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1The New guy [ARC] Empty The New guy [ARC] on Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:38 pm


Task 1:

Task Name: Meet the Asshats
Tier: 1
Location: Base 45
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Arriving on base, Dojima gets to have a chance to meet the personnel of this fine establishment.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: No

Overcast, what a perfect day to be sent to basic training. Dojima sighed taking his first steps off of the marine cruiser that transported him here. Here he was, on Base #45 along with the rest of the ensigns. This marine ensign adjusted his hat as he looked upon what would be his new home. Upon entry the thick walls peered down at him. Making him feel as much trapped as he was safe. What kind of stuff do they do here? He wondered. He hadn't been given much in the official terms of information. As far as the marines had told him, this place was a holding island that kept low level scum. So this place usually kept newbie pirates or the occasional bandit. Though there were a couple rumors (mostly whispered by ensigns) that the place also kept and experimented on animals. That deep within the confines of the base strange creatures lurked.

"New Recruits! Line up!"

The voice thundered from behind him. Before he could contemplate more on the rumors, Dojima would quickly begin to get into line with the other ensigns. His back straightened as he stood. His legs were together and his feet had a 45 degree angle from where the heels came together. All in all it was a textbook example of the attention pose that would be drilled into each ensign during training. Dojima had taken a bit of initiative and learned it before he got there. With his uncle as a marine Dojima knew this was something he had to know. Dojima wondered who had ordered them to line up but kept his eyes forward. He didn't dare cock his head back to sate his curiosity. The punishment for being curious was never light.

He didn't have to wait long though. Before he could even contemplate what would happen next a tall figure brushed briskly passed him and the other ensigns. Dojima heard the being inhale once before the thunderous voice would boom through the air once again.


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2The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:54 pm


A few ensigns snickered at the man's greeting. One even responded back with a quiet 'hi' and another quietly chuckled. Dojima remained motionless and his face remained unfazed. Not a word nor sound escaped his lips. Though his ears did hurt from the boom of what one could call the being's voice. Dojima was almost sure that the entire base had heard the thing's announcement but didn't dare console his poor ears. He wasn't quite sure what the man's deal was but something told him, he couldn't afford to be disrespectful. Especially to someone who could be his superior.

The figure however didn't seemed angry at the response he got back. In fact he began to smile, no... the better word for it was a grin. Though the grin was eerie, to anyone who saw the grin they would go completely white. While considering Dojima's eyes weren't focusing on the figure and were straight ahead he avoided going white. However he could feel the tension among the other ensigns and fear began to grow in Dojima's stomach. The figure must have sensed Dojima's fear as he began to walk along the line before stopping right in front of Dojima.

"Ensign front."

Dojima turned, getting a better look at the man. Though Dojima was 6'1 he was dwarfed by the man. Though the man was unnaturally skinny for his size, he had a large presence. His face was slightly sunken and his ghost like appearance caused Dojima's eyes to widen ever so slightly. His appearance was so intimidating, especially with that unsettling grin that Dojima naturally put his guard up. The man scanned Dojima up and down almost as if he was looking for something.

"Why did u not respond to my greeting? Ensign... Kagerou."

"You didn't ask, sir." Dojima responded with the utmost seriousness in his tone.

A thud rang out. Air left Dojima's lungs. Gasping for air the young ensign fell to the ground holding his midsection. The strike had come so fast that he didn't exactly know how or why he had been hit. Though he didn't remain on the ground for long. With a cough or two he was back up, though his blank expression had been replaced with a scowl. His mind raced wondering why he had been struck. For what reason? He couldn't comprehend. All he knew was that his uncle had told him. By the time he looked up he could hear a few more groans coming from some of the other ensigns.

"For the few that hit the ground, you might have what it takes to make it out of here as marines. The rest of you, well... in civilian terms, are fucked. You see. Disrespect to superior will not be tolerated, though... I guess we'll fix that tonight. But that'll come later."

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3The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:34 pm


Dojima held his stomach as the man kept talking. Personally he wanted to tear his superior's eyes out but kept the urge to himself. It wouldn't be befitting to attack a superior. Even then it would probably end with him getting his ass kicked and getting locked up in one of the cells here. So he decided he would keep his hands to himself. At least that feeling in the pit of his stomach was gone.  For now at the very least. The man continued his speech.

