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Middle Task 1:
Task Name: Welcome to Angel Cove? The Birkan Army Mobilises
Tier: 3
Location: Skypiea - Angel Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
After the last shenanigans in Lovely Cove, the hatred towards the Wingless are now on an all time high. Lovely Cove was left in ruin as results of an aerial battle between two clashing parties! However, you've been located on the seen as one of the contributors of the destruction of housing, Lena Rivers, Pillar to God, Lao Fall's Faction, arrive to retrieve you.
Enemy Details:
Lena Rivers - T3 Boss
200 T2 Birkan Soldiers
Boss: Yes

SolarGravitas & VitasStrong BirdBlitz SticksOto OtoOto Tier 3NitufiaSantufiaNitufia - Tier 2
"We're all caged song birds, waiting for someone to hear our sound"

Morning broke on Angel Island, the damage caused from the Junbei, and his new friend, Bazel was a monument to the years of, what was slowly becoming generational hate towards the Wingless. Split reviews. The two words that can be perfectly used to described the Birkan’s feelings on the incident in Lovely Street, twenty-two injured, over sixteen killed and several enslaved humans now retreated into Upper Yard to meet up with the Wingless Faction. As the orders chimed in via Snail Phone to the Pillar’s respective territories in Upper Yard, one Pillar in particular Rena, chimed into handle the report. “Buzz Buzz… You little flies have been hitting up God’s Hotline all morning… Lao Fall… doesn’t have time for this meager disturbance, let the White Berets handle it.” Lena chimed in, picking up the open line that all four pillars had remote access towards. “I thought you said you were going to handle the new Wingless that were mucking around in your turf, Lena.” Henkia stated via the communication com, chuckling from his terrain as he tightened the screws in his pet Robot sheep, Mr.Marco. “I was… but I found some new Blue Dwellers to pleasure me…” Lena said, standing up from her bed, as two men, who were blind folded were pressed against the wall, covered in different paints, all arranged to have a bullseye forming on their stomach. Taking up an arrow from the quiver, which prepped against the wall of her Gothic Themed Room. The woman extended an arrow against the nocking point, aiming the bow towards the gaged males. “Lena.” Prometheus simply stated with a stern and serious voice. “Fine Fine… I’ll go and handle it now. My men located their ship off the Coast of Angel Island’s Cove, I’ll be there in approximately thirty minutes… I’m taking two hundred White Berets with me… I don’t have time to deal with his rejects of a crew.” Lena stated, releasing the arrow through the Wingless Male’s Skull. “Ooops.” Lena said, licking her lips. Exiting the fourway snail-com group, the woman stretched from her bed, clothing her naked body in risque lingerie, and walking towards her wardrobe to find a black dress and the perfect hat to accessorise.

At Juju’s shack, Junbei, Caprice and Juju all slept snoring loudly, as Nico stumbled around the man’s house trying to find some tea packets, it’d been awhile since he’d been free and even though Juju’s shower wasn’t the most luxurious, it was a shower nonetheless. Feeling against his neck, the man contemplated about the last two years he’d spent enslaved to the Nobles of Upper Yard, a pure rage filled his heart, blanking out for several moments before hearing a small knocking on Juju front door. Walking over to the sleeping trio, Nico took the water he had fetched in the pot to make his tea, still ice cold from the tap and poured it over the trio. “Izzy!” Junbei exclaimed, springing upward with his eyes still slightly half closed. Scratching his chest, the man’s body was paraded with scars from his envoys in the ruins and former experiments in his past life, which only came into focus of Nico, for the first time, even after watching him strip down to his boxers and crash on the floor the night before. “Hoho… It’s not very nice to sprinkle water on your elders.” Juju stated, grumpy but his voice still jolly after just being rudely woken up. Caprice was still asleep, out cold. “Bite me old man. Someone’s at your door.” Nico said, pointing towards the front of the shack. “Food!” Junbei shouted. Pelting the can at the Logia’s head, as without noticing it, he’d made an enhanced tone using his Oto Oto No Mi abilities, “Quiet! It’s too early to be making that much noise!” Nico shouted. As the two squabbled, Junbei pestering Nico to play some of his pieces with him and Nico wholeheartedly refusing to play for or with a male, Juju walked towards the front of the shack, opening the door. The sound of the man’s colossal fram, kneeling towards the ground, made Junbei and Nico look to the front of the shack. Nico’s eyes expanding widely, running over to his coat jacket feverishly. “Miss Fall!” Juju said, with his forehead stuck towards the ground. “Juju… It’s been so long.” Chance stated, her pink marshmallow eyes welling with emotion. “I miss you dearly at the Castle… I’ve been meaning to visit sooner but I figured I’d be the last person you want to see.” Chance stated, placing her hand on the man’s shoulder, in attempts of telling him to rise.

