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1Let's Take a Trip - Arc Empty Let's Take a Trip - Arc on Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:46 pm



Cyrus Kincaid

Reaper of the Revolution


Task Name: The Bottom of a Bottle
Tier: 1
Location: Hebi
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Our arc opens with Cyrus blitzed in a dive bar somewhere in Hebi. It's here he learns of Hebi's dark drug underworld hidden among the dense jungles of the island.
Enemy Details: 20x T0-T2 Drunken bar patrons.
Boss: No

Thirty minutes and three drinks ago Cyrus had hung up his Den Den Mushi call with one of the Four Emperors of the Seas, Junbei VonEcho. It had been nice catching up, even if some parts of the conversation had only prompted Cyrus to drink more afterwards. Still, Junbei couldn't be faulted for that, the man was simply being his normal jovial self. Which, begged the question how a man like Junbei had managed to rise to the rank of Yonko in such a short amount of time. He was a wonderful leader, inspiring countless others to follow in his footsteps, that much was obvious to Cyrus. What concerned Cyrus was more the question of how dark Junbei was willing to go. Was he capable of crushing his enemies without mercy or even a second thought the way Oceanus managed to steam roll through Mariejois. Granted there was no love between Cyrus and the countless nobles and Celestial Dragons that had called Mariejois their home, but it took a certain type of person to be able to murder defenseless citizens in cold blood. It was a bridge Cyrus himself had yet to cross but had played with in the way he had mercilessly cut down some of his enemies in the past. The thoughts and memories of some of his more brutal exploits jarred him from his drunken stupor momentarily as he gazed upon the golden warrior that sat beside him, stoic and intimidating.

The seedy dive bar Cyrus and Leo Mk. Z had decided to call home these past few days had given the two a wide-berth, scared off by the silent robot companion. Behind Cyrus men and women drank, minding their own business and keeping to themselves for the most part. This island was supposedly owned by a fellow Revolutionary General, though Cyrus had never met him himself nor did he think David Hyde was anywhere near Hebi for the time being. Oi, you that new General, ain't ya? A voice behind Cyrus broke his drunken thoughts as he slowly turned his head over his shoulder to look at the short ruddy man with the red nose trying to get his attention. Afraid you have the wrong man, friend. Cyrus said before turning back to his drink, fishing around in his jacket pockets for his cigarettes. No no, I'm sure it's you. You're the one they says went crazy. Killed the robo-bitch on Baltigo and then disappeared after your promotion. Friggin waste if you ask me. The man snorted, having risen from his chair now and walking towards Cyrus. However, Cyrus simply ignored him, lighting a cigarette and rubbing his temples while the man spoke. Oi, I'm talkin to ya. Just cause your some high and mighty General in the Revolution think you can ignore us little fish now? The man said, his voice clearly showing indications of anger and ensuing violence. He was drunk, just like the rest of the patrons in this bar, just like Cyrus himself.

I think you need to sit down, friend. Cyrus mumbled, not turning around to the man. Sit down, aye? I think you need to stand up. Look at these fine men and women who serve under the same flag as ya. Who actually fight for the cause they believe in instead of running away and hiding to work on some... The man fished for words, looking Leo Mk. Z up and down for a long moment before finishing, some toy to stick your own toy in when you're feelin lonely at night. The man snorted, clearly pleased with his piss poor excuse of a joke, if it could even be called that. Cyrus put his head down on the table, arms around it, lit cigarette silently puffing a stream of smoke into the air. Images and memories flashed through his clouded brain, of his crew's reaction when he revealed what he had done to Leo. Their distaste and hatred of the next step in evolution for the human race and all races in this world. They had rejected it. They had rejected Leo. Most of all they had rejected Cyrus himself and now this drunk small fry, no name, wasted bag of air was accosting him for taking the first step forward in the evolution of the world. Cyrus was trying to build a better world, why could no one else see that?

