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43Building Dreams  - Page 4 Empty Re: Building Dreams on Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:59 am

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC
Building Dreams  - Page 4 Tumblr_n6yw3xCyJw1qhah53o1_1280

Tenzen would have a sign of relieve, as he would be angered if Anubis said something wrong. But, from what he said he couldn't be mad at him, that much, as he made a point. And Tenzen wasn't the only one to feel that way as Asura and Meji would not attack.

"I still think he is a idiot. And if he shows any sign of going against what he said, or begins to act like any other Celestial Dragon. Well... this will happen." Asura would then quickly turn around and fire an attack that would grave the face of Tenzen, scorching him from the bring of his nose to his right earlobe. It wasn't a deep attack, but could've killed Tenzen. Tenzen would wince in pain and got into a fighting stance, as he shouldn't have lowered his guard. "I don't want to fight, I was just paying you back for stabbing me. We will gather everything we need for our journey, aside from our men. They can head home and Meji and I will come with you guys. Okay?"

"Meet us at the Sea Train, bastard." Tenzen would say as he couldn't ruin what Anubis just didn't, even with that sneak attack. He wouldn't tell anyone what happened and avoid speaking about it altogether. He would begin to head down to where Anubis and Limi where, as he wasn't that far. Just out of sight to their backside.

Meji would make it over to Anubis first, unless he attacked. And he would hold his hand out so he could shake up with Anubis. Once Anubis grabbed his hand he would speak. "Sorry, for cursing at you. Just didn't want to make that easy for you. But I will let you know. When you try to gain more followers, or to keep the ones you have, do not think to highly of yourself. Be something that they are comfortable to come to and not fear saying something wrong. I'm not saying change right now, but try to change over time. So that it will be easier for people to follow you. But I will speak with Asura and meet you guys?"

"At the Sea Train." Tenzen would bump in and say.

"At the sea train." Meji would say and he would let go of Anubis' hand, if he was allowed to grab it and shake it. "I look forward to what we can do. But I also hope you heed what I say, Mr. Celestial Dragon." And with that Meji would head back.

It seems that the Celestial Dragon's party had done it. They had pardoned Meji and Asura, without that many casualties. But that might not be water under the bridge just yet, as both sides had lost men. But if they could just let that go just like that depends on them. A bond would need to be formed over time to make sure no left, but if that wasn't met someone would leave this group. Who this is directly speaking about will not be reveled but he is someone that shouldn't be crossed.

"I will go report this in. You guys should also gather your things, and head to the Sea Train. Well, if you will join us as well Limi." Tenzen would say as this was him asking Limi to join them on their journey. Whatever was said he wouldn't say anything else as he would head out to report this, pulling himself into the sky and soon away from the area.

ooc: LAst post guys and then Anubis can turn the topic in

44Building Dreams  - Page 4 Empty Re: Building Dreams on Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:44 pm



Limi sighs sheathing her sword and moving to stand behind Anubis as Meji comes forward extending a hand to Anubis. She looks up at the sun and nods, seeing Meji's soldiers starting to wake up, the pink smoke having been dispersed by the force of everybody's attacks. I'll mark this experiment as a partial success, however I should see about upgrading it's potency. She thinks as she turns to see Tenzen and who she assumes is the other devil fruit user coming.
She sprints to Tenzen, her bunny butt bouncing for joy as she dashes up to him There you are, sir, Anubis is safe see? She says turning and walking with him as they approach Anubis, and Meji.
She then looks at Tenzen and sees the burn on his face, and the stab wound on Asura Oh, those look nasty, I wonder what their battlefield looked like after they were done. She thinks as Tenzen says something about the sea train.
She lets her thoughts wander for a bit as she thinks about her future when she is startled back to the present by Tenzen's words Is that a formal request? she asks raising an eye brow, before continuing I'll need a few moments to think it over, She says pausing before nodding, Yes,
I'll continue to help Anubis, I believe his cause is just, though I know not how the Vice Admiral will take this.
She responded to the request, nodding once. She then gets her head lost in the clouds as she begins mentally packing before she gets to the base.
At the base she quickly packs her portable lab kit, her civilian clothes, and her lab coat. Before turning to leave she quietly nods to her self and turns to the left instead of heading up stairs she heads down to the gully, and stops in the kitchen. Hey Graver, It looks like I'm going to be heading out from this Island. I'm going to miss you friend, She says hugging the Catfish-fishman, Her own small fram being completely smothered in the soft folds of the large fishman.

I shall miss you as well, my little Snow Bunny. Graver replied releasing her and quickly turning away. Here, A parting gift, He said handing her a small box of non perishable lunches to take with her.

She squeals a bit and hugs him again before taking the lunches and turns waving to Graver as she heads upstairs, outside and to the train station to meet up with both Tenzen and Anubis.

Putting in a temp pic of carrot, cause I'm going to draw my character soonish

45Building Dreams  - Page 4 Empty Re: Building Dreams on Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:55 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow
It seems everything had turn out for the best it seem Anubis words was acknowledge by the Former Noble name Meji. As Meji continue forward he had extend his hand in what can only be describe as a hand shake. The Celestial Dragon had extend his hand in like fashion it would seems as the Gods have smile on him as this could have easily turn to his death bed. The hand shake was quick, and firm as he shake the noble hand he had said ,"I am glad you have you as my fellow teamate then an enemy. Now as for your pardon it is very difficult to get people to agree and I piss off a few people but the terms are fair! You and Asura are pardon of all yours crimes for as long as you are part of my organization or in my custody. The moment you got rogue or I release you from your service you are wanted crimes again. But doesn't worry about being release as I can see a long term service with you and Asura." The Celestial Dragon shook Meiji hand firmly twice as he release his hand and place it back behind his back.

He had an teethy grin on his face as Tenzen came out the building with Asura. It would seems as they both was hurt considerably well Asura more then Tenzen but that only shown the physical damage and not the mental. Both sides have taken heavy loss but ultimately there objective was complete now to move forward with his plan of restoring the World Government to it former glory.

After Tenzen had finish speaking he had turn to Limi, and said," I will be glad to have you own my personal guard. As you was an great help to us, and I shall recommend your for an promotion worthy of your help." After he spoke to Limi he had return his attention to Tenzen and Asura as he said," Welcome gentlemen. It seems like you both are badly injured I could stitch you up here but I think it would be better if we return back to base. I am sure that the Vice Admiral would be thrill of are success, and happily show it to you ! So let us return. Oh Tenzen an job well done even though I didn't see you this entire time. "

With that Anubis chuckle as he made his way down the street heading back to the base.


Building Dreams  - Page 4 Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

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