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1The Home [Arc: Beginning of Tamako] [Task] Empty The Home [Arc: Beginning of Tamako] [Task] on Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:39 pm


“Do you smell it captain? My mom use to tell me that smell is the best memory of all. Funny, I don’t remember what my mom smells like.”

Her long pale index finger came out and brushed the black strands of hair from her captain’s cheek. His eyes were closed so peacefully. His mouth was open slightly in almost a kiss. His hair was short, but semi medium. It was easy to get in his face. His skin was turning a faint blue, pale color. “What’s wrong Captain? Why won’t you say something back?” She picked up the head of her captain. Cords of veins, and arteries, dribbled on the floor. She set the bed in her lap as she brushed the man’s hair.

Tears swelled up in her heads and lightly dripped down on to his face. “Oh Captain. I am so sorry.” Slowly she pushed the head from her lap. It rolled toward its naked body. Blood had spilled the room, and a slight decaying smell was coming from it. He had scratched on his naked body. His lower half was covered in blood as his manhood was staked on to the wall. On the walls was written, ‘May Davy Jones Fuck Thee.’ The blood dripped from the walls and on to the floor.

The girl got to her feet, and stepped out from the Captains deck. Tamako was her name. A mind full of nothing, but centipedes and critters. A beautiful creature of light that bloomed as beautiful as a lotus. The beautiful blonde color that had a slight pink to it, had dried blood in it. Blood had colored her hair in a beautiful red. She wore no clothes at all as blood was splattered on her skin. Her eyes drifted to the sky, she could feel her wings being tattered. Tears ran down her cheeks, softly dripping on to the deck. Around the girl was only 3 other bodies. The boat was so small, so full of testosterone. The blood seemed to have spilled into a wonderful flood. Tamako giggled softly as she kicked at the spilt blood, and it came up from the floor splattering all over the deck. Some of the blood even went into the ocean.

A soft pitter patter was heard. Tamako looked around as her pink locks flew around in the air. There was Loki, in all of his glory. The wolf moved heavily as his steps were soft on the deck. The wolf loud out a grunt, his underbelly and face were covered in blood. His eyes showed an icy gaze as he looked at the males. He didn’t stop moving, as he rubbed his face over her hip leaving a long streak of blood. The icy blue look in her eyes went over to her companion.  

“I guess we should get cleaned up Loki. I see an island in the distance”

The Home [Arc: Beginning of Tamako] [Task] F85614e6-404a-4afa-8f65-7d5c638be162_zps7qqaobue


Tamako swam in the ocean getting the blood off of her. She rubbed her hair clean as the blood went away. Loki stood watch as her clothes were hanging dry on the line. In the distance, the boat was on fire. Sparks jumping in the air and dancing about with the dead souls being sink into the sea. Tamako found herself clean, and quite frankly cold. She got up from the water and shook her body just like a dog. Loki was clean as well, his fur gleaming with a shine of beauty. Instead of the decaying smell, they smelled of the salt water fish. The beautiful tides of the ocean seemed to dance around. Her hair was wet against her skin, Tamako began to slip on her clothing. It was a blue terylene classic Lolita dress. It was to her knee and long sleeved. The frills on the end were slightly rolled showing a bit more than the knee. The dress was high around her neck. The blue terylene stopped at her chest turning into a white color. The chest was slightly frilly with blue buttons and a blue bow, matching the color of the dress. She strapped her spear around her back. Covering the blade with a brown sack. Her whistle was around her neck, tucked into the lolita style dress.

Tamako started to braid her hair, and slip on her shoes. “Loki, where shall we go?” The wolf perked his ears and pointed his snot in the distance of Foosha village. “Sounds like a good idea Loki. I can smell the food coming from that direction.” Loki let out a small grunt to signal to his companion that was why he chosen that path. Tamako pouted slightly, “Don’t be sassy Loki.” she said in a childish voice.

Arriving to the small village it was definitely something cute. Some of the townspeople were gathered looking at the burning ship. Not sure what to think about it. A few of them looked at the beast tamer and her animal. Her hand was rested on Loki’s pelt. Just to show the townspeople that he was with her. She gave them a gentle smiled as she looked around the town. They seemed a bit weary of her presence. Keeping a slight distance from the newcomer and her fairly large pet.

Taking a breathe of the town, “Loki shall we get something to drink?” The wolf made a slight grumble and turn his back away from Tamako. “Ahhh Loki!” Tamako pouted as her pet started to walk away from her. He must need to go to the bathroom, Tamako thought turning her head towards the building. She began to walk towards them, only to feel someone bump into her. It was a rather skinny male. He stood about a good few inches above her. He had a rough like face. His eyes were a dark green and his hair was a light brown. Tamako felt something warm in her pocket and then leave her body. She wasn’t sure what happened until the man left her. Saying an apology under his breath.

Tamako stuck her hand inside her pocket feeling that her change purse was gone. She never been pickpocketed before. It was so new. A feeling of the chase came over her body. The man sprinted into a run, this made Tamako turn on her heels and face the man. She began to sprint after him. His legs were powerful as they hit the floor with thuds,while tamako ran with short legs. Her running was much softer than his.


Was this what a wolf felt like when it was chasing a rabbit? The feeling of wanting to capture the man and devour his every life went into her body. Her blue eyes began to blaze with excitement. Oh man. She was getting off on this. Her body swarmed with warmth. Her feet then found a new run. This time, she began to pound on the floor with her feet. Her running increasing. Her vision was only focused on to the man that she didn’t even notice the trap laid before her.

