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15What to do, What to do?!  - Page 2 Empty Re: What to do, What to do?! on Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:00 am




Ritsu was hoping to have a little sparring session with Xanus after helping Nen find his superior but things took a different turn from her expectation. It seemed as though the ensign's superior wasn't there. Well, there was more than one training ground in Marineford. Perhaps it was foolish to be optimistic about finding the guy in the first one they checked. She was already in a training mindset and wasn't really up for walking around some more to check other places, especially since it was also already raining outside. The prince might be kinder and would help him out with it. But instead of suggesting to look elsewhere, the ensign made a rather bold proposal of having a duel with the Rear Admirals.

"Those are fighting words Nen. I'm not one to turn down a challenge especially when I'm already in the mood for it."

She gently picked up her passenger on top of her head and set her down on a nearby bench. Meme stretched and yawned, opening her eyes slightly to see what was going on. The dwarf was quick on the uptake and understood upon realizing they were in the training grounds.

"You don't mind if I went first right Xanus?" She said this but she wouldn't even wait for him to reply before heading towards the field.

As she walked, Nen spoke a little bit more about himself, claiming that he came from Wano and was the greatest swordsman there. Indeed Wano samurai had a reputation for their amazing swordplay and even if he didn't brag about being the greatest swordsman, it would still pique Ritsu's interest to see for herself how good they were. The word that he used to refer to himself though was Ronin. That meant that for one reason or another, he lost his master, either due to the man being killed or Nen being discharged from service. The latter often came with negative implications but it would be weird for a villain to decide to join the Marines. Perhaps it was the former. They would have to chat a bit more later.

"That's an interesting trick you have there." She would say as the man seemingly materialized a sword out of thin air. "I don't think that kind of ability comes with being a great swordsman. But it's certainly convenient to always have a blade at the ready. I'm afraid I'm at a disadvantage here."

Ritsu was wary despite her excited tone. This was no ordinary ensign or samurai standing before her. Her trained eyes would tell her that the sudden appearance of the katana was not due to sleight of hand. Some mysterious power was at work here that gave Nen the ability to form a weapon from nothing. Perhaps a Devil Fruit? The power of creation was deadly in the hands of a skilled master as they could summon any weapon they wished depending on the situation. So it would be best if she kept her eyes open for anything else that might come out besides the man's sword.

Assuming he would wait for her to get into position, she would stop at about 8 meters in front of him and take on a fighting stance facing him, revealing that her forte was martial arts, which explained her earlier statement that she was at a disadvantage. Behind her the wall of the training grounds past the edge of the field was about 6 meters away. Meanwhile she was right at the center from the walls on the sides. She had no obvious openings and was perfectly on guard. From her pose, there were innumerable variations of possible strikes she could easily throw with minimal efficient motion at a moment's notice. Judging from the length of his sword, he would need to take between 5 to 8 steps before Ritsu was within slashing range of his blade unless he had some secret ranged attack waiting in the wings. Of course with his power of creation, there was also a chance he could lengthen his blade. Ritsu had to respond quickly as soon as the man tried anything.

"Ready when you are." She smiled, with high hopes, implying that she would let him make the first move.

What to do, What to do?!  - Page 2 Prkk2es

16What to do, What to do?!  - Page 2 Empty Re: What to do, What to do?! on Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:30 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC
What to do, What to do?!  - Page 2 Tumblr_o9wzgbhar71ugee1to1_1280

"You were at a disadvantage when you met me." Tenzen would say as he would remove his mask, revealing who he was, but would let his move spread seconds before that. Attacking once  Which was a nobody, he just was tired of wearing it. Upon doing that he would let his wrath consume them all, and everyone within the room would instantly faint. As known currently here had the will to rival that of Tenzen's. If Ritz was able to resist this though Tenzen would we extremely excited and go all out with her, but if not he would be disappointing. He could've picked he out and not allowed her to be knocked out, but he wouldn't. As no one here was his allies. Not a damn person on Marineford was. He was here for Anubis, his old Master. Not to kill him but to leave him a message. As Tenzen wanted to cut a full fledged dragon down, not a hatchling. After his assault on all around him he would walk passed Ritz, this if she was knocked out, and over to the Prince, if he was knocked out.

He stood above the Prince, disappointed in him the most. Tenzen did not though sit and think but acted as he talked to himself in his mind. He was someone that wouldn't live up to their full potential at all, and never would. As Tenzen would thrust his blade downward through the eye of the Prince, which would kill him if it connected. And once he removed it he start his next act.  Why he did this at this moment though was because, with the aid of his, Observation Haki he didn't sense anyone within the near vicinity. Not feeling anyone, but those knocked out, within the range of his Observation haki. That could change but as Tenzen was doing his acts no one would come through the door. Not saying there was no one within the whole building, that wouldn't be true. As this is dealing with not 'feeling' others around him, that weren't within the room. As Marineford was busy today, even with the rain outside, and only those on their break would have time to work out.  

' I don't know what you are up to with Anubis, but I know you've met with him. And hopefully you will pass this on to him.' Tenzen would say as he would remove the shirt of the, now dead, Prince. And then he would begin to carve a message into his chest. a Simple quick message so he wouldn't take too much at all time with his skill as a swordmen, as he still needed to do something. With his skill he wouldn't get any blood on his clothing, but he would step in some. He would  then stick his blade into the ground right next to the head of Ritz, to show he could've killed her. But before leaving from her he would place something within her, as well as her companion. The pain of it being inserted wouldn't wake them nor would it take him forever to do so, just a second.

His actions would though be a lot different if someone within the room, didn't pass out. As he would deal with them in a appropriate way if they tried to do something to stop his actions, this also being the same if someone walked in on him. Which was extremely unlikely.

