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1The Scorpion and the Queen  Empty The Scorpion and the Queen on Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:27 am




The Scorpion and the Queen  Giphy

End of the Boin Archipelago mini series:

Task Name: Enter Damascal
Tier: Tier 2
Location: Boin Archipelago  
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Deep within the island, body parts have been found, scattered through out the land. It would seem that the change in climate had done more than just enhance the bigs, some had become smarter, stronger, more powerful. One of them has been murdering innocents and it is your job to track them down. Soul searching must be put aside if she want sto win this. [Ps. She wont be winning this]
Enemy Details: 1 Domascal
Domascal Information:

Boss Name: Domascal
Tier: 6

The Scorpion and the Queen  29d23a159ab6283ed1f351efce92436b

Domascal is a strange creature a scorpion whom consumed the hito hito no mi human model and has now become partial human. though her craving for anything but human flesh seems to be her downspot. She is incredibly powerful with massive pincers and is much larger than any animal on the island being that of half a full grown giant. her skin is incredibly durable and her poison is potent though not deadly it is instantaniously paralyetic before she eats her opponents. her opponents can not move though feel every single bite that she takes from them. Fire does +1 damage to her.

Devil Fruit: Hito Hito No Mi
Haki: Buso Haki
Equipment: Iron Staff.
Strength: 7
Durability: 7
Speed: (5
Perception: 5


Cerulean, wearing nothing but her underwear, [yes, bra and pants], would emerge from her tent, the seastone and titanium hybrid sword within her hand. "That was" "Mirya" a voice said shakingly. Cerulean would turn her head to see Bert, the head scientist upon the Boin Archipelageo Excavation wearing a full onesie pyjama covered in teddy bears. it took all of her will power not to laugh, yet another scream would erupt, bringing her attention back to Mirya's voice. "Shit" Cerulean would say as she took off, darting towards the sound. Her haki would flare, giving her a better perception, but more so allowing her to physically see the aura of Mirya, this is how she was able to track her friend, knowing that she was going in the correct direction thanks to her aura sense. There was something else, something bigger, giant chasing after the smaller aura. The doctor fell, her scream echoing as the tail of the massive creature came forth. The creatures aura was scorpion like, it reeked of familiarity, as if Cerulean had sensed this same aura before. "No, it couldnt be. It cant be her" Cerulean said to herself as her feet left the ground.

Both hands held her swords handle, the flat side met with the thin point of the creatures tail, her feet planted firmly as she looked to the giantess, the half woman half scorpion creature glared down upon her, her maw stained with red, Cerulean's face whitened, the colour draining from her. "Ce....cerulean..." Mryia whimpered, "She killed them all" she said in no more than a whisper. "Myria, get everyone away from here, take them as far away from this side of the island as you can" Cerulean spoke, her voice strained as she tried to press against the scorpions tail. "Ce...Cerul..Cerulean, i can't just le" "THIS IS A DIRECT ORDER FROM YOUR VICE ADMIRAL, LEAVE NOW" Cerulean shouted, her voice conveyed everything that she was needed it to but what sent Myria running wasn't what many expected from Cerulean. "She....she was afraid" thought Myria as she ran. It was true, Cerulean was terrified. her eyes looked to the scorpion woman, her tail halting Ceruleans blade from moving, yet in her hands was a massive iron staff. It had to be her.  It had to be her, there was nothing like her in existance, no other creature in the world resembled her. The marine who murdered her entire crew....


"Nyeeheeehaaw, Nyeeheehaaw, a Vice Admiral, just my luck, It's been a while since i'v sunk my teeth in to the flesh of a marine Nyeeheeehaaw, Nyeeheehaaw," The rough, raspy voice of the scorpion hybrid said. "Dalmasca Nitiroy, the eater of the hito hito no mi, a scorpion who became human" Cerulean would say, sweat flowing down her brow. "Soo weak" Dalmascal's voice said lazily, her tail seemed to push forth, more pressure being applied. Quickly Cerulean allowed the force to push her backwards slightly, twisting to the side to halt the point of the scorpions tail from penetrating her, while also allowing her to bring her blade upwards before completing her spin. With this opening her blade was brought downwards. "BE GONE" she shouted as her blade connected with the tail, the sound of metal striking something, something unfamilliar erupted, sparks seemingly flying as if the blade had connected with some other form of metal. "What the hell" Cerulean would say. "Nyeeheeehaaw, Nyeeheehaaw, YOUR OPEN Nyeeheeehaaw, Nyeeheehaaw" shouted the creature as the large iron rod came to the side, striking just under her chest, hitting her bare skin. The force, the strength of the creature was incredibly. In one move she was swept off her feet and thrown through the air.

