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15[Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya  - Page 2 Empty Re: [Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya on Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:28 am



Jade watched as Charlotte managed to reach and comfort Mavis, it touched his heart to see that even though they haven't known each other long they were like a family. Seeing those two act close kind of reminded him of his sister that was the same age as him, they were close and she always comforted him when he was upset. "I miss you sis" Jade said as he started to get teary eyed, he actually missed all his brother and sisters and couldn't wait for the day they could all be united again. Just as he was thinking about the family he had, the last three marines came flying at him. "If my captain is beating yours, why do you think you can handle me?" He said still just as one marine finally reached him but he quickly disarmed him and kicked him, sending him flying. He picked up the sword the last marine had and quickly pierced the heard of the next marine. He was so mad the last marine coward and stopped his attack as Jade looked at him, showing his killing intent was strong.

Just to make sure he didn't try anything, Jade punched him in the face but only used enough force to knock him out not do any serious damage. Just as he finished that's when he really noticed the fight Captain was in, Jade knew that the marine was powerful but Junbei was more powerful. He looked over to Charlotte after Junbei told the rest of the crew to go to the ship, "Charlotte, get Mavis to the ship now! I'm going to help Cap!" He yelled as he looked at the battle. He knew it wouldn't be a very good idea with his captain sound abilities but he wasn't about to let him take on a opponent like that by himself, he wanted to show he could be useful.

"Here I come!" Jade said as he looked at the back of the marine, if he sped up he was sure he could easily reach him and take out his legs. He dug his feet into the ground again and sped off towards the commodore and he didn't even notice him, just as Jade made it behind him he quickly lowered himself and delivered a powerful punch to his leg. Just as the punch connected a large crunch sound went through the hair and before he could react again Jade pierced his other leg with the rouge sword he had taken from the grunt he had killed. "What the.." The commodore said as he dropped to the ground with two broken legs. "This is what happens when you mess with us" Jade said as he looked at the marine then looked at Junbei "finish him, cap" he said with a smile. This was about to be over and they could finally go to skypiea and Jade would start his life as a real pirate.

He laughed as he ran off to the ship after breaking the Commodore's leg, he couldn't believe he just did that. As he ran off towards the ship he saw Charlotte with Mavis, she seemed to be struggling a little so he took Mavis up into his arms and ran off towards the ship. "I'm glad I met you when I did" He said as they finally reached the ship.

Techs used:
Skill Name:[/b] - Chaotic Gods Punch
Tier: 1
Type Martial Arts
Range: Arm reach
Speed: Own
Description: one of the most basic but powerful techniques of Jade's. Embedding his fist with ki, Jade unleashes a powerful punch at the intended target, upon contact this technique will break bones, wood and similar material.

Skill Name: - God Speed V.1
Tier: 1
Type Martial Arts
Range: Self
Speed: Max
Description: As the name implies, this technique is used for speed, and is also on of the few techniques that do not use ki. Jade digs his feet into whatever surface he is standing on and uses it to move instantaneously somewhere else either to close distances or escape from something. For each step Jade takes he pays the required stamina

Stamina and Haki:


0/30 T1 Marine Grunts
0/40 T0 Marine Grunts
1 Marine Commodore T2 (Natural Defense Broken & Broken Legs)

16[Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya  - Page 2 Empty Re: [Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya on Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:50 pm



Auburn Songbird

Walking over to the Commodore, Junbei knelt in front of the man, placing his hand on his chest. He began to omit a series of low frequency waves into the man's body, causing blood to stream from his mouth, the Commodore turned to his side, vomiting uncontrollably. Grinning, Junbei advanced towards the ship and the Commodore Okiama clutched at his ankle. "Justice will be served upon you eventually, kid." the man uttered, clutching at his side with his available right hand. Nudging his right ankle free, Junbei rested his tonfa on his shoulder. "I've already seen your superiors ideal of justice. Base #45... Is an example of that justice." Junbei said grinning. "After all, I am a product of project echo." Junbei said walking off. "Wait!" the Commodore Okiama exclaimed. "It's true... the Marines haven't been able to interfere with Government ran projects... Especially the ones at Base #45... If you're telling me you survived then that power you possess was the sacrifices of thousand of orphans lives not just your own!" Okiama exclaimed feverishly.

"It was done for the glory of the marines! Derou-" increasing the intensity of his waves, the man's internal bleeding final took it's toll, causing the man to loose consciousness from the blood lost. "I don't want to know who was responsible for what happened there... I want this second chance of life I was given to take it's own course... Unaffected by petty human attitudes such as revenge or blood-lust." Junbei stated grinning. "Enjoy your sleep, Commodore Okiama." Junbei said, recollecting the screams of his underlings. Advancing towards the ship, Junbei noticed Charlotte and Jade supporting Mavis. Dropping his tonfa, the Captain ran over to the girl and without hesitation concerned eyes met hers, only half of an inch separated their faces. Placing his hand on her forehead, "Are you okay, Mavis?" Junbei said worried. "I'm sorry for being so selfish once again but if you guys don't mind... I'd like to take you on this whimsical journey of mine." Junbei said grinning, tilting his head to the side.

