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1Tournament Sign Up Empty Tournament Sign Up on Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:36 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow
Task Info:
Task Name:Tournament Sign Up
Location:Island of Dreams
Crew, Team, or Personal:Crew
Description: Since the Hiroko is holding the tournament, and due to the tournament being a open tournament. That means anyone have the right to join . Of course they would have to sign up in order to participate in the tournament. Gale, and Hiroko decide to sign up, and while they do so Hiroko had scope of the potential candidates the tournament.
Enemy Details:None
Boss: No

A True Dragon

"Tourney Sign Up"

Tournament Sign Up 3632-linux-wallpaper

"Make a line!" said agent Craig of Cipher Pol Agents assign to Celestial Dragon Hiroko Young detail. The current location of the Celestial Dragon Hiroko Young was within a large luxury hotel within the security room as he sat within the security room monitoring the current event by den den mushi system provide by the hotel security office. As of now the it was night outside, and it was raining very badly, and lightning outside.{This task take places at the same time Zeal is getting pull up on the CP9 npc.}

Within the lobby was a large line of people each of them want to sign up for the tourney as they wanted the chance to be King of this island. The security office that the Celestial Dragon was in was on the 2nd floor, and it big enough to house about 7 people or so with the additional equipment that allow Hiroko to monitor all the things was happening in the hotel, and some parts of the outside of the hotel. The line stretch from the lobby to the outside of the hotel majority of the people had sign up, and the listed of people who wanted to join the tourney was vast. As of now they would probably have to hold a royal rumble in order to eliminate the people that didn't have what it takes to join the actual tournament.

In the present room that the celestial dragon was in about 18 monitor was present each show different things. Each camera was angle in such a way that it cover any blind spot that could have been exploit. There was a  den den mushi camera on each end of each floor. There was also den den mushi at every fire exit that the building have so the room for privately was limited.

The hotel was within town, and it was as big as 20 meters, and had about 7 floors. The lobby being the main floor, and the rest was where the guests room was at. As of now the Celestial Dragon watch in silence as the each person fill out the proper information to join the tournament. After a few seconds he seen a individual practically avoiding the line, and running toward the near elevator. To what could be describe as the individual coming his way. There was about 6 cipher pol agents within the room not counting him. The celestial dragon had used his influence, and beli to rent out several rooms within this hotel.

He had station 10 agents at the lobby , 15 on his floor counting the one within the room with him, and the rest evenly among each floor. For some reason no agent didn't stop the approaching men as they seem to know whom the man was. After a few seconds one of the cipher pols agents told him the approaching man was a cipher pol agent he had send to watch over the female reporter.

Gale was standing guard on the rooftop of the building pretty much being the look out for anyone dumb enough to attempt to attack this building.The celestial dragon had rent out the majority of the building under a different name, and his attire was a disguise. So he was pretty much under cover, and thing along them lines.

After a few seconds the agent that manage to flee from the kingman made it into the room that the celestial dragon was within. He was sure to bow his head in respect then begin to speak only to raise his head once he finish explaining to the celestial dragon what had happen. The cipher pol agent was nearly out of breath he was soak, and wet, and tired from his travel to here. He had said,"Lord Celestial Dragon sir... the reporter have been capture by king zeal army, and 3 other agents have follow the kingman to there location sir.
I request that we send reinforcements to help retrieve are man, and the reporter."

Tournament Sign Up 530aef13d4e8f21a2259120d255c3a55-d5yvt8d

The celestial dragon had ponder on the words of the his ally as he review the hotel monitors. He had said,"This is a very sensitive situation... Let the reporter be.... I'll send people to retrieve are allies though... signal the flare for are forces to pull back immediately. We will pull out for now, and wait for the chance to strike right now we will focus on this tournament progress."

The cipher pol agent nodded his head in approval as he lift up his head then made his way out the office. Shortly after the Celestial Dragon had send 6 more men to accompany him to retrieve there allies from the gasp of the kingman. As always his mastery of his logia ability should someone dare to attack him such as a surprise attack then his intangibility would protect him. On the other side the celestial dragon was prepare for the worst he watch the screen carefully so if someone was rumoring the hallways he would see them on the system.

After waiting outside in the rain several cipher pols agent arrive at the cipher pol agent Tiger location was just 20 meters out side of the hotel. Each agent was equip with the proper stuff require to aid there allies. There was a total of 6 agents not counting Tiger who made a total of 7 people. They all stood in the rain as they debrief on the location of there allies, and went over there orders. It seems like everything was going smooth when tiger was gone before stuff with south.

So he had no knowledge of the current situation which was a double edge sword. Tiger had said,"Alright gentleman we have are orders.... the town is only a few klicks{3} away from the hotel. So once we are in position we can fire off the flare,and wait.  We may send in a few people to retrieve are allies but the majority of us will stay at the rally point should are allies return. Alright let move out!"

There was a few nods of the head as they begin to cut through the alleys, and there was quite a lot of twists along with turns. They would follow the proclaim of not being too suspicious, and they was sure to blend in with there surrounding. There was within a few meters of each other as they begin there journey to the rally points.

It may take them a while to reach it but it would be done though. That you can bet you bottom Beli it would as the celestial dragon orders are absolute. As for Gale he had the privilege to watch some of the things down below unfold such as the coming, and going of some people. He carefully watch the people of down below making sure that nothing was odd . He was sure to patrol each side of the rooftop as well as look down on each side periodically this way he could do his job.

Though he didn't want to leave any opening he was sure to use his fast speed to cover the distance to each area rather quickly. So that it won't be that much of any opening should someone try some slick shit. If he wasn't even to spot them surely the hotel camera system would, and keys cards required to get in, and out of the building. At less you came in from the front more importantly the building had a backup generator should the lights go off, and on. The power generator would keep the hotel afloat as far as basic function for stuff the hotel need,and the security system was one of them basic function.


1,299 / 1,200

Gale Info:

GaleGale Stuff

*He have his Spear,Chestplate,Helmet, and Greaves.

Haki Stamina


Hope in Glory
{Hiroko}20 bullets in pocket,  and 6 bullets in revolver the chamber.

*Baby Den Den Mushi on Left Wrist.

Company A {Cipher Pol Agents at the under ground passage which is 20 meter longs, and 8 meter wide.}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { These can only shot once per post, and they have three in chamber.}

Company B{The remaining Cipher Pol Agents are at station at the under ground bunker with the celestial dragon, and gale.}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Melee Weapon Grunts
5 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

Hiroko Stamina/Techniques:

Stamina Conditions:100%
400/400{Will be taken away if hit is confirm etc}
•{-15} Reactionary intangibility if activate.
• Mastered Logia Lv3 : Hiroko has mastered logia to the point where he can automatically go intangible when an attack he doesn't see, hear, feel, etc hits him. Meaning if he is looking at a building and someone shoots a gun at him and the bullet hits him in the back of his head. As soon as the bullet touches an fragment of his head he will auto go intangible at instant speed with no damage being done to him. However, this can only be done 3 times per topic with a 30 Stamina cost each time done.If activate.

Tournament Sign Up Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

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