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1Buster Call[ Marine Check in]  Empty Buster Call[ Marine Check in] on Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:40 pm



Buster Call[ Marine Check in]  149569-jaya1

Jaya Island is nothing more than a safe haven for Pirates. Many known Pirates that are a danger to the world itself sometimes come by the place, and one in practical stays there. But due to World Government not caring Marines rarely go there to make arrest. But, today Jaya Island is the main focus of the Marines. As the rumors that Oscar D. Rose has gone there to seek help to free his Cousin, Wallace D. Rose, have been confirmed by undercover Cipher Pol Agents on Jaya, as well as a group of disguised Marines.

And that has caused the Island to be surrounded. Ten marine Warships have been called and currently Jaya Island is within view, but that isn't all. Four new units have been introduce to the Buster Call's Formation. Two of those vessels being Rocket Vessels and the other two being Flyboats. The groups had been broken up into two before they had arrived in the vicinity of Jaya; so in total there were two groups of seven ships heading to Jaya from two opposite directions. From the west was the first set. These group though were around five hours away from Jaya Island and at this time they were simply just getting things situated for the upcoming battle. Currently their formation was a simple single column, but that soon would change once Jaya Island was within view. The Main in the Guide's Crow Nest, the Warship that was leading the groups toward their destination.

"Listen up, and listen good." Would be heard on all ships. The voice being of the Vice Admiral that would had been assigned to be the leader West Formation for this Buster Call, though he acted as if he commanded all units in this battle. "We are simply hear to do one thing, and that is to annihilate all Pirates. Some of you have been called to this due to just being in the vicinity of the Warship you were near. Whilst others may have heard about this and hurried their asses her to gain some fame and glory. But I will say his once! We won't have an incident like Reverse Mountain. We are here for one reason only and that is to kill Oscar D. Rose. But I want you all to know hat civilians are also on Jaya, but...But no one is allowed to leave. And this is from the higher ups! We are the first wave until we have more reinforcements come. So use this time to come to grips with having a bit of innocent blood on your hands. But, also know this is for the greater good of the world. That is all."

The Vice Admiral that gave that speech was Cudi, the cousin of Admiral Baku. His goal wasn't to boast moral, that wasn't needed. As this was a Buster Call. They will just be firing upon this Island from a safe distance away, so there was no real need to get everyone pumped as if they would see real head to head combat. This was going to be like shooting fish in a barrel. He did though want them all to know what they were going to be doing here. And even if by chance they had to fight the Pirates how would they stand against Five Vice-Admirals, and there were also a few strong ones not with this rank. Vice Admiral Cudi didn't have any doubt within his mind that he would fail this task. The West formation had the bulk of the Vice-Admiral, Four out of the Five.

From the East was the other two. Their formation was different as they were going to act as soon as they battle had begun, there formation being the simple Vee one. The plan of this grouping changing just a couple hours ago. As the rumor that Oscar D. Rose was on this actually found out by one Marine out of luck. This Marine was under the direct command of Vice Admiral Akamine Fumihoro. He had passed a message to all the ships coming from the East for those capable to meet him on his ship, which was the Guide ship. Once they all had arrived he would speak with them, this would be an hour after the speech from Vice Admiral Cudi.

"Okay, I have called all of you here simply to tell you what WE are going to do. I have passed a word to someone in Mock Town, to round up all of the civilians. As I refuse to kill innocent for the sake of one pirate. When the fighting starts we will not fire out cannons, not at first. I will send one of the Warships under my command along with a Flyboat to head to Mouth Bay. After entering Mouth Bay those two ships will have to quickly, and I can't stress that enough. Have a many civilians as you can board and pull out! Once those two ships are back we will begin firing. Or if I get the sad news that the ships have been compromised or you take too long, we will have to begin firing. Also be careful as I doubt pirates won't try to head that way to avoid being blown to bits, as Vice Admiral Cudi will not hold back. If you wish to help with this endeavor board speak with Lt. Rigettes over there. That is all." Vice Admiral Akamine would say.

There was the right way and the wrong way, and no one will ever agree on one way. Two different Vice Admirals and two different ideals, both could be considered right or wrong. It is your time to decided which you will follow Marine.

Just read this:

Vice Admiral Cudi is going to be attacked Mock Town from the West with his Seven ships.

Vice Admiral Akamine is attacking from the East, and is going to attempt to rescue some of the civilians.  

