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1The Devil's Den - Bazel Empty The Devil's Den - Bazel on Sun May 07, 2017 1:22 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Task Name: The Devil’s Den – Bazel
Tier: 4
Location: Baltigo – Red City – Employment House
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Realizing their goals are in line with one another’s, the duo decide to make a pact and take down the Shichibukai together. For Bazel’s part he decides to go to the West District of the Red City and take a look into the World’s Largest Auction House, a massive building and the pinnacle for what Baltigo stands for.
Enemy Details:
Wayland's Crew Humans: 50x T2 Grunts, 25x T3 Pirates
Jane's Robots: 20x T2 Kawai, 10x T4 Rejects
Boss: Alayna Zephyr

Even though Cyrus and Bazel were brothers there were times when they would clash with good reason and today was one of those times. Bazel could tell his brother was angling for something with the line of questioning his brother was giving out over drinks and food. Bazel being someone who was in a phase where he just wanted to be positive and not think about everything going on in his mind but that changed when Cyrus banged on the table after his questions were being deflected. "Dammit Baz, what are you doing here!" Yelled an angry Cyrus who caused everyone in the venue to stop their drinking and look over to see what was going on. Baz stopped eating for a second and threw the giant boar leg back on it's plate. "I'm here for Wayland." Said Bazel as calm as could be.

"What the hell does that mean Baz? Why are you after Wayland?" said Cyrus who was pressing his brother. It was obvious Cyrus wanted Bazel nowhere near Baltigo for whatever he was bout to do and Bazel legitimately respected that. "The Slave Trade is operated across the Grandline by a few key people with the power and influence to control it. Wayland is one of those people. If I take him out it'll throw their hole system out of wack. And that's my plan.. To bring them to their knees"said Bazel who would calmly pick up his drink and proceed to down its contents.

Cyrus would sigh as he knew that meant his little brother wasn't going anywhere. "You know kid, your parents are gonna kill me for letting you stay here" joked Cyrus as he went to close out the tab on their meal. With the way Bazel ate they spent enough to feed a small crew. In his mind Bazel couldn't escape what he heard about the strength of a Shichibukai, the stories he heard about those who held the rank just made him wonder where he matched up to them in strength. Especially since he heard the two who ran Baltigo were upper echelon compared to their peers. This level of doubt didn't usually creep into the mind of Bazel but today was an exception, after what happened with Love the elder Wiggins brother wasn't feeling the most confident in his abilities. "Oi, Bazel let's go. We're staying in the city tonight."

The next morning the brothers awoke and began to lay out their plan. Cyrus was trying to eliminate the threat of the robots and their weakness was obviously going to be electricity which Cyrus had covered in the form of an EMP. Now Bazel obviously wanted Wayland so Cyrus gave Bazel a map on how to get to the auction house. "You leave first little brother. That way we won't get spotted together and it draws less attention." said Cyrus who handed his little brother the map. "I also placed your number into my den den mushi and vice versa." it was obvious Cyrus was worried about his brother but the duo needed to stay focused on their opposition. Bazel would raise his index finger and pinky while tucking his other fingers to make a hand gesture towards his brother. "I got this" said Bazel before he departed for his journey.

2The Devil's Den - Bazel Empty Re: The Devil's Den - Bazel on Sun May 07, 2017 6:08 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
The Devil's Den - Bazel Tumblr_m9tpbs3kqM1r877bvo1_500

Green hair flowed off the steel beams they rubbed against as people were being shifted through a belt as if they were drinks being processed. The woman in question was none other than The Emerald Markswoman, Elizabeth. She had been restrained on this belt and forced next to all those around her which totaled to over one hundred people. On this belt people were getting evaluated for any preexisting conditions that may hinder their ability to be a good slave to whoever buys them. This is what happens when you are captured by those who work for slave trade. Elizabeth was taken by someone before her brothers return to Alabasta as she was captured on Gaia right before she was suppose to sail home.

Considering the fact she was still stuck in her predicament she knew her brother didn't know where she was or even if she was taken for that matter. She had no fear her brother would come and save her eventually but she just hoped he made it in time. At this point she was beaten pretty badly and was essentially numb to everything those here had put her through. She had met the person in charge once and he seemed very narcissistic which didn't leave much room for Elizabeth to free herself. It was then she had grown defeated. "So, did you hear that someone from Hebi is coming here soon to look for slaves?" said Gunner who was placed adjacent to Elizabeth. He was a larger male, red mohawk and fiery tattoos he seemed to know people on the outside who gave him information on the daily goings.