Oi mate, be a man, stand up and talk to me. You can't hide. The man said, jabbing Cyrus several times in the shoulder before Cyrus turned his head towards the cyborg, head still on the dirty bar and simply nodded at the android. On the final jab, Leo Mk. Z caught the man's wrist before his finger could touch Cyrus. The he- Unfortunately the man didn't get a chance to finish his question before Leo snapped his wrist clean in two and the man let loose a blood curdling scream throughout the bar, nearly silencing it save for his voice. We're done here. Cyrus said, his head still on the bar. It seemed the drunken man had friends at the bar, no real surprise there. No was it a surprise that he wasn't the only one with an apparent bone to pick with Cyrus. The Reaper of the Revolution turned as he heard chairs screech across the wooden floor and movement headed his way. He gazed out across a sea of drunken patrons, liquid courage fueling the fires in their bellies while it simply poisoned his own reflexes. Handle this, but don't kill anyone. Cyrus slurred instructions to his cyborg companion as Leo marched out into the crowd and he turned his back to the mayhem.

People screamed, both in pain and anger fueled roars of attack as they pounded on the impenetrable armor of Cyrus's project. Wooden chairs and pool cues were no match for Leo's armor. Even the iron and steel weapons some of the patrons produced did nothing but slide off the silent warrior's armor. At one point a belligerent patron actually made it past Leo, who was preoccupied with five others crawling on top of him, but in no danger of losing and grabbed Cyrus by the shoulder, spinning him around to deliver a nasty right hook to the man's face. Cyrus took it in stride, his head snapping back, hat drifting down to the bar top behind him. For a long moment he simply sat there, head back and staring at the ceiling, warm blood oozing down the sides of his face from his most likely broken nose. He then brought his head back up and looked at the assailant. The man in front of him stared back, angry and confused but then, just like before, rocked Cyrus's world with another quick jab to the nose. Pain exploded across his face, but like a wet jacket was dampened by the dangerous levels of alcohol coursing through his veins. He deserved this...or so he thought. He deserved to be hit, to be hurt, just as he had hurt those he cared about most.
Even Zoe.
He had hurt them physically, emotionally, and so he deserved this hurt.

On the third punch Cyrus brought his head up once more for another round only to see a golden claw reach back and grab the man by the head before sending him hurtling backwards through a window near the entrance of the bar. Cyrus glimpsed only the surprised terror in the man's eyes before he seemed to vanish from the insane strength of Leo. Around him the world seemed to swirl with chaos and destruction. People bled, screamed and even cried. The smell of urine filled the air, pungent and acidic. Looking down Cyrus realized it was the man from earlier at his feet, curled in the fetal position and cradling his broken wrist. Cyrus closed his eyes and simply listened to the chaos, let it consume him before feeling a warm embrace across his chest. He was being pulled, pulled away from this world and when he opened his eyes, he realized into a new world.

A world full of mirrors.

Words: 1363/1200

2Let's Take a Trip - Arc Empty Re: Let's Take a Trip - Arc on Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:44 am



Cyrus Kincaid

Reaper of the Revolution


Task Name: A New Face
Tier: 2
Location: Hebi
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Rescued from the bar brawl he had no chance of winning, Cyrus finds himself face to face with his seductive the middle of a very seedy drug den. What's more this drug den appears to be flooded with well armed men searching for Cyrus's new friend.
Enemy Details: Various T1 - T3 Gang members
Boss: No
Ally: Yes

Ally Name: Claire VonDerleuse
Tier: 5
Description: Claire's Info
Devil Fruit: Mira Mira no Mi
Haki: Kenbunshoku
Equipment: N/A
Strength: 5
Durability: 6
Speed: 6
Perception: 5

One moment Cyrus was getting socked in the face by an outraged drunken Revolutionary subordinate and the next he found himself lying on the dusty floor of a darkened room, cots spread out. Sitting up he gingerly prodded his nose, realizing that it was in fact broken he swore under his breath before taking a deep breath, gritting his teeth and resetting his nose. The pain was excruciating and he screamed out loud, Son of a f$@*ing b(#%!. Noticing a large, floor to ceiling mirror in front of him, lining the entire back wall of this strange warehouse, Cyrus inspected his handywork in the mirror. His nose was swollen, his face bloodied and his eyes were already beginning to show the first signs of bruising, a tell-tale sign of a broken nose. Rising slowly to his feet, Cyrus spit some blood out of his mouth before wiping the drying blood from his nose on his left sleeve. Turning to face the rest of the warehouse, Cyrus found rows upon rows of old cots filled with what appeared to be sleeping people. Various races and genders filled the cots. If they were sleeping, surely at least one of them would have been woken by Cyrus's outburst of pain, right?