As the man rose to his feet, Nico obtained his pistol from his jacket, dashing to the front of the house and pushing over the childish figured woman, pushing the pistol against the woman’s cheek. “Chance Fall! I’ve been waiting for the day I’d get to shoot one of this cursed king’s offspring!” Nico shouted. “Nico!” Junbei shouted enraged. Emerging seemingly from the shadows, but perched on the ceiling, Raven descended breaking through the roof below their position, placing her flame lance against the man’s neck. “Drop the gun.” Raven stated eerily. “I said… Drop the gun, peasant.” Raven stated with a slightly more annoyed tone, the verbose in her throat rattling with rage. Dashing into position between them both in his intangibility state, Junbei knocked the gun from Nico’s hand and pushed the man off the woman into a shelf of Wavers with immense speed. “Explain… What in the hell is wrong with you two?” Junbei shouted. Waking up from his slumber, Caprice inched from the backroom to the front of the shack rubbing his eyes. “What’s wrong… I’ll tell you what’s wrong… The Human Consensus Act…” Nico said, trying to shake away the cobwebs in his head from the thud of his head against the wooden vehicles.

Getting up off of the Sandy Coast, the princess dusted off her plain white dress, walking into the shack towards the enraged musician, Nico. Getting down onto her knees, “I’m sorry… If my Father’s Laws have hurt or endangered your life… in anyway… However, I too understand the torment you go through… and spend my days advocating for the abolition of the Human Consensus Act.” Chance exclaimed. Slamming her head against the ground, the man’s tense face shattered, not by alot but a little, at the sight of the tears flowing from the woman’s eyes before her head touched the floor. Her tiny but fragile 5’1 body trembled as she blurted, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” the woman echoed repeatedly, still slightly shaken from being held at gunpoint. “Oi!” Nico exclaimed, his word freezing the woman’s apology. “Enough. I’m not that much of a scumbag to watch a woman, noble or otherwise grovel at my feet…” Nico stated. “But you’d pull a gun on her.” the whole room thought, staring at the man intensely as if that’s what their glares would say, if expression could talk. Walking over to the woman, he placed his overcoat on the child’s back, “I’m sorry little girl… I got carried-” Nico’s words ceased as Chance’s foot lunged upwards into the man’s genitals. Pouting out her cheeks, “I’m not a girl. I’m a grown twenty-five year old woman, Thank You Very Much.” the woman stated furious. “Eh… Twenty… Five…?” Junbei exclaimed with an utter look of disbelief.

