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1Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus Empty Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus on Fri May 12, 2017 6:39 am




Task Name: Playing Catchup – Bazel + Cyrus
Tier: 1
Location: Baltigo – Docks
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: With their targets destroyed and their names now well known around the city, Cyrus and Bazel retreat back to their ships in order to recuperate and plan for what’s to come.
Enemy Details: N/A Plot task, moves the story along
Boss: N/A

OOC: We need 5 posts in total so let's make this quick.

Cyrus turned over his shoulder as the wagon puttsed along the well traveled road. They had long since left the city and were nearing the docks of the old abandoned town they had landed on when a large fireball erupted in the darkness of the city. Behind him, in the cabin of the wagon he heard Leo let out a low whistle of surprise, They are going to be pissed with us after this boss. Should we have stayed behind and helped Bazel get out of the city? Cyrus had considered this, but it would've posed a larger risk than anything else. Most of Jane's robots would be down for the count, which left only Wayland's crew as a security force. Odds are they'd be scrambling to try and fix the power situation, never mind be drawn towards the Casino Cyrus had collapsed with hundreds, if not thousands, of people still inside. If Bazel was smart and didn't dawdle afterwards, he would be fine. No, he may be foolish at times, but when it comes to something like this he'll see to it the job gets done. He'll be fine.

Cyrus settled down in the seat of the wagon while his sailor steered the old horse onwards. With the Casino taken down, the power out and, if successful, the auction house up in flames there would be nothing less than pure chaos in the streets of the Red City. Restoring the power would take weeks. It wasn't something as simple as flicking a switch or turning on and off the circuit breaker. No, Cyrus's EMP had effectively fried the entire power grid of the city. They would need to manufacture and install brand new generators and entire electrical system throughout the city before the lights ever turned on. They may have a few backup generators, but those would only last so long and still leave the remainder of the Red City out of power. If this didn't draw the two Shichibukai out of hiding, Cyrus wasn't sure what would.

2Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus Empty Re: Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus on Fri May 12, 2017 2:45 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
"Hmm I wonder who is stronger between Bazel and his brother" thought Kash as she rested on top of The Red Desert submarine. She had been watching Faust who was steadily wiping down the ship making sure it was properly clean. Sadie who was sitting adjacent to Kash would start to gaze into the seas "That's actually a good question. Faust don't you know both of them? Wouldn't you know who's stronger?" asked Sadie who had now turned towards Faust. "Hmm, that's right. Who's stronger Faust?" asked a wondering Kash. Faust had stopped wiping down the ship for a moment to slightly entertain the conversation. "Between us, Bazel use to try his luck with Cyrus all the time from what he tells me. He got he upper hand once and then Cyrus flipped him on his ass. That's the only time I've ever seen it personally." said Faust who was gathering his memories. "Wow, this guy must be strong if he makes Baz look like chump change" said Kash who wondered what Cyrus was like.

"Hmm? I guess, they're both strong in their own right. I just wouldn't get in their way when they clash" joked Faust who would continue to clean the ship. It was then a bevy of barely clothed individuals would start to arrive to the docks where they sought out refuge from Wayland and his men. "What is this all about" said Sadie who climbed down from the ship. It was then a girl with green hair was seen arriving to the docks and Faust recognized her. "This means Bazel and Cyrus have been hard at work!" yelled Faust as he and Elizabeth embraced each other with a hug "It's good to see you Nicky!" yelled Elizabeth which made Sadie and Kash chuckle "Nicky?" said Kash with a raised eyebrow which caused Faust to blush "Don't you ever" he said with a stern a face as possible.

It was then Bazel had came flying downwards where he hit the ground and is wings turned back into his arms. "All the slaves have arrived at the docks. They should all find refuge and work from here going forward" said Bazel who looked around to make sure there wasn't anyone left behind. "Where is your brother? Is he okay?" asked Kash who noticed Bazel came back without Cyrus. "I saw someone in a wagon on my way over, I assume it'll be him on his way back." said Baz who was extremely tired from everything he had been doing in the last few hours. He would jump to the top of the red desert where he would spread out and lay down. "When Cyrus arrives call me down" said Baz who would proceed to sleep.

3Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus Empty Re: Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus on Fri May 12, 2017 9:09 pm



About half an hour later Cyrus's wagon pulled up along the docks. He dropped down from his seat up top, waving his crew back to The Dreadnaught for some R&R. Head back to the ship gentleman, you all did a fine job today and deserve some time to relax and recuperate. Leo, you especially, make sure you take the time to rest and prepare yourself. I have a bad feeling I may need you for what comes next. Leo offered a toothy grin, As long as you keep it as interesting as today was Captain, I'm all yours. Cyrus smiled, but there was more sadness than joy in his, It will be interesting, I have no doubt about that. As Cyrus watched the wagon roll farther down the docks and towards the waiting ship, he turned back towards the submarine which bobbed in the calm ocean water.

