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Tier: 1
Location: Boin Archipelago
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Cerulean finds herself stranded, having totally forgot that she actually owns den den mushis to radio for help. Though at this point she wishes to be alone she investigates the island to find something to eat.
Enemy Details: 20 X tier 3 venus fly traps and a tier 3 Giant Bee.
Boss: No

Earlier that month.

It had been a few weeks since the incident on Jaya island, since she had become the very thing she had wished to never be. Since the incidents on Jaya and Pirates Den had taken hold of her, she had done things as a marine she had sworn never to do. Be the reason innocents died? Lump innocents with pirates? be an exemption to the law. If innocents where killed, one should be locked up, thrown away and left to rot. Taking lives of those whom where innocent should not be a power granted to anyone. It was one of the reasons she hated the nobles and the noble higher archy. They had the ability to do with humans as they wished and that was something she was fighting to protect but so far as a marine she had become closer to being like those nobles....and she had begun to enjoy the power. She felt sick, sick to her back teeth about what she had done. So much that after being debriefed, she and her crew set sail with no destination in mind. Just the torrential winds blowing them away.

Cerulean had resceeded in to her own mind, the once proud marine warrior now nothing more than a pitiful excuse for a hero. The marines played with the news coo to make it seem as though Jaya was full of pirates but she knew better. The way she was becoming, the person whom she was to become, that was all gone. How could she preach kindness an dhatred for something that she had begun to understand, the power, the way it made you feel. It was electrifying and, and she wanted more of it.

Over the next few days her crew would see the change in her, the mermaid of the group would try to help her though the fact that she could not speak became a hindrance when trying to cheer the marine up, their childish navigator would attempt to make the Crimson queen laugh but alas this also would falter. The tigress, the fierce warrior would tell her like it is, but she had just closed down, the only words she uttered issued doom for the crew. She had decided to split them up and at the next port, he crew mates watched as the Vice Admiral drifted away. No Log pose, no plan, minor rations. They felt strongly that the marine would not return.

Current Time

And so she drifted, on and on. lost not only in the sea itself, but in the sea of her own mind, nothing more miles and miles, her rations growing dangerously low. She kept herself alive, killing birds and cooking them, a plus side of having the ability to conjure fire with your blades. Company in the form of her sword Mini to keep her somewhat sane. Slowly she drifted in to her own mind, each night she tried to slumber nightmares, faces of civilians that she had met on jaya in her encounter swarming around as ghosts, blaming her for their deaths. Every night she would awaken screaming from her nightmares until the final night, the bumping of the ship striking land would wake her. As she rushed to the deck she would see an island full of lushious green, so tall these trees where that she could not see the top of them. The island resembled a flower, blooming, spreading its petals outwards covering the rocky earth in its lushious greenary. "what the" she uttered as the rain subsided, only to be hit by heat. Thankfully due to her own fighting style she had built up an immunity to such temperatures that this did not hinder her in the slightest. She would get to work docking her ship properly, tying it to the base of a large trunk as no port had been made upon the island, how could it be with such massive trees.

Her next course would be to explore the island, but something would occur, as she set foot upon the island a tree larger than any giant she had seen descended down, grasping her boat with vines and leaves and lifting it in to the air, pulling it in to the greenery of the island. "HOLY FUCK" exclaimed the vice admiral, glad she had not left the ship without her weaponry. So to either this island was alive, or someone held the power to control it. Removing Gem from her holster, the Vice Admiral of the marines would soon be enveloped by the greenery of the islands, stepping in to the maw of the devil so it would seem as the openining in which she had entered gently closed behind her. As if the plants beckoned her forward, opening up a path, pushing her in a certain direction. Naturally the young woman followed, unsure of what she would find. She detected no aura, or better so the entire island seemed to have an aura as if it where alive, making her ability to detect auras useless.

As the green path opened up, twisting and turning to throw off her sense of direction, she would eventually come to a clearing in which she would bear witness to a rather strange sight. A bee, a giant bee floated within the sky, the buzzing it created hitting her ears like nails upon a chalk board. Yet this giant ass bee was not the most shocking, it was the spider web that the environment had made use off. As if the island was working together. Wrapped within the webs where humans. Fear evident in their eyes. Located below the web was a giant spider, though this seemed to not be a threat for it was currently being eating by a large amount of plant like creatures. Where the plants and bugs working together? She knew bee's had a relationship with flowers but was something like this plausable.

Her own presence had yet to be noticed though she wondered if the green island had led her hear to be devoured, or to save these humans. Her answer would come quickly though as vines shot from the over growth, wrapping around her legs and yanking her upwards. She was surprised, shocked by this turn of event that a loud "AHHHH" escaped her lips. Naturally the sounds being made would alert the bee and the flowers to her presence. Quickly flowers erected higher to protect their food caught within the web as the bee began to buzz louder, Cerulean acted quickly, she had dropped Gem after being grapped, but with a quick movement she unsteahed mini and quickly sliced through the vines as if they where made of string. Descending just as the Bee's stinger passed where she had been. A narrow escape.