Tenzen would quickly walk over to the entrance of the facility. And remove his shoes right there and then being to take a left, and begin to run. This wasn't something that would make him look as if he was out of place, as he was dressed like a Ensign. So, he could just look like a idiot running around looking for someone or supposed to head somewhere. Tenzen would even run passed two Marines walking, this being after running for a good ten minutes. "Sorry! Sorry! I'M LATE!" Is all Tenzen would say, and they'd laugh at him for it. If it came down to it and Tenzen would have to defend himself, he'd do that. But, he wouldn't be nice and only kill one person. He would rather kill everyone he could before falling himself, as that was his resolve. The message on the chest of the Prince would be simple. Those two guard minutes later, around ten, would walk passed the room and head in, and be shocked at what they saw. They started to wake people. They would stop waking people up as they would see the message on the Prince.

'All Dragons will be slain with my Blade.'


Conqueror’s Wrath - Emitting an invisible wave of their own willpower as a wave of terror, this perk renders the user is capable of stunning or knocking out opponents with a weaker will (lower EP) than themselves in a 30 meter radius around themselves. However Conqueror’s Wrath starts out indiscriminate, affecting everyone around the user within the perk’s radius, disregarding foes and allies alike. Every rank after D the user can choose for the ability to not affect up to 3 additional people. Regardless, being stunned or knocked out can be resisted if the target is focused on the user. However if the user's EP is at least 20% above the target's EP, they will be knocked out regardless. 5 Post cooldown.

D-Rank - Knock out for 1 Post
C-Rank - Knock out for 1 Post
B-Rank - Knock out for 2 Post



17What to do, What to do?!  - Page 2 Empty Re: What to do, What to do?! on Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:33 am




There was a change in tone in Nen's voice as he spoke and removed his mask. It was at around this point that she sensed something was coming but it was too late. She felt an invisible wave pass over her, instantly robbing her of her ability to stand and causing her to drop to her knees. She struggled to stay conscious but could only manage a couple seconds, catching a glimpse of Nen's face, before passing out entirely and slumping to the ground.

By the time she regained consciousness, there were already a couple of people entering the room and trying to wake people up. Her sparring partner was no where to be found but putting two and two together, it was easy enough to deduce that "Ensign Nen" was a man who wished ill will upon all of them. She looked in the direction of her other companions and while she saw that Meme was still unconscious right where she left her, the same couldn't be said for the prince. He was on the ground with his shirt removed. There was a fatal stab wound through his head that he would not be getting up from. Perhaps most ominous of all was a message carved across his chest: 'All Dragons will be slain with my Blade.'

Ritsu merely sighed while the other conscious Marines were in panic at the scene. Nen was responsible for this of course, if that was even his real name. She doubted that. The man most likely only used that name to infiltrate Marineford. The attack she received was something she had heard about but never expected to see from an Ensign. Though he really wasn't an Ensign after all. But haki was far more effective and potent than she imagined now that she had gotten a taste of it herself. It had been a long time since she last experienced a power that made her feel she was lacking. And whenever she did, it became her priority to fix that, either by obtaining the same power herself or an alternative that would enable her to go toe to toe against it. But first things first, she had to diffuse the situation at hand.

"Everyone... calm down!"

Ritsu raised her voice, surprising those present and causing them to stand at attention. She shook her head in disapproval at their lack of discipline and composure. It was a shame and unfortunate that the prince died, but that was the extent of her personal feelings on the matter. She wouldn't even mind if she was held responsible for it. It was an unavoidable mistake but a mistake nonetheless. Though the real miss would be by those who allowed the killer to set foot on the island in the first place.

"Rear Admiral Xanus was killed today presumably by a man posing as an ensign of the Marines. He used the alias Nen, but I doubt he's still using that name. I want someone to investigate the records of this Ensign Nen: when he arrived at Marineford, which unit he was assigned to, who his superior was, and everyone who has had contact with him since his arrival."

"Put out an emergency order to the ports and hold all ships from departing. Nobody gets off the island. Yes, I know I don't have that authority, but you can bet I'll get the backing of whoever does. Get to it!"

Ritsu addressed her orders to the men who were closest to the doors and they departed as soon as she was done speaking. She then turned her attention to the rest that remained. Some were still overly conscious of the dead body of the Rear Admiral with the message carved on him.

"Xanus was a good man, at least based on the short time I knew him. He knew the risks that came with his position. It could have well been two of us lying dead here but luck favored me today to survive. Let's not put his valor to waste. You three over there, take his body to the mortuary. Maybe the doctors can find something that will help us catch his killer."

"The rest of you, keep trying to wake up the others. An assassin infiltrating Marineford at this time is a serious matter. We need all the hands we can get."

She pondered ordering people to be on the lookout for him but since he wore a mask the entire time, she was probably the only one who knew his face so that was pointless. What was important was ensuring he didn't get off the island. Perhaps it was another stroke of luck that he chose to pose as an ensign. It would not be easy for an ensign to take a ship out of there on his own unless he stowed away on someone else's vessel.

Ritsu walked over to the bench to pick up her sleeping navigator, this time placing the dwarf in her pocket, before making her way out of the training area. She didn't even care about the rain anymore. Her next move was crucial. "Nen" left her alive for a reason when he could have easily killed her as well. He could have killed more people but only went after Xanus. The message was quite clear and he wanted someone to deliver it. He was after Celestial Dragons, and perhaps Nobles, hence the prince's fate. It had not been long since she was knocked out. Only a few minutes at most. He was still on this island and they had to catch him. And to do that, she needed that lock down authority.


What to do, What to do?!  - Page 2 Prkk2es

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