So for the Marines that are going to join post here. You can talk here and set up where you will be for the topic.

48hrs to join topic

2Buster Call[ Marine Check in]  Empty Re: Buster Call[ Marine Check in] on Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:32 am




Buster Call[ Marine Check in]  MjfHPVf

Standing on the deck of the ship, the newest and most inexperienced of the Vice Admirals, Cerulean Faith stood. Each hand upon a sword hilt. Being on the boat with the Vice Admiral hwom had informed them of exactly what the buster call was going to entail, she watched him, gauging the responsibilities of a Vice Admiral.  One hand rubbing the hilt of Mini a sword with a unique power. The other holding Gem fiercly. Her gun loaded upon her right hip behind Mini's holster. All dials she currently held in her pocket. She had not wanted a day like this to come, A buster call. Usually she would have fought against it, she would have argued till she was blue in the face..yet the recent events of Pirate Den had warped her perception of good and bad at this moment. Jaya the place her change slowly began with the murder of a pirate in broad day light. Following these events to the Pirate Den massacre, she understood leaving people like Wallace and Oscar to fester or continue on.

Yes she would have the lives of the civies in her hands, and on her concious but it could be entirely plausable by destroying Jaya, by helping devour the fierce pirates on the land that she could potentially be saving the lives of so many more, many more people who do not harbour pirates, help them, hide them. That is her understanding of the world at this moment, that is what has changed. She realizes that the marines arent pure beings but to get what she wants....what she needs.....what she desires, she needs to focus one hundred percent in her goal. If she wants to rid the world of the nobles and their lawless ways...then she needed to climb higher, she still found it hard that pirates were hunted, killed for doing what they want, but the nobles praised, rewarded, allowed to do what they wanted, when they wanted too anyone. She would be here, to defend the ship from anything that came her way. Yet her concious pulled at her, her ideals, her nature, everything she wanted to gain was riding on this going well....yet a part of her mind could not help but nag at her, was killing so many civilians men, women....children.....was it the right thing to do to take down a few people? "Is this the right way" she muttered to herself.

3Buster Call[ Marine Check in]  Empty Re: Buster Call[ Marine Check in] on Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:51 pm






Today is a day of rejoice the World Government finally decide to make an state to the pirate scum. The statement was rather simple don't start no shit want be no shit. Now the world government seek to make an example out of the pirates which is why Rear Admiral Kronus was assign to this detail.

As a marine official of his rank he was assign to the flag ship of Vice Admiral Cudi which Vice Admiral Faith was assigned to. To be frank Rear Admiral Kronus didn't care for the civilian on Jaya if they had the balls to stay on a pirate owned island they deserve to die.

But that wasn't his call on whether they live or die his job was to ensure the success of this operation at all cost, and eliminate the threat these pirates scum pose to the world government at all cost. Rear Admiral Kronus had wrath strap to this back if a time would come that he would have to use it he could easily unholstered​  the battle hammer.

Commander Ichi Image:
Buster Call[ Marine Check in]  Starrk-bleach-anime-33493710-500-292

Now Commander Ichi was also assign to this detail as he was cladded in full body armor to ensure his body protection. His current location was in tuck in the crow nest as he safety examine the sky, and waters from potential threats.

Commander Ichi already had his rifle out as he carefully scan the sky, and the blue. He was on alert he wasn't to happy about the local civilian dying but that was beyond his pay grade. An he didn't want to argue about it was truly a hassle.

Buster Call[ Marine Check in]  14261876114205
As Silver he was also clad in similar armor that kind gave him the appearance of holy armor. His position was beside Kronus along the deck of the ship which was quite frankly behind Vice Admiral Faith.

Enough WC


*Ichi Stamina Condition*:


*Ichi Haki*:


*Ichi Equipment*:

~*Big Black, Seeker, and other ammo*

~*Grand Arc*

Big Black :
~ 20 standard ammo rounds {Iron bullets for Big Black}

~Big Black Chamber:
3 Seastone Rounds in Big Black Chamber, and 2 Titanium Rounds.

~8 more Titanium Rounds 3 for  the Big Black, and 5 for Seeker.

~10 Steel Rounds 5 for either  gun.

~5 Sea Stone Rounds in Seeker chamber.

* Kronus Stamina Condition*:


*Kronus Equipment*:

~1 Baby Den Den Mushi

*Techniques Use*:


*Kronus Haki*:


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