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1 When Destinies Collide (Task) Empty When Destinies Collide (Task) on Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:30 am

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
 When Destinies Collide (Task) 0d17f93dc57c6a295ca04529dbdfb995c13fc298_hq

Task Name: When Destinies Collide
Tier: 2
Location: Vulcan
Crew, Team, or Personal:
Description: Finally the bar is loose, Trisha begins her escape, though it is stupid for her to think that she is able to get out of this prison alone, especially when it is filled with such dangers. It would seem though she would run in to the mythical crew. Now they will come across some of Leparo's crew and of course battle their way out.
Enemy Details: 20 tier 1's and 10 tier 2s. 1 tier 3.
Boss: -

The violent duo made their way towards the tunnel that they had exposed with all of their previous violence and the only thought running through their mind was if this was indeed the doings of Leparo and his crew or if the rumor wasn't real. "Oi, Baz" said Gideon who was slightly to the left and 3 feet back of his captain Bazel. The red haired captain would continue to walk forward "Hmm?" he'd inquire to his first mate. "So, this Leparo guy.. I heard of him he was a big deal. Did you really take him out?" Bazel would chuckle for a second before turning his head slightly towards Gideon. "Eh, if I really took him out we wouldn't be here checking out the underneath of a volcano now would we?" joked Bazel as the duo continued to walk down the tunnel. Gideon continued to look at his captain and think about everything that happened with the duo on Alabasta and began to wonder just how strong his captain really was. He never doubted the man was skilled but he just assumed Bazel's powers were scratching the surface in terms of what he actually saw. "This guy... This guy is my captain"


There was Trisha in her cell and wondering just how she was going to get out of this bad situation. She continued to to check for guards and to her delight she saw none. Continuing her assault on the bars she finally got a break when the bars began to bend just enough for her small fram to fit through. She would realize no one was coming this way for a second second and took it as her chance to escape. Sliding through the two bars Trisha would stand outside of her cell looking back and forth "Well, here's the hard part" she would say looking for an exit. These tunnels were a maze and she never expected to make it this far. She would begin to move south towards one of the tunnels and would hear a voice "Hey you! get back here" It was then Trisha squeaked in fear before taking off running. An alarm went off alerting of her escape causing her to run for her life.

Back with Bazel and Gideon they continued to move forward until they heard the alarm. Bazel would stop moving as Gideon turned and started running. He would look back to see how far behind his captain was and noticed the man continued his same pace walking forward Gideon would begin to yell "WHAT THE HELL BAZ WE GOTTA GO" The red head continued to move forward "Nah, pretty sure they blocked that way off anyway" this caused Gideon to nearly melt in his skin at how stubborn and dense his captain was. "I swear you have a death wish or something Baz" continuing forward Bazel smirked and held his arms up "Sometimes Giddy, Sometimes!" The duo was now about to get themselves into more trouble than they really knew.

2 When Destinies Collide (Task) Empty Re: When Destinies Collide (Task) on Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:24 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Now Bazel and Gideon were sprinting down the tunnel wondering when they were going to run into some opposition because lord they needed it. Bazel was hoping that Leparo was alive for the simple fact the two could definitely use the trouble right now and the best kind of trouble was the one no one would hear about. Blindly running the duo bumped into a woman coming out of the tunnel directly next to them. Now on the ground Bazel would look at her and she would look at him "Why are you just standing there dumby! run" the girl would begin to run as Bazel and Gideon just looked at each other for a moment before the woman turned around "Are you two stupid or something? RUN" Gideon looked at Bazel and Bazel looked at Gideon before the two turned around and looked where the woman came from and noticed a hoard of men charging them. Bazel would turn to see Gideon but the man was already running with the woman "When did she become captain" wondered Bazel before he took off running towards the duo who had abandoned him. Though he was the fastest of the trio Bazel didn't lead the pack in favor of finding out more on these men.

Bazel couldn't help but think why would Leparo be operating out of Vulcan if it was him. It made no sense in the mind of Bazel unless Leparo went off his rocker again which was more than likely. The entrance way the duo had originally come through had been compromised from the looks of it as Gideon and the woman began to slow down and plot their next move. "Why the hell are you guys slowing down for now" yelled Bazel who quickly got his answer as the woman would grab him and chuck him forward as if he were a bowling ball "What the hell! that's my captain!" yelled Gideon as he watched Asher go flying through the wave of men blocking the entrance. The duo continued to run forward now finding their way back in this cavern from before. Bazel was twitching in a pile of downed soldiers before Gideon walked over to him and started poking his captain. "Oi captain!" yelled Gideon as he poked Bazel with hi index finger. "I can't believe she threw me" is what Bazel kept hearing in his head. This woman wasn't only crazy but insanely strong.

3 When Destinies Collide (Task) Empty Re: When Destinies Collide (Task) on Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:27 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
It wasn't everyday a girl comes and chucks Bazel like a bowling ball and successfully gets away with it, hell it wasn't any day that happened besides today. Bazel was still lying atop the heap of men trying to understand what just happened to him as Gideon poked him like a fish out of water. A punch upside the head of Bazel from Gideon caused the man to stop playing "OUCH, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR" asked Bazel  as he held his head after getting knocked into a state of consciousness by his first mate. Gideon did this every time Bazel went off on one of his little mental adventures. It was then the man began to stand up as Gideon stood in front of him with his fist out "BECAUSE YOU'RE A DENSE FOOL SOMETIMES" yelled Gideon who noticed Bazel wasn't looking at him anymore. He was looking at the woman who from the looks of it was having a field day with the men of Leparo's. Something about the way she fought looked strangely familiar and that just bothered the man who remembered nothing. "Wow, shes pretty strong don't ya think captain?" asked Gideon to Bazel.

