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1An Uncommon Reunion  Empty An Uncommon Reunion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:25 pm


Making a Gift:

It was a day of reflection for Ataru, a day of serene peace. The first thing he needed to accomplish today was merging all the new gear he had acquired together, he gathered up his latest shipment. He was sure his friend would be more than thrilled to see the gift that he made him. It was time that he started showing the world what he was capable of, Ataru was done with being thrown around the seas by random crews. When he met he would ask to serve under him, as long as his principles hadn’t been morphed too much. Pulling out the leather gloves Ataru, grabbed his latest shipment of dials. He wanted to put the thunder in the right and the axe blade in the left. He examined the holes and thought better than putting the dials in them. It would take too much work since the holes were already made, instead he looked at the top portion of the gloves. He had his toolkit out and his jeweler glasses on it was important to be precise when using material like leather, it wasn’t as a blunt approach as his gauntlets. He flexed and tensed the leather gloves in his hands feeling how it would tug which way and that from weight. Wear and tear would most definitely happen in the lifespan of gloves like these and that had to be taken into account as well. Ataru wondered if every craftsmen considered such things as he carefully measured the distance. Ataru was well versed in the math necessary to accurately estimate the best placement of the dial on the upper portion of the glove in a way that it wouldn’t effect the wearer in comfort. He attached it to the glove shaving of parts here and there barely noticing the effort it took this was muscle memory at this point. As he finished with the thunder dial he took up the axe dial. He looked at it earnestly in the sunlight dials always had the most beautiful designs. Even after seeing more than probably multiple men's lifetime Ataru still loved every design. The very power of nature, instills its power in every piece. He was already shaving away at the axe dial as he finished his quasi prayer in his head to dials. It wasn’t unusual for him to get wrapped up in his work. Ataru was now measuring the gloves even when he does get wrapped up the muscle memory kicks in. The process should be a flawless and Ataru made sure that with every product that was insured. He finished up the placement then got his drill out creating the holes he needed in order to create a seamless activation mechanism. When the user put on the gloves  their fingers would go through the holes where the dial and fingers meet. To activate the dial the user would have to press at the joints specifically. This was for two reasons one it gave his Dial the skew needed for easier pressure and it allowed it further back from the fist. With this method the user could make a fist with no worries of activating it and throw a punch if necessary. It was another flawless Minstrel production he got the brand out and put the insignia in each glove’s inside tiny and barely noticeable. He wrapped up the gift to give to his friend.

As Ataru emerged from his captain quarters on the sub after finishing his gift. HE thought back to the night before when he received an interesting transmission on his Den Den. It seemed that one of his training day friends from back in the revolution was on island. Furthermore he sent a message arranging a meeting at a bar a town an hour or so away from the port he was at. He told Rosa he was off to do work that he'd call when he was headed back. He was in his typical attire for the cold he had started to become acclimated. It was going to be a long walk to the town, Ataru didn't like meeting to near his sub for trust reasons. That's when some snow from a tree hit him and changed his mind. Shivering as he walked he made it to the town at a pretty average rate. The walk had warmed him a tiny bit but he was still a shivering a tiny bit. He would clench his teeth in closer while walking into the arranged bar.

It was a typical hole in wall establishment, only one story with a possible basement Ataru couldn't be sure until he went inside. The sign outside it read the Rusty Flaggard, the wood of the sign was slowly peeling back. In a couple years it wouldn't be surprising if the carving was so deteriorated a name wouldn't be decipherable. This was his preferred scene for a social meeting, mostly because the drinks would be cheap. Ataru hadn't drank with someone in quite some time, especially since he doesn't like to drink during business deals. Only one or two to keep the other party trusting, he chuckled at his own thoughts as he pushed open the bar door.

He was greeted with the usual cacophony of drinkers, walking straight up to the bar keep he ordered himself some rum. Glancing around the bar he could see that it was a small establishment only 2,000 square feet at most. There were a couple tables littered around with no particular organization. He would sip it slowly while taking a seat at the bar. There was an empty seat to his left which he would save for his friend, the guy to the right struck up conversation with Ataru. Not really paying him to much mind Ataru carried on the conversation. He found it nice to act like everyone else every so often.

