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1[Event Task] One Step Richer Empty [Event Task] One Step Richer on Tue Dec 20, 2016 6:59 am


Task Name:Treasure island?
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:Treasure island!

Word is there's a map that leads to untold riches from a lost age. The map itself is said to look like a like nothing more than an old piece of parchment with no real significance. However it's been stained with blood from changing so many hands over the centuries. Even before one piece became a legend in itself, treasure island was already a mythic place. Said to make the Fake gold city of Noland Blanc look worthless by comparison. However the map is also said to have been cursed and that anyone not worthy of the trek is bound to meet misfortune and mayhem upon picking up the cursed map.

Enemy Details: 50 T0 pirate grunts, 3 Ships surrounding a a flagship with the map, 25 T1 pirates marksmen, 20 T2 Pirate swordsmen.

For those that don't have cursed hands and touches one of the Map they are thrown into a coma and only can escape by fighting themselves in their mindscape.
Boss: No
Kuro sat on a tree in south grove with a stick of meat in his hand. Eating away at his dinner he watched the three ships before him as the sun's fading rays of light shone down on his target. His cold eyes stared not looking away he tossed what was now only bone. While in town and doing some reconnaissance he had overheard while in a tavern a group of pirates who bragged about their victory. Specifically how they were able to obtain a map that would lead to a treasure island supposedly. If that were true Kuro could easily make a pretty penny for the amount of that map. Hopping down from the tree he landed on the ground dusting off his hands before making his way towards the ship. They sat in triangular formation centered around a single ship which he assumed would hold the item he needed. The ships were only 30m off the coast of Jaya meaning they weren't far out of his reach. However Kuro rather not draw attention to himself as he was clearly outnumbered.Sucking in air to fill his lungs he dived head first in to the water before swimming straight ahead. Kicking his feet he used his arms to propel under water focused on the ship ahead of him. Visibility was low so Kuro wasn't able to see anything until the ship was close enough for him to view. Hovering in front of the ship Kuro thought over how to proceed which would be with be to either punch a hole in the ship or sneak his way up top. Swimming up to surface Kuro released his breath as he stayed afloat to let air in. To his luck a window was just above the water on the side of the ship and thick enough for him to climb on. Kuro gripped the ledge of the window before pulling himself out of the water. He was able to get his leg on top as stood on top of the window taking a moment to rest. He hopped in to the air before using his geppo to fly up in the air as he soared up. Grabbing on to the ledge he pushed off the side of the boat before swinging his legs to flip over on to the deck.
Dusk was slowly setting in as the lack of light gave him some cover. Kuro quickly darted to a barrel peeking out from the cover.On the deck few of the pirates walked around and on the mast where snipers awaited. He scoured the deck some more seeing that their attention was divided.Moving out from cover Kuro stayed low as he sun and whipped his leg with rankyaku slicing the mast clean in half. The snipers stationed on the mast`fell along with it.

The sounds of the men being smashed with the fall and shouts of distress filled the air as he ran bolting off the side of the ship in to the water.That distraction could buy him a bit of time as he started to swim towards the flag ship lying in the center of the three ships.He pushed it in to high gear speeding through the water circling around the ship while underwater. His diversion would buy him some time drawing the attention of most of the pirates giving ample time to find the map. Popping out of the water he had enough room to whip his arm creating a vacuum blade with rankyaku to slice in to the side of the ship making a hole for him to latch on to.He did the same trick as before hefting himself in to the air with enough space to use geppo and land on the deck of the flag ship. Activating his haki he started to sense the people around him.Two guards stood in front of a door as he ran towards one ramming fist in to his throat before spinning his leg to smash the others' face with his heel. The feel of their throats being smashed in made him certain he had did his job. His senses kicking in he dodged the incoming sniper fire before smashing down the door heading deeper in to the ship. With his haki activated Kuro could feel all the enemies within a 75m giving him a snese of where to look for the map. Luckily for him there was a large group of 5 men directly below him as he kept making his way but the floor was continuous. Kuro searched before using his haki to focus his eyes along the floor scanning before he noticed a trap door. He ran towards it before jumping in to the ai and crash don on it smashing through as he fell downwards dropping in to the room with the 5 men as he looked ahead of them a small chest."Who the hell he ?!" one yelled as they all bared their swords."Does it matter kill him!" Another yelled out as they charged. Kuro used his speed to dodge past the first one before jumping and wrapping his legs around the second using the momentum and strength to lean towards the ground and throw the man with his legs with his arms as support. His body crashed in to the others sending him tumbling as he turned to deal with his first assaulter. He wildy swung his sword as Kuro calmly dodged before throwing his elbow in to the man's face followed by a kick to his balls as he fell to the ground dropping his blade. Kuro picked it up before ending him as he turned to the others. He ran at them the blade poised easily dodging their attacks with his speed delivering a fatal blow to each one. Tossing his sword Kuro crouched down in front of the chest has opened it without difficulty. Inside was the map as he grabbed it slowly opening it. But as he began to do so his consciousness faded until there was nothing but darkness


75/250 Haki/Stamina

Skills Used:

Skill Name:Rankyaku
Type Offensive
Range: 15m
Speed: 3
Description:The Rankyaku is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body. The default length with a leg or arm is 7m, while the width is up to .5m. This Rankyaku is solely used through the arms and legs with swinging motions.

Skill Name: Geppo
Tier: 1
Type Speed
Range: Self
Speed: Own
Description:The Geppo allows the users to actually jump off the air itself, allowing them to stay in the air for much longer than usual. While the technique itself affords several advantages both in and out of battle for the user, it has but one major weakness: since its usage depends heavily on the user's legs, restraining, damaging, or pinning down any major parts of their lower body can significantly disrupt Geppo. The amount of distance it can cover is reliant on your speed stat.

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