Meanwhile, at the Flying Dutchman, a force of almost two hundred men mobilised around the perimeter of the ship, awaiting mistress Lena’s arrival. The white commanding White Beret member, Orpheus tapped his foot against the flooring of the ship’s deck, alone in number, as the other members were afraid to dock onto the deck. Due the ghosts that swarmed around the vessel, however, Orpheus wasn’t afraid of trivial or illogical things such as ghosts, the man rationalised them as mere projections caused by the other Light Dials placed throughout the ship’s built. The officer’s Baby Den Den rang in, “Sorry for being late!” the woman exclaimed in cutesy kind of voice. “Ugh… Umm… No ma’am… It’s I that am sorry for being so early…” Orpheus started, talking into the snail, which now featured red lipstick and long black hair when it relayed the telecommunications. “Could you move the Ship towards these co-ordinates I’m about to relay, I might as well wrap this up while I’m at it, I’ve found the targets. They’re at the traitors shithole…. Juju’s Shack off the Coast of Angel Cove… I’m approaching in a few moments, about to engage. It seems the princess is with them as well… Hehe…” the woman stated, blurting out the co-ordinates and hanging up the phone. Perching at the top of a mighty willow, which towered over Upper Yard’s perimeter, the woman took her bow from being hoisted over her shoulder, separated from the Shack by at least, 500 meters of water, going over her supplies before engaging. “My Mantra Spirit Tag… allows me to track the Haki signatures of organic matter even if they’re outside my Haki’s scope. My mind is like a human Vive Card... and with my own material embedded in each of my arrows, I could snipe them all from this distance… but alas… I must at least leave that traitor Raven alive…” Lena exclaimed, chuckling to herself. “Now let’s wait for the reinforcements to arrive before we commence the show.” Lena finished grinning.

Back at the Shack, a very awkward and cramped tea party begun around Juju’s circular dinner table. Around the table was Junbei,Charlotte, Juju, Caprice, Nico, Raven and Chance sitting around it’s girth. “I’m starving… Can’t your men speed up the process a bit… I need to get a cook.” Junbei exclaimed. “I offered to cook for ya’ll ingrates but you didn’t want that now did you?” Charlotte exclaimed puffing her cheeks out. “Look. You’re injured… Rest up and you can cook next time okay?” Junbei said, placing his hand in praying positions that Buddha never places her inside of a kitchen ever. “Now. Can someone explain to me what in the hell’s this Human Consensus Act thing… Juju’s been filling in the blanks but I still don’t understand why… it’s even a thing.” Junbei exclaimed. Sipping the freshly brewed tea made by Nico the princess grinned happily at it’s aroma and taste , Raven jarred the man intensely, “Does it have poison in it?” Raven inquired. “No! It doesn’t you brute of a man!” Nico shouted. Slamming his fist into Nico’s skull, “I’m a woman you dipshit.” Raven exclaimed. “I know how you feel…” Caprice chiming in with tears running from his eyes, remembering the taunts from the man named Adam.

“The Human Consensus Act was something the Nobles were planning for ages to find some excuse to keep slaves as their own. After in flux of Blue Dwellers, with a few re-wordings here and there… It focused on the enslavement of criminal Dwellers, for a period of time to their wronged, or the ones they’d offended. However, as the Bill was in it’s works, after the princess’s untimely abduction, the Bill became a legal excuse for Blue Dwellers to be enslaved. When the King, now God, Lao, my father found out about Isabella’s death and ill-treatment, his melancholy grew. The Bill which was a thing most of the court was firmly against was passed and all those who opposed were stripped of their power. Raven, who’d just been promoted to the status of Pillar, had her authority stripped and along with several other nobles, attempts on their life were made and announced to the people as deaths by Blue Dwellers, who began to so hatefully refer to as Wingless.” Chance stated.

We experienced first hand when Kipp and his men came to Skypiea the first time around. His force of four hundred men ended up as me and him barely escaping with our lives to Jaya.” Charlotte tuned in. “My apologies for your lost… However this race war has taken many of my people. Many enslaved and several captured… The Real Problem is the Pillars currently and Lao. God and his now three pillars want this current atrocity to continue… all of those who oppose it are silenced, Winged or Wingless. God currently even has the Shandia in his arsenal… It’ll be impossible to negate the law without first the co-operations with the Current Wingless Faction to find some peace treaty-” Chance’s words were interrupted by Junbei’s chuckle. You're living in an idealistic dream world there Princess. Too much blood has already been spilled for your ‘treaty’ to ever be formed.” Junbei stated, sipping his tea as the food now trailed into the room. “Watch your tongue Blue Dweller-” Raven stood up enraged yelling, until her cries would be silenced by the princess. “Then, what of you, stranger. How would you go about stopping this senseless killing between our people!? Surely, I can’t sit back and watch the race my sister loved more than anyone else slaughtered and enslaved!” Chance shouted.

