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1Personal revolution ] Empty Personal revolution ] on Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:05 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Hello my name is Elisa Darkwalker if you can hear me, what you hear is not the sound of my voice but that of my last breath or so i thought, this is Elsia darkwalker and welcome to my revelation and the first step to my next adventure as blood flows out of my wounds onto of a large tree. I had arrived on this strange island only 15 hours ago after fleeing base45# wounded and in need of medical attention, I was unable to maintain my gepo as I retreated and simply fell out of the sky on what would appear to be a solid large leaf, a healthy green smooth surface without a ripple insight. A view truly worth my death with the ocean swaying before me and reflecting the light as if a masterpiece of blue, white and something i couldn’t quite name had been painted before me “Beautiful. A strong deep voice would speak echoing from behind Elisa “ Don’t worry hun, he isn’t going to fuck off, heed wait there for me until next morning”. I turned around to find a very large naked man sitting cross-legged with his back to the tree, I thought he was pregnant at first “What”. “You must know hun, feathers rise and rivers fall, just like the tips of sides” He put his hand out towards me closed like a fist before rapidly pulling it back opening his grip “WHOOSH WHOOSH”, he returned to grinding something into a pot inside his lap covering his private region.

My strength was weakening with every moment, I didn't really know what to do in this situation, what does one really do in death; the answer is to just die. “The moon and sun will not long be hidden but nor will the truth be hidden”. After this i had decided that this man was a crack pot and decided to stand in order to find a way to survive “The fast way is that way” The large man had decided to point towards the edge of the leaf “Jump Jump, you keep Jump”. The grains being grinded within the man's pot started generating an invisible gas of healing, the gas would reach me within moments and start entering my bloodstream via my open wound leaking blood. At this moment i fell into a sleep.

The Dream

Surrounded in darkness with multiple versions of herself each wearing a distinctive outfit and flashing images behind them, a shadow figure standing besides each one …. An animal? Or a demon. It was unclear but each chair seemed to represent one of the world's powers. A large version of herself with power surrounding herself clearly a Yonko or vicious pirate, a marine admiral jacket with blood dripping down her fingertips, a soul looking lost on open water - the pirates ? and finally happiness as a revolutionary leader a route Elisa would most happily pick .
Though the point of this dream wasn’t to show her the world of options but her actions to come.

Elisa wakes with the sun gazing into her eyes glowing the sight of the large man with his man boobs bouncing up and down as he stands revealing his prize organ “bobobobobobojob”. Mistaking what he said for something completely different “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY”, I had charged him in anger at this moment as his organ grew as i came closer and closer, i launched two punches but somehow he simply walked backwards up the main stem of the tree dodging my attack but alas my skull ended up headbutting the tree. I bounced back landing flat on my bottom
“Tree,,, Tree can you hear me Tree,, boobobboboobjob” I noticed my injuries were fully healed as a strong wind blew into my face pushing me back slightly “Ah now you see you see”, the big man drop kicks me off the tree. As I fall i find myself going into a the same dream world I was before. An echoing voice riding a strange wind current “You must pick, pick a path or fall to your death” within a moment I picked the revolutionary army route a path i was already on. Though i had a deep feeling in this moment that I needed to do more in the world, my first step should be to join a crew and become oceanlly active. Thank you for hearing my revelation as the entire time i was unconscious moving between dream states, after-which i awake in a bird's nest with a large bird healing “kakakaka”.

Personal revolution ] Rzw76K1

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