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1Destruction of Slavery [Task] Empty Destruction of Slavery [Task] on Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:02 pm




Destruction of Slavery [Task] B6a2d02c2c1fef99af86e648f7ae4b3ff9cef765_hq
Cerulean Faith wrote:Task Name: Slaver Circle
Tier: 4
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: Rumour has it that many are going mission in strange locations in Water 7. It is believed to be the work of the mysterious Star gang who are notorious in trading. It would seem that right now, their main targets are those whom have Giant heritage. Your jobs are to infilitrate the slavers ring and shut them down. Be careful as the Star gang are incredibly powerful and have been wanted for some time.
Enemy Details: 100 fodder enemies who control guns and shit in the guy.
Boss: Yes


Destruction of Slavery [Task] 3128357468_1_2_69LRBOIX

Boss Name: Kyo
Tier: 1
Description: Kyo is a rather large guy who has a long mane of orange hair. He's not much of a fighter on his own armed generally wit ha 6 shot pistol in each hand. His real use comes from the fact that he ate a unique devil fruit that turns his body in to a fortress which the slave traders use to move around in.
Devil Fruit: Fortress fruit
Strength: (1-7)
Durability: (2-7)
Speed: (1-7)
Perception: (1-7)


Destruction of Slavery [Task] Latest?cb=20100524171107
Boss Name: Cecelia
Tier: Tier 2
Description: Cecelia is a tall slender woman who has little to no physical strength, her wicked tongue is where her heart lies and her swamp swamp fruit makes up for her lack of physical strength
Devil Fruit: Swamp Swamp
Haki: N/A
Equipment: -
Strength: (1-7)
Durability: (1-7)
Speed: (3-7)
Perception: (2-7)


Destruction of Slavery [Task] 1157331624119
Boss Name: Rave
Tier: 3
Description: Rave has eaten the neko neko no mi model black cat and has superior agility and cat like reflexes. He is not to be trifled with and is known for his sword style.
Devil Fruit: (If they have one what is it.)
Haki: Ken
Equipment: Steel katana
Strength: (3-7)
Durability: (1-7)
Speed: (2-7)
Perception: (2-7)


Destruction of Slavery [Task] 1ad75d3c74feaa11e5d3aaf524165655
Boss Name: Yoshika
Tier: 5
Description: Yoshika is the most dangerous of all and his power over his fruit is unparralleled, he also seems to have powerful haki capabilities. He also carries a gun around
Devil Fruit: Pamu Pamu No Mi
Haki: Buso and Ken [S]
Strength: (5-7)
Durability: (3-7)
Speed: (5-7)
Perception: (4-7)

Standing upon the dock. The Rear Admiral with the armour like dress, a single sword drawn, the point piercing the would gently. Two hands upon the rounded hilt. Sapphire eyes looked out towards the open ocean. She was simply staring, awaiting the marine whom was to be sent to her. During the weeks she had been in Water Seven, she had been on the case of a string of missing people. Normally this would simply be the issue of the officers native to this land, though the motive and way of these kidnappings were similair to the known slave traders who went by the name of the Star Gang.

These kidnappers were infamous in kidnapping and selling without leaving much trace, a single star sign and an item of the kidnapped was generally left behind to signify whom had done it. Though recently they had only been kidnapping certain people, those with giant blood within them humans of larger quality, how they were transporting and capturing these giants was completely unknown. Vanishing without a trace. The members faces were also a mystery. So how would they go around capturing them?

Well that is where Faith comes in, she herself, her face is well too known to be able to come up with a simple swap plan or leading someone to them bound. No she had to me smarter. She had requested a marine to join her but the requirements were specefic. These specefic requirements were that the marine needed to be fresh faced, not having a name for themselves, the second was that the marine must be of giant nature. They needed obvious giant traits that would then cause the gang to go after them. It also meant they needed to reluinqish their weapons. They couldn't be armed. They needed civilan clothing.

Cerulean had a map, a map of the known kidnapping places and these would be the places they would search, they would hopefully come up against them and manage to take down the gang themselves. This was why Cerulean was here. She was proficent in her use of Observation Haki and had a rather large range. This was how she was going to keep an eye on her charge. By detecting her charges haki and keeping a track on it a few hundred feet behind meant she could do everything from the rooftops making sure her charge was completely safe. All she had to do was await. With her her jet dial, her light dial. Her unique double swords Gem and Mini and her rather unused gun with their seastone bullets and the two seastone cuffs that hung from her waist. "This shall be the end" she said to the wind.

2Destruction of Slavery [Task] Empty Re: Destruction of Slavery [Task] on Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:47 pm

Virginia Verdi

Virginia Verdi
Virginia had recieved a rather strange order from her superiors. Though, considering that the order appeared to come from a Rear Admiral, it was completely out of question to delay or second-guess it. They needed a giant, in civilian clothing and apparently unarmed. Well... neither of these would really pose much of a problem. She had no real weapons to begin with, as she fought unarmed for the most part. Well, one could perhaps count her sea-stone gauntlet, but that was moreso armour than a weapon. And armour was fashionable, was it not? At least to giant-kin it tended to be. Herp...

The travel to the mission site had been rather uneventful, considering that most things tended to avoid her path of travel. Giants did have this odd aura about them that made even sea kings second guess attacking them, for whatever reason. She wouldn't question it! It certainly made things easier. Thus, Virginia Verdi made her way to the location that had been indicated to her, wearing civilian clothing as instructed. In particular, she was wearing a tightly fitting skirt, dark tights, along with her typical heels, along with a white blouse and a lose tie, bound in a way that would make it impossible to chick her with it, just by pulling on it. Her hands were both clad in black leather gloves, the sea-stone gauntlet covering only her right forearm, whilst the typical pair of shades was resting on the bridge of her nose.

Finally approaching her superior, Virginia saluted slightly into her general direction, before carefully kneeling down before her, straightening her skirt as she did. Virginia usually paid a lot of attention to lady-like behaviour, although her size made that difficult at times. At least here however, it was possible, if only because of the space available to her. Resting her hands on her knees, Virginia then bowed her head lower to the Vice Admiral... because that was most definitely who she was dealing with, before saluting once again, whispering as quietly as she could to not knock her over, as she had done with the Commodore:"Virginia Verdi, at your service. I'm just an Ensign so... I hope that's alright." She smirked rather awkwardly, aware that she had learnt haki recently, so at least in that regard she could be more useful.

Giving the Vice Admiral a quick once over, she then noted:"I did not come armed, am however fairly versed in unarmed combat. If you had rather I left the sea-stone gauntlet with you, I can do that... although I do not think that wearing a piece of armor is anything but a fashion-statement to a giant of Elbaf... at least in my experience." Shrugging gently, Virginia got into an upright sitting position again, whilst eyeing the area. They were supposed to take care of some sort of underground organization apparently. The details were not clear to her, but... it was likely that it was about slavery. Why else, would you order the least inconspicuous person on the island into a covert mission? Hoh, well... it was no trouble, really. She'd just have to give it her best.

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