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1"In the Kitchen" [Crafting | 1 | Blink] Empty "In the Kitchen" [Crafting | 1 | Blink] on Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:38 pm

Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza

Tier 1 Skill Name: Needz for Speedz
Tier 1 Skill Range:
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: Cooldown - 1 day before recreation | Duration - 3 posts each serving
Tier 1 Skill Description: You need to get faster for a certain someone? To afraid to lose? Not to worry 'cause Doctor K gotchu!
Word Count Preparation: 250
Servings: 2
Effects: So far, Kaiza is the only person to have actually used this potion. In this little white tab holds a bit of power that may help someone if they need to win a race, or somethin' along those lines. Whoever takes the tab will have their speed increased by 0.5. If two servings are taken at once, the the users legs will began to throb before cramping up, making them unusable for 2 posts.

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2"In the Kitchen" [Crafting | 1 | Blink] Empty Re: "In the Kitchen" [Crafting | 1 | Blink] on Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:09 am

Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza
Client: Blink

Oddly enough the people in Gray Terminal turned out to be pretty nice. Although the rumors about them were partially true, he didn't allow a lit bit of their sicknesses get in the way of how he perceived them. The people of this place were kind, and they even gave him his own space to create different concoctions. It's been three days since he's been here and word about him being a scientist has spread pretty quickly. Kaiza was actually making two servings of speed tabs at the moment. He watched closely as he dropped the green liquid onto the absorbing square. If the square melted, then the tab needed to be remade but if it didn't melt and successfully absorbed all of the liquid,, then he was finished with the first tab. The table under him stood still as he squeezed the squeegee as the liquid dripped onto the tab. Just like that, the first serving was created. Kaiza grabbed a small case that had two separate spaces for each tab, and placed the first one in there. Of course he was using plastic gloves to prevent any of the chemicals from getting on his hand. Safety first, even for someone like him. Looking up, the young scientist fixed the light so that he could see clearer before repeating the process of creating the speed tab. In no time the second one was created. With a sigh, he placed the second tab into the case before placing it in a plastic baggy.

Creation complete

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