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1Buster Call [Pirate Check in] Empty Buster Call [Pirate Check in] on Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:06 pm



Buster Call [Pirate Check in] Iori_y10

Inside the main fortress of the island located in Mock town a man tapped his fingers impatiently. A red haired individual who had been waiting for something like this to happen. Jaya had become a safe haven for criminals. Ever since he claimed this island as his domain he has allowed several individuals refuge from the Marines. The Marines had not been bold enough to attack this island until now. The camera panned to in front of the man we are speaking about. Vega Stigan, a New World Titan worth a fortune to the Marines dead or alive. He had been dwelling here for the past couple of years, uncontested due to the danger that follows his name. Those who have stood against him have not lived to tell the tale. He sat in his throne in the main room of his fortress as people scurried around frantically. He knew this day would come, but the Marines did not know what they were in for. Vega knew of the coming attack due to a few things. Oscar D. Wallace, cousin to the captured ex-pirate King had come seeking help. One would be stupid to think the Marines aren't tracking him. Also Vega has eyes within the marines, those who were persuaded through money or fear. Vega had many ways of getting what he wanted from people.

Sitting in his chair he had already begun preparations for this attack and he had options to work with. This whole thing could get messy very fast but there was only one objective. Force their way through the marines and head to the fortress known as impel down. Why would Vega do such a thing? Well that is easy, break out one of the strongest pirates in history and have him be indebted to you for a life time. That could be something very very useful in the long run. The main thing is there were ten ships called in and they were going to attempt a pincer attack. Which is very smart in the grand scheme of things due to how the island was shaped. No doubt they would split their forces to cut out any form of escape which was fine to him. The Marines had no idea what was in store for them. Plans were set forth in motion on both sides of the island. Four ships were active for this plan to take affect. However three ships were decoys. and one would be the true escape vessel. Vega finally stood up from his chair and held a hand out. “Speaker if you will Jeeves.”

A butler appeared from the left with a plate of den den mushis. Each one was a different color that went  to a different area. They were all linked together by one big den den mushi that acted as the main speaker. He pushed the button on the front of the den den mushi causing it to become active. It was a video phone that made all of the speakers and screens come active in the respective destinations.

[Meanwhile on Mock Town, South Grave, Ship dock East, Ship Dock West, Heliport, and Underwater Hangar]

Speakers snapped to life, and various projection screens became active. This way everyone could see and hear Vega all at once. It was as if the world went completely silent. Everyone on Jaya was listening in at that very moment. He did not say anything at first. Only licked his lips and flicked his hair back for a moment. He then proceeded to clear his throat before speaking softly. “Hello delinquents, criminals, murderers, pirates and civilians of Jaya Island. This is your commander in chief Vega Stigan. As you may have heard the rumors are true, we are going to be under siege very, very soon. You all know your roles and what we must do. Our friend here Oscar needs a lift to go get his cousin and I have volunteered all able bodies. Willing....[chuckle] and unwilling to aid us in escaping. I have no intentions of dying here but some of you will. That is okay though, I may not remember you personally but know your deaths will not be in vain. You will wait till I give the command to go wild, we can't spoil the surprise I have in store for the marines now can we? Isn't that right Sinron?”

The screen would flip to a large black silhouette in the underwater hangar located on the west side of the island. Everyone who was watching would be able to tell what was going on. Just a mechanical voice over the speakers.  “Aye as long as I have breath in my body I shall not fail you my lord.”

Then the screen would flip back to Vega, “I fucking love that man. Jesus christ you guys don't even know. Anyways,we got a few hours before they get there. I myself need to get ready for this party. Oscar doesn't have much to say as this is my show and I will run things how I please. I hope you guys have means of getting out of here. I am sure what ships don't get destroyed will try to wipe this island clean. Good luck to all of you, Vega out.”

With those final words the transmission would end and Vega would move towards the exit of his throne room with his hands in pocket. The men in the room packing up things would be hustling behind him. He would travel towards the direction of the elevator that led to the underwater Hangar. The underwater hanger was located on the west but there was a underwater tramway built so he can have free access back and forth.

Notes for pirates in thread:
choose a area to mount your defense. Try not to get caught up in the torrent of destruction. Post here for check in.

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Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Buster Call [Pirate Check in] 59eef1adaf7d96ffb40b203e86c3a8b06f067f47_hq

Bazel wasn't really doing much on the island of Jaya besides collecting some sleep. He didn't have much will to travel anywhere else so sleeping here in the Western Region of the island would be ideal for him at the moment. Bazel did notice how packed the island was compared to normally but he didn't care much for it. He wanted to enjoy his trip here while he could and the only way he could do that was if he got some sleep. As he sat down in a tavern towards the back with his men filling up the bar from the gills he would heard something on one of the TV's. He opened his right eye from his nap, right hand rested against his cheek right eye peaking open he would notice the man on the screen. "hmm" said Bazel as he was actually wondering what this was about. "Who the hell is he?" said a sleepy Bazel. "That's the guy who owns this island, uhhh Vega Stigan if I'm not mistaken" said one of his men. Baz would stop slouching as he was fully invested in every word spoke here. To say he didn't have Bazel's attention with this talk of invasion would be a lie. However Baz was annoyed because he had his crew with him and he didn't want to put them in a situation where they would be hurt. They had just had a long travel from Skypiea, overexerting themselves wouldn't help them anyhow.

