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29Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task]  - Page 3 Empty Re: Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task] on Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:39 pm


Shen's laughter was the next thing that Ataru heard as he was assessing the room it seemed that whatever test there had been it was passed. He spoke to Mangetsu and of course Ataru was listening as well though he wish he didn't. Something this dangerous was not something he liked to become involved with, however at the same time a treasure that could change the world. That was something that Ataru could use, not even a whole number of just a fraction a percentage would be good enough. Now that he had listened to Mangetsu speak it sounded as if they were involved in quite a lot of world politics. He wondered how he did not notice it before, that they were not just simple pirates looking for a loan. He would not have to voice this to anyone luckily, but hopefully one day he would look back and laugh at the memory. In the meantime he needed a new strategy he wondered if he could alter his deal with Mangetsu now that he had received what he wanted. Ataru was not great at reading the man's facial expressions but once Mangetsu was done speaking to Shen he would pull Mangetsu to the side.

"I Can see now that you are involved in something on a much grander scale than I imagined with such a small crew. Not to insult you but I was wondering if we could renegotiate our previous arrangement, you see I do not have a vessel nor a navigator capable of sailing in these seas. I can see that you do not have any connections to the underworld and that boy could use a second pair of eyes. I am also an accomplished Dial-wright so what I'm saying is I'd like to offer to join your crew, on the condition that I be allowed to continue my underworld business in private. I would only have to tell you about it, either way there's something else you should know if you haven't guessed by now. I am the Minstrel it is how we had such an easy time accessing this place. Like a true merchant Ataru tried to make the deal sound lucrative but, what could he say he didn't have many options off the island and this new information was terrifying for him to have on an island trapped with no allies. If Mangetsu denied this deal Ataru would still expect the payment for arranging the meeting so he would hang back more separated from the group.


30Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task]  - Page 3 Empty Re: Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task] on Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:22 pm



The laughter from Shen almost got on Enryu’s nerves, but he suddenly spoke about the lightning boy, which made his (Enryu’s) eye twitch in response. “If I wasn’t fucking tired, I would wipe that damn smile off his face.” Enryu thought as he slide his hands into his pockets and looked at Shen and his Slaves with red lightning dancing around in his eyes. He watched the events unfold around him, Shen spoke directly at his captain about wanting a serious fight at some point or another, but he was honestly happy about the test and fight. Shen seemed to get some enjoyment out of watching people kill each other, or at least fight each other to the death.

Suddenly Enryu’s attention was snapped away from everything else around him, Mangetsu spoke about a treasure that would lead them to something even greater. Something that could very well change the very lives and fabric of living that they were so accustomed too at this point. The atmosphere changed almost instantly when Shen began to speak on the fact that the World Government wouldn’t allow them to simply go after these ancient treasures. This time the room was filled with laughter from Enryu. Ataru seemed to pull away his captain after the reveal of the poneglyphs. “Well I will be damned. This is amazing.” Enryu could be seen pacing back and forth while his sparks seemed to flare off more and more intensely.

“I agree with my captain. The World Government doesn’t really bother us too much. But I got a question for you, Flame Man.” Enryu intention addressing Shen with a more stern tone, he had coined lightning boy himself. So why would he refer to Shen as anything but his abilities appearance. “What are on these poneglyths that the World Government doesn’t want us to know? I mean, you said you don’t know much. BUT I doubt that a man with the resources you have would simply let that knowledge be unknown.” Enryu wasn’t trying to offend the Broker, but he did want answer. He had obviously tuned out the conversation that Ataru and his Captain was having, but he knew that he had to distract or at least occupy the Broker while they talked about whatever. All that Enryu knew was that he was shaking with excitement of the adventures to come, the crew that his captain was creating was something that would make the whole world treble underneath their combined abilities.

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31Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task]  - Page 3 Empty Re: Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task] on Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:37 pm

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor
Enryu's response and laughter was filled the room just like Shen's did after the broker revealed said information about the poneglyphs. It seemed that Enryu didn't like the name lightning boy since his eye twitched and said he would have wiped the floor with Shen if he wasn't tired from fighting the slaves. Enryu definitely was someone nobody wanted to mess with when he got stronger, maybe he'd battle Shen at some point. However, the mention of the poneglyphs changed everything that swirled in his mind. The revolutionary had heard of them somewhere before but didn't remember exactly where. It as rather frustrating but hopefully he remembered soon enough to ask more questions about the poneglyphs along with the billion he already had. What did these poneglyphs look like? Had he seen one before and not noticed? Why would the world government not want this treasure found? So much to ask about the one subject but where could he start, sadly he had no clue.

Lucky for him, Enryu chimed in again to say that Shen should know a bit more about the poneglyphs then he lets up to. Mangetsu nodded in agreement as he knew that Shen knew more as he was one of the worlds top underground brokers, if anyone knew anything it would be him. After Enryu's statement, Shen chucked a bit darker this time and looked at all of the crew this time as he began to speak. "You are very smart Shen said as he walked a bit closer to the crew, heading towards Mangetsu as he untucked a peace of paper he kept hidden inside of his pants. After closing the distance, Shen handed Mangetsu the folded piece of paper with a deadly expression on his face. "It is said that poneglyphs are blocks inscribed with ancient text, they are extremely hard to find but not so hard to notice when you do he said as he began to walk towards a door on the other side of the grand hall. "I have officially given you all the info that I know, do with it as you wish but just don't get yourself killed by the world government Shen paused as he turned around with a wicked toothy grin "I want too see what you guys are really worth in these days to come if you hunt those poneglyphs, also you can find your own way out Shen said as he turned back around and walked through the door on the other side of the hall. It was crazy but Mangetsu knew this wasn't the last time they would be seeing the underworld broker Shen.