"I wonder who they're going to take this time. I'm tired of watching people get taken to their death like this. Make's me feel so helpless." said a monotone Elizabeth. "Aye well maybe your hotshot brother can actually come here and free us. Right?" said a sarcastic Gunner who never really believed Elizabeth about her brothers position in the world of pirates let alone his strength. "I'm serious Gunner, he'll come and when he does.. Those who have wronged us will have to answer to not only us but to him." Gunner smirked as he looked at Elizabeth have emotion in her eyes for the first time in gods know how long. "So, what's the name of your brother anyway? You've never said it." and it was then before Elizabeth could answer the power cut off and the electric belt stopped and everyone was rendered to the dark. The hand cuffs were released and it was then a riot was born.

3The Devil's Den - Bazel Empty Re: The Devil's Den - Bazel on Sun May 07, 2017 6:58 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
The Devil's Den - Bazel 146f08360a8fffd4617400979790

Bazel didn't really have a plan like his brother did. Bazel was more of a go with the flow person and he wanted that to reflect in his actions today. It was one of Bazel's strengths that he didn't plan ahead, it added to his character. So Bazel made his way to the Red City and didn't really know much of it, before a few days ago Bazel didn't know what Baltigo was. He didn't pay attention to things that didn't effect him much usually. That was certainly working against him now given the lack of knowledge he had in a situation where just a bit of information may be the deciding factor. All Bazel had were the blueprints to the Auction House. For some reason he didn't really feel like he would need them unless the situation grew dire. But once Bazel continued to fly overhead he knew this place was going to be a shot in the dark. It was an incredibly large fortress and Bazel could only wonder how the marines turned a blind eye to this.

When Bazel reached the center of the Auction House from flight he would dive down overhead and proceed to force his way in with a flurry of punches towards the roof. Bazel would break the roof and start to look around and think of what he remembered from the blue prints. Bazel would go left and proceed down the western staircase which would eventually put him on path to collide with one of Wayland's most furious of warriors. But that was a story for a different time. Bazel would encounter a group of warriors who were shocked to see the fire bird here. Bazel would engage them in combat and to his surprise he wasn't punching through these robots. They held their ground and were swinging back.

Bazel had began to get swarmed by the robots and knew he needed to get out of there before they continued to have their way with him. It was then a sound was heard and the room was knocked into a pit of darkness along with the dead weight of the robots. Bazel would push them off of himself as he used this chance to turn one of his hands into a talon which emitted flames as a light. "I guess the EMP worked after all" said Bazel as he looked around and saw the hallway he needed to go down.

4The Devil's Den - Bazel Empty Re: The Devil's Den - Bazel on Tue May 09, 2017 7:43 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Down in the processing bay where some of the slaves were for examination were all freed from the claws that kept them to their seats. One of these slaves happened to be the sister of Bazel and she was more than excited that this power outage was happening when it was. "His name is Bazel" said Elizabeth to her friend Gunner. Gunner who was besides Elizabeth in the nearly pitch black estate would begin to freak out. "Bazel D. Wiggins? As in The Red King?" said Gunner who wasn't quite sure he heard right when Elizabeth spoke. Just from his words alone it was clear Bazel was certainly a man who had earned himself a good reputation among those who also lived life on the seas.

With a slight chuckle Elizabeth spoke "Yes, that's my older brother. I didn't know he was as scary as you're making him seem though." her lack of awareness in regards to Bazel scared Gunner as he didn't believe someone could not realize the type of person Bazel was based off the stories he had heard of the fire bird. His look was that of a stunned fool as he watched Elizabeth talk. Meanwhile she was looking around for a way out of their current predicament but she then remembered something. This room had an emergency generator which she planned on using. She would creep around in the dark using her keen memory and finding her way around the room in the dark. "The hell are you doing Liz!" yelled Gunner who was a giant bulk of stupidity, the woman would sigh "Finding our way out" she would respond. It was then she found a lever which she would pull restoring power back to the room. With the lights on everyone in the ditch would begin to pull themselves up towards the ground level where Elizabeth was.

"This is our one chance for a breakout and if we don't take it we won't ever get back to our lives.!" said Elizabeth as she grabbed a gun from one of the downed robotic guards. Several slaves would follow suit and they would begin to march towards the giant doors that sat in front of the room. A loud bang was heard from a neighboring side of the building which caused the slaves to stop for a moment. Another bang was heard followed by another which signaled a cloud of smoke coming through a newly created hall in the way followed by someone flying through the smoke as if they were launched.