Scratching his upper lip with his right index finger "Yea, for a girl" joked Bazel who watched the women stop mid beat down and turn around with the rage of a million men in her eyes "I heard that" and just like that Bazel was hiding behind Gideon to avoid the woman's wrath. It was then roughly 10 men started running towards the cowering duo causing them to smirk as they went back to back. "Oi Baz, I bet I'll take out more than you" Bazel would scoff at the idea of Gideon taking out more men than him "That's the day you become captain" joked Bazel before he off towards the first man coming to him on his side. A swift uppercut followed by two body shots and a spinning left leg kick to the gut sent the grunt flying. Gideon however moved more gracefully spinning out of the way of two incoming man before ducking under a clothesline which was followed by a pele kick to the head of the clothesline attacker sending him to the ground. Gideon was definitely playing for style points instead of the actual win. He watched as Bazel just dispelled of his competition effortlessly. The raw speed of Bazel was something to behold.

4 When Destinies Collide (Task) Empty Re: When Destinies Collide (Task) on Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:47 am

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Even though Bazel and Gideon were out here fighting these men they weren't nearly matching the intensity brought by the woman who seemed to be sporting ears. Gideon and Bazel continued to strike down pirate after pirate as they continued to come they would be struck down by one of the three. "Ya know Baz.." said Gideon as the duo continued to fight 'No" said Bazel as he threw someone across the cavern "What? She's pretty good it wouldn't hurt to ask" it seemed Gideon was trying to talk Bazel into recruiting the woman "She threw me at a bunch of pirates" Bazel was obviously holding a grudge against the woman because she chucked him across the tunnel. It's a reasonable reason to hold a grudge especially from a masculinity standpoint. "Fine fine, geez I won't ask again" said Gideon as him and Bazel had dispatched most of the men they were dealing with. The woman however was dealing with the largest man of them all. He towered over her and she was steadily working her speed against his strength and doing it well. Bazel was actually impressed as she ran up the mans chest following up with a kick to the chick knocking him down. A barrage of punches came after that to the downed man knocking him clean out.

"Oi Captain, she looks like she can give you a run for your money" joked Gideon which caused Bazel to look at him and punch him upside the head. "FINE, I WON'T SAY ANYTHING" with everyone defeated Bazel and Gideon who was holding his head after being punched by Bazel would approach the woman who they just helped seemingly escape. She looked at Bazel and he returned the look, it was almost like when they met the first time.. they just didn't like each other "Are you going to stare or introduce yourself?" the woman would say to Bazel and Gideon. Gideon being the peace maker of the two would look at both parties before standing between them to break the tension "His name is Bazel, captain of the Red Wing Pirates, I'm his first mate Gideon. Nice to meet you" said Gideon who was looking at the woman. Trisha on the other hand would scoff at Bazel's name "Well I'm Trisha Devaroux nice to meet you both. Thanks for the help" Now that all three were introduced the leader of the crew Bazel would begin to look around. Something wasn't right about this situation.

5 When Destinies Collide (Task) Empty Re: When Destinies Collide (Task) on Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:48 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Trisha had introduced herself to the crew and for some reason Bazel remembered her name from somewhere, he couldn't help but think he knew her but he just left it alone. "Trisha.." said Bazel as he looked at the girl trying to read her. The fun budding friendship her and Gideon had was interrupted by Bazel's calling of her name, she would turn to Bazel looking at him which caused him to ask his question "What were you doing here.. Running in the caves before we ran into you?" the question caused Gideon to look at Trisha with his eyes opened all the way "Actually.. That's a good question" said Gideon who never once considered that a question Trisha got jumpy and took a deep breathe before she began to speak "Okay so, I was home when I ran into this guy who said he recognized me. He ran to tell his captain and when his captain came it was my sisters fiance Leparo Donquixote. Leparo knew of me but he didn't believe it was me when I saw him and swore I was my sister. He brought me here and kept me locked up ever since. He doesn't seem himself though, that wasn't the guy I use to call my brother" spoke the mink woman.

Gideon looked terrified as Trisha told her story and looked fairly upbeat while talking about it. "So this Leparo guy is alive and well eh?" said Gideon after digesting the news "Yea, he didn't look fine when I first saw him though, he was wounded" Gideon giggled "Probably from the fight he had with you captain. I guess that means he's alive and here" Bazel didn't feel like fighting Leparo again for the simple fact that man knew how to through down. "Well, lets get out of here before we have to deal with him again" said Bazel who just didn't feel like fighting Leparo and his immense levels of strength. As the trio began to walk towards the entrance they had previously come through Bazel would hear a sizzling sound as if a tornado of lightning was being made behind him. He'd turn around and notice a giant wave of wind sprinkled with electricity. He'd grab both Gideon and Trisha and move them out of the way as he would turn around and kick left dodging the blade. When the dust settled Bazel noticed a woman with white hair and a sword with a blanker facial expression than him, "Hello Firebird, why are you here" asked Kash who was prepared to strike down Bazel "Eh, you know.. Just looking for your captain" it was then Gideon and Trisha took off, both aiming for Kash, a glowing energy covered Gideon's hand as his right fist collided with the side of Kash's blade. "Hmm, he's actually pretty strong.. Baz knows how to pick them" thought Kash as Trisha was blocked on the left side by a wave of snow. Landing she'd look around and find a woman who looked just like Melissa. He'd smile "Hey sissy" towards Trisha. The woman was stunned at the development of what was going on and the woman in front of her who appeared to be her sister. As for Bazel as he attempted to go help them he was greeted by a bullet fast fist in the form of Leparo. The blonde knocked him straight through the walls of the underground cavern before speaking "You found me" said Leparo with a smirk as he went after the downed Bazel.

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