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1Jade's Act 1: You Did This! [ARC-TASK] Empty Jade's Act 1: You Did This! [ARC-TASK] on Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:54 am



Task Name: Jade's Act 1: You did this!
Tier: 1
Location: Jaya
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After defeating the executive of the black heat pirates, the captain decided to take out the infamous Jade and Mocktown along with him.
Enemy Details: 15 T0 10 T1
Boss: No

It had been awhile since the attack on the theater had happened. Jade was healed thanks to the old geezers doctor of a son and he had felt indebted, as he could have died. Yushiro declined that Jade do anything for him and let him go, with a heart warming fare well he had left. "Man" Jade sighed as he sat in a new pub near the abandoned house he had taken residence in. He was a bit upset that he had to say goodbye to his theater family but he had to make sure that they stayed safe now that people were starting to realize that he was on the island, it wasn't safe for him to stay in contact with them. "What can I get ya?" The a female waiter said as she approached his table smiling and winking, why couldn't he ever get a normal waitress that wasn't hitting on him? "I would like one milkshake, an order of crispy fries, and a triple stack burger with an egg" He replied, watching as she wrote it all down and ran to the back to get the order filled.

Going back into his thoughts Jade realized that even though marines were bound to come and try to capture him, it wasn't those people he was worried about. It was the black heat pirates he had been facing since he got here. He was new to it all but Jade knew that once some of the pirates were defeated, more came and he knew it was a possibility since Mishi didn't seem like the captain. "They will probably come back and hard too" He said but he had a tiny bit of hope that since he was wrecking most of their crew, Jade would have scared them away. Well, he could hope right? He sighed again. Luckily his food had came right in the middle of his depressing thoughts, which instantly made everything feel better as he began to chow down without a second thought.

After eating he paid for the food, he left from the pub and start walking back to his current residence. Jade's stomach began to ache dully as he walked, reminding him of that battle with those pirates and how close he had come to deaths doors. He had never felt so helpless in his life but by pure luck he had managed to muster all of his strength to beat them, with some encouragement from Yushiro of course. "I don't want to feel that weak again, I have to get stronger and better, especially if I want to catch up too him" Jade said to himself as he clacked his way to his abandoned home going into the woods behind it to get some training in. However the young pirate didn't know what was too come next, he didn't have a clue that the black heats were beginning to come up with a blame to take him out.

Word Count: 494

2Jade's Act 1: You Did This! [ARC-TASK] Empty Re: Jade's Act 1: You Did This! [ARC-TASK] on Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:37 pm



"HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!" The seven foot tall man yelled at the people assembled on the deck of the pirate ship that sat at the shore of Mocktown. The man turned out to be Shujin, the captain of the black heat pirates and he was addressing his crew. "How does a single man stop my crew? And even manage to beat one of my three elite men?" He said fuming with rage, he couldn't believe that a rookie such as this so called "Jade" could defeat his crew so easily. "But sir! He is powerful! I saw him cut down men like they where nothing!" one of his subordinates said. When the pirate spoke, Shujin looked at him with such killing intent he fell onto the grounds, scared for his life. "We are the black heat pirates! He is nothing to us! We will kill him!" The overweight captain roared to his crew, who cheered when he said they were going to kill the punk who had been offing their crew mates.

"And too add to that, I heard a civilian also tried to help him" Shujin started speaking "So we will destroy this piece of shit mock town as well!!" He said with a mix of rage and joy. He thought since someone wanted to help an enemy of their crew, he would just destroy their home and kill everyone in it. "Now go find and kill Jade and destroy Mock town along with him!" Shujin roared again as his crew began to cheer for him, no one threatened the pride of the black heats. they were going to make sure Mock town and Jade knew that.

"Enough of that for the day!" Jade said as he came out of the house freshly washed. He had been training for the past few hours and had trained so hard he had cuts all over his arm. During all the rough training he decided to run back into Mock town to get some food to cook, seeing as he had already spent so much money on milkshakes and food in the pubs, maybe a home cooked meal with be a bit better even though he isn't very good at it. "What should i eat" Jade wondered as he walked maybe he would make some dumplings or his favorite which was Ramen. He decided quickly he would make some ramen with some fried fish, his favorite meal since he was a child. Today seemed like it would be a good day no drama, just him, his food, and relaxation while he waited for Junbei to come back for him. Man was he wrong.