5The Devil's Den - Bazel Empty Re: The Devil's Den - Bazel on Thu May 11, 2017 12:07 am

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
As Bazel made his way through the dark sectors of this giant fortress he tried to figure out why this Wayland guy was still allowed to have slaves even thought he was a hound for the marines. Even thought Baz always knew how crooked the world was he always thought the marine would find solace in taking down someone who sold people to the dreaded Celestial Dragons. Anyway still running down the hall Bazel's den den mushi began to go off which prompted him to check his wrist "Oi?" said the fire bird as he continued to run down the hall. "Captain, are you okay? Did you find your brother?" asked the voice of Faust who was genuinely concerned with Bazel considering all that was going on. Bazel smirked as he heard the question "Aye, I'm alright! I ran into Cyrus already, Right now I'm a little busy though." said Bazel who had noticed a stockpile of soldiers up ahead. The pirate would smirk as Faust would try to talk but was cut off by Bazel ending the call.

"Mach Punch!" yelled Bazel as his fist lit up with flame sending each person flying with a hint of heat on their body. Bazel would clear through that wave of pirates as he continued forward towards his objective. It was then something happened. Bazel noticed someone coming at him fast and it was definitely a woman. She wasn't on ground either, she appeared to be flying. It was then Bazel would side step to avoid her taking him off the ground but once he sidestepped she would slash a spear towards Bazel that she had hid within her wings. She'd slash across the chest opening up Bazel's shirt along with tearing into his flesh. Bazel would be pushed back from the impact of the slash also.

Gripping his chest with his right hand Bazel smirked as he saw the woman twirl into a halt just 3 meters from him. "So, you're the person who attacked the robots yesterday I'm assuming? And you're also responsible for this stupid power outage!" As Bazel's chest wound would begin to heal he'd continue to smirk as he heard the questions asked to him. "Sadly I can only take credit for one of those things. Though, give me a few minutes and i'll have more." removing his leather jacket Bazel prepared himself for a fight. "What does "The Red King" Bazel D. Wiggins have against lord Wayland?" asked the woman who attacked Bazel. "Before I answer anything else, who the hell are you." said a fired up Bazel. "Oh excuse me, I'm lord Wayland's highest guard Alayna Zephyr. And this is where you end" she would say as she lifted her spear and prepared strike.

It was then as Bazel had predicted the woman would strike but not with her spear, she had used the abilities of smoke as if she had a devil fruit. However Bazel was prepared for this exact thing and his wings acted as a shield and would push him back through the adjacent wall creating a loud boom revealing the next room which made Bazel look down and notice a wave of people who were getting themselves prepared for battle. It was then Bazel heard the yelling a voice he could recognize "Oi! Bazzy Baz !!" the female voice would say "Lizzy!" yelled Bazel with a smile taking his eyes off Alayna for the moment. He had found his sister which was the reason he was here. "Oi, Everyone needs to get out of here while they can. Get everyone out!" yelled Baz who would then be caught off guard by a giant fist of smoke. Elizabeth would see the punch land against her brother and angrily respond "Aye.."

6The Devil's Den - Bazel Empty Re: The Devil's Den - Bazel on Thu May 11, 2017 12:31 am

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Elizabeth would lead the charge with most of the slaves and head towards the staircase which lead to the way Bazel came from. The other slaves who stayed back were suppose to go free the slaves who were still being imprisoned at the time. Gunner was stunned in awe watching Bazel majestically soar through the sky as he engaged in combat with Alayna. "Gunner lets go we have to go!" yelled Elizabeth as her and the slaves advanced towards the staircase with weapons in  toe. The group would encounter a gang of pirates who were trying to stop them from advancing. Gunner who was one of the most eager to get back to his outside activities led the battle against them as Elizabeth monitored her brothers fight through the hole he and Alayna had created just. "You can do it Baz." thought Elizabeth to herself. She was trying to see if there was anyway to help her brother end this early and stop playing around with his food.

Meanwhile Bazel was racing around the skies thinking about ways to beat her logia intangibility. He had never come across a logia user in battle. The closes he had gotten to that was his battle with Dread on the isles of Skypiea. Not only was her smoke growing annoying but her speed and agility complimented her wings and ability with her spear. Bazel had found himself on the defensive for much of this battle so far. "What's wrong Red King? Can't even beat lil ol me? How did you expect to fight Wayland if you can't even fight me." joked Alayna which made Bazel smirk even more. "Ya know Alayna, I was thinking the exact same thing" said Bazel who would unleash a flame filled claw from the talons resting upon his legs. The giant waves of heat had missed Alayna but that didn't stop it from tearing through the building structure and causing it to begin burning.

