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1Spreading the Truth Empty Spreading the Truth on Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:22 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow
Task Info:
Task Name:Spreading the word
Location:Island of Dreams
Crew, Team, or Personal:Crew
Description:Using his influence as a Celestial Dragon Hiroko order a live nation TV conference for everyone to watch him on Den Den Mushi TV. On live TV he explain his conflict he had with King Zeal, and proclaim he will hold a tournament to determine the new king of Island of Dreams.
Enemy Details:None
Boss: No

A True Dragon

"The Truth of The Matter"

The Shack is the fact.

Spreading the Truth The-shack

"Purupurupuru!" The sound of the Den Den Mushi could be heard going off. The sound that the Den Den Mushi made was so distinct that it couldn't help but be heard through out the entirely of the room, and maybe just outside the office if it was a office. Once the on person other end had pick up the Den Den Mushi the Celestial Dragon Hiroko Young had talk with a hint of urgent in his voice as he said,"Hello this is Celestial Dragon Hiroko Young access code XXX-XX-XXXX. My current location is on the Island Of Dreams the noble Zeal whom is the ruler of this island. Have raise arms against the World Government. I order that King Zeal of the Island Dreams be label as a criminal of the World Government as the bastard aim his guns at me, and threaten my life! If any one should capture this man alive or dead they would receive a 30 million beli pay out reward by me. Have the HQ send someone to remove this flea from my sight immediately!"

With that the Celestial Dragon had hang up the phone once action was confirm it would be taken by the world government. After the conversation with the world government officials of MARINE FORD. The Celestial Dragon had close the Baby Den Den Mushi watch which was on his left wrist as he did so he had said,"Send in the local reporter immediately! Also set up the Surveillance Den Den Mushi so we can record this development, and link it later."

After a few minutes 5 Cipher Pols came into the room setting up the Surveillance Den Den Mushi, and as they did that a local male reporter enter into the room. The reporter had bow her head to show respect then precede to take a seat near the Celestial Dragon once the Celestial Dragon had nodded his head, and gesture for reporter to take her seat.

It would take a few minutes before the Surveillance Den Den Mushi to be set up Hiroko had taken this time to speak to the local reporter he had said,"Thank you for coming down here at your on risK. You will be greatly rewarded not only with the Truth but also with the aid of my wealth that will accompany you after you finish up here."

The reporter had smile wide as she said,"The pleasure is all mind Lord Young. Is this your first time interviewing sir?" The Celestial Dragon had ponder {for 2 minutes}on her question for a minute then he had replied said,"Well yes it is let hope it not my last."He had chuckle after he spoke the Cipher Pol Agents had chime in saying ,"Sir we are all ready sir. Whenever you ready we can begin sir."

The Celestial Dragon had nodded his head in approval as he said,"Shall we?"The reporter had nodded her head in approval to confirm the Celestial Dragon question.

After 3 seconds the female reporter had said," Hello everyone my name is Emily Fond I'm here with the Celestial Dragon Hiroko Young. Today ladies, and gentleman the Celestial Dragon will explain to us what happen a few days ago back at King Zeal castle. Lord Young would you please start with why you came here to this island? "

The Celestial Dragon had clasp his hands together as he said," I would like to extend my greeting to everyone first, and foremost to the citizens dreams. I originally came here to extend diplomatic relationship to further increase the island of dreams income, and further your army growth. As your island defense isn't the best but with my name no one would dare attack this island."

The reporter had nodded her head in approval. A brief second later she had move on to the next question. She had said," Lord Young I am sure you know this but this island rarely see in pirate activity or facing any immediate danger."

Hiroko had chuckle then said,"Well that would have been true if your king didn't have his guards point his weapons at me. Then to top it off he threaten me, and threaten a man of my status is like declaring war on the entire World Government. His bold action cause me to raise my hand, and punish him. I do feel that he isn't fit to be King if he was a good King he would have already came forth, and submit a statement on these matter. He haven't he have put this entire island safety at state if I wasn't a open minded gentleman I would have declare war, and use my resources to crush this island because of there King action. But instead I decide to not punish the entirely island for there King action. But I can only speak for my action, and not for the World Government I am sure they won't take kindly to action that the King did to me therefore I am issuing a tournament since I feel like the King isn't worry of such a title. The winner of the tournament will become King, and use there influence to smooth over the sins of the King Zeal have commit against the World Government."

The female reporter had taken a few seconds to process the information that the Celestial Dragon had presented. It was a bit to much knowing that her own island was nearly at a state of war because of the foolish king action, and the fact he haven't made a comment yet about the accident says that he could be hiding something or maybe he is too scared of the Celestial Dragon. Regardless if he is hurt or he is scared someone from the island government should speak on what have happen already but no one did.

Letting out a sigh the female reporter had said," Well Lord Young that's indeed a lot to think about. But putting the tournament aside... What would happen if you or the World Government find King Zeal?"