Landing upon her feet, bent to absorb the impact she grasped Gem and allowed Mini to descend from her hand. "I'll free the prisoners, Mini keep that Bee busy" she said to the sword. Now that was a strange thing to say right? how would a sword of all things act on its own right? Well as Cerulean burst forward with Gem in her right hand, mini the sword she left behind released an almighty roar as she burst to life, her form changing from that in to a shimmering titanium dinosaur, bearing resemblance to that of the T-rex, within her hybrid form her body was titanum, with sharp small hands and even sharper teeth, her tail like a flexible blade.

Cerulean whom charged would summon forth her most familiar ability, fire erupted around the sword in which she held. A smile upon her face, fire was destruction, capable of wiping out everything. Flowers,bee's none of them stood a chance against the bright crimson flames of the queen. "NO NO, NO FIRE YOU'LL BURN THE ISLAND DOWN" that kind of stopped her in her tracks, one of the prisoners had managed to chew away at the cobwebs. Wait so she couldn't use fire, but this was her main form of fighting style. As a Vice Admiral though she could not justify burning down an as a human being she could not justify wiping another island of the map....

The fire died down and it seemed as though the plants believed this her only power. "No Fire Mini" she commanded to the dinosaur who was now butting tails with the bee, the titanium creature holding back the seemingly enhanced stinger of the bee. Soon plants would face the cold titanium edge of Gem. Cutting through the venus fly traps that shot for her, it seemed to be going well, the scientists face looking with glee as he believed his saviour had come. Then


One of the plants had gotten under her and the jagged edges shut around her, then another and another. Plant after plant ate each other, building up the prison that would surely put others down, cuts grazed her body yet she was indeed durable, her sword moved from within electricity sparkled around it as the plants were cut and quartered, acidic juices that had formed rained down, causing slight burns to the female and the cob webs, they had yet to become potent enough to dissolve any of the skin due to the quick work made of the plants. As the Crimson queen dispatched the last of the plants within the area with ease, she looked to the bee whom now lay, ripped in half. The teeth of the dinosaur ripping through its flesh enjoying a rather strange meal. Leaving Mini to her own devices, Cerulean would move to free the prisoners.

2Year of the Crimson Queen: Lost Soul Empty Re: Year of the Crimson Queen: Lost Soul on Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:25 pm




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Task Name: I'm Bert
Tier: 1
Location: Boin Archipelago
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Upon defeating of the bee's you meet Bert, Bert seems to be in a sticky situation having just been moments away of being eaten by a venus fly trap while being covered in honey. Bert explains the history of the island to you and begins to speak to you about the goings on in the outside world only able to get information from the news coo that has yet to come this month.
Enemy Details: Random plants.
Boss: -

"Thank you so much, you saved our lives. Sorry about ordering you around not to use fire, its just, here if the rains arent on the entire island could go up in flames, and we have unique wildlife, and plant life that doesn't grow anywhere else, people are scattered through out the island as well as medical herbs and flowers that are desperatly needed. One of the freed scientists spoke. He was incredibly generic, how you would imagine such a braniac. Short brown hair, over the top large spectacles, a traditional lab coat even in this heat. Minus the fact he was slavoured in honey and cob webs from his recent adventures of course. "Oh how rude of me, My names Bert, lead scientist of the Boin Archipelago ecavation effort. And this i my team he said waving his hand towards the three other scientists currently with him. "The woman you see is Mirya Shunto, leading expert of plant life as well as an incredibly established field medic for the marines, they thankfully lent her to us." "Oh, oh please, no introduction neccassary for yourself ma'am" Mirya said bowing gently.


Year of the Crimson Queen: Lost Soul Latest?cb=20140531201107


Year of the Crimson Queen: Lost Soul Anime_fav634


Year of the Crimson Queen: Lost Soul Mind.Scientist.full.1356829

"You know her?" Bert asked adjusting his glasses slightly. "Of course, Bert, you are looking at one of the shining stars of the marine core, Vice Admiral Cerulean Faith, a.ka.." "The crimson queen" Bert said finishing Mirya's sentence. "It is an honour, I never imagined that they would send a Vice Admiral over to help us, this is phenomenal." "I'm Shunko, navigator and weather expert, I'm here to determine the drastic changes and their effects, seeing as Bert forgot to introduce me" said one of the men. Tall brown hair, hunky, not your traditional looking scientist at all. A rush of blood shot to her head as she blushed looking to the hot brainy man. "Its a pleasure, honestly, I ugh, i ugh kind of got stranded here, some giant tree thing stole my boat right from the ocean" Cerulean said with a laugh, honestly unsure on exactly what she could say that wouldnt make her sound crazy.