After Shen disappeared and they began to make their way out of his palace, Ataru pulled Mangetsu aside suddenly. It seemed that Ataru had no clue when he first met them what they where up too, no one did and he wanted to join the crew while still doing his underworld business. It was by a stroke of luck he didn't have to ask Ataru and he was glad he didn't, he wasn't one to ask for anything. "I know you are the Minstrel, it honestly wasn't hard to see that Mangetsu said in a monotone voice as he peered directly at Ataru. "However thanks to you, I found out what I needed too, so welcome to the heavenly emperors. He said too the broker with what could maybe have been some kind of happy emotion in his voice. "Now let's leave this place, ive gotten what I needed and I have to go meet a new friend Mangetsu said as he and Ataru made their way back to their group and walked out of the palace, heading towards the docked submarine. After today, it was no more games and the revolutionary captain knew that after two years of peace, an adventure of no other would soon be heading their way. It was time for him and the crew to shift into gear, nothing would be easy from this point on.


32Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task]  - Page 3 Empty Re: Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task] on Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:57 pm


Ataru listened to Mangetsu as he responded to his request. He felt a little crushed when he said that he knew that he was the Minstrel, but that wasn't to surprising Mangetsu did come across as logical. One could even say robotic, he welcomed Ataru into his crew so he was grateful. He followed his new Captain back to the ship. On the way he took in the sites of Dream island one last time, it would probably be a while before he came back. Not that this place felt like home, anywhere in fact would be better Ataru had grown tired. One day though he would look back fondly it was for this reason that he tried to paint a picture in his head before he left. He also would probably be a little lonely for the first few days, not having a bar full of random character to talk too. He felt a little uneasy about his decision with how quickly everything was progressing but he didn't show it for now. At the least the crew seemed to be full of interesting individuals their goals might even align somewhere. They arrived at Mangetsu's ship, immediately Ataru felt relieved about his decision he had made a good one. A submarine was a vessel that Ataru respected something that was capable of both offensive and defensive maneuvers while being unseen if needed. He definitely already had a couple ideas of dial improvements that could be made. Especially on a submarine where the dials could always be detached and hidden away on board.

He had a big smile as he walked back to the inn he was staying at and quickly gathered all of his belongings. He no longer had any worry in his mind this was going to be a great adventure, he would possibly even become stronger. Ataru chuckled at the thought, he really just needed to train he was already plenty strong. He had been so busy becoming a merchant he had almost forgotten how it doesn't matter in this world if someone can just rob you. He would take some time out when they had any to train. He wondered if the submarine already had a chef or not he wasn't even really sure on what this crew could do, but they would know his uses pretty soon. I wonder if you're suppose to be formal or informal with the rest of the crew. Oh well guess I'll just learn the best way by trial.

Ataru wandered back to the submarine with his two suitcases one full of clothes the other full of dial schematics and other underworld business. Once the submarine had left the island and they were underway Ataru would ask all of the crew together so he could take a picture with his vision dial. He would be upset at anyone who refused as afterwards he would ask if anyone wanted a printed copy before he deleted the image. He would say "I can't afford to keep valuable intel on a device with a minimum storage and that I carry on me." It was just good business practice to Ataru after printing he would delete the photo and post his copy in his clothing suitcase. He'd breathe a nice relaxed sigh then think about what to do next.



33Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task]  - Page 3 Empty Re: Tale of Legendary Treasure [Task] on Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:53 pm



The poneglyphs were the talk of the town. The information provided by Shen wasn’t much to Enryu, because he had literally no idea what they were talking about. But he did know that if it was going to tick off the World Government; then the Heavenly Emperors needed to go out and find them all! Mangetsu and Ataru seemed to walk about something as they walked back to the Ship together, but Enryu had other plans for his own pleasure. He honestly had effort of his old self, because he knew that he was becoming someone else. What he wanted to do was change his appearance a little bit before they left town. Obviously, he wouldn’t be able to change it a lot, because he honestly loved his choice of clothing along with his uniquely colored hair and eyes. But he could change his hair style and add in some accessories to his style.

The time flew by while he was out by himself, Enryu was only sixteen years old when he joined up with the Revolutionary Army, and he was assigned to Mangetsu shortly after joining. They seemed to think that he was a lost cause that wouldn’t really amount to anything within the army if he couldn’t learn submission, which was the first lesson that Mangetsu had taught him on Drum Island. Yet Enryu knew that his captain and their new crewmate would be heading back to the vessel, and Ataru would definitely have to stop through his current home to gather all of his things. All of these things is what brought Enryu about his new unique change of appearance.

Upon getting back to the vessel with his new look, he would begin to get side glances and praise for his new look. Enryu had chopped off his shoulder length long hair to reveal more of his handsome face. He would call the style shaggy in appearance honestly. On top of that, Enryu had gauged his ears with long black spikes that stuck out of the back of his earlobes while the front of the gauged almost looked like black coal. The holes in his ears were about the size of dimes, and he had them cut into his ear to save the trouble of stretching them out in a process that the person deemed “painful.” Aside from that, Enryu was wearing his normal board shorts of floral design, a white short sleeved t-shirt, and his black running shoes. “Well, I would love a picture!” Enryu would suddenly chime in to hopefully surprise his captain and Ataru with his new appearance. Undoubtedly the adventures of the Heavenly Emperor were just about to get interesting!

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