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Chapter 1: The Birth

On the island of Ilusia, a boy was born. This boy was named Roger Chinjao-Gouki Blood,  the eighth son of the Chinjao clan head and his 4 wife, Saraha Gouki. The first glance from his father was one of pure disgust and disappoint because of his son's tiny size and rather weak build however his mother was the opposite as she loved her baby boy far more than she had loved herself. It took a total of 10 weeks before Roger was able to return home which made his father furious because of his son's pathetic health but his wife and Roger's mother forced her husband to check his attitude as she wasn't going to allow her man to act the way he did to their child.

Chapter 2: The Family

The first day that Roger appeared at the large home of the Chinjao Family in his mother arms with her wearing the happiest face and her husband's grumbling form entered through the towering walls that were the doors of the home. The Chinjao's Head's older children and his family surrounding him to look at the next son of their powerful family but they instead saw a normal look baby which disappointed them as well as the head but they all ended up receiving bumps on their heads because a mother's fury is something no one can play around with. With a huff, She brought her son to her and her husbands's room before she laid him down as she laid down herself while she whispered into his ear "You'll prove them wrong, my son.....My little Roger." He laughed as he heard his mother's voice and she smiled back at him before they both feel asleep.

Chapter 3: The Strength

Growing up in a crazy household where the strongest were treated the best and the weaker ones were looked down upon and sadly Roger was the weakest out of all of them, he was hated by his brothers and disrespected by his sisters. His mother was the strongest out of all of them so Roger was allowed some privileges that most of them weren't given but it was fun to bully him around when they had a chance. Having to live up to his father's name, he was forced into training when he just hit 4 years old so he could be able to fight against the enemies he would make in the future as a Chinjao is always destined to fight.

Chapter 4: The Growth

Not many realized that Roger would have start to significantly grow and.....grow he did as he went from being a regular size 5 to as tall as 6,8 when he was 6 years old. The growth of his body was late and his father's excite came in full throttle as he had then forced a great level of training into his son. From the beginning of dawn to the late hours of night, Roger trained constantly in the way of Hasshoken. Punching training dummies as hard as steel, running with weigh that no regular  man should/could bare on their backs and wrestling with his much stronger, bigger brothers. It was so hard, every minute of it made Roger want to die or kill himself because of the difficult struggles he had to deal with every day.

Chapter 5: 10 Years Later

10 years later.....Roger trained constantly for 10 years straight from when he was 6 years old and he grew significantly. Now being 10 feet taller and weighing roughly 500 lbs, Roger's pride swelled as he began to shattered his families exception over and over the years from slaying the various beast around and beating his brother's into the ground. He was finishing up the finally years where....the incident happened.

Chapter 6: Toro's Fury

One day, his father ordered him to go out and hunt one of the tigers of the island for food and to prove himself. Roger, very overconfident agreed to go and slay the wild beast. Walking through the jungle, he then was attacked by a huge tiger that dwarfed the others by a great deal which caught him off guard and slashed into him. Gasping in shocked but quickly getting his wits about him, Roger then began to brawl with the savage animal. Fighting it for hours upon hours, he had managed to break it's noses which pissed it off as it then bite into Roger's left arm where it proceed to rip it off. Yelling in pain, He then slammed his fist into the side of it's face which he had covered with a Hasshoken wave which was at it's strongest as a result, he killed the beast flat out. Before he then dropped to the ground in exhaust and blood loss.

Chapter 7: The Healing and Replacement

Roger was carried back to his home by his brothers as he came back screaming constantly because of the pain only to get knocked out by his father. He awoke hours later with his wound stitched up and wrapped up, his father then spoke to him about one thing. Getting a replacement arm, Roger was sadden by the fact of his previous arm had been destroyed but he agreed to get it replace and maybe fix up his other wounds if needed.

Chapter 8: The Final Years

Getting his arm replace with a huge metal monster of a machinery and his front and back replaced with iron, Roger continued to finish up the last 4 years of training that he need in order to fully and completely master Hasshoken. At the age of 20 years and standing at 17 tall and weigh 1,000 lbs, Roger has proven that he was strong. That he was worthy of being a wielder of Hassjoken and he left his home to keep on proving himself.

Word Count 1035

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