"I am.. Commander Slime. Learn it, Remember it, and respect it cause as far as you are concerned. I am God! You better be thankful I'm even wasting my time greeting you little piss stains because as far as I know only 20% of you are gonna leave here as marines. The rest of you are gonna go back to civilian life with nightmares of your time here. My job is to kick the shit out of you until ya'll are respectable marines. Also just for the record, I love my job. If you can take it, good! Glad to have you in the marines. If you can't, good! It get's you out of my hair faster. Either way, I'm not a man of many words so today we are gonna start with a bit of introduction. All of you who received my tap of love. Come here front and center."

A couple more sounds could be heard among the ensigns. The irony of it didn't escape them. The man who just made a bunch of side comments and just gave that mini speech said that he wasn't a man of many words. Dojima however stayed silent as he had before. Resisting the urge to run up there and attack his superior he took a deep breath. Now that he had recovered from the body shot to the stomach, he made his way to the front along with two other marine ensigns. Slime scanned the three of them and with a grin he would clap his hands together.

"Good you three will be doing these lowlifes a special service. Since ya'll are capable of respect you might have what it takes to be a marine. Not only that from my observation ya'll aren't exactly strangers to combat. Though I'm curious, how well ya'll will do in said situations."

With a flick of his hand two marines would appear behind him holding cages.

"Time to see what you can do. eh?"


4The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:00 am


Mission 2:
Task Name: Lets see what you can do
Tier: 2
Location: Base 45
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Not one person is allowed on base and be defenseless. As an introduction he must show his skills to his superiors.
Enemy Details: 3 Tier 1 Dogs, 2 T1 Marine
Boss: N/A

The two marines stood on each side of Slime, each had a pair of cages in their possession. With a snap of his fingers the two marines would place the cases on the ground with Slime in the middle. Slime looked at the case and began to stroke his beardless chin. Dojima wondered what could be inside of the cages. They looked to be mobile containers similar to what one would keep a dog or a cat in. Though he stared at them intensely he couldn't make out what exactly was hiding inside of the cases.

"Bring one more set." Slime ordered to one of the marines on his left his bony finger outstretched to add emphasis.

The marine would disappear and in a moment return with two more cages. Taking each cage he precariously placed one on each side of Slime right next to the other pair of cases. Once the cases were in place Slime would point to one of the chosen ensigns. His sunken face kept its horrendous grin as he chose the ensign.

"Pick a number between one and six."

"Uh Two."

"Oh interesting." He would turn to one of the marines. " We got a coward." he laughed. With that he would kick one case on each side of him. The doors of the cages would swing open as two canines would walk out of them. There growls emanating from their bodies as they awaited for their orders. Seems like they didn't take the kick to kindly.

"I guess i should explain. In the world Pirates won't be your only enemies. Sometimes you will have to contest with the beast of the land. Now I want you to show me how you would contest with these beast. Though these dogs are meant to face you, they have been trained not to kill you... At least i believe this batch was. If we got them mixed up again... We'll send your family your carcass." he chuckled. "Rules are as follows, fight and win. Lose and well... you get the same punishment game as the rest of the riffraff... Begin"

One of the marines let out a whistle and the dogs of war pounced on the poor unsuspecting marine.

5The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:40 pm


Dojima watched as the ensign attempted to fight off the dogs. Though it didn't last very long, Dojima found it quite informative. Once the cages were open one of the marines would whistle as a signal for the demonstration to begin. The two dogs pounced on the ensign. At first the ensign seemed slightly confused and almost scared. Though he seemed to be quick on the uptake. With his right leg he kicked one of the dog's face as the canine was in mid air. Knocking the canine to the ground, the ensign looked very proud of himself. Unfortunately he made a mistake.

There were two dogs.

A simple miscalculation though it was no less deadly. Just knocking away a dog wasn't an accomplishment. The ensign never noticed that one of the dogs had moved behind him. Without warning the dog would tackle him from behind. Hitting the ground hard he flailed in an attempt to somehow knock the creature away from him. The agile beast was able to avoid the ensign's attack however. Then before one could blink the ensign would find his neck in between the teeth of the beast. With just a little bit of pressure the boy would be dead. Before the canine could land the final blow the marine whistled once again. The dogs released the ensign and began to back up. Slime let out a yawn before speaking.


"15 seconds." the whistling marine responded.

"Pathetic you could have at least lasted a minute. Sigh... what did they give me to work with. Alright next!" Slime said pointing his long bony finger at Dojima. "Let's see what you can do."

With the whistle the dogs came forth.