The Celestial Dragon had frown then said,"I would assume depending on the World Government responds to what he did. He would either be arrested, hunt, and maybe die depending on the situation."

The female reporter had nodded her head in approval then said,"I see is there a way he doesn't face time or death?"

Hiroko had ponder that question for a minute then said," Well I guess another Celestial Dragon would have to pardon him or another high ranking official. But either way he would have to renounce his crown,and all his personal belonging pertaining to the kingdom."

The female reporter had clasp her hands together, and said," Well there you have it folks you heard it from me first Emily Fond of LIOD News! Lord Young I would like to thank you for your time, and is there anything else you want to say before we go?"

The celestial dragon had nodded his head in approval as he said
," Yes there are a few things I want to say... The first is this is a dark time so a capable leader is needed for most island to thrive. People who do stuff without thinking it through cause such action like this to occur. But I'm glad I was able to handle it other wise we won't be having this conversation instead war would happen. More importantly I'll to be joining this tournament along with another one of my allies. I feel like if I win this tournament I would be able to pardon your kingdom action better if the government decide to declare war on the new leader of this island because of Zeal action. However anyone can join this tournament the total of slots are 6 Me, and my ally taken up 2 spots that leaves 4 more candidates whom can joined. Since this is the battle for the crown I'm sure that many people would want to sign up so..... to find out whom are the 4 other candidates whom will be participating a battle royal will be hold, and the 4 remaining woman or man will have the right to fight for the throne. The location of the tournament will be discuss at a later time though so until then. Citizens of the Island of Dream I bid you good night!"

With that the Celestial Dragon had signal for the Cipher Pols agent to cut off the Den Den Mushi. While the Celestial Dragon had waited for them to make copies of this clip for the reporter,and for himself aka the World Government. The female reporter, and the Celestial Dragon had talk, and enjoyed a nice meal. It didn't take them long to make several copies of the clip for the reporter, and for the Celestial Dragon. Once the female reporter was issue her copy she would be escorted out the room, and building by under cover agents whom was disguise as local island of dream citizens. The number assign to her was about 4 they had orders to make sure that she remain safe,and he she was able to leak her copy of this meeting for all the people of the island of dream to witness.

The Celestial Dragon location was currently disclosed from public. What could be said is that currently he was place in a underground bunker which was provide to him by the local marines station on the island of dreams. More importantly the bunker was a under ground bunker, and the top of the facility was broken down building. That had a secret underground passage leading to the bunker.

For one the bunker was made up of concrete slabs, and the passage that leads to the underground bunker was heavy guard by cipher pols agent so about 1/2 of the celestial dragon party was station there. The rest remain at the bunker with the celestial dragon the underground facility was pretty big as it could hold at least 200 people or so. The female reporter was escort out the abandon building, and to her new office, and then her home. The escort party was sure to not stand out as they escort her. It would seems as they are friendly talking, and things along that line. This was all a front this area that the underground bunker was located was pretty abandon so not a lot of people come out of here because the marines owned it, and because it was nothing out here really other then dusty old building.

If something should happen that the Celestial dragon wasn't aware of such as surprise attack then his mastery of his Logia ability would cause him to go intangible to prevent from getting hurt. It is either that or he act accordingly to the perceive danger.

1,778+/ 1,200 WC exceed


• If I need to use SP to make this call I'll be happy to do so I hope the number is in within reason.

• In this topic/ task I hope to get Ghost/ Zeal label as a World Government threat kinda like Meji was or Bazel. So this would likely raise his bounty considerable... and may have him target by cp.

• A special note is that the island of dreams relationship with the world government is poor due to zeal/ ghost actions against a celestial dragon who kinda represent them.

• Since the reporter is leaking the information it would fall into majority of the people of the island of dreams, and possible the world government.

Gale Info:

GaleGale Stuff

*He have his Spear,Chestplate,Helmet, and Greaves.

Haki Stamina


Hope in Glory
{Hiroko}20 bullets in pocket, and 6 bullets in revolver the chamber.

*Baby Den Den Mushi on Left Wrist.

Company A {Cipher Pol Agents at the under ground passage which is 20 meter longs, and 8 meter wide.}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { These can only shot once per post, and they have three in chamber.}

Company B{The remaining Cipher Pol Agents are at station at the under ground bunker with the celestial dragon, and gale.}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Melee Weapon Grunts
5 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

Hiroko Stamina/Techniques:

Stamina Conditions:100%
400/400{Will be taken away if hit is confirm etc}
•{-15} Reactionary intangibility if activate.
• Mastered Logia Lv3 : Hiroko has mastered logia to the point where he can automatically go intangible when an attack he doesn't see, hear, feel, etc hits him. Meaning if he is looking at a building and someone shoots a gun at him and the bullet hits him in the back of his head. As soon as the bullet touches an fragment of his head he will auto go intangible at instant speed with no damage being done to him. However, this can only be done 3 times per topic with a 30 Stamina cost each time done.If activate.

