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1Theif in the Night (TASK) Empty Theif in the Night (TASK) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:32 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
Task Name: Thief in the Night
Tier: 1
Location: Dawn Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Having dreams about his time in the Revolutionary, Edward wakes up in a deep sweat and goes down stares to get some cold water. While in the kitchen he hears the old hardwood floors up above him creaking. Going to investigate to see if his son is trying to sneak out of the house again. He hears a scream and rumbling as glass in his son's room breaks. Bursting through the door he sees his son being taken out of the window and off into the distance. Chasing after the kidnapper Edward realizes  his fighting isn't over just yet.
Enemy Details: 10 T0 Grunts
Boss: No

Sweat....That was the only thing he had felt when he had woken up deep in it. Lying on his back with his wife Melinda next to his side, Edward felt the warm sweat dripping down his chest and head as he himself had shot up, blonde hair drizzled as if it had been watered down. Breathing deeply, he could slowly move the sheets off of him and crawly slowly out of the bed. He didn't need to want to wake Melinda up as she would worry deeply about him. She knew of his time with the assassins, the secret faction within the Revolutionary. He couldn't let her continue to worry about him. Even when he had indeed retired. At the age of 41 he felt that he was too old to still be in action.

Out of the bed, he would begin to walk on the hardwood, oak floors. Opening the door to his bedroom and heading down the stairs of their moderate sized home. Going straight to the kitchen he would turn on the water faucet as he grabbed a glass cup. Leaning against the sink after filling his cup full of water, he would look out of the window. Realizing that it was only around 10pm. Two hours before midnight.  Downing the rest of the water as he wanted to head back to bed, he would hear a small bang. With his attuned senses due to being an elite assassin he could hear it. Sitting the glass on the counter he would begin to walk up the stairs. He knew what it was, His adolescent son had decided to sneak off once again during the middle of the night in order to go to one of those party things near the castle.

See Edward had been ignoring his son's sneaking off for quite a while, but he could not have him roaming around at night now due to himself leaving the revolution. There would be a lot of bounties on his own head seeing as he was a dead target now. Having giving up his equipment to the assassins he was in the open. At the door of his son's room he would shove it open and scream "Oscar! I caught ya this time!" However the sight he saw wasn't one he was expecting. In the dead of the night he could see black and red clothed figures holding his son as the teenager tried his best to fight out of their grips.

Everyone in the room would come to stare at Edward his son with a frightened look on his face as well as the thieves in the night. With only a second passing Edward's fighting intent would awaken as he covered the 8 feet distance from the door to the window quickly. Sliding with his house shoes covering the soles of his feet from the splinters in the floor, he would go between one of the kidnappers' legs. As he did this he would grab ahold to the man's left leg as he slid. This would cause the man to fall face first to the floor. With one down Edward would quickly jump back to the ground. He would see his son being shoved out of the window. This would cause a killer intent to awaken in him as he would grab the man he had shoved his son by the neck.

With a grip on the man's neck, he would lean backwards quickly. Using his own momentum to throw the man backwards into the wall. Ignoring the two he had knocked out he would jump out of the window. He would see his son on the back of a object of some kind that was carrying him towards the docks. Sliding down the roof he would come to a roll on the ground as he would encounter 8 more men dressed in back. They would surround Edward. His face stern Edward would say "Move back now or die." There would be a pause and no exchange of words. This would cause Edward to go into full combat mode. His first move was going towards the man in front of him. Grabbing the man's wrist he would flick it in such a way that it would cause the wrist of the man to break, dropping a sword that he held in his hand. Gripping hold of the sword with his own left hand Edward would shove the tip of it up the man's stomach, going upward as the blade pierced the man's heart.

Taking the sword out of the slowly dying body of the man he would look back at the others. Gripping hold of the sword he would see the rest of them charge towards him. Nodding quickly he would see a sword swing at him, but at the same time another man was coming to kick him. Jumping into the air his left foot heel would come down hard on the man on his right head. Ducking as he fell back to the ground the blade of the sword would simply swing over his head. Only cutting a string of hair. As the sword passed his head he would deliver an uppercut to the man he swung it. Causing the man to fly a feet off of the ground backwards. Another would come raising towards him, but Edward would simply use that man's own momentum against him, grabbing the man's arm and swinging him in a full circle before throwing him into a pole. The others would look at Edward's magnificent fighting and run away.

As they ran Edward would run towards the docks, but he could already see his son's unconscious body being loaded onto a two person automotive and being taken off into the sea. Edward would scream with anger as he punched the ground. He had to get his son back and he already knew what his next course of action would be.

WC: 1008

2Theif in the Night (TASK) Empty Re: Theif in the Night (TASK) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:03 pm



Dun dun dun character arc beginning

50,000 Bounty
5,000 EP
1 SP

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