6The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:00 pm


However unlike the previous ensign, Dojima was ready. Hearing the whistle, Dojima rushed forward. His eyes trained on the creatures that were his opponents. Like before one of the canines jumped into the air, teeth bared. Dojima unlike the ensign did not just throw a kick to knock the beast away. Instead he lifted his left arm and pulled back his right. Once the beast had gotten close enough, Dojima twisted his body ever so slightly. A straight punch fired out from his side smashing into the beast's rib cage.

The dog let out a whine as it fell to the ground. Dojima unfortunately didn't have time not the energy to take pleasure in that. The other dog had disappeared. A force pressed upon Dojima's leg, it felt almost vice like. Looking down Dojima saw that unlike before the canine had went for his leg. Dojima eyes narrowed as he attempted to ignore the pain. He could tell that the creature was going easy on him. This was a warning bite. One wrong move and Dojima was not going to have a leg to stand on.

Looking down at the canine, Dojima had to make a decision. In a moment the other dog would be up and if he didn't deal with this hound now, he would end up like the last ensign. Widening his stance, he would lower his left arm and raise his right arm. Positioning it with a clear shot to the dog who had his leg. With all of his force he fired another straight punch downward at the nape of the beast. A loud cracking sound resonated through the crowd as blood spewed forth. Though the dog had let go of his leg, the pants leg of Dojima uniform was now bleeding. Not only that it had a few extra holes in it. The dog however, if it wasn't dead it was seriously wounded.

Slime's eyes widened ever so slightly seeing this ensign's courage. He would turn to his underlings and clap once more. Dojima would hear another whistle, though different from the two he had heard previously and in a moment he noticed a new contender had entered the ring. Looks like someone added a third dog into the ring.

Taking a deep breath, Dojima cracked his knuckles. Looks this demonstration was actually more of a hazing ritual if anything. Adrenaline was pumping through his veins so he could barely feel his wounded leg. Holding up his arms he prepared for his next confrontation.

7The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:35 pm


Staring down his opponent, Dojima would wait for it to engage on him. The canine rushed at Dojima at a break neck pace. Also as if it was blissfully unaware to how Dojima had handled the other mutts. Dojima unfortunately wasn't quite sure how he wanted to respond to this beast. Unlike with the last two he had some sort of idea of how they attacked. The first one would go for the jugular. If it failed the second one was to disable the opponent so they could move together to subdue the opponent. At the moment dog number 1 was laid out unconscious with what probably was a broken rib. The other one was most likely dead after being struck so hard at the nape. So Dojima didn't have to worry about them coming into the fray.

With a deep breath he awaited for the beast to pounce on him. If it went for his legs again, he was going to snap it's neck like a twig. If it jumped he would hit it as hard as he possibly could. With those two paths in his mind his response seemed perfect. Unfortunately the dog did neither of those things. Instead right when it got right outside of pouncing range it made a break left and began heading toward the last contender.

Dojima couldn't react in time as the canine jumped through the air and bit into the last ensign's arm. A blood curling scream filled the area making a few of the others turn white. This time there was no kindness, blood immediately began to bleed through the ensign's jacket. Dojima was flabbergasted. He couldn't believe at what he was witnessing.

"Ooooh, how unfortunate... Guess its now your turn? Rule #10 Always be on your guard. Never know when something might happen."

Dojima turned to his superior and scowled. Oh how he wanted to insert his bloody foot up that man's ass. Though right now he had to help his fellow ensign. Though before he could turn back and start making his way towards the other ensigns he found that the two marines who had brought the dogs in were now on both sides of him.

"Hm, I don't think those two really took too kindly to what you did to their dogs. I'd stop them... but like I said I really want to see what you can do."

Dojima couldn't believe it. An unrelated ensign had been assaulted by a beast. Instead of stopping the demonstration and helping him, Slime was more interested in seeing Dojima abilities. Dojima looked at the two marines at his sides. From a glance it was obvious that the two were decent enough combatants. Though Dojima wasn't exactly sure how skilled. Seeing as he was wounded he wasn't quite sure if he would be able to take the both of them.

"Am I allowed to concede?" he asked.

"Uhhhhh.. no." Slime responded.

8The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:27 am


Dojima sighed. At the moment he lacked the mobility to really dance around his opponents. So for the most part he remained motionless. Waiting for the perfect time to strike, or counter his enemy's attack. The two marine's had begun to circle Dojima, each one sizing him up. With the two enemies just circling him, Dojima couldn't help but be a little thankful. The two of them were seemingly unarmed. Had they carried even a wooden sword, then Dojima wouldn't have a chance in hell.

