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1The Power Empty The Power on Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:21 am

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
He would sigh as he flew in the sky as quickly as he could. To be honest, he was getting quite bored now. Everyone he had been facing in the last hour was either too weak or too stupid to pose a threat against him. Maybe this woman, their captain would be some kind of challenge to him. Now, he knew he was powerful in his own right, but there was time when destroying weaklings would just get bored. Continuing to moan from being bored, he continued to head to the star shaped island. He had begun to wonder if it was manmade. Seeing as it was shaped perfectly like a star. He would laugh as he thought of a inside joke, the island coming into view.

As he looked on he would see a large pirate ship docked on the island, roughly 15 meters in height and that was just from it being on the water alone. Who knew how big it actually was. From the looks of it, it was made of mostly wood. Could he destroy it? His devil fruit allowed him to melt things, but things such as wood only burned. Well Spontaneously Combust. Thinking for a bit he would nod. Coming to a stop in flight above the ship, he would form a ball of lava between his hands as he would throw it down towards the ship as if it was a football. Instantly as the glob would hit the deck of the ship it would explode. Sending lava in every direction. Only seconds later where the lava touched would burst into flames. After bursting into flames the flames itself would begin to spread around the ship.

Apparently, the flames would get to the lower decks. Feeling it with smoke as many men and not that many women would rush out of it. Onto the deck of the ship, trying to avoid the lava that fell through the wood and the flames. Remembering something he would turn around. As he turned around, facing the island he would see that most of it was smoking. Oops. Looked like he was destroying it, rather than helping it. In the future he would need to find a way to absorb the magma somehow. He would rub his chin, but would hear a gunshot. Now, he wasn’t an immortal or anything or couldn’t obtain godlike speeds. But, he knew that the sound was a gunshot. Though, he was too slow to move as a single bullet would pierce through his left ring right in the middle of it.

He would grunt as he fell to the ground slowly. His wings stopping most of the air so he wouldn’t be falling hard to the ground at about 2 miles per hour. Seeing as he was only 10 meters in the air. Coming to a landing on the ground, he would slowly get up as he looked at the direction the gunshots had come from. On a rowboat was a woman with pale green skin. And just by looking at her, Raizuko would smell the fumes coming from her even though she was in the sea 10 meters away from him. The captain! She wasn’t really a sight to see. This would cause him to frown as he once again would perform gun like symbols with his fingers. Now 7 meters away, Raizuko would let loose 5 bullets one by one as they flew quickly. Due to the rowboat still coming forward, it would not stop. The bullets would impact random spots on the boat, though luckily one of them would happen to hit the gun of the captain.

Burning the hole that it shot the bullets out of. Booyah! Thought the winged man as he ran forward to the shore which was 5 meters away from him. Quickly he would come to it and abruptly stop. “You insolent fool. Why have you stopped me from taking over this island. I remember your face….who are you!” screamed the woman as she stayed on the boat which was now 2 meters away from Raizuko. Deciding that he didn’t feel like keeping the god act up he would say “I am Raizuko, and i have come here to stop you.” something would click in the woman’s mind as she remembered the bounty posters she had been reading lately. Well, she had only been reading the ones that were 1 Mil and higher. And if she remembered correctly, this winged man Raizuko was one of them. Figuring this out the woman would say “Get him!’

Seeing as he couldn’t talk his way out of this one he would watch as the pirates jumped off the ship and the woman aimed her gun at him. He would hear the gun click, as it would explode in her hand. Did she forget the front of it had been destroyed? The fragments of the exploded gun would fly around the area, most of it hitting the woman. Puncturing her body as she bled at a semi fast speed. Seeing this as an opening to attack Raizuko would begin his own attack. Thrusting his hands to the ground, instantly the ground beneath the hands would begin to send out magma in every direction. This was in order to destroy some of the sand in order to trap and melt his enemies. He would have turn it to glass, but he hadn’t obtain that sort of power yet.

The pirates as they ran on the sand would come to run into the molten rock, causing the winged man to fly as his eyes when back to his target. The Woman with a Stench. Knowing that her breath was stinky and hot he would decide to show whose breath was hotter. Magma would begin to form in his mouth as he spewed it out of his mouth, sending magma directly at the boat that she was standing on. Instantly destroying it and melting her body before the boat could even sink into the water.

Seeing as his job was done, he would look around to see that he was trapped on the island. He couldn’t swim because of his devil fruit powers. He would sigh as he ran and jumped into the air, quickly flapping his wings as he flew like 10 feet above the water. As he flappped his wings he would fall a inch and rise again. He needed to make it to the village in order to get his wings healed. Apparently, he was their “God” so he knew that they would help him if he asked. Coming to the main island, the villagers had already gathered.”My lord, what should we do!” screamed a random person, his question directed towards Raizuko. The winged man would nod as he would say “Someone, get me a medical kit. I feel as if my immortal powers are wearing off. It seems my days are coming to the end seeing as I have gotten injured.” said Raizuko as he laughed in his mind. Fools. All of them would nod as they went to go look for a med kit. He knew in due time he would come to like this island.

But first, he needed to get back to the Grandline. He needed to find a crew.

WC: 1254

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