WC: 413/400


[b]Equipment Name:[/b] Axe Dial
[b]Equipment Class:[/b] Attachment
[b]Equipment Type:[/b] Dial
[b]Equipment Tier:[/b] 3
[b]Range:[/b] Contact
[b]Equipment Description:[/b] The Axe Dial (斬撃貝(アックスダイアル) Akkusu Daiaru?, literally translated as "Slicing Attack Shell") which cannot be found in Skypiea, delivers a thin blast of air in the shape of an X and is capable of slicing through a man and his iron shield in one blow. The fifty Goat-like Enforcers, known as the Militia, each have one and their commander, Yama, has a belt of them. Like the Impact Dial, its main use is in Sky Warfare but in some situations, it may be appropriate for other uses.
[b]Equipment Ability:[/b] Fires an X of sharp air pressure upon contact with Dial Damage and size is Tier based. Each blade is .5m in length and thin as a sword edge.
[b]Attachments:[/b] N/A
[b]Units per slot:[/b] 1
[b]Duration:[/b] Instant
[b]Cooldown[/b] 1 Post

[b]Equipment Name:[/b] Thunder Dial
[b]Equipment Class:[/b] Attachment
[b]Equipment Type:[/b] Dial
[b]Equipment Tier:[/b] 1-6
[b]Range:[/b] (8m,12m,20m,25m,30m,35m)
[b]Equipment Description:[/b] The Thunder Dial (雷貝(サンダーダイアル) Sandā Daiaru?, literally translated as "Lightning Seashell") is used for storing and releasing electricity.
[b]Equipment Ability:[/b] The Thunder Dial allows the user to fire a bolt of lighting or stream of electricity. The electricity must be natural or less than or equal to the Dials Tier. Tier 3-4 2nd Degree Burns and paralysis in struck general area for 2 post Speed Tier 4.
[b]Attachments:[/b] N/A
[b]Units per slot:[/b] 1
[b]Duration:[/b] 1 Post
[b]Cooldown[/b] 2 Post

[b]Equipment Name:[/b] Leather Gloves
[b]Equipment Type:[/b] Armor
[b]Strength Req.:[/b] 1
[b]Equipment Description:[/b]Basic pair of leather training gloves their is a hole in the palm.
[b]Attachments:[/b] T3 Thunder Dial and T3 Axe Dial
[b]Curse or Devil Fruit:[/b] N/A
[b]Materials:[/b] Leather
[b]Units per Slot:[/b] 2


2An Uncommon Reunion  Empty Re: An Uncommon Reunion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:39 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
The time and place had already been handled, he nervously wondered what he was doing was worth the risk. The man he once knew might not have even been the same man. After all these year either one of them could have changed in such a vast way.  Usually he wouldn't go anywhere in Public without at least 10 of his men walking with him.  Tonight he simply brought only five. It might of seemed like a bit too much to meet an old "friend" but, he wasn't the trusting type anymore. Within minutes he had reached the location agreed upon, no one would thinking of finding a Revolutionary Officer within the walls of a place so broken down to bare minimal needs for a drink. It wasn't like they were flourishing with Beli but it had it's perfects. Mastering his mind to mold Robotic limbs didn't hurt either, not to mention the drugs and chemicals he had been reworking to use against the Marines and Government officials around these parts. He had made it to the door and paused. Nodding to it the door flung open as one of his men entered to ensure there was no traps awaiting inside.  After another entered before him he then followed, heading towards bar. He signaled his men to enjoy themselves. "Drinks on me boys, not too much though we have work to do later."  He stepped away from his men  

As he grabbed the chair the sleeve of his black jacket rose up a bit on his forearm, showing his pale skin ever s slightly. As he took a seat he pulled back on his black shirt to prevent himself from sitting on it. His crimson red hair waved down in front of his eyes. Looking over to his old training partner his emerald hues danced back to the front of the bar top. "What's the chances of a guy like you doing in a place like this?" It had been a long time since the two of them would have met eyes, if Knuckles could even do so. With the things he had done up till this point was he not the same man back when they were just Recruits. Now Knuckles was an Officer moving higher up the ladder though these promotions came with bits of his humanity.Just how much did his old pale change over the years too?