"Ohohohoho, you met Annabeth already, shes a fiesty tree. This island here is filled with plant and insect life that is far superior to anywhere outside. Plants have literally come alive in a manner of speaking, as if they have formed conciousness of their own. Its miraculous which is why we have been out here, its like." "Bert, we shouldn't discuss this here, we should head back to camp and meet up with the others in the safe zoan" the hot guy said. "Ohohohoh your right as always Shunko, dangerous out here, and we have no more supplies to fight our way through, come come Miss Faith, or is it miss queen?" Wondered Bert out loud. "Cerulean is fine, i assure you" she said stoicly.

Returning to the neutral zoan was close to effortless, Cerulean dispatched a few man eating plants along the way but nothing really major came their way. "WOW" she said softly as they came to the place the scientists had nicknamed their safe zone. "Neat huh, we have superb lighting which helps keep the plants away, while theres always a constant pheremone being pumped in to the air, that keeps the insects away. We burned the ground so no roots grow and no plants remained so that we were one hundred percent safe here." Bert said, obvious pride in the work that they had done to keep this area safe. "That's amazing" Cerulean said and the awe in her voice showed she meant it. Tents upon tents littered the safe zone. Yet she couldn't help but notice some had red marks upon them while others had green marks. "What do these marks mean?" she said inquisitivly. Though instantly she regretted asking, the faces of all three scientists had dropped, no longer smiling or joking about their near miss. "Some of us...werent lucky enough to be saved" It was Mirya whom spoke. Her voice saddened, she could not look at the others, in fact neither of them looked at one another.

"Oh" Cerulean said, it was all she could say. "We never knew the risks before, so when people started being murdered by the wild life and plant life here, it was completely strange. Most of the scientists fled and escaped, others....they died. Some of these tents have orange stickers on them showing who fled. Some of us remained behind, this was our home before all this blossomed. We want this to be livable again, not only for us, but for the noble family" Suddenly hot guy Shunko went down in her estimation. "Nobles own this land?" she asked, though the tone in which was used was filled with loathing, the way she said nobles like acid upon her tongue.

"Ohohohoho, you and Mirya are like sisters, she pulled the same face when she found out. But though this land is ruled by nobles, they are a nice family, not like those horrible villianous ones you here on the outside. Last we heard our Lord Ezreal was attending a meeting to try to get help in clearing this, and here you are" the scientist said with a smile. "Bert, i already told you im here by accident....a meeting....OH" she said. Patting herself down until she found it in the small pouch of her dress. "You mean the reverie, it was attacked, though it seems everyone's fine" she said handing the news coo over.

The night passed and soon the scientists began to falter, climbing in to their tents. Cerulean would remain outside, solely because she had nothing to camp with, the fire was dying but in all honesty with the tropical temperature of the island a fire wasn't actually needed. Her eyes drifted to the marine scientist Mirya who came to join her. "Excuse me, Miss Faith, I ugh...I have something I'd like to ask you" she said gently, though her eyes where evasive. "Of course Mirya" Cerulean replied with. "You said you never came here with the marines, and..when asked you avoided the question, I remember reading abou you, the criminal who became the marine, your interviews all talked about how you wanted to change the world and the way the world works, its the noble hierarchy your talking about isnt it?" she asked "Yes, i want to abolish the noble archy, people shouldnt be above the law but recently, recently im not sure I can do it...from within the marines" she said softly her own eyes simply looking to the fire.

"Iv been a marine for some time, focusing all my time in to bettering them and the repuatation we have, but recent events have left me wondering. Ordered to destroy Pirates Den and then Jaya for a handful of dangerous pirates...and i began to enjoy it, getting away with it all, what makes the marines any better than the nobles, they have protection from doing many things as well, murder can be justified simply by lying and thats that your word is generally taken. IV been doing research in to the revoloutionary army, but all my information is from the marines and possibly one sided, are they better suited to my goal, but then they kill, they attack marines, marines who are my friends and family. Its as if im torn, one part of me wants to stay a marine, but i couldn't be apart of another buster call, i couldnt destroy another island just because i was ordered too, I can no longer stand by and follow orders blindly." she whispered "I know what you mean" Mirya said. "You do" "I was ordered here to capure and study the habitat, the area and weaponize it, not to help excavate....but iv met the people here, seen the dangers that they want me to weaponize....I couldnt do it, so im helping rid the place, I wont be returning to the marines, if i do Ill probably be thrown in prison, but but i dont think i'll join the revs either, iv heard stories of them just as bad as the marines....maybe even worse. I think i'll stay here, just keep studying the world and be my own" Mirya said.
"Perhaps thats what you need" "Perhaps your right" Cerulean said. "Anyway, you can use this tent here, you could stay and help us if you wanted, maybe for a while before you find your path" "Thank you" Cerulean said with a smile before the two would settle down for the night"[/color]

3Year of the Crimson Queen: Lost Soul Empty Re: Year of the Crimson Queen: Lost Soul on Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:00 pm



Zombie Plants:

150,000 Beli
200,000 Bounty
7,000 EP

I'm Bert (editor's note: Yaaaaas Bert)
200,000 Beli
200,000 Bounty
8,000 EP

All applied

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