My sister Isabella loved humans… She’d often meet newcomers hostile and friendly as they arrived on Angel Island… Trading stories… and technology. For the gold they so eagerly sought which meant nothing to us!” Chance shouted. “Wait… Did you say your sister’s name is Isabella…!?” Junbei inquired. Startled by the man’s inquiry, Juju’s gaze looked at the pirate intensely as the woman looked on interested in the man’s last inquisition. “Don’t Junbei… If you tell her what was said in that letter… It’ll put her life in danger too.” Juju uttered. “I can’t lie to Izzy’s family!” Junbei shouted, barking at the old man. Sighing, the winged man picked up his tea, sitting back as Junbei relayed the contents of the letter and the additional information Juju had informed him about, the plot with Henkia, the Pillars and Isabella’s untimely death on Base #45. Clasping her hands together to quell her frustrations, Chance began to tremble with rage.

Slamming her fist onto the table, cracking it into two, Raven shouted, “You had this information but didn’t tell us anything!?” Raven shouted. “Ohoho… Calm down young lady. Until recently, the information in Isabella’s letter confirmed my intel.. I had no evidence to put before God and his nobles. It was only by fate I met this boy who claimed he’d met the princess all those years ago in her incarceration.” Juju stated calmly. “I must tell God immediately!” the woman shouted, getting up from the table and running outside, chasing after the woman, Juju, Junbei and Raven followed her to the outside. However, the image before them left the trio speechless. Two-hundred men surrounded the coastline of Angel Cove, separated by two meters apart each, holding the Jacob, Iley and Hennessy hostage in chain shackles, seemingly created by dials. The sound of single arrow piercing through Chance’s shoulder, caused the woman to fall to the ground from the shock and eventual blood loss. Flying towards the coast at enhanced Soru type speeds, was Lena, stopping mid-flight, hovering ten meters above the coast and eight meters away from the fallen princess.

With her bow in hand and Kenbunshoku Haki primed, the woman’s pink eyes glowed a bright miasma. “Retrieve the princess!” Lena shouted. Rushing in their armour towards the fallen woman, five guards approached in routine military single line fashion. Lifting her lance from the table of the shop’s counter it rested on, the woman dashed out of the house, shooting a spiral of flames which cooked the men immensely in a sea of flames that spread over ten meters. The heat from the attack could be felt from the backline guards maintaining the perimeter.“What do you think you’re doing attacking God’s Daughter, Lena!? Pillar or no Pillar, that’s inexcusable!” Raven shouted. Shooting arrow towards the woman’s shoulder with immense speed and precision, which combusted upon contact in the woman’s shoulder, Lena grinned as the woman winced in pain. Sighing, “You might’ve been a Pillar once upon a time you Blonde Haired Bitch… but the time you spent scissoring with your beloved Chance, has made you weak.” Lena exclaimed, in a nasty manner. In an instant, a ball of sound came flying towards the woman’s left wing at the speed of sound, expanding to a size of 22 inches and 17 inches in girth, causing the Pillar to fall towards the ground, using her Jet Dial powered boots to decompress her fall, the woman fell onto the ground in pain. Whistling, emerging from the shack, the Auburn Songbird, spinning his tonfas, with the number’s ‘66’ on them, grinned looking at the woman who’d fallen from the sky. “What’s that fable again… Icarus flew to close to the sun and his wings melted… I think you need to stay away from the sun, cutie.” Junbei said grinning, staring the woman dead into her eyes, as her wing twitched in pain. “FUCK THIS!” Lena said enraged. Setting her whole body in a sea of flames, the woman emerged with scarlet red hair, blood red crimson armor which oozed with heat at temperatures around five, no six hundred degrees.