3An Uncommon Reunion  Empty Re: An Uncommon Reunion on Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:11 pm


Ataru saw his friend enter the bar with an entourage, he was running 5 deep. He must of been climbing up the ladder if he had men, Ataru remembered when he had similar dreams before Baltigo changed everything. As he sat down Ataru greeted him with a large smile speaking, it was like no time had passed between them at all."To be honest I'm surprised you showed up, I know how clandestine your employer can be."He made sure to emphasize the your implying he was no longer a revolutionary."I have not just called you, for a reunion I'm looking to expand my business. So first I have a simple question for you, what are your dreams. Not your goals or ambitions I mean if you could recreate the world in your image what would it be?" Finishing his question Ataru took another sip from his glass of rum. It's aged vanilla wasn't as noticeable as he enjoyed but he'd give it a 3/5.

Ataru would continue his smile while listening to whatever Knuckles said. Ataru hoped that his goals hadn't changed much since they were in camp together. One could never be to sure how time affected one's life, Ataru feelings towards the government had definitely changed.I wonder how high of a rank he is, in any case I need ambition so hopefully he has plenty give. It'll have to be a similar set up to Mangetsu though, privacy will be even more important especially as the business expands.

After Knuckle was finished talking regardless of what he said, Ataru would pull out a box from underneath his chair."I brought a gift for you, a thanks for all the times you listened to me ramble on about dials. Also regardless of what happens today I want you to know we are still friends, this represents that good will." Ataru wasn't ready to explain to Knuckles what his business was just yet. It wouldn't surprise him if he asked, in which case Ataru would describe different aspects. He'll find out EvenTuaLly they AlllllWays do. What DO YOU think will happen, they don't like you. They don't trust you, trust trust trust.

With the voices becoming stronger in his head Ataru decided that he didn't need to finish his rum. He would let it sit on the bar for the rest of the conversation, it seemed harder everyday to ignore them. He had thought for a short while that alcohol would help, before it ruined one of his potential best sales. Sunk costs, sunk costs its in the past I have to stay centered for this meeting. Ataru wouldn't give off any particular signs that of his inner turmoil. Though when the voices are talking he does either look at the ground or around the bar.

WC: 465/400


4An Uncommon Reunion  Empty Re: An Uncommon Reunion on Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:31 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
It was true, Knuckles was the only one of the two to still be employed through the Revolutionary. He wasn't as well equipped at business as his associate when it came down to seeing a business opportunity. He needed the organizational to keep his research and experiments ongoing. Knuckles wasn't so gun ho to the Rev as he ounce was, he understood it too had its faults and issues, though the lesser of two evil was still evil. Which was why this serious question had came to a shook so sudden in the 'catching up' part of the conversation.  Turning his hues to the dark skin male he leaned forward. "In my vision? What's this so suddenly about?" Nevertheless he knew there was a reason behind the question, his friend never acted without reason or a plan in mind. He was leading towards something, what is was is the unknown part. "In my vision of the world, there would be laws, security, power, and struggles. Much like the one we live in though with out so much suffering... Why must one man use his power to control another? Slavery would end , there are plenty of way to work ones loans off without a generation of slaves. Slavery is a scam for those who get suckered into it, working a dept off through slavery only increase your dept as the cost of living is taxed into your fees. "  A facial expression of anger flashed over his face. A burning red tint flushed his face as his blood boiled simply discussing and thinking about it. "Then the ones who use their power to capture the weak and force them into are even worse!"

