jumped fearlessly in front of the arrow and it pierced right through his stomach. The other Skrub immediately made his way towards Kaiza who for a while shared blows but ended the quick fight with a Vibrating Punch. Two down

And just like that Kaiza was face to face with the dark skinned male. The two nobodies weren't nearly enough to stop the young revolutionary. Although fairly weak to other pirates, revs or marines he sure did have a lot of potential. Even back at headquarters, against other revs of the same rank, he usually lost fights. Kaiza may be a smart man, but while his knowledge on the mechanics of the "Vibrating Fist" skill, he didn't have much talent other skills. He was getting stronger, that much was true. Facing forward his opponent stood fearlessly holding his bow up with an arrow ready to fire. Kaiza on the other hand was holding his bow down. It was futile to try and attack because he'd be dead before he could even lift his bow. With a smirk Kaiza spoke.

"You're pretty good actually... for a nobody, I mean." Immediately Kaiza spotted the anger that filled the boy's eyes.

"Thanks, you're pretty shitty fighter."

"You should think about putting your abilities to use."

"What are you saying?"

"If you would have allowed me to speak, you would know why I'm here. I work with people who stand for true equality."

"Ah. You're apart of the revolutionary army. We don't see many of those around here." K wondered what types of people did they see in these parts. Instead of asking though, he remained silent with an apparent smirk resting on his face. "I'll tell you what... you beat me, and you can enter and perhaps I'll take you up on that offer. If not, then you leave and never come back. Deal?" With a simple nod the battle begun. Kaiza used his Vibe running skill to quickly leap in the air, dodging the arrow that was fired only a fraction of a second after he moved. Swiftly, Kai reached his opponent in a matter of seconds, and proceeded to release a boy at the shoulder when only 30 feet away, giving his opponent enough time to anticipate and dodge the attack. Releasing his Vibe running skill, he dropped with a spin kick onto his opponents head which was blocked with both his arms.

The young rev used his opponents arm to jump off of and complete a back flip directly in front of him. The two began exchanging blows. When K connected with his jaw, his opponent connected with his body. It seems the two were evenly matched but Kaiza was going to end this now. For a split second Kaiza stopped moving his right leg, allowing it to vibrate on the floor at intense speeds in order to cause a disturbance in the ground.


The ground beneath his opponent exploded upper-cutting him in his face and sending him falling down onto the ground. With a thump his opponent was knocked out. "I'll talk to ya later I guess...". With the deed being done the young man ran into the junkyard until he found where people were. He stood on a pile of junk, high enough to gain peoples attention before speaking. He told the people how he knew what it was like to suffer everyday and live without nothing. Kai connected with the people and told them about the a group of people willing to stand up and fight against the law, promising training, food and a place to rest for anyone who joined. The task was complete, within minutes he was recruiting a bunch of people.

Task Complete

Word Count: 1,794/1,250

Stamina: 105/150:

Vibe Running -15-
Ground Disruption -15-

21/25 Arrows
- 1 arrow used = 20/25 Arrows remaining

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