Jade made it to the store and quickly got all of his ingredients but as he went to pay for it all, he swear he could have heard screaming from the outside. Like clockwork as soon as he was about to hand the clerk his money, something happened. Someone had threw a barrel through the window, completely shattering it and placing it on the path to hit the clerk. "What the.." Jade said as he quickly got between the clerk and the barrel using his sword to bisect it, splashing the contents of it everywhere. He sheathed his sword and jumped through the broken market window to see the utter chaos outside, "pirates?" Jade asked. People were being shot, cut down, and beaten along with buildings being burned down, looted and more. "What the hell is going on in Mocktown today?!?" Jade said as he began to grow angry at the sight of everything but along with destroying and killing, he also heard something that confirmed it was who he thought it might be. "WE ARE LOOKING FOR JADE, GIVE HIM TO US AND WE WILL STOP DESTROYING MOCK TOWN" a pirate said. "Black heats, looks like they weren't done with me after all" irritation filled his voice, he really needed to stop hoping for a good day.

The large group of pirates passed the market while he was inside, meaning that they didn't see him. As he stood behind the group looking at all the horror, his blood began to boil and he began to yell he was right behind him but someone got him in a choke hold and yelled to the wave of pirates. "I got him! I got Jade!" The pirate said, making all of them turn around and file their way to where he was being held hostage at the moment. His irritation grew strong and really hated the fact he had just healed but was forced to fight this bastards once again, he knew it was only one way to stop it all. First he had to beat this guys though. Jade delivered a quick elbow to the pirate's stomach before turning and punching him in the face, knocking him out cold. Unsheathing his sword, he turned around and met a punch using the flat side of his sword. A two more pirates tried to come and help their comrade but he kicked the attacking pirate into the incoming two, knocking them down.

"We are going to kill you! And we are going to take Mock town along with you by our captains orders!" A short pirate said from the group. So the captain heard of what he did to most of his crew and decided to send people to destroy Jade and Mock town? He must be some threat to them but he couldn't let them destroy Mock town. It wouldn't sit right with his conscious, so he had to destroy the black heat pirates completely. He raised his iron sword and pointed it towards the group of pirates "I'm looking forward to seeing you try" he said coldly as they charged at each other.

11 T0 10 T1

Techniques used & Stamina:
Stamina: 250/250

Word Count: 963

3Jade's Act 1: You Did This! [ARC-TASK] Empty Re: Jade's Act 1: You Did This! [ARC-TASK] on Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:51 pm



Jade charged into the mob of pirates, his blade ready for the battle. As soon as he reach the mob he collided with another swordsmen with seven more of the pirates crew mates trying to circle and attack him. Jade unsheathed his other iron swords and used the pummel to knock the pirates swords out of his hand, then quickly pierced the sword into the ground. Using the sword in the ground, he grabbed the handle and spun around kicking everyone who tried to encircle him and knocking them out . Another pirate came and managed to knock the blade out of the ground, making Jade fall to the ground and making his sword flinging a few feet away. "Can't be powerless, will not end up like last time" Jade said to himself, remembering a few days again when he was so close to death. He never wanted to feel that again, which is why he was training all today, he will not lose to these punks who call themselves pirates.

Three more pirates tried to stomp on his body but before they could Jade drew his last blade and blocked the kicks with the sharp side of the blade, cutting a few inches into the sole of their feet. He pushed his blade up with more strength and cut off their foot and a little into their leg, making them cry out and fall to the ground with blood splashing everywhere. "Come on guys! We can handle this guy!" A pirate said as five of the rushed towards Jade as he was getting off the ground. I'll kill whoever said that" Jade said as a certain chill started to fill his voice. This battle was starting to remind him of the one with the marines and his blood thirsty side was beginning to come out, he was starting to thirst for the blood of these pirates who dare try to kill him. As the five pirates reached him Jade slashed his blade in a crescent like shape aiming at their head and hitting his targets. Their five bodies slumped to the ground with half of their head chopped off and blood spraying everywhere, mostly covering Jade.