The two marines would walk around Dojima a total of 3 times before one made their move. It came from behind. The first marine caught Dojima from behind and held him. Even with Dojima struggling the marine held tight. Only thing Dojima seemed to be able to move was his head. The other one immediately took Dojima from the front and began to fire body shot after body shot to his midsection.

Pain welled up in the new marine recruit as he was unable to do anything about the blows he was taking. He wanted to cry out. He wanted to scream. He wanted this to end. He even had begun to lose consciousness. Yet he remained standing. The thought of Slime's the satisfaction of seeing him in pain filled him with determination. He didn't want to lose. Clenching his teeth he took a deep breath. Taking the next body shot, Dojima gathered all of his strength and headbutted the marine behind him. The first marine loosened his grip allowing Dojima to wiggle free.

The second marine jumped back expecting Dojima to run him down. Fortunately that wasn't the plan. The second marine would get his turn later. Instead Dojima turned around and grabbed the still stunned marine by his collar. Pulling him in, Dojima smashed his forehead into the marine's nose. Not once, not twice, but thrice. Until the marine's blood was not only pouring down his nose but had left a stain on the ensign's forehead. Clenching his right hand, he finished the marine off with a hay maker to the jaw. The first marine fell like a ton of bricks. Leaving Dojima alone with the second marine.

The second marine surprised at what he just saw simply stared at the ensign in front of him. Dojima scowled as he lifted his arms to form his guard once again. His eyes trained on his opponent before him, ignoring the pain in his midsection.


The marine obliged. As the marine ran at him, Dojima once again pulled his arm back as he had done many times before. Gathering all of his remaining strength into this strike. He didn't care that if Slime deemed so that Dojima would have to continue fighting. The anger in him didn't even think that far, all he had at that moment was one thought. Defeat the enemy. Once the opponent had gotten in range, Dojima fired his powerful straight once again.

The marine's face changed from a look of surprised to a pained expression instantly. Dojima could even hear the sound of a bone breaking. Luckily it didn't belong to him. Now with both marines at his feet Dojima turned back to see the last ensign standing over a definitely dead dog. It looked like he didn't need Dojima's help after all.

"Oh you did better than i expected." Slime said seeming slightly bemused.


9The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:18 pm


Task 3:

Task Name: A Night to Remember
Tier: 1
Location: Base 45
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Dojima's first night on Base 45. One would have thought he would be lonely but his comrades thought of a great way to cheer him up. A blanket party!!!
Enemy Details: 2 Tier 1 Marines
Boss: No

Hours had passed since the demonstration. Dojima stared at the ceiling of the infirmary. His leg thankfully hadn't been bitten too hard so he would be able to get to work in the morning. His mind went over what exactly had happened at the end of the event. Slime, the eerie Commander had congratulated him and the other ensign for a job well done. With a wave of his hand he dismissed the two of them to get treated. Dojima after getting his leg treated had decided to look out the window which overlooked the Commander with the other ensigns.

The Ensigns were having an all out brawl. The commander strolled through the conflict nodding his head as the ensigns fought one another. Dojima wondered what the Commander was doing. What had happened to cause such chaos, and why wasn't he doing anything about it? It wasn't until he saw Slime pick up an unconscious ensign and toss him back onto the ship did Dojima get an idea. Slime was thinning out the herd. Getting rid of the people he didn't need. Dojima watched as one by one the group of ensigns began to dwindle until there were only 5 left. From there Slime would give a signal and the group would stop fighting.

From there Dojima stopped watching the display. One part because it was over, the other part was he noticed Slime had began staring at him. He still held the same off putting grin about him. Dojima shivered. It gave him the creeps. Either way, it wasn't long before he fell asleep.

10The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:32 pm


Dojima's awakening couldn't have been any ruder if you tried. He got the pleasure of awaking to a lack of air, lack of sight, and someone's foot jamming itself into his stomach. What a way to wake up, he didn't regain sight until whomever blinded and struck him threw him on the floor and took away whatever was obscuring his vision. Upon regaining his vision he noticed two familiar faces looking down on him.

"Remember us?"

Dojima wanted to curse and respond but could only cough in response. Looks like the two marines whose butts he whooped had come back for revenge. Dojima wondered if they had been ordered to do this, or if they were just that petty. Either way it didn't matter. Dojima was in some deep shit if he didn't do something, and quick. Before he could even take a look around himself, he found his face kissing the marble floor.

"I don't know how a brat like you ever survived the first day. Shit like you should have ended up as dog chow. But no because of you we had to dig 2 new ditches today." One said.