His fist slammed down into the table, his hues were like dagger as the focused in on his old friend. In the rear of the establishment the shuffling of chairs could be heard as his men stood to their feet to see in their officer was in need.  Seeing this he waved his hand for them to seat them selves back down. Knuckles had allowed his thought to overcome his professionalism, something that didn't happen often but did occur. Then to add to the confusion he was presented with a gift. Taking the box into his hands he opened it, seeing a pair of gloves with a set of Dails upon them. Slipping them on he flexed his hands out and made a fist a few times. A dumb founded look was now worn on his face. "I have nothing to offer you for these so why?"

His friend then mention they were a token of good will to ensure their friendship was still solid. A smile flushed through the once angry look showing gratefulness. Bowing his head he thanked his friend. "Thank you,Ataru."


5An Uncommon Reunion  Empty Re: An Uncommon Reunion on Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:00 pm


Listening to Knuckles his world didn't seem to different, at his first mention of the word slaves Ataru cringed a tiny bit. The voices inside Ataru were at an all time ruckus, he coulnd't even tell where one of the voices began and ended. The pressure of it all made him feel a tiny bit light headed. Still he forced himself to listen, this was the bread and butter of wheat he had been waiting for. The whole reason for meeting laid on this, and ultimately Knuckles was the product Ataru wanted. Granted he would never speak that way to anyone, people often mistook his labeling of being a product as someone being an object. This was not true either Ataru language was a result of his constant time in the underworld. Everything is a product to a broker, and when you think like one your business flourishes. Ataru found that Knuckles explanation was exactly what he was looking for, it was time to present his side of the offer. He seemed quite confused by the whole situation, which was understandable Ataru hadn't given him much information prior to the meeting.

"Interesting, and you sell yourself much to short Knuckles you have plenty to offer me. I'd like to help you create your New World, while increasing my own business. I'd only have two conditions the first would be privacy, my business is my business no one else. The second would be trust that will be harder to build, but its a two way street. So for now I will trust you until you are convinced. You're probably wondering what I bring to the table, besides being a businessman. First I have Underworld connections I work for the broker the Minstrel  and sometimes assume the pseudonym myself. The second is my swordsmanship, I know it wasn't the best when we first met but I can assure you I've improved greatly. Lastly my dials, combined with your inventions could move the entire seas by themselves. So what do you say Knuckles will you let me join you?"

As Ataru continued to speak his voice became more confident becoming more comfortable with the conversation while slowly drowning out the voices with his own ambitions. By the end of it you couldn't even tell he was a little bit off to begin with. If Knuckles accepted his deal Ataru would unsheathe his sword and drop it in front of him saying. "Then from now on this sword is yours, I pledge myself to you Knuckles Shi. Don't die to soon this pledge doesn't transfer to your next in command." He chuckled at his own joke then took another small drink hoping the voices would stay away for a while.

WC: 456/400


6An Uncommon Reunion  Empty Re: An Uncommon Reunion on Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:09 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
What an unexpected turn that had occurred. Knuckles had no idea what to even say or do, he had been taken completely off his game. Taking a second he placed a hand on his allies shoulder. "When did you become so formel?" A joke likely being played upon"Your terms are solid, but this isn't MY new world we will make it's theirs too." him. He motioned towards his group of Greenhorns tagging along with him. It was true, he put his faith in them as they did in him. A symbiotic relationship if you would as he couldn't lead without them and they have no command without him. They needed each other to keep life going the way it was or where it was headed. WIth the help of Ataru's connections they could get more supplies for the on going overtake of the government and war with the Marines. His knowledge of business like environments would also play key when attempting to get a Territory's leader to swing his/hers support to the Revolutionaries. Knuckles was no fool though, there was more to this transaction, the fine print had been removed from this deal but the contract was solid. "What you do after hours is on you, I only ask that you don't drag any of it into the lives of the men who serve under me. I can handle it. but they fight for the cause only. Considered your back covered and our forces united."