Jade looked at his body to see his pretty pink kimono now stained in bright red blood, his blade dripping with the substance as well. "Ha haha hahahaha!!" Jade laughed manically as he went into a full blood thirsty frenzy his body, mind, and soul was telling him to soak in his enemies blood. "You bastard!!" Another pirate said as he aimed and fired a gun towards Jade but he simply just picked up a body from the ground. "Should have been faster!" Jade laughed as he threw the blade in his hand and sliced right through the upper half of the shooters body. He caught his blade and looked at the remaining 7 pirates, it was only 4 at first but three managed to wake themselves up. 4 of them tried to attack him for his side two on his left and two on his right, but Jade laughed as he knew that it was the biggest mistake that they could have made.

He turned to his left meeting two of the four with his crescent shaped swing, delivering a deep vertical cut to their abdomen. As he finished attacking the other two, he managed to duck and avoid the blade of the pirate on the right side of him. Before the body of one of the pirates he just attacked fell , Jade grabbed him by his ankle and spun him around, colliding him with the one of the other pirates pirates. When the first pirate was hit with the body he also crashed into the second one, making them fall to the ground. "Weak, just weak" Jade said as he got off of the ground and stabbed his sword through both of the pirates hearts, one at a time of course. Jade blood hungry eyes turned to the last three pirates with a blood chilling smile accompanying it. "Weak weak weak weak! Just die already!!" The frenzied Jade said as he dug his foot into the ground and pushed off at a blinding speed. He appeared in front of one of the three remaining pirates and aimed his sword at his head, chopping their head off. One of the two remaining pirates tried to sneak attack Jade as he turned their way, succeeding and stabbing him in his stomach.
"Maybe I was wrong about at least one of you" Jade laughed again as he held the blade that was in his stomach, making sure the pirate couldn't move. He cocked back his left arm, making a fist, and hitting the pirate in the chest. A large cracking sound filled the air as the pirate threw up blood and flew back a few feet.

Jade took the sword out of his stomach and threw it to the side. The wound he received knocked him out of his crazed state and he look at the last, shivering pirate. Jade walked slowly towards him and as he did, the pirate continually backed up, eventually falling over one of his dead comrades bodies. "P-please don't kill me" the young looking pirate said to Jade, fear flowing from his mouth. "Oh I won't right now but I have a message I would love for you to deliver to your captain" Jade said as his cold eyes looked down on the young pirate who shook his head, agreeing that he would deliver the message. "Tell him I'm coming after him and I will kill him, so be ready" Jade said "now go" he said to the pirate who quickly got up and ran off.

As the pirate finally disappeared Jade looked around too see all of the blood and dead bodies that surrounded the middle of Mock town. He then looked at himself, once again drenched in blood like a monster. Jade was happy he defeated them but he was upset he lost control again, he had no clue where it had come from. He held his wound and headed towards Yushiro's sons house again, the only place he could go without getting arrested. Leaving the scene to go towards the place he looked back at the bodies of pirates and civilians, anger filling him for a split second. He was going to finish this all, he was going to find and kill the captain of the black heats.

All Defeated

Techniques used & Stamina:

Skill Name:[/b] One Sword: Moonlight Oni
Tier: 1
Type Weapon
Range: Sword Reach
Speed: Own
Description: Jade unsheathes one of his swords and delivers a quick and powerful basic horizontal slash that resembles that of a crescent moon shape. This can cut deeply as well as through bones, this attack can also hit multiple opponents if they are in the way.

Skill Name: One Style: Boomerang
Tier: 1
Type Weapon
Range: 7m
Speed: 2
Description: grabbing one of his swords , Jade throws it at a high speed sending it flying towards his opponents. If the attack hits the force of the blade will fracture bones on contact and causes several deep cuts.

Skill Name:[/b] - Chaotic Gods Punch
Tier: 1
Type Martial Arts
Range: Arm reach
Speed: Own
Description: one of the most basic but powerful techniques of Jade's. Embedding his fist with ki, Jade unleashes a powerful punch at the intended target, upon contact this technique will break bones, wood and similar material.

Skill Name: - God Speed V.1
Tier: 1
Type Martial Arts
Range: Self
Speed: Max
Description: As the name implies, this technique is used for speed, and is also on of the few techniques that do not use ki. Jade digs his feet into whatever surface he is standing on and uses it to move instantaneously somewhere else either to close distances or escape from something. For each step Jade takes he pays the required stamina.

Stamina: 175/250

Word Count 1,081

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