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1Lets shake the earth (Training)  Empty Lets shake the earth (Training) on Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:54 am





Bruh is that him?
Ensign Kronus is a giant but not a giant of overwhelming power. I mean he was strong but not in a way that strike fear in his foes heart. The type of fear he offers was temporary because his size, and because of his skills. In the fight between the beast master he learn that some trash can even match his superior strength. In his eyes that was truly an insult to his skills, and he refused to acknowledged such blasphemy.

But what he did learn is that the grand line isn't a place for the weak its a place for the strong as only the strong will thrive. Unfortunately he learn that as he rub his rib which was still hurting due to the bone being broke by that foolish pirated. It had heal much since that day which was so long ago but occasionally it will winch in pain which was a daily reminder of that fight. Unfortunately Ensign Kronus was still assign to the island of dreams, and to be frank that match his mood he was pretty much day dreaming.

Today wasn't like any other day today Ensign Kronus had left town , and set off heading towards the beach. Not to swim but to clear his head, and attempt to unlock new skills or abilities that Daniel Bloom once spoke on. Well he didn't a clue on what these skills are but maybe something would come to him later on. Unfortunately it was early morning so he had skip breakfast which is why he was feeling kinda hungry hopefully his stomach doesn't dictated his craving which was that of some human flesh.

After a several minutes Kronus had successful exited the forest of the Island of dreams normally that wasn't your ideal place to travel through. Due to the forest being a dangerous place for even the locals but lucky Kronus is a giant so it would take a oddly large creature to even harm him. Even though that was possible in this forest Kronus was lucky enough not to experience that this morning. As Ensigns Kronus walk along the beach he had spot a few fishermen preparing there nets, and small rows boats to go out to sea. As Ensign Kronus closed the distance between them the fisherman begin to panic. Why? Because its not everyday you see a large bulky giant such as Kronus approaching people such as them. Unfortunately form they Kronus pay them no mind why? Because they were just trash that he can easily kill with minimal effort own his in end.

What was important to Kronus right now is developing new skills, and maybe a bite of lunch later from some local citizens. Surely they wouldn't mind such a think not that they was going to have a say in the matter after all. They are just little ants underneath his feet that he can crush at any moment he desired to. After a few minutes of walking Kronus stomach growl. Yep he is hungry not to the point of starving but hungry enough to growl which was to him all the same.

Kronus had decide to stop today he was dress in the same attire he had on since the first day of his arrival. Which was an standard white haori which was open jacket revealing his massive upper body . It wasn't like he didn't wash himself, and his clothes because he did bathe daily along with kept his clothes clean. As Kronus halt his movements a figure could be seem walking towards him. He was quite a distance away but Kronus was able to make him out due to his massive size. Well not his massive size but because of Kronus massive size in all honesty the individual who was walking in the direction of Kronus was declared as a ant as far as he can tell. It really didn't matter because in Kronus mind he had already decide that whomever that person may be he was going to be Kronus Times breakfast if all goes to planned but when do that ever happen?

After all this is the grand line an the most weirdness things can happen, and you wouldn't believe your eyes because it doesn't happen often to some people. Meaning while the individual who was approaching Kronus his name was Eika Chronus he is an passing merchants that seek the seatrain so he can depart to Baltigo. Which is criminal thriving island where only the cruelness man or woman go there there in hopes of drugs, slaves, and the list goes on. His reason was to deliver a package safety, and so far he have a 100% successful rate. Well today that may have change as he close the distance heading to Kronus he notice the giant drooling, and what more disturbing is that he was licking his lips.

Chronus had said," Well that doesn't looks safe but I am on a set schedule maybe I can negotiate with him. He seems like a reasonable man maybe not ...." Regardless Chronus was an skilled merchant he deal he always deal with a set time schedule, and he also have a very unique set of skills to back him. After a few minutes Chronus had reach the 6 meter mark which was exactly 6 meters from Kronus. Whom he finally identified as the infamous Kronus who arrested Daniel Bloom just recently.

"Dammit." Was what was going through Chronus mind. Why? Because he probably won't be able to fight against of his superior skills such as him there was rumors that this giant hold a great abilities that Daniel Bloom recognize as fearsome ability which is why he would give up. Kronus had wipe the drool off his face then said,"You down there! I was wondering how your would taste... Any ideas? "
Kronus had chuckle as he scan the man up, and down. The merchant was only 7 feet tall which is still small for Kronus he look easy enough meal for Kronus, and the best part was no one there to see Kronus gobble him up .

Chronus had chuckle then said," My good man surely we can reach an agreement. How about..... Beli..... wait how about. knowledge instead of food? It allow you to become stronger, and power is important if you plan to stay in the Grand Line."
At first Kronus had grunt in disapproval unfortunately Daniel bloom words echo in his mind as he lick his already moisture lips he said,"Urgh Fine what knowledge you offer?" Chronus had grin then reach into a small bag that whole his personal items producing what is known as a scroll. As he had it over to Kronus he said,"These are the basic anything more you will have to develop on your own." Once Kronus grab the scroll Chronus had vanish in a blur of speed so fast that Kronus wasn't able to follow. It was quite an remarkable display of speed it kinda remind Kronus of an technique he had similar.

Unfortunately his stomach had growl which quickly switch his attention from the scroll he now hold in his hand but now it was focus on eating. Kronus place scroll within his pocket he was read through it soon enough after he ate something.

It didn't take long for Kronus to find, and kill something to eat unfortunately it wasn't enough but it will hold him until he return back to town. As he finish eating his snack he reciew the scroll with as best as he could. It would take some time but he will unlock this powerful technique known as Hasshoken. If what he read is truw then he will be able to release overwhelming shockwaves on contact. The training would take some weeks maybe months but he shall learn the basic no matter what it takes.

2Lets shake the earth (Training)  Empty Re: Lets shake the earth (Training) on Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:54 pm



Hasshoken learned.

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