"Yeah, but don't worry you won't be the only one taking this beating, we'll take care of the other one once we are done here."

With that One pushed Dojima's face up with his foot then sent another swift kick to Doji's chest. The other one would grab Dojima and hold him by the hair. Dojima would peek to see a similiar ugly grin that he had seen on the Commander's face. Were all marines around here like that?

"But don't worry we are gonna take our time playing with you."

11The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:36 pm


Dojima stared at the grin, peering down at him. Seemingly mocking him at his current state. Why did he have to endure this, he wondered. He had already been wounded in the demonstration of which he had not volunteered for. Now he must deal with these guys who just wanted petty revenge for a situation that he had not part in creating. Why?

It was at that moment Dojima snapped. He couldn't take it anymore. He had only been here for one day and yet he had been abused to this extent. Attacked by dogs, had to fight marines that he was aspiring to be, and then attacked in the night by those same marines. Enough was enough. He spat in the face of the marine standing above him. The marine in shock let go of Dojima's hair and begin  to lift his foot to stomp Dojima's face into the marble.

"Why you little."

The marine dropped his foot with no remorse. Though the attack never reached its target. Dojima wasn't going to let himself be put down so easily. Not by scum like this. In his right hand, he held the marine's foot. His left hand had already been curled into a fist and shot out. The marine's face contorted in pain as he fell to the ground holding something precious. Crying out in a few octaves higher than usual.

"He.... punched... me in... the dick... why? did he punch me in the dick."

Dojima stood up and spat on the fallen marine. Then he turned his head towards the other marine and cracked his knuckles.

"Maybe if you had came at me like a man, I wouldn't have done you the favor of saving you thousands of dollars in reassignment surgery... But don't worry, your friend is next."

The other marine looked at Dojima horrified at his act. Dojima didn't hesitate, he rushed at the other marine. Screams could be heard coming from the hospital rooms as the conflict continued. A curious ensign had in all the commotion decided to check out what happened. When he opened the door, he saw Dojima walking out with a fresh new marine jacket. He looked at the other marine and simply said,

"Can you call a doctor? The two in there have been severely wounded. I don't know by what exactly.. but the seemed in such bad shape i gave them my bed.. Also might want to call a janitor about the blood." Dojima smiled.

12The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:36 pm


Task 4:

Task Name: The Night Shift
Tier: 1
Location: Base 45
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: The next night Dojima is left to make rounds around the base. Making sure nothing strange happens. As he makes rounds he hears something strange coming from one of the holding cells.
Enemy Details: 4 tier 0 pirates and 2 tier 1 pirates
Boss: No

The next couple of days had been relatively normal. Which was surprising considereing how his first day went. He and the other ensigns were briefed on the day to days affairs of the base. They were all assigned odd jobs fitting of those who just arrived. If it wasn't for all the commotion of the first day, Dojima would have been content. At the moment however, Dojima was a little on edge. He had assaulted two of his superiors and wounded them heavily. Yet there was no report, no reprimand, hell he hadn't even seen the two of them since the incident. Not only that the ensign who found them seemed to be suspiciously quiet. Dojima wondered what exactly happened. He expected to get locked up by now, or at kicked out of the marines by now. Yet nothing... Did Slime even know about this?

Either way it didn't matter. If he was going to get disciplined, it long since passed the time for him to get it. Right now he had to focus on the task at hand. Which in this case was the night shift. He was meant to patrol a certain area and make sure nothing of note happened. In this case it was going to be the prison where the pirates were kept. Thankfully all he needed to do was watch over them and make sure nothing happened. The only downside was that he was going to have to do this alone.

Turns out the two marines he defeated were meant to show him how things were done during the night shift. Well that is unfortunate. Now he had to walk around #45 making sure that no one escaped or did something stupid. Though as far as Dojima was concerned, this was the life of the marine. One had to do their duty no matter how hard it was made for them.

13The New guy [ARC] Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:08 pm


Dojima began his tour around the base. For the most part it was quiet. Most of the inmates seemed to be asleep along with the marines that were guarding them. Dojima held up a book and wrote down a note. It was shameful but Dojima was given the task to report on what exactly was going on. He had to do his duty. As he continued walking he heard what seemed to be moaning coming from one of the cells. At first Dojima thought someone was performing the act of self pleasure and was going to leave it alone. That was until he started to notice that the moaning started to now seem like groaning. Turning around he peered into the cell to see a man slumped over with what looked to be blood pooling from his body.

