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15Exhibitionism (Training | Marina) - Page 2 Empty Re: Exhibitionism (Training | Marina) on Mon Apr 25, 2016 7:10 am

Jakke Dawwe


Jakke Dawwe
"Hmm?" Isabella asked wordlessly, trying to understand Marina through her mumbling. "Oh! Yes! My mother taught me one's body is not only the most reliable weapon a person can ever come to command, but it is also the greatest canvas. It must be sculpted, chiseled and honed to a fine edge, while remaining beautiful. The latter comes easily. The former is what requires work..." stated the blonde with perhaps the friendliest expression she'd ever given. She liked talking about working out, and the results thereof. She didn't entirely view her form as something that was something explicit, especially with women. Though she was aware this led her to somewhat shameful displays of herself.

It was a strange paradox. However, here in private with another woman, one who couldn't possibly have the same lewd thoughts of a man, she felt quite comfortable speaking frankly about it, and even showing it off. Montoya would cock her head to one side as the other girl stripped, her trained eyes appraising her form. She even wore lacey undergarments under that leather... Rubber? Latex? Her under armor. To what end though? We're they comfortable?

More importantly, she looked quite smooth. She wasn't cut like the blonde was, she lacked any sort of scars and yet she seemed like she was a capable enough fighter. What training had she undergone? Isabella's curiosity got the better of her and she approached the dark haired marine, her hands pressing into her form from behind, firmly kneading the supple flesh of her compatriot. It was soft on the surface, but firm as she pressed deeper. A thin layer of body fat likely enough. She must work very hard to keep it, as her workout suggested something similar to her own, though perhaps not as rigorous. "Tender but firm. You must work out too..." her hands expertly glided across Marina's skin like a lover, rather than an inspector. Resting on her juicy behind. "Hmm... Your glutes could use more work though... There is too much slack here, not very firm. It will slow you down... You must not be compensating for your hips, hmm..." she'd say absentmindedly, not even the most remotely lewd fashion, despite her actions.

She pulled away from her fellow martial artist with a friendly grin. " We have a similar body structure! That is good. I look forward to training you!" she said happily, not exactly giving the other girl a word to say edge wise before she gave her a velvety red towel, taking an emerald one for herself, entering the bath house. The large room was filled with steam and the sound of conversation. Occasionally a giggle or a splash could be heard as a few women who were off shift had chosen to come and wash up. Isabella would wait for her new friend by a previously empty tub, setting her towel on a dry rack nearby. Once Marina was in sight she'd give her a wave as she slowly undid her braids before slowly easing herself into the hot waters with an ecstatic sigh of relief.


16Exhibitionism (Training | Marina) - Page 2 Empty Re: Exhibitionism (Training | Marina) on Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:23 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
As expected of an amazon... Marina could all but nod in agreement at the girl's inherited teachings, knowing how true they rang even for a regular human Martial artist. She especially agreed with the last part, also aware that many human fighters disregarded beauty in favor of strength. Mari saw her beauty as yet another weapon as strong as her physical prowess.

Most noticeably, Isabella's expression lit up like a christmas tree the moment the topic turned to fitness. It made looking into her eyes as she spoke all that much easier and more captivating, though it didn't change the fact that they were discussing chiseled yet beautiful bodies. Not glancing down to look at hers was next to impossible, and Marina couldn't help but do it, actually doing it more often as she realized how at ease Izzy was with the whole thing, "T-that's what I strove for with my own training...!", Marina commented, nodding affirmatively once again, blushing as she once more examined the results of Isabella's own, her tone got a little lower as she idly spoke on, especially at the last part, "But you... How can you be so toned and still look so beautiful...?"

And at ease she was, though the red eyed spy had no idea how much. Marina's gaze followed her fellow Marine's as she approached her, with a slightly curious glint in both their eyes, wondering what she was up to... But nothing could have prepared for what the girl did next: All of her blushing reactions paled in comparison to the hot, flustered look she'd give next.

She let out a cute, surprised yelp as she suddenly felt Izzy grope her behind as if it was the most natural thing in the world, "Kyaah~!! H-hey!! W-what are you d-doing?!?", Marina quivered helplessly, her breasts bouncing slightly the process, all but unable to shy away from the blonde's surprisingly tender touch, allowing her to examine her body as she pleased. The way she complimented her physique up close and personal was all but incredibly erotic... The way her chest occasionally brushed against Marina's didn't help either, and as her fingers kneaded deeper, she was unable to keep herself from biting her lip for a brief moment, "A-are you s-some kind of p-pervert...?"

For a girl to whom seduction and sexuality were as natural as walking and breathing, even in this shy state her mind was filled with lustful thoughts, all of them involving the girl in front of her. Just when she thought the wondering about Izzy's body had finally faded upon seeing her naked like this, the clueless blonde found a way to thrust yet another, more intimate breed of curiosity in her thoughts. Letting out a soft, moan-like gasp, she reached both hands in front of her crotch like an unspoiled maiden, in stark contrast to the lustful yet protective manner she brought her thighs together. She didn't want to accept, let alone admit that Montoya's touch aroused her - especially with them both commando like this - as if it were easy to get such a rise out of her:

"A-are you done n-now...?", she asked almost innocently, her gaze occasionally meeting Isabella's piercing blue before darting away embarassed. She smiled back coyly as she finally backed off, promptly locking away the lewd side of her that felt disappointed to no longer feel her butt being examined. Grabbing the towel with a thankful nod, she followed the other Marine to the bath area, slowly allowing her mind to relax from that intimate check up, but not before being blessed by a rather glamorous sight of the amazon undoing her braids and letting her long blonde hair loose in all its glory. Following her partner's lead, she hung the towel nearby and stepped inside the tub.

Marina immediately sighed contently, as she felt the hot water caress her smooth skin, instantly making any and all embarassing blushing reactions unnoticeable. It was like this water melt away all of her troubles and worries, and for a while she could be her cool self again. She rested against the tub only a few inches away from Izzy, resting her arms on the edge and leaning her head back, "Oh my... Feels good...", she muttered happily, closing her eyes and enjoying the soothing warmth


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