Gathering himself, the Reaper of the Revolution headed down the old crickety dock, his cane tapping along each rivet in the wooden slats. Approaching the gathered sailors, Cyrus looked upon Bazel's crew with genuine surprise. Faust, is that you? You're still rolling around with this numbskull? Cyrus asked as he spotted a familiar face in the crowd, laughing and joking. He didn't know Faust all that well, but had met the man a handful of times. He knew that he had been there from the beginning for Cyrus's little brother and the fact that he had stuck it out this long showed nothing less than the utmost loyalty. It's great to see you again. Cyrus said to Faust, sticking out his hand. Turning to Kash, who was lounging nearby, Cyrus looked her up and down, confused for a moment. She appeared oddly familiar, though Cyrus knew he had never seen this person in his life. Yet something about her...Asher? Cyrus thought suddenly, noticing that this woman was in fact, for all intents and purposes, Asher as a woman. I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met. I'm Cyrus. He said, after explaining pleasantries with Faust and now approaching Kash with an outstretched hand. It could be nothing more than a minor coincidence, after all when there's some odd billion people in the world, some of them are bound to look alike. However if this woman was somehow related to Asher Kringle...then what in the hell was Baz doing running around with her?

4Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus Empty Re: Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus on Fri May 12, 2017 9:41 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
The crew was enjoying their time with their new friend in the form of Elizabeth. To say she wasn't like Bazel would be an understatement. Besides their willingness to fight the two had virtually nothing in common. She used guns, Baz used his hands, her hair was green and his was red and she was upbeat and Bazel was an introvert. The two were polar opposites. "I wonder how much Baz is like his older brother" thought Kash who was patiently awaiting the arrival of this mystery sibling that people spoke so highly of. Considering her own sibling situation Kash could understand the reputation of one effecting the other for a bevy of reasons. "They're more alike than they'd like to admit" joked Elizabeth which caused everyone to break out in laughter. It was then the tapping of a cane could be heard following someone pointing out Faust. It was Cyrus and judging from the wagon parked not far from the current setting his crew had arrived. Faust smiled gleefully as he was greeted by Cyrus who he hadn't seen in ages.

The two would shake hands "Hwahwa yea Cyrus. Your brother keeps things too interesting for me to up and leave." joked Faust who had a special bond with Bazel that no one could understand, if Cyrus and Love didn't exist Faust was the closes thing to a sibling Bazel had. After chatting it up a bit with Cyrus the revolutionary turned his attention to Kash which caught Faust eye giving the way Cyrus looked at her. At this time Bazel had awoken during all the noise and noticed all of the interactions down below "Finally get to put a face to the name. They haven't shut up about you since we left Alabasta." said Kash with a smirk on her face. "Oi Cyrus. Good to see you finally made it dumbass. This is one of my newest members Kash Kringle. And that girl with the wings is Sadie." said Bazel before he jumped down from the top of the ship towards the ground level where everyone else was. Sadie with her awfully bubbly personality smiled and waved towards Cyrus as she was too shy to speak. Her intense emotions for Bazel along with meeting his family was beginning to be a little too much for the girl. "Cyrusssssssss" yelled Elizabeth as she jumped on the blonde and began to hug him tightly. "If I knew you were coming I would have rolled out the red carpet." Bazel grinned and spoke lowly "Well if you feel that way why don't you have him rescue you next time"

5Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus Empty Re: Playing Catchup - Bazel + Cyrus on Fri May 12, 2017 9:53 pm



Ah yes well, my apologies for that. Cyrus said, tapping the brim of his hat with the head of his cane, a dopey, awkward grin on his face in reference to Kash's comment about the crew chatting him up. Oi, dumbass? You're one to talk, lighting up the sky line with your little fire display. Then you lead these people out of the city on a march, with your turkey ass hanging in the air. You probably have a god complex right now, don't you? Cyrus said, shaking his head as he playfully ribbed his brother. Ah so you are related to Asher then. Cyrus said as Bazel introduced Kash fully to Cyrus, You'll have to tell me how you met this idiot at some point. I'm sure that's a story. Cyrus said, jerking a thumb in Baz's direction before a weight suddenly lunged onto his back and shoulders. Cyrus let out an audible "oof" as the air knocked from his lung and he caught himself only on his cane.

What in the- He started, confused before strands of bright green hair moved into his peripheral vision and he twisted his head to the side to see Elizabeth on his back, Elizabeth?! How, what- He looked at Bazel, giving him a knowing look that said, You can fill me in later. before helping Elizabeth down from his back. My word it's's been far too long. Cyrus said, looking Elizabeth up and down in pure astonishment. He truly couldn't remember the last time he had seen the girl, but he knew she had been much younger. It was well before any of this madness had begun. Long before the Red Line and certainly before everything with Drum. Elizabeth's appearance brought Cyrus back to simpler times, happier times, but it also darkened Cyrus's outlook. He didn't know if Bazel had brought her along all along or she was someone he found in the city. Neither situation was good, but he didn't bother to ask in front of everyone. I have to talk to Baz for a bit, but afterwards I'm all yours. We have a lot of catching up to do. Cyrus said, giving Elizabeth a hug before turning to Bazel, Let's chat, shall we?

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