Baz's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when he heard the marines were the ones coming for this attack. Bazel had his own business to handle with them, hopefully they could help him get closer to his journey. "Hey boss, we gonna get involved in this shit show?" asked one of the crew members on the adjacent side of Baz. The fire bird however didn't answer, he pulled a cigarette out from his coat and lit it with his lighter. He'd place the cigarette in his mouth while standing up. "Well, can't let this Vega guy get all the love around here eh? Looks like we got a war to fight" said Baz as he started walking towards the door of the bar. His men all roaring in applause behind him, their guns and swords all in the air showing their happiness. They'd march out the bar behind their leader. The street was filled with a bunch of pirates that belonged to the crew of Bazel himself. They'd all mobilize heading further west, there it was a shore where they had a chance of running into the marines. Their ship was east however, where Faust and Kash were. Sadly they were going to miss all the fun.

3Buster Call [Pirate Check in] Empty Re: Buster Call [Pirate Check in] on Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:36 pm

Trill Sameal


Trill Sameal

Love Wins All

shaq  shaq  

Love gave no shit about what were to occur on this island. For one he was a Revolutionary, we was a weak one and also in the middle of healing. But due to his practices in the medical field he was able to patch himself up. He cam accompanied with a band aid on his face, wrapped around his chest and on his arm. He had this one guy stashed in a little shed a ways back but he was knocked out still. Hopefully he wouldn't get killed from the war that was going to occur on this bloody death trap. Love would twiddle his fingers testing them out. They were broken before, he was able to fix them but again love's body was in the process of healing. Love wasn't really sluggish actually he felt kinda good today. If he was to survive this ordeal he would going to interrogate ol' shed man and see whatever info he has. Love's black coat waved in the wind revealing part of his sword. Passersbys would freak out a bit due to its size but when they saw the look on Love's face they didn't want to look for too long.
Love just remembered he forgot something at the shed, and it wasn't his hostage. He left an extra roll of bandages. Just encase things get scrappy and he gets hurt, he would be able to keep fighting. Love doesn't know what freaks there are in the Marines, but if he is going to get far in the world he is going to have to fight and defeat them. Love wasn't just going to start a fight and just run away, unless he's ordered to do so. Actually Love hasn't met any higher ranking officers on the Revolutionaries. Maybe they are all at HQ or something? Eh, he is going to meet them sooner or later. Love ran to the shed and opened it up to a weird sight, it was the man he knocked out with his pants down pissing in the corner. Of course Love knocked him out again, but he made sure to not look at it and avoid contact. The place began to stink so Love

Love shook his head in disbelief, did he just have to knock out a man with his cock out? Love wished he could erase that whole Memory, Love would hang his head low in shame, he was no longer pure.

Buster Call [Pirate Check in] Tumblr_inline_mpjrx0qk3F1qz4rgp

4Buster Call [Pirate Check in] Empty Re: Buster Call [Pirate Check in] on Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:34 pm



The scent of the salt air filled his nostrils as he leaned carefully  up against the wall of his cabin. his expert navigator had the helm of the ship and things were going smoothly. Oh yes things were going smoothly indeed. his departure from skypeia had been smooth his ship had been undamaged and he had al of his men with him. Things couldn't be better. His ship was arriving upon jayas western side of the island. He had never been to jaya before but he had heard it was a bustling town and had lots to offer.   

He looked up and had noticed his jolly roger flag was not hanging upat the moment. Perhaps he should keep it that way for know after all. He had increased his bounty by quite a bit . Yes stealth and secrecy were key for now he didn't want to have any trouble with the marines unless he started it first. His grunts he had picked up were all below deck at the moment resting up he had about 50 men all together. 40 of them sadly were without weapons but they were decent when it came to hand to hand combat while the remaining 10 had rifles. All in all it was a good sized crew for now,more than a match for a navy ship or two especially with zanji's ace in the hole.

He cleared his throat and looked out onto the shore line and was puzzled for a moment. He saw a large group of people heading towards the Shore and he looked towards hisashi "Hisashi bring us around toward that group of people something feels off." Hishashi nodded and turned the ship towards the shore the sails flapping in the wind as he pulled up along the shore he spotted a familiar face and smirked at him.  Zanji remaining on board his ship shouted out at the shore at baz "Well, well there you are baz i've been looking everywhere for you, these people crew members or is there a party going on?"

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