Athena’s Curse - Hade’s Bow!” Lena shouted. Drawing her arrow, Junbei activated his Kenbunshoku Haki, as the woman cocked back the nocking point, the arrow flew towards Junbei, which he shifted out of the way of in time, surging his tonfa’s with electricity advancing two inches to the left, and lunging forwards to the archer. As the arrow hit the shack, a large explosion, encompassing the whole shack’s fram blew away the man’s wooden fixture, filing the area behind Junbei with several flames. “My bow is a cursed item passed down through generations of Shandia… It has the ability to make everything about my arrows explosive. The explosion is strong enough to flatten palaces… Your friends are smoked.” Lena said grinning. Looking over his shoulder, Nico and Caprice had barely managed to escape. Sensing the next incoming arrow with his Haki, the man entered into his intangibility state, as the arrow hit into the coasts bed, exploding and leaving a gigantic hole in the rocky bed.

That’s pretty good dodging!” the woman shouted, kicking on her jet boots and retreating towards the water, moving several meters backwards, firing several arrows, three in number from different vantage points. The explosions filled the cove, Junbei avoided and moving the princess out of scope of the final shot. “What are you going to huh Pirate! You're too busy saving these weaklings… You can’t even go all out! How about that move that flattened those ruins in my turf, you fucking cunt!” Lena shouted, her eyes crazed as she literally orgasamed at the sight of blood and chaos. Grinning, Junbei simply began to chuckle. “Rishi Rishi Rishi!” the man laughed. “What’s so funny Redhead?” Lena asked, hovering above the Cloudy Sea, arching backwards her next arrow. “My crew ain’t got no weaklings on it!” Junbei said, pointing to the ship, which now carried, Charlotte, Caprice, Juju, Raven and the Princess. As Junbei moved further and further away from the shack, Charlotte took initiative and guided a pathway to the boat, with help from Raven, Caprice and Juju who cleared a path, killing seven of the soldiers within the army.

Switching her target, Lena turned towards firing an arrow at the Dutchman. Firing off another compressed soundwave towards the woman, she broke away unable to fire the shot retreating further and further atop the sea. “Your an hammer! From this distance, it’s impossible for you to reach me… Me on the other hand… I can snipe you all day!” Lena shouted, her attention garnered towards Junbei once more. The two danced along the coast of the cove, pulling further and further away from the ship’s area, Lena trigger happy on hitting Junbei with one of her widescale explosions which now left large holes in the beaches shores.

On the ship, the remaining guards attempted to retain the princess but we're coming up on hard times. Dashing through the crowd, Caprice sliced the knee caps of ten guards in one motion, cutting into their weak metallic armour with his titanium blade.

With quick jabs, Juju slammed his monstrous fists into the faces of the guards, with concussion level swings, he managed to flatten five of the guards. In the Navigation Chambers, Charlotte tried to get the ship afloat, her wounds still sore from the attack in Shandia. The White Lotus trio, Iley, Hennessy and Jacob, used the distraction of the guards to break free, latching onto Juju’s feet when he flied to the boat. Hustling around the ship, the crew made preparations for the ship to sail. Nico, dug through the flaming debris of the house to save musician’s he’d played with since coming to Skypiea, however, as their bodies cooked in the flames, he sat in the sand motionless recollecting the good times. Flying over towards the man, “We need to move.” Juju simply said, placing his hands on Nico’s shoulder. “I should’ve died with them… Some leader I am…” Nico said, recollecting on his first days of voyage on Skypiea. Picking Nico up, the man motionless, Juju flew towards the ship. “If you have time to think about trivial thoughts like dying… put more effort into more important ones like living enough for them all and escaping this situation alive!” Juju shouted.

About fifty meters apart from the conflict, Lena’s game of cat and mouse was now coming to a close. Trapping the musician between two rock formations, which formed a cavern enclosing the musician, Lena aimed her arrow point blank towards the man, drifting closer and closer to the shore, increase the impact of the explosion. Swarming in from every point, above the closing about fifteen meters in the air, Lena’s men surrounded the Auburn Songbird with their Flame Guns. Around hundred and twenty in number, Lena docked onto the shore, about fifteen meters away from the man’s position, arrow arched and ready to fire. “Any final words?” Lena said grinning. “Yeah… Too slow. Apollus!Junbei exclaimed. Releasing the arrow, the next actions happened in a split second.