Cyrus approached the closest cot hesitantly before prodding the body with the end of his cane. They're alive, if that's what you're wondering, but you won't wake them up. A voice broke the silence of the room somewhere off to Cyrus's right. He turned to find a woman appearing from the shadows of the poorly lit room. She wore a rather revealing top, leaving little the imagination, close cropped, rave-black hair and shorts that hugged only her ass and nothing farther down. You just come back from a night on the streets or what? Cyrus asked, the alcohol still coursing through his veins and ridding him of any formalities or pleasantries. However the woman seemed to take it in stride with a smug upper lip smile, Ah so it seems I saved quite the gentleman from getting his shit shoved in. How nice. The woman said, tilting her head to the side as if to demean Cyrus, her arms crossed over her revealing chest.

Cyrus frowned by then stepped forward, hand stretched out, Cyrus Kincaid. He said, completely ignoring the fact that his name and profile were exactly the two things that had gotten him into trouble only moments before. The woman looked down at the hand but ignored it, Claire, charmed I'm sure. She said nonchalantly, I was going to grab your friend back there as well, but he reeked of Seastone. Not to mention he seemed to be quite enjoying himself unlike you. Claire said before nodding to the floor to ceiling mirror. Looking at it again Cyrus noticed that the reflection of the room was gone and in its place a window to the bar he had just come from. Through the window Cyrus could see Leo, splattered in blood, standing over several bodies. Around him men ringed him, but they showed fear rather than aggression, Leo was in no danger. I have to go back. He'll be looking for me and-
He'll be fine. Claire said, disregarding Cyrus's desires. This was new for him. The people who surrounded him...who had surrounded him at least, had always listened to him. He was their captain and his word was law. Now here he was, confronted by this strange woman who had ripped him through reality and teleported him to...

Where are we exactly? Cyrus asked.
What you would call a drug den, about 3 kilometers west of that bar I pulled you from, give or take. The customers come here for a special dose of a drug only found and manufactured on Hebi called Dreamland. The flowers that are used to produce it are found only on Hebi. In return for cutting him in for the profits, the Revolutionary General that runs this place turns a blind eye to the actual dealings and manufacturing. Just goes to show people don't care where the money is coming from as long as it's going into their pockets. Claire walked over to the cot nearest Cyrus and squat down beside the aging woman who lay there, stroking her face affectionately, The drug is a release for many people, especially the old and terminally ill. You feel no pain, but are simply transported to a state of lucid dreaming while your body becomes comatose. There the world, the universe even, is free for you to create and destroy as you see fit. You are a god within your own mind. Able to spend time with dead loved ones, relive those beautiful memories and moments from your's paradise. I actually had just come down from my latest dose when I noticed you in that bar. Lucky for you I was lucid enough to actually grab you and pull you through.
Thanks, but I was fine.
He was beating your face with the same aggression a thirteen year old beats his m-
Okay okay, don't need that visual. I could've cut that man into such finely sliced pieces, you'd be able to see through them. Cyrus said, shaking his head.
But you didn't, you sat there and took it.
Sometimes the best remedies are the self inflicting pain ones. Cyrus answered.
Claire seemed to think for a moment but said nothing in return before walking down a row of cots, checking the drug levels of patients and even a few pulses.

So this stuff is effectively morphine? Cyrus asked, looking at the bag hanging above one of the 'patients.'
No, not quite. It blocks pain only because it rewires the neuro-pathways in the brain. It knocks the user unconscious and into a state of advanced lucid dreaming in which they are in complete control. Rather than numbing nerve endings like many pain meds, this simply allows the user to ignore any incoming signals altogether, placing them completely in control of their own world. Try to keep up, I already explained this to you. Claire said, not hiding the annoyance in her voice.
Cyrus rubbed his temples, closing his eyes to focus. Everything was still fuzzy on the edges, the alcohol still coursing through his veins, Right, right, sorry. I jus-
Above them suddenly came a large crash and voices through the floorboards. Men were shouting at someone, demanding...something. Cyrus couldn't quite make out the conversation, muffled through the ceiling but when he looked at Claire he saw her face go white as she too stared up at the commotion above them.
What? What is it? Cyrus asked but in place of a reply Claire turned and began briskly walking down the rows of cots towards a small set of stairs in the far right corner of the room. Cyrus followed, trying to keep up with the determined woman's pace.