Dojima quickly awakened the sleeping marines. Upon telling them of what was happening the marines quickly opened the cell door. Once Dojima peered inside he felt something push him in and heard the sound of the door shutting behind him. Dojima turned to see two familiar marines looking down on him with the familiar ugly grins on their faces.

"Are you fucking serious?" Dojima asked, feeling the rage boiling inside of him.

"Have fun with your new friends."


At that moment a blade whizzed passed Dojima's face. Turning around he saw that the fallen man was not alone. Within the cell there were 5 other people. Dojima cursed to himself as he rose his guard. He had been tricked into a cell with pirates who not only out numbered him 6 to 1 but they also had weapons. Glancing at the opponents before him he made a mental not of how well armed they were. Two of them had knives. The other 4 were bare handed. Though it seemed the the ones with knives stood back. Dojima guessed it was because they felt the 4 could handle him. Oh how wrong they were.

The four all rushed at Dojima at once. Lifting his arm ever so slightly, he leaned to the left and sent out two jabs. Once to two of the pirates. Each one aimed at their noses. They quickly hit their mark and caused the two to stumble for a moment. For the other two, Dojima quickly spun his body, pushing out his elbow catching the third one in the eye. For the forth one, he would grab and pull at the man's ears. From there he would transition to holding the man's head and bringing it down on his knee. The man slumped over from the impact and had lost conscious.

However there were still 3 opponents left to fight. Of the two who recieved a tap to the nose. Dojima pounced on them. Curling two fingers he struck at one of their eyes. The man screamed in pain. Though Dojima wasn't done yet. Using and elbow strike to the jaw he put the man down before spinning around to send a round house kick to the other disabled man. The kick whipped through air making an audible crack when it came into contact with the pirate's ribs. THe pirate's face contorted in pain and he was brought to his knees.

The third pirate once he regained sight of what was going on simply looked at Dojima in disbelief and simply said,

"Make it quick."

Dojima obliged and sent a straight punch to his jaw line causing him to collapse. Once he was done he looked to the armed pirates and motioned at them.

"Come then, don't worry after I'm done with you two. I'll crush the two who put ya'll up to this much worse then what I did to them." Dojima said frankly

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The two armed pirates simply smiled and bared their knives. Dojima didn't care though. If these pirates were anything like the 4 he took on. They were gonna be no issue, with or without weapons. Either way he was still gonna have to deal with the knives in their hands. Less he wanted to be a shishkabob at the end of this. Fortunately for him they came one at a time. The first one ran at him, with what looked to be an attempt to stab at Dojima's body. Dojima simply side stepped the assault. Spun around and landed a elbow strike to the back of the man's head causing him to fall down. Dojima smirked as he began to reach down to take the knife from the thought unconscious man. That was until he noticed the man twitch.

Dojima jumped back as the pirate jumped back up and began slashing at him. Dojima cursed. Looks like this guy was playing dead, he had a lot more sense than the 4 Dojima had just taken down. Either way it didn't change the fact that Dojima had to deal with them. As the blade began to make its way towards Dojima's face he quickly caught the man by the wrist. With his other hand he struck at the man's elbow as hard as he could. A loud crack sound came followed by a loud whimper. The man dropped the knife and held his now broken arm. Dojima didn't stop though. With another strike the man was seeing stars.

Dojima picked up the knife and looked at the other pirate. The pirate didn't even wait for Dojima to ask him anything. He just came swinging the knife like a mad man. Dojima wasn't even impressed. He moved his body dodging the pirate's swings and now he was reaching the edge of his patience stabbed the knife into the pirate's stomach. Then grabbing the man's knife wielding arm he then threw the man into the cell door. His body smashed into the door, which seemingly refused to open. Dojima looked at the two who trapped him there and kicked at the pirate who was now pinned to the door. The cell shook. Dojima simply said three words to the two that trapped him there.

"Let me out."

The two looked at each other. Almost debating whether or not they should do it. Dojima kicked at the cell again. They looked into his eyes and knew what would happen to them if they didn't let him out. So the two of them would open the gate and Dojima alone, holding two of the knives the pirates held came out. Dropping them before the two marines he looked at them and whispered.

"You're lucky I still need you two to watch over these guys. If I didn't this wouldn't be a repeat of the infirmary... But worse" he said.

The two marines stared at Dojima in fear and quickly took the knives and ran back to post. As they ran Dojima yelled out to them.

"Make sure you get a doctor to look at one of them. Looks like he might be bleeding out."

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