As she flew through the air, she turned herself with no real struggle, her feet landing on the side of a tree, bending her legs she pushed forth using the momentum of her powerful legs to send her right back in the direction of Dalmascal. "You where one of the best, HOW DID YOU BECOME THIS" shouted Cerulean as she slashed her blade forth. She had deduced Buso haki had been utilized to halt her from actually cutting the taill in her previous strike, she would slice her blade horizontally. " Phoenix of the 36 Earthly Desires" She shouted as she followed through with her motion. As she did a compressed burst of air erupted forth flying towards the devil fruit user. It intended to slice the creature, her hand came upwards and in one quick movement, transformed in to that of a claw of the scorpion, and even without the use of Buso the blades did nothing, they did not even leave a scratch upon the creature. "NOW EIGHT PRONGED ATTACK" she shouted, the air waves having simply been a distraction to get in close. Close enough she would strike, releasing the flurry of eight strikes. Nothing, each strike seemed to do nothing until the eight strike. The eight strike slicing in to the claw of Dalmascal three inches deep. "YOU BITCH" Dalmascal screeched as her tail shot forth again. Once again Cerulean halted it with the flat of her blade. "FUCK, YOUR TAIL IS STRIKING SEASTONE, WHY ISN'T YOUR POWERS FADING" Cerulean shouted. Seastone was supposed to halt devil fruit users, but Dalmascals strength was not waining. "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU DAMASCAL, YOU WERE ONE OF THE BEST VICE ADMIRALS THE MARINES HAD EVER KNOWN"

"Nyeeheeehaaw, Nyeeheehaaw, Seastone has no effect on me, Nyeeheeehaaw, Nyeeheehaaw, and if thats your trump card THIS WILL BE EASY" laughed the scorpion. Once again actions repeated themselves, though this time Cerulean would not aim to slice  the scorpions tail off. She had already discovered the weak point of Dalmascal. The human body, if not the weaker area, there would have been no need to block her air based assault by converting her hand in to her pincer form. So as her spin completed she jumped, upon the tail that would get thicker and thicker as she ran up it. Her speed was superior to that of the scorpions from what she could tell, her strength on the other hand was not. "Nyeeheehaaaaww, your going to taste beautiful in a stew" the scorpion woman uttered as she flicked her tail in a manner that one might flick a duvet cover to set it properly. That simple flick had enough force to push Cerulean from the tail and in to the air. Though once more she recovered, this time utilizing her sword which stuck in to one of the large trunks. With a simple movement she pulled herself up and removed the sword now positioning herself upon one of the larger branches. "Tell me, you where one of the marines shining stars, then all of a sudden it was reported that you killed your crew members, I don't believe for a second that you just decided to throw away your convictions" Cerulean said.

"Your right, I didn't throw them away, i was the odd one out. Not born as an "alpha" species, but a creature thought to be off less worth, given life by a fruit, an experiment of the marines. I was raised to be the perfect warrior, the perfect soldier. Always doing good, always doing what i was told. but the Hito Hito gave me more, more than just the basic of human abilities, it gave me strength, cravings,wants. My own thoughts and, addicitons. Once i tasted flesh, human flesh, by accident mind you, when in the depths of love making I took a bite out of my lover and he good. After that i could not stop, hiding my addiciton, eating people. Eventually i went crazy,the power of the hito hito changing me, I did not slaughter my crew, i did not merely kill them for no reason"

Fear seemed to take hold of Cerulean, her entire body shivering at the view of the giant scorpion, the creature so powerful and terrifying, talking so effortlessy about eating her lover. It made her sick to her stomach, scorpions werent cannibals, but humans could be, was this a flaw in the hito hito, could it alter a creature so much,

"I DEVOURED THEM, EACH AND EVERY ONE, THEY WERE DELICIOUS" Screeched the scorpion with glee.

"You....ate....your.....crew..." Cerulean said, shocked. Shaking in fear at the creature whom laughed, whom thought it was amusing. "I WILL KILL YOU" she shouted as she charged forward. "Your fast, What i'd expect of a Vice Admiral" Dalmascal uttered as Ceruleans speed shot her in the direction of the creatures hybridized body, half her body was that of a scorpion, the torso half being that of the human. "BUT YOU WILL NEVER CUT ME" screamed the scorpion as she brought her staff upwards. Liquid erupted upwards. The screaming scorpion screeched as blood erupted from the slash across her chest in a diaganal pattern. "YOU BITCH YOU BITCH YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH" she screamed as she turned, her tail moving quick. Cerulean didn't have the time to react, still falling through the air, tensing her body as much as she could, she would activate the secondary haki, one she utilized less than that of  her visual aid. The force of her assault still caused her pain, seemingly even cracking her buso haki, even with her naturally enhanced durability the strength of the devil fruit user was incredibly.

Unable to right herself for a third time, she struck hard against a tree. Before she could react the claws of a fully transformed Damascal came upon her, pummeling her in to the tree even more, strike after strike, breaking her defence until the haki she had summoned cracked completely, the claws did not stop, her screams filling the sky as the strange laughter of the scorpion filled the air. The tree she was pinned against finally gave way and she flew across the ground. Her breathing was rapid, she had dropped her blade at the base of the tree and now she was unarmed. "Such....such strenght...." she groaned, her entire body hurt. She had never in all her time been wounded to this extent. "my attack, it wasn't deep" Cerulean asked as she sluggishly pushed herself to her feet, stumbling from the pain. Bruises were all ready forming, she could tell that some of her ribs where broken, her fingers in her left hand were bent the wrong way. "Your speed was impressive, my buso activation wasn't quick enough to deal with the full strike. I won't take any chances any more" the hybrid uttered before her human half dissolved now becoming a full giant scorpion.