Spreading the Truth Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

2Spreading the Truth Empty Re: Spreading the Truth on Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:07 am


Alerts alerts alerts the kingdom was in. Wondering why there king was still missing after a few days. Emily Ford released the interview with the man who framed King Zeal. This interview would be shown all over the island. Plus other nations in paradise as well. Zeal looked on as he withness this go down. Seeing is believing as he was in burned up shape. However his face was ok as his right arm was a no show. Clearly used it to block the attack. Zeal was hiding at his hideout not many knew about. Seeing reports fly in and out about what happened at the castle that day. Zeal smiled at what was going on as he walked around his hideout. Which was underground all could be heard was the sea train. Zeal knew his time was running short like alot. But he wasn't scared of what was happening just shocked. Zeal body began to get cover in stone. All the burned areas as his entire right arm was made out of stone now. It had to get cut off since it was unless thanks to Young wack ass. Zeal smiled because he knew Emily Ford personally. He knew she was the most trusted sorce on the island. Next to the king. Zeal laughing as he told his grunts to grab his den den mushi. The video outlets ones he planned to set things rights. Zeal now looking and acting a bit different began to walk. Towards the main room where his most trusted men was. Zeal and Big Brody shook hands as they began to talk,my king the lies that man is saying will have us branded dead or alive. Damn him damn him right to hell.Zeal smiled as he set in his chair it was a stone throne to say the least. This is where the king goes to plan his next move. Listen up are my den den mushi ready. Good because it's a good thing that whole event was video taped that will clear my name. On top of that this kingdom loves me after all I saved it.
Let's not forget who my blood is if I can show her this the cards will be in my hand than I'll hunt Young down and end his blood line.
Zeal smiled as the den den mushi was getting ready to get set as it got set. Counting down to he was live 3..2..1 go. Zeal looked at the den den mushi video call as it was going live all over. Zeal looked at the people below in a way as they all looked up at him. Most clearly happy he is alright in a good way. People of the Island Of Dreams please hear my call.What happen that day shocked me yes yes it did.
More like burned me giving the fact I did nothing wrong. What happened was well he say they pointed there weapons at him which is true. But let's be real here if someone brust into your front door and demand shit. What will you do he came in and said hand over my kingdom my garuds doing what they do best. Was protection for the king. However I was quick to tell them to put thier weapons down as fast as they put it up. I planned on punishment for them but Hiroko Young killed them all. He is saying I am a criminal for what he did to me. I think not if need be I can prove my point. Since he call himself showing video of his interview he claims I am hiding I'm waiting for the tournament to start wait no I will not be joining that. Now true the video snails was recording from the beginning to the end of things let's began shall we.

The den den mushi video than cuts to the meeting between the king of Dreams and the celestial dragon Young. As everyone looked up they saw what was happening.

The celestial dragon brust into his Castle and demand King Zeal turns over his kingdom to him. Zeal than told his grauda to lower thier weapons at the celestial dragon. Zeal was agreeing to Young request. However Zeal mentioned his mother the Gorosei Destiny Ridgets. This shocked most who was watching as they had no idea the 2 was mother and son. Just as Zeal infrom the celestial dragon he had to answer to someone hire up than him. He clearly gotten mad as next thing everyone saw. Was Hiroko Young body exploding. As the video recording was cut off.

Returning back to Zeal whom than showed his entire body. As the stone began to break off him revealing his burned up scares and his missing right arm. Let's not forget the soldiers who lives was ended that day thanks to him. Do you see these scares this is what was left of your king after he freaked out. He killed some of his own man because he a big Baby.
Because I didn't let him. Bully me take control of us. Let's not forget he killed most who was in that room because he didn't get his way. So what will he do besides say more lies about the man who is king of Dreams. The man who save you all from the pirates here. The man who rebrand the Marines. Which by the way freed years prior. So I say to you all let's. Hold this out and you be the judge and to the world government I hope you all know the bad name Hiroko Young has been given you all that goes to the other celestial dragons as well. Last but not least I'm going to go back to see a certain Gorosei after this one to help better protect us from such people. PEOPLE OF DREAM ISLAND UNITE

Zeal ended the board cast as the people saw both sides now. It was up to the world government to decide if either 1 was telling the truth which Zeal was. But clearly his kingdom people loved every minute of that video. Hoping this would clear his name. Zeal looked at Big And smiled,It seems Emily Ford has moved into my house area only the Richie's remain there. Bring her to me I'll let to remind her to not trust a Young.

Zeal smiled as Big Took 100 grunts too bring in Emily Ford.


Notes: this will be used to go against Hiroko Young flase claims that I attack him. Also to let the world know how evil and crazy he really is.

Note: I have my Stone Titan mode-Npc Big Brody T4 who process buso haki-my 300 grunts and my T4 war ship

Don't be fooled by the truth after all lying is part of the seven deadly sins.

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