The male gathered his posture and smiled, another victory achieved. Though most business would have to be conducted outside of his boss's knowing. It wasn't openly accepted working with someone who abandoned the cause. The fight for the cause was a bunch of horse shit anyway. Just Another group of jackasses attempting to put themselves in the driver's seat of the world and rake in the profits of a war while the middle men did all the work. At least Knuckles had a reasonable goal, the Revolutionaries was just a gate way to achieve that goal. In that aspect the two newly joined forces weren't so different, and neither were the trust issues amongst them. "Well Ataru,
where shall we start? I'm assuming if you had this proposal in mind you had a plan for both answers.
SO where are we heading?"


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7An Uncommon Reunion  Empty Re: An Uncommon Reunion on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:28 pm


Sheathing his sword he wondered what kind of tattoo this crew would have. Ataru was surprised by Knuckles acceptance of his offer. He set up this meeting knowing he had some chance of success but he had planned resistance. Perhaps I'm a greater merchant than I think,and he is a friend I should assure him about my business practices.He had laughed at the formal part, that was right he didn't need the slave manners around friends.It had been so long since he had talked to someone that knew him before Baltigo. This arrangement would be perfect, maybe he could relax a little it had been so long. He couldn't even visibly remember, what did casual talk like what did he use to talk like?

"Yeah man, its been a long ass time since I've talked to someone not related to business. By the way, if any of my business gets involved with any of you then that matter is no longer private." He chuckled at the thought of one of his men being involved in his business. Then again it wasn't directly stated anywhere that the revolution had to get rid of slavery. It was a drawing point for many, but he had heard of one or two who thought differently. Honestly, he probably would rather kill anyone who got involved in my business. It is nice to see someone actually care about their men in the revolution.

Knuckles began speaking again he wanted to discuss plans. Ataru had expected this conversation to happen in the bar as well. It seems that Knuckles did remember him pretty well because he expected it as well."Actually yeah, its another present of sorts. My old partner Aloeus has popped up on the seas according to a source, he would be a great help. The first thing we need to do to establish our names on the seas,and to do that we need a great crew. So I think that should be our priority first, after that I would say establishing a base of operations." Ataru did hope that Aloeus was still interesting with working together, he still hadn't asked what rank Knuckles is. Not that it mattered he had men about him, he wondered if he should explain that Aloeus was  a dwarf. Na i'll tell him on the boat.

"By the way Captain, you got a way from island to island? My log pose and navigator are set for a while, but I figured we could get crew then come back here." He'd wait for an answer, honestly if he didn't they could just wait out the log pose wouldn't take that long. At least he didn't imagine it would it was his first island after all.

WC: 446/400


8An Uncommon Reunion  Empty Re: An Uncommon Reunion on Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:43 am

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Things were starting to fall into place for the whole business meeting. Already to use of each-other was starting it seemed, still they were friends or rather used to be.  Those people they were weren't the same sitting here. "Currently I'm using my escort services. I'm a Lieutenant now. Newly appointed anyway.The Revs have been good to me for the most part. I seek to do good by them but to keep my own private missions under the radar. I'm sure as a Broker you would understand, not many are open minded to my research. Anyway, we shouldn't have an issue getting your old partner. I look  forward to meeting him. See what kind of crowds you hung with once we parted ways."   It was true, the company you kept said more about you then a story written by ones self. It did them more justice or harm depending on the person. Knuckles called over the barkeep then pointed to some random bottle on the self. The Bartender nodded and poured a glass.
Knux then turned to face the door. "Here here boys! To a new ALLY" They all six rose their glass honoring the deal with Ataru. He foreseen great profits for the both of them in the future.  Though he also could see great danger and many obstacles in the way.  After cheering the darker skinned male Knuckles took a gulp of his drink finishing it in all. It sounded like a new journey was starting, he hope to keep his men safe and well. He would have to explain to advantages of this to his Navigator North. He wasn't going to be a fan most likely. After all he didn't like unknown, and they really didn't know much about Ataru, and he was sure Ataru  wanted it to stay that way. After all his business was only good if it was discreet. That was okay with Knuckles, he didn't want too much attention at this point. After his promotion people would start to know who he was, and a bigger target would be placed on his back. It was important that he kept an eye out for all possible outcomes with this new partnership. Ataru  was never a rat or a betrayer back in the day, but something had changed within the man. He was never cheerful, but he was never this gloomy either.