Cerulean vanished, her speed pushing her forward, her hand curled around her blade upon the ground. THUMP. The side of the tail struck her, "GAAAAH" she screamed out as she was thrown to the side, hitting the ground hard, so hard that she literally bounced upon the ground three times. Her attire dirty and broken, once again she was forced to eat the dirt yet once again she stood up, sluggishly. "HAHAHAHA TENATIOUC ARENT YOU" she screeched. "This is the end, I'm going to end you in one attack" cerulean said, her breathing harsh and heavy. Yet she charged in, as the scorpion charged forth. Quickly she turned, her power filled the air, crackling as she turned. "THIS IS IT, YOUR GOING TO DIE HERE AND NOW" she shouted as the Scorpion halted. "WHAT, WHAT IS THIS" she shouted as she was caught within the whirlwind she had conjured. At the same time electricity erupted around the air, shocking Damascal whom released a screech of pure pain. The wind seemed to be cutting her, but Ceruleans vision was dimming. The whirlwind passed, the static within the air halted, The Vice Admirals breathing deepend. The scorpion struck the ground and for a moment everything was silent. Her aura was still there but the creature was unmoving.

"Did...did i win" Cerulean said, speaking seemingly hurt her. A laughter, a deep devilsih laughter erupted. "No way" Cerulean uttered as she fell to her knees, her sword dug in to the ground so that she did not fully collapse.
"Nyeeheeehaaw, Nyeeheehaaw, Nyeeheeehaaw, Nyeeheehaaw,  Not bad, that was a SHOCKING development" the creatures voice uttered as it righted itself. "It....It did nothing" Cerulean spoke in disbelief, yet a smile was located upon her face as she spoke, pushing herself to her feet even though she felt as though she was about to keel over. "Why are you smiling? Your done for, you can barely stand, your attacks have had no effect, you've managed to injure me a little, so you should be impressed with that"....Injured...a little. "I'm...I'm sorry Bert, everyone...I coudn't keep my promise" "DID YOU PROMISE TO LIVE, HAHAHAHA A PROMISE YOU DID FAIL TO KEEP" the creature shouted in delight "No, not that at all" Ceurlean said now upon her feet, her blade pulled from the heat. THEN WHAT" "I promised not to use my strongest abilities, for fear of destroying the island...but if i keep in control, I may not burn down the island" she said softly. "B...B...Burn"

The smile widened as finally after so long her flame erupted around her blade, the power of fire blazing fiercely. "Noo..not FIRE NO, I WILL KILL YOU" She shouted, while at the same time her flame was manipulated, until only the edges were igniting. her body seemed to shimmer a gentle crimson colour as wel, "I will end this here, one way or another" Cerulean said as she charged. A clash, between scorpion and human. A tail, a claw and a wielder of fire clashed. Cerulean appeared a few feet behind the scorpion, the scream of the scorpion echoing through the night. The sound made it sound like the female had won. Yet as Cerulean fell, her blade sliding from her hand her smile faltered. "I LOST" she whispered as her body went numb, the tail of the scorpion had sliced in to the right side of her body, instantly pumping her with its poison numbing her body. Yet as her body hit the ground a louder crash could be heard, the scorpions screaming forgetting its pray for now. "MY ARM, MY ARM YOU FUCKING BITCH YOU CUT OFF MY ARM" and then she turned to see the Vice Admiral face down, her eyes unable to shut. "This is it, this is how i die" "YOU BITCH" the shadow of the scorpion overshadowed her.

She felt the claw, lifting her up by her left hand, holding her gently by the ball joint within her arm. Her body was numb, limp, unable to move, no matter how hard she wanted to resist. No wonder how hard she wanted to fight all she could do was look. "YOU CUT OFF MY ARM, YOU FUCKING WHORE, I WILL DELIGHT IN EATING YOU. STARTING WITH THIS"

"I Will never forget the sound it made"


Cerulean fell, blood sprayed as she looked upwards, she hit the ground hard, she felt everything, she was in so much pain, It seemed as if her wish was granted, for the scream that left her lips was blood curling. "YES YES YES SCREAM FOR ME" the creature screamed, lifting her seperated arm to her mouth, and Cerulean had no choice but to watch as her left arm began to be devoured. Watching until the creature had devoured the whole thing. "You taste...GOOOD, perhaps you'd taste better flame roasted though" This is it, this is the end she said as she shut her eyes. Allowing darkness to take her, the pain from losing her arm finally numbing her brain allowing her to flow in to unconciousness.


2The Scorpion and the Queen  Empty Re: The Scorpion and the Queen on Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:44 pm



I have to say I simply enjoy your writing. It's easy to follow and just a pleasure to read. Plus that ending though, dark turn my friend.

2 SP
500,000 Beli
14,000 EP (great CD/story development so threw in some bonus)

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