It seemed Alayna feared Bazel's fire for some reason. Bazel couldn't pinpoint exactly why but he knew something about her fire caused her to get wary about his abilities. Bazel would take this opportunity to strike and advance forward attacking with his wings, releasing various gust and flurries of attacks to no avail as the woman had the skills to dodge. Bazel would then be surprised when smoke began to feel the room even the hallway they had just came from covering the battlefield which shocked Bazel. It was then he felt a sharp pain to his right wing which sent him flying to the wall pinned against it as if he were prey. "Shit" said Bazel as he turned his other arm back to normal in an attempt to pull his wing free "It won't work. This smoke is so thick it condensed the wing against the smoke which is harder then concrete against your wing" said Alayna. Bazel sighed as he figured it was almost time for him to take things to the next level and put Alayna down.

As for the slaves those who went back to free the others had found them and taken out the guards making it possible to open up all of the cells. They would start to make their way back so that the slaves could all break out together but it was then a cold thud against the floor was heard and there it was, another cyborg but this one looked different. He wasn't electrical but instead fueled by gas and seemed like an older model. Wayland was obviously doing this at his own accord at this point. Those with guns had all stood in front of the defenseless and prepared for the attack. It was nowhere for them to go besides through this creature.

7The Devil's Den - Bazel Empty Re: The Devil's Den - Bazel on Thu May 11, 2017 9:21 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean

The Devil's Den - Bazel Bef5cedf39e94cb9875ceed17059d95c

Bazel would be stuck against the wall like a muppet in heat as he was continuously assaulted by Alayna who would repeatedly slash against his body with her smoke forged hammer which was attached to her arm. The pain Bazel was feeling was unmatched to Bazel which he took like a true pirate slash after slash no sounds, no whimpers just a head down grimacing after each strike. "Wow, So much for "The Red King" eh? And to think you wanted to challenge lord Wayland." said Alayna who still tormented the fire bird. Bazel was trying to figure a way out of this predicament but he couldn't think of one. "Not sure if i should go mach I yet... But maybe just maybe if I do it I can use it long enough to break free." thought Bazel who could barely keep focus with the pain he was experiencing. His body was healing almost as fast as he was being slashed "Oh this will be fun. Let's see if you'll faint from pain alone!" yelled Alayna who continued her onslaught.

As for Elizabeth she was watching her brothers execution right before her eyes. "Dammit Baz, we've got to do something and we've got to do it quick" said Elizabeth who was beginning to panic thinking of what was becoming of her brother. She looked at the weapon she had and decided it was her best chance to save Bazel. "This isn't my gun but it'll do for now" she would aim the pistol towards Alayna who wasn't paying any mind to Elizabeth and release a shot which was aimed directly at her left shoulder. At the shot grew closer Alayna turned around and let the bullet go through her just missing Bazel's head. "Now now, you don't wanna kill him girly." said Alayna with a smirk. It was then Bazel stopped considering his actions and began to care.

The fire from his wings intensified as he engulfed the smoke forcing Alayna back. "What is this heat" she exclaimed in fear as Bazel melted the spear freeing his damaged wing causing him to fly with a limp. "I'm ending this now!" yelled Bazel as his wing began to heal. He would then launch an assault against Alayna which caused a gust of flames from his wings towards the woman which she flew above of in an effort to dodge but that didn't stop Bazel. He flew upwards tackling her above the arena of the battlefield. She was essentially in the stars compared to the building. The slaves who were inside used this as their distraction to get passed the gas robot. Bazel would latch his flaming hot wings on Alayna and fling her back down towards the auction house causing her to crash into the ground. Her logia intangibility was nullified due to the intense flames from Bazel. Upon her crashing she caused a massive amount of debris which would cause the slaves to shield their eyes as the debris came flying back.

Bazel would descend through the destruction to survey the area and make sure that all of the slaves were brought to safety. With the auction house already set ablaze from Bazel's carelessness it made his job slightly easier. "Oi  Liz, my crew is at the docks. Faust included. Go to my ship, there were traders who needed labor and most of the slaves can get a ride home in exchange for minor labor. You're all free." said Bazel with a stern face. "And what of you brother?" said a concerned Elizabeth. "With all that has happened with Love and the war.. What will you do?" said an Elizabeth who grew emotional discussing the passing of her younger brother. "Me and Cyrus are here and cleaning up the government is just the start of our comeback tour." said a sinister Bazel. "OI!!! CYRUS IS HERE?" said Elizabeth who's demeanor would change at the mention of Bazel's older brother. "Yes. now go." said Bazel who meant it and Elizabeth knew as she left the premises with the other slaves. Her descent to the docks should take north of an hour which meant Bazel would probably arrive with them. With that he would go through the entire structure before he went back to the docks to await for Cyrus. The entire city blacked out. Bazel would guide the slaves as a light. A beacon almost for their hope.


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