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1Lets Do It Empty Lets Do It on Fri May 26, 2017 12:31 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name: Take 1
Tier: 2
Location: Marineford
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Murcielago tries his hand at executing the Six Powers.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: 1 Tier 2 Marine Lieutenant

All the Ensigns pummeled into the ground and sent off with their tails between their legs, the Vice Admiral was surprisingly feeling warmed up. This was more than likely due to the fact he used neither his Devil Fruit or any real techniques against them. It was just bare knuckle boxing, grapples, and kicks. "Alrighty then, assuming you studied up on what you're here to learn. We aren't slowing down. Come on in Lieutenant." Rear Admiral Koh still sat comfortably on his bottom as he called in his inferior officer. "This time you can only utilize the Six Powers when you fight him." Murcielago looked behind him to where he heard foot steps and felt a presence entering the training grounds. The man coming in was much bigger than Murcielago, he was standing at about 19 feet tall and his legs were much longer than a normal persons. So this is a long legged . . . Murcielago had never seen one in person before, but he had to admit he was impressed before the match even began.

"Alright! Chop Chop!" With the Rear Admiral's shout came the Lieutenants ferocious charge. There was no time wasted at all as he put his unique legs to use and rocketed towards Murcielago with Soru. Instinctively the Vice Admiral hopped on his guard, but had to remind himself using Haki was prohibited. With nothing but a ruffle of dust left where the Lieutenant was previously standing, the Vice Admiral was left in the dark on the opponents whereabouts.

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2Lets Do It Empty Re: Lets Do It on Fri May 26, 2017 12:39 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Tekkai. Like a soothing mantra spoken by a monk, Murcielago's mental voice chimed as he attempted to employ the Tekkai technique. Assuming the defensive, he forced his muscles to tighten as hard as he could as he stood there frozen in animation. Unnoticeable to Murcielago, the Rear Admiral hummed in anticipation for what was to come. Soon after the opponent rushed from down above, utilizing both Soru and Geppo to slam down into the ground and not attack Murcielago himself. Caught off guard and forced off balance as a small area of earth began to crumble around him, he naturally cancelled Tekkai and moved to catch his balance. As he did so the Lieutenant took advantage of the lapse in defense and used his one of a kind legs to deliver a wide baseball bat like swing of a kick to the Vice Admiral's ribs. "Sorry Vice Admiral. I'm not as bland as many people you'd fight." Sent sliding on backwards on the ground, albeit on his ass, before the skid lost all momentum he rallied himself to a stand by kicking off the ground mid slide and landing safely.

Wasting no time, as the man spoke the Vice Admiral attempted to use the same Six Power the Long Legged used. Taking off at an alarming speed as Soru augmented what he naturally had going for him, he closed the created gap in almost no time at all and threw a punch at his target in even fewer time. Weaved once, the Vice Admiral threw another, then threw a kick, then a jumping knee strike, then once he landed from that a crouched low sweep. All were avoided deftly by what was assumably Kami-e.

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3Lets Do It Empty Re: Lets Do It on Fri May 26, 2017 12:50 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Figuring he'd cut off all possible weaving routes from both the opponents sides, Murcielago came up from the sweep kick with the sweeping leg behind him and dug into the ground. Pushing off this leg and charging his target with his arms open, he went for a grabbing attack. Successfully shooting the gap for it was an unexpected approach, the Vice Admiral clasped both hands around the Lieutenant tightly then used his strength and speed to rocket off with Soru into the wall of the training grounds with the man still in his grasp. "Ohohohohoooo!" The Rear Admiral jeered like a chimp but it was unheard through the shower of rumble that rained down from the 19 foot semi-giant colliding into the wall. "Close, but no cigar Vice Admiral." The voice that spoke was that of someone in prime condition and who was unfazed with the collision that just took place.

He had felt it as the charge took place. The body of the Lieutenant stiffen and stay rigid the whole time. It took a lot of discipline to remain in such a state and trust one's body completely with such a thing. Feeling some motion from the Lieutenant, more so the upper body, Murcielago released his grip on the man and quickly jumped back in time to avoid a double clasped fist attack that came downward towards where he once was. Not stopping with one hop back, he jumped again, but this time higher than he had before. Attempting to use Geppo, the first few hops on the air were rough and extremely foreign to him, but soon he got the hang of it.

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