Activating his Apollus state, a red dome expanding outwards encompassing a twenty-five diameter scope, firmly packaging the soldiers, the pillar and the man into the dome. Simply tilting his head to the side, the explosive arrow missed the musician's head, firing into the rock cove behind him. Upon impact, the explosion travelled outwards, Junbei entering into his intangibility state, merging with the red dome that encompasses the whole section of the Cove and the Army. In his former position, an ominous red veil appeared, as the sound from the explosion suction into the dome’s fram. Rena attempted to retreat backwards but her sense of Perception was gravely distorted, unable to hear or bark orders to her men who were idly sitting by.

The veil’s size increased in scope from eight to ten diameters, a large volumes of waves hovering it’s centre. In an instant, the whole cove and rocky area was left in ruins, the Pillar deafened instantly, her carcass was hit with a Strength that was enough to break the bones of every guard in the area with it’s shockwave. In it’s wake, a ninety-eight foot wide and depth carter appeared, fragments of sand now bustling in the wind as the crater was filled with the broken bodies of the Pillar’s men. Emerging from the sand veil, the man’s crimson Red Hair glow miraculously, as the locals rushed from the city towards the beach, gawking at the incident with awe.

Hovering from the red veil, Junbei’s body reformed in the centre of the veil. The agonizing sounds of the soldier’s screams as their ear tissue disintegrated, nor the sound of explosion didn’t draw the onlookers towards the cove, it was the sheer size of the dome. However, what really set fright into the citizen’s heart’s was two factors, one, was the factor that the scene they watched was like a silent movie, they could see the soldier’s bodies, see the blood filling the sand and hear the sound of the expanding soundwaves, giving off a silent white noise, however, they could hear nothing. Not the explosion, not the screams, not anything with the dome’s fram. Secondly, the sight of the Pillar Lena, laid out against the ocean currents, unconscious, left a fear in the Birkan’s stomachs.

Dashing towards Juju’s shop, at the speed of sound against the sand, the man arrived onto the scene in moments, just as the crew had finished off the remaining soldiers. Exiting his heavenly state, Junbei fell unto the ground exhausted once he knew everyone was okay. “Rishi Rishi… I think I went a bit overboard.” Junbei exclaimed before passing out. ‘On this day, when the pillar Lena, known as was defeated, a new legend spread around Skypiea. The legend of the Redhead man who has the ability to steal sound.’

WC: 4247

Skills | Misc Traits. :


25%- Extremely exhausted to the point running is no longer an option if it last longer than a few seconds. Along with your other physical attributes your reflexes have taken a hit. Your speed and Strength is now 2 Tiers lower than normal and damage you sustain feels heavier than it should.

Skill Name: Great Sound Decree - Echo’s Rage x2
Tier: 2
Type Normal
Range: 10M
Speed: VI
Junbei compresses his soundwaves into a small ball around size of a cannon ball and fires it towards the opponent/opponents. The ball decompresses and expands as it travels, striking all caught within the 22 x 17 inch ball’s girth with shockwave type damage done internally, similar to that of Fishman Karate or Hasshoken. The ball travels up to 10M before losing force and compression.

Skill Name: Human Realm - Ancestral Pivot
Tier: 2
Type Speed
Range: 15M
Speed: Own
Breaking the limits and embracing the gifts bestowed upon him from Buddha in his final realm, Ancestral pivot allows movement at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power. It was revealed that the principle of this move is based on shifting the weight between his two feet, pushing off in the direction need at immense speeds when needed. Obtains maximum speed of Tier instantly.