The Home [Arc: Beginning of Tamako] [Task] F85614e6-404a-4afa-8f65-7d5c638be162_zps7qqaobue


Tamako found that the earth was coming towards her. She was simply falling. She had tripped over a rope that was laid out to stop her from chasing her competitor. Tamako rolled across the ground. The strap that held the spear to her back fell off and her spear laid meters from her. She felt a groan escape her lips as she was slammed against a log. Staggering to get onto her knees, Tamako rubbed the back of her head. She felt her chest to make sure the whistle was still around her neck. Feeling that it was still safe between her breast inside her shirt. She let out a sigh of relief. The leaves started to crack around her. Tamako got to her feet hearing the feet of others. She found herself surrounded by males.They weren’t very tough, or lanky. They seemed more like a joke than thugs. However, their personalities did reflect how they wanted to be treated.

“Looks like we got here a keeper.”

“Do you see what she is wearing?”

“Oh look she is bleeding a little.”

Tamako felt her forehead, and sure enough she was bleeding from her forehead. She looked at her where her blood was. Looking at her new found friends, Tamako reached for her spear and took ahold of it. They just laughed at the girl. She had no threat to them. All of them just seemed to sneer and think about inappropriate thoughts. Until she began to speak,

“Oh my! Oh my! What have we got here? It seems that I have company. Hey-o! My name is Tamako!”

As she talked she did a little wave and a cute smile. Her eyes were filled with love and admiration. There was no killing intent, there was no blood lust. There was only this pink, fluffy kindness around her. The men couldn’t help, but find the girl like a child. She certainly acted like a child. They let down their guard, the closest one to the female, was stabbed through the chest with the spear. She had done a thrust straight for the chest.

“Ahhh. I am so sorry, but I am a bit in a hurry.”

The men felt something weird inside of them. That cute, pink atmosphere had disappeared. A deep black and red feeling aroused through the clearing. It was like they were seeing things. Bloodlust filled the air like a plague. She had her whistle in her mouth and she blew on it. Suddenly, something came behind one of the men. Ripping out its throat and eating its vocal cords and esophagus. Loki had been following Tamako, but far enough to just observe its love. Tamako took her spear from the man's chest and splattered the blood on the leaves.

There was only three men left. Fear shook their bodies, but that did not mean they weren’t going to not fight. They would fight. It was how this world was now. Either be killed or kill, however, they never believed that until they met this girl. Their whole philosophy one the world changed. One male reached in his pocket pulling out a pistol, only to find that the wolf had its mouth over his arm right when he pulled it out. He let out a terrible scream, as the wolf chewed on his wrist.

Another male pulled out his cleaver. He ran straight at the wolf, making Tamako intervene. She clicked her tongue and let out a “tsk, tsk.” Tamako swirled around and slashed the man's side. He felt the blood come from his wound. The wolf left go of the man's hand when he dropped the gun. Tamako then picked up the gun and aimed it at the last remain looking male. He seemed perfectly fine other than the wet spot between his legs. Tamako fired 3 shots at the man missing him each time.

“I’m not very good at shooting a gun. You must forgive me.”

This was the beginning of Tamako.

With another shot she got him in the leg. With this she felt that she did enough damage. Tamako looked at her competitors. They didn’t want to get back up. “Loki lets go get my change bag back.” She rewrapped her spear head in the brown sack. She began to walk away from the fallen men.

The Home [Arc: Beginning of Tamako] [Task] F85614e6-404a-4afa-8f65-7d5c638be162_zps7qqaobue

4The Home [Arc: Beginning of Tamako] [Task] Empty Re: The Home [Arc: Beginning of Tamako] [Task] on Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:09 am


Tamako was finding this trip tiring. Loki was losing the smell of the thief. finding it harder to hold on to reality due to the hunger in her stomach. Her vision was getting blurry due to the hunger. "It doesn't help that I didn't eat yesterday either." They were climbing over the mountains looking for that thief. He was fast, but not as fast as Tamako. She was high on his trail. The moon started to get high above the sky and the smell was fading. Tamako relaxed besides a tree. She looked at her companion, who was now fading into the trees. He would go search for food for them.

Tamako laid down on the ground and huddled herself up. She wasn't worried about animals. The smell of Loki would drive most of them away. She smelt of wolf, and most animals were afraid of wolves. There were no dreams, just darkness as she slept. Around the crickets chirped. Loki came moments later. He had a small bunny in his mouth. He put it down on the forest ground. He nudged Tamako to wake up. 'Tamako.. I have food. You need to eat. Wake up please.' When she wasn't waking up Loki felt an intense fear raise up in his stomach. He flipped the girl over and listened to her breathing is was getting shallow. He picked Tamako up by her dress and looked around. He would need to find someone to help him.

Loki got her on his back and began to ran along the forest, not even caring for the thief’s smell. He just needed to find someone. He got to the edge of the mountain. By now it was dawn. She let out a howl. At the door. The door opened and there was a small girl. She looked at the wolf. Loki set down Tamako in front of the house. Tamako’s stomach growled, the little girl shut the door. Making Loki panic just ever so slightly. Then came out a grown woman. When she saw Tamako, she admittedly picked up the hungry female. With that, they were inside and Loki was outside. Too big for the house.

Loki looked around finding that he had gone to the ground part of the island. He could smell foul scent of garbage, bodies. It was a place that someone shouldn’t live in. However, this small house was on the rim of it all. Where they going to treat Tamako okay? He wasn’t sure, but he needed to have Tamako eat something.

The Home [Arc: Beginning of Tamako] [Task] F85614e6-404a-4afa-8f65-7d5c638be162_zps7qqaobue

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