9An Uncommon Reunion  Empty Re: An Uncommon Reunion on Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:57 pm


They cheered at the new addition to their crew, it was an odd feeling the happiness from belonging. It had been quite some time since anyone had made him feel that way, not even Mangetsu had made him feel as more than an associate. It was odd, even after so many years he could still feel companionship for a man he barely knew. That was the power of going through a struggle with another individual the bonding that resulted was often stronger than anyone cared to admit. He mentioned he was interested in meeting Aloeus, Ataru snickered a little at the comment. He was sure that Knuckles would catch it, not that it mattered much they were on their way soon. He mentioned using the escort services of the Revolution which sounded more than adequate for Ataru as that means they would have additional protection. Looking around the bar he smiled at the new members of the crew he was now in, it would be something different and that was exactly what he needed right now.

Ataru still wasn't quite sure what his end game was with this plan. He knew that he needed to conquer territories and to expand his name, for what reason he wasn't entirely sure yet. Safety was definitely on the list right along with security but those weren't real needs. Those were his survival instincts still trying to dictate his life, Ataru needed to find his dream. Well that's what you're here for then right? Smiling even harder Ataru raised a glass with the men drinking as well. Afterwards looking around the bar Ataru could see that the locals were starting to pay them a little more attention than the others. He didn't particularly like sticky eyes, it often lead to sticky situations. He motioned to the barkeep to settle his tab, then looked over at Knuckles."Hey Cap'n I think it's about time we made like trees and leaf." Now that he was more comfortable around him it was only a matter of time before Knuckles realized the truth. Ataru thought puns were hilarious, as he cracked up at his own joke slapping his knee. Once done laughing he would resume a serious face while looking at Knuckles, he would ask him "Let me go square some affairs away then we'll meet up and meet my old partner. I'll be done in no time don't even sweat it Cap'n." He would wave to the crew as he walked out, he had to get his boots and helmet ready they would love that. Ataru had a skip in his step as he headed back to his sub.

WC: 441/ 400


10An Uncommon Reunion  Empty Re: An Uncommon Reunion on Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:38 am

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Something seemed to changed ever so slightly with his dear old friend. You could see in his eyes, the look of unknown a little clearer now. It was a good sign, and the men of his crew seemed to enjoy another member. They would of course all be talking about this once they returned to the escort services.  Hearing the super odd pun joke Knuckles did a fake chuckle, only because it seemed so funny to his friend.  It was true however, they needed to leave as he too could feel the eyes seeking to gain information to sell about who they were and what they were doing here. He didn't need to Govies coming roaming in here. After finishing his drink It seemed there were some lose ends that needed to be tied up for the newest member of the crew. Getting referred to Captain would definitely take some getting used to, just as it did when he became an officer. Leadership seemed to always fall in his lap, what a fucking pain. "But of course, I'll meet you at the peer. "

He waved his friend off, once he exited the door Knuckles waited a few seconds watching it. He was ready for something to come through the door like if this was a setup. After about a minute of waiting he inspected his gift again to ensure there was nothing upon it to spy on him,  Now that the other male had left, his men came into the conversation. "Um Excuse me Sir, but how do you know you can trust this guy?" The others chimed in as well expressing their concerns . "Because eventually, we will know whatever he is keeping from us, but even more so because he and I went through the Rev training together. We were both happier men then. It's like I always say. We come to the Rev for our own reasons as a means to an end. You either die wth
that dream in mind or live long enough to see the Rev be exactly what you're fighting against.
The only way to truly become a True Rev is to accept you're throwing out one power to replace it with another. As you all know Our Goal is different. I don't seek the power I seek the freedom of many men. I think we can use him to help find Slave traders and kill them."
 With his speech done he placed his left hand on the shoulder of the closest one and gave the fakest ass smile he ever could.  Walking towards the door his men followed, they never even paid the bill.


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