Skill Name: Sound Decree - Auburn Sonicboom
Tier: 3
Type Normal
Range: 20 Diameter
Speed: Own
A single sound wave in the shape of a red ring or halo quickly expands from Junbei’s body, intensifying in it's glow as it expands. This halo encompassing a eight diameter radius, creates a pocket of sound, or dome which the opponent(s) are encased in. Within the ring, large volumes of sound waves uncountable(ten waves every 0.01 millisecond) to the average eye are created. The dome begins to glow brightly, giving off an ominous sound. These waves begin to compress but due to the immense amount of waves packed into the ring’s vacuum, the sound waves create a shockwave which moves at the speed of sound, a sonic boom. The explosion of sound waves ushers outwards, devastating everything and everyone it comes into contact with in the form of shock-waves. The noise omitted registers around 250 db(decibels) instantly deafening anyone who hears the sound-waves decompressing within twenty diameters of it’s range.

Skill Name: Hypersonic
Tier: 3
Type Speed
Range: 25M
Speed: Own
Entering into an intangible state, Junbei disperses his body at the speed of sound in any direction, this can either be used to dodge or escape situations obtaining maximum speed instantly.

Seven Trumpet Perk: The sound of seven trumpets are sounded over a twenty-five diameter  maximum.(without the use of Kenbunshoku Haki) Those who hear the sound of the trumpet's call, loose the ability to perceive sound as long as they are within the twenty-five diameter scope. However, escaping doesn't instantly negate their lack of sound perception, it takes two post before normal hearing is restored. Perception is blurred, -1 Tier of Perception within the trumpet's scope, as well as, during the period after escaping the scope.

Vertigo Perk: While in this mode, techniques that register Tier 2 and higher can cause the afflicted to experience Vertigo Disease. Their sense of balance is severely distorted, as sounds they'd normally perceive in conjunction with the sense of touch become hampered. Logia's specifically, loose their ability to enter their an intangible state(if present) unless it's through the use of a technique, one tier higher than the Tier of this Mode. Only users equal to or one tier less than Junbei, will loose their intangibility for the full duration of the mode. Users one tier or higher than Junbei, will only loose their intangibility for two posts.

Mode Description:

Junbei's auburn hair begins to illuminate, giving his hair the vibrant hue of raspberry. Across his body, several Aztec type symbols glow on the male's body, however, the symbols are just several sound-waves Junbei wrapped around his body in the form of lines. Four thick red rings surround the man's wrists and ankles. The red rings, which are as thick as bangles, around 1.5 inches in width, orbit around Junbei's ankles and wrists for the duration of the mode. Junbei's eyes alter from his sky blue color completely, with his iris remaining sky blue in it's core but with a thin rim surrounding the iris is blood-red in it's texture.

Now, Junbei's mode works as follows. Using the Seven Trumpets Perk, the sound of seven trumpets will sound over the maximum range of a 25 diameter area. This perk absorbs all of the sound within range, using it supercharge Junbei's attack's. (Rationale for the one tier boost that attacks gain within the Apollus.) This perk steals sound from inanimate objects and also living things. Everything from birds, to rifles, to screams and conversation. The area over which the trumpet's perk encompass in visibly encased in a red dome fixture. Only upon entering the dome will your sound be stolen. On a micro-level, even the ability to perceive something as basic as your heart-beat is lost.

Stamina | Haki Usage:

Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information.
D-Rank - 30m diameter
C-Rank - 75m diameter
B-Rank - 150m diameter
A-Rank - 300m diameter
S-Rank - 750m diameter
SS-Rank - 1km diameter

Aura Sight - No level of concealment can truly obstruct the vision of someone with this innate prowess. Capable of seeing thru environmental obstructions, the user also gains the ability to see people thru the color of their auras thru the obstruction itself.

Hawk Eye - Sharper, clearer, detailed. The vision of the user becomes crisp and clean, rendering them capable of seeing things that the unaided human eye couldn’t possibly keep up with. Hawk Eye increases the perception of the user by +1 at D-Rank, and an additional +1 perception per every other rank up to SS.

[Arc-Task] The First Pillar - Lena The Archangel-Archer  UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

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