We know she's here old lady, don't make us torch the place. A gruff voice said to the woman behind the counter as Cyrus followed Claire up the stairs, arriving in a back storage room.
You have the wrong place young man. This is nothing more than an apothecary shop. You'd do best to move along now. An old woman's voice responded and immediately Cyrus was reminded of Old Mei and the others, but quickly stifled those memories and watched Claire in silence as she threw back the storeroom drapes acting as a door and stood out in front of the gathered gang who immediately fell silent and looked at her.
It's fine Gran, I'll take care of it from here.
The old woman moved to speak up but stopped and instead dropped down from her stool and headed back past Cyrus to the back room. Well lookie here, the ghost of Hebi reveals herself again. Boss Oslow has been looking all over this island for you since your last stunt. Shall we pay him a visit or are you going to run with your tail between your legs again?
I'm not going anywhere with you, but I'm not running either. Leave, I don't need things getting messy here. Gran runs a fine business and has done nothing wrong by you. Claire said, noticing the bottles of alcohol and rags in some of the gathered thugs' hands.
Nothing wrong, eh? How about the fact that she's using stolen merch from Boss Oslow in her little business downstairs? Merchandise YOU stole. Now you can either pay for that in money or blood, but I've never known you to be one with deep pockets. The main thug said before pulling a short sword with jagged edges from his belt loop. So, which is it? I'm not seeing any coin.

Cyrus watched as Claire appeared frozen, unsure of how to proceed or what to do next as the main thug approached her. Blood it is then. He said, raising his knife. Cyrus was confident he wouldn't aim to kill Claire, after all that's not how payment worked, but even mutilating someone would be too much for Cyrus's stomach at this moment. Without realizing he was actually moving until he was already behind Claire, Cyrus jammed the bottom of his cane into the man's eye over Claire's left shoulder before spinning around her to become in front of the frozen drug addict. In one fell swoop he unsheathed his sword and slashed across the man's chest as he reached to grab his injured eye. Blood splattered across the gathered thugs behind him as the man went down for the count. Surprised by his own skills while he was this rusty and this drunk, Cyrus found himself reminded of the bender he was on when he stumbled at the end of his spin, grabbing the counter for support.

For a moment there was nothing but stunned silence before a man in the back yelled and the group raised their weapons to charge Cyrus and Claire. ROOM! Cyrus yelled as a large, nearly invisible sphere suddenly surrounded the group and in the same instant Cyrus swung his sword three different times. In front of him the angry group of thugs now fell to literal pieces across the floor as he deactivated his ROOM and stared down at the confused mass. It was nearly impossible to hear in such a tiny area with so many voices screaming in confusion and anger so Cyrus turned to Claire, burped, choked down a bit of vomit before saying, Come on, we should go. and grabbing her hand to lead her back down the stairs.

What, what the hell was that? Claire stammered as Cyrus lead her down the stairs.
Really? A woman who can walk through mirrors is surprised by another Devil Fruit user? Cyrus asked in mild disbelief. She was clearly just shell shocked by the whole experience.
Devil Fruit, what's that? Claire asked and now Cyrus was in full disbelief, coming to a stop between the cots down below.
You don't know what a Devil Fruit is? How do you explain your abilities with the mirrors and pulling me through dimensions? Cyrus asked.
I don't know, I was told I was special. Born this way. There are others like me? Like you?
...have you ever been off this island?
Oh boy, we have a lot to cover in the next few minutes. But first, show me some of that mystical power oh chosen one. Cyrus said in a patronizing tone as they approached the floor to ceiling mirror Cyrus had been pulled through originally. I need to sober up before I deal with any reinforcements of those goons.

Claire nodded before touching the mirror and grabbing Cyrus by the hand. To Cyrus's own amazement the solid glass of the mirror began to ripple at her touch and then, her entire hand simply passed through it, followed by her arm, then the rest of her until Cyrus watched down in surprise and mild horror as his own hand passed through. The experience was odd, there was a chill on the skin as he passed through solid glass, though not unpleasant. Beyond the boundary of reality Cyrus now found himself standing in a new world, one which didn't makes sense and had been abandoned by the laws of physics. Around him mirrors floated, hanging onto nothing and by nothing.

Well, we're not in Kansas anymore.


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