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1[TSK]Break the Chains Empty [TSK]Break the Chains on Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:23 pm



Task Name: Break the chains
Tier: 1
Location: Dawn Island coastal village.
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:Lee has escaped his pirate captors and has temporarily made a small village on Dawn Island his home. However, the men whom he'd fled from were not so easily dissuaded. They sent out a small recon team to search for him, and he must do his best to get away, even if that means killing them. He cannot however allow any of the villagers to be hurt because they are after him, it's just not something he'll allow.
Enemy Details: Roughly 15 T0 pirates
Boss: No.

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[TSK]Break the Chains DTgIUHr

2[TSK]Break the Chains Empty Re: [TSK]Break the Chains on Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:46 pm



"If they were smart they would have had me forge a better set of chains." Lee chuckled, adjusting his wrists in the chains he'd been bound by everyday for the last three years. He was ready to finally make his escape, but he needed to wait for an order first. Luckily, he didn't expect to wait long, these pirates were needier than any of the villagers he was used to filling orders for.

As anticipated, he'd only waited for about two hours after finishing the planning stage of his escape when one of the pirates aboard, Tomlin, brought him an order. He unlocked the chain from the cell's wall, and refastened it closer to the forge, and left Lee to his work. Just like they'd done nearly every day since they took him away from his home. His chest swelled thinking about it. The men that'd killed his father were still aboard, and as much as he'd like to hunt them down, he knew it'd be suicide in his current state.

He shifted his wrists in the chains and pinned them to the anvil. With his dominant hand, the right, he grabbed his hammer. Bringing it down swiftly against the chains, the hammer made the sweetest sound he'd ever heard as the chains were broken. He was relieved as they fell to the floor, and because he was supposed to be working on an order, nobody would think twice about the noise. Everything was going to go off smoothly.

WC: 258

[TSK]Break the Chains DTgIUHr

3[TSK]Break the Chains Empty Re: [TSK]Break the Chains on Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:31 pm



As Lee felt the sweet embrace of freedom, he knew that the next steps to his escape were very important. He didn't need much time to get out of here, but he knew that what time he had before they came looking for him wasn't going to be long. He grabbed a sword he'd been working on for awhile. One he'd spent so much time on right under their noses. His grin was almost sadistic, if they want to try and stop him, he was fully capable of stopping them. He made the weapons they were using and knew that they were flawed.

It was almost like he wanted them to try, just so he could laugh in their faces when they failed, but he knew that if he wanted to get away from here, the best thing he could do is not let anyone see him. Though he longed for revenge against the men who slayed his father, he knew that if he could ever hope to get even, he needed to train more.

The men he'd raided with were good fighters, and they'd taught him all he knew, but surely not enough for him to best them in a fight. He was only shown enough to keep himself alive, though this was all with chains on his hands, perhaps if he-- no, he couldn't second guess himself. His hands were free, that was good enough for now. His main focus should be getting the hell off this ship unseen.

WC: 256

[TSK]Break the Chains DTgIUHr

4[TSK]Break the Chains Empty Re: [TSK]Break the Chains on Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:42 pm



With his nearly perfect sword on his side, Lee knew that he had all the help he needed if he got in trouble. If ever there was a time he needed to act, it was now. The lack of noise after the initial strike on the chains might have already caused suspicion. He took off in a dead sprint towards the door. He swung it open with reckless abandon and turned straight away towards the side of the boat.

To the starboard side he rushed, hopping on the railing near a life boat. He cut the boat down, freeing it to fall to the water below. It was their last remaining life boat, he knew that, so that'd mean the ship would have to port to follow him. He'd take the dingy himself, but it'd take too long to lower the ship down safely. Instead, he ruined the chances that anyone would follow him immediately, and then dove into the cold ocean water.

The chilling bite from the sea was like a rush of adrenaline, making his blood pump quicker and accelerating his swimming speed. It was strange, but he felt like a natural in the water. He'd not swam since he'd been taken from his father, but for some reason he managed to take back to the water like he belonged there.

Like some sort of majestic fish-man hybrid, he swam. He didn't bother looking back. He didn't care to see if any of the men on board the ship were following him. His eyes focused on the shore, he didn't slow down until he was at the beach, his heart pounding like it was about to explode.

He turned back towards the ship, but the ship was floating about half a mile off shore. He could hardly make anything out from the distance, but he noticed movement. They were probably aware he was gone now...

"And so, the chase begins."

WC: 330

[TSK]Break the Chains DTgIUHr

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