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29The New guy [ARC] - Page 3 Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:37 pm


Task Name: Fuck you #45
Tier: 1
Location: Base 45
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After the events that occured its been a few months since then. Dojima is offered to stay at Base #45
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: No

Once they arrived at the camp, Dojima couldn't wait to find himself a seat. In fact he was so impatient that he took a seat on the ground near the enterance. The ensigns at first looked at him surprise but instead of questioning him, they simply dragged him into a tent. Inside the tent Dojima noticed a pair of familiar marines. Staring directly at him, the two looked at each other. One of them began to open their mouth to say something but Dojima quickly cut him off.

"Save it. If you're the ones who sent the help, thanks. So how soon till we start looking to take it back?"

The second one was next one to speak. Shockingly enough Dojima hadn't expected him to speak.

"You won't, you ensigns are going to go on the next ship out of here. You're to wet behind the ears to be dealing with pirates. Also we didn't authorize for them to go save you. They did that on their own, thank god you didn't run into any trouble.... you didn't run into and trouble right?"

Dojima remained silent, but one of the ensigns began to blurt out the entirety of the situation. Going as far to even point out Dojima's actions explicitly. Dojima didn't respond. He couldn't, he was way to tired to do anything of the sort. In fact he wanted to sleep if more than anything. The two marines, stared in shock as the ensign told his story. One of the marines turned to Dojima and sighed.

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30The New guy [ARC] - Page 3 Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:45 pm


He must've noticed Dojima was about to nod off when he spoke.

"You're a troublesome one you know that? Well I guess that is what makes good marines. Men! Get him to the infirmary tent. We'll have him out of here before he wakes up."

Dojima didn't remember much after that. He felt his body become light as a feather. Almost as if he was lifted from the ground and into the clouds. From there he remembered a bright light. People always say never to approach the bright light. To run away from it, keep oneself out of it less one wants to enter the other world. Dojima however didn't even have the inclination to walk towards it. Instead he sat there watching it glow. In his mind he wondered about his entire experience at base 45. Did he really want to be a marine after all this? The Commander had released a group of beast on the island and attempted to kill him, for what? To hide some research? Dojima wondered what the research could be used for. He didn't think much about the abhorrent at this moment, and in time his mind would begin to rest as he felt the sweet embrace of sleep take him.

When he awoke, he nearly headbutted another ensign. Mostly due to the fact that they had been standing over him. Dojima looked up at them and asked,

"Were you watching me sleep."

"No time, your ship his here." a feminine voice replied.

31The New guy [ARC] - Page 3 Empty Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:56 pm


Dojima opened his mouth, but didn't have time to get any questions out. Before he knew it, he was pulled by some strong individual and taken to a ship. Once he was freed of the strong grasp, Dojima felt a stinging pain in his shoulder. He looked over. His shoulder was completely bandaged, Dojima reasoned that he had been receiving medical treatment while he was unconscious. He tried to stand, but found it difficult until he grasped the railing. By the time he was up and about he noticed that Base 45 was in the distance. It seemed that his time there had been put to a pause.

Dojima looked at the island and scowled. He didn't have too many good memories there, and why should he? He had been beaten, abused, and almost killed. Not only that he had almost became animal chow to a beast that was not of nature. Though Dojima didn't hate the base itself, instead he was more curious than anything. Why were they doing that sort of research? What was it supposed to accomplish? Why did he need to die for being in the wrong place? Dojima stood and meditated on it for a moment before coming to a conclusion. He wanted answers. There was one man who could give it to him. Slime, had fled during the prison break. Hell, he could still be on the island. Dojima knew that the man was his only lead. Since it was unlikely for him to comeback. Dojima sighed as Base 45 disappeared in the distance.

Im coming for you Slime.

[Exit task]

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