Piggy backing Mavis, the Captain dashed onto the ship from the port's deck. "All sails cast! All we gotta do now is raise the anchor and we'll be off!" Caprice screamed from the look-out. Falling onto the deck of the ship, Hennessy retrieved Mavis's rifle and Junbei's tonfa, "I figure you twos might need this for the journey ahead." the large man said grinning. Pressing against the mast, "Men!" Junbei shouted. "And ladies..." Junbei shouted as well. "It's time to begin our first journey as a crew. It's make shift and we don't understand each other fully yet. However, if we support each other, I promise it'll be a journey that will change our lives forever." Junbei exclaimed. Dashing up the stairs towards the Navigation room of the Flying Dutchman, Charlotte manned the wheel. Lifting up the anchor, the remainder of the White Lotus Pirates retrieved the anchor onto the deck. "Harv!" the Captain shouted. Several ghosts swarmed around the vessel, encircling the pirate ship, flying through the window to man to oars. "Alright guys. We have seven hours to make to the geographic co-ordinates from my log to Skypeia. I'm going to let you guys know now, it's not an easy journey and I can't promise none of us will perish. But! On my word as a Navigator, I'll make sure to lead the Song Birds to the Kingdom in the Sky!" Charlotte shouted. "Capt' any final words before we cast off?" Caprice shouted sliding down from the look-out.

"Let's do what all freed cage birds do for their first time out, let's soar!" Junebi shouted.



Skill Used:

Stamina Chart:

185|350 -52%

  • Tier One- 15 Stamina
  • Tier Two- 25 Stamina
  • Tier Three- 45 Stamina
  • Tier Four- 60 Stamina
  • Tier Five- 100 Stamina
  • Tier Six- 200 Stamina

With skills with upkeeps, the Stamina will be paid every post.

  • Tier One- 5 Stamina
  • Tier Two- 10 Stamina
  • Tier Three- 15 Stamina
  • Tier Four- 30 Stamina
  • Tier Five- 50 Stamina
  • Tier Six- 75 Stamina



[Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya  - Page 2 UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

17[Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya  - Page 2 Empty Re: [Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya on Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:18 pm

Mavis Lockheart


Mavis Lockheart
White-Ribbon MAVIS
Beg forMercy. 

Mavis watched as her captain and Jade brutally beat the commodore. She was surprised by Jade's sudden choice of action, she was proud more of him for someone who had the least minimal battle experience in the crew he sure knew how to fight when it came down to it. However his blood-lust was much similar to Mavis when she first heard her mother's scream, did the marines trigger him from his pain from the past. Either way Mavis wasn't one to judge someones choice of actions in combat, unless it endangered and purposely harmed crew-mates. When they had the time she would surely check up on her ally just to make sure everything was okay.

Mavis looked around at the sky, this was an eventful week for her, all the fights and now they were going to chase a fairy-tale and head to the kingdom in the sky. If it did exist that was, however even if it didn't she'd be fine with dying. Mavis felt Jade picking her up and running to the ship, Mavis felt her body temperature rising as she drifted off into a daze.


It was a week since the events of the Dawn Island, raining gold legend events took place. They found out it was only a fruit's gold, bummer. Thing is depends on the kind of gold he makes if it'll vanish when knocked out or dead. Certain gold he makes, like specifically for buying stuff, will never vanish, so he's pretty much a piggy bank, but a caught piggy bank. So they did manage to get some gold out of it, just not as much as expected, or as much as Mavis pictured, anyway.

The crew was doing it's usual thing, Makashi practiced his sword fighting, by sparring Haniru. Zare and Musomo fought over Mavis, on who she liked and Mavis sat playing with Siwsune, trying to teach her captain as much as she could. Siwsune was very inexperienced, but experienced. In terms, she was experienced in battle, but educational inexperienced. Siwsune would usually take an hour absorbing Mavis' knowledge, Siwsune was usually in awe that such a smart person was in her crew, it'd surely be a heart break to Siwsune if Mavis left the crew, one day.

"So Captain, Siwsune. I have a question. Was Hiroma, your real father?" Mavis asked, this question was one she wanted to ask for a few weeks now. 

"Oh, no. You see, I used my image of his daughter to play as her for many years. I witnessed his daughter die by a band of pirates. So I initiated a brilliant plan to my crew!" She giggled.

Mavis sat there still curious, it seemed Siwsune didn't have a problem explaining, but she kind of meant for Siwsune to explain the whole thing. Instead she only explained that she wasn't his daughter, she only used a mere image of his daughter. She sighed looking away.

-End of Flashback-

Mavis was brought back to the present by the touch of Junbei's hand on her forehead. He was worried for her health, ... how cute.

"I am fine..." She weakly whispered, "I just need sleep, ha...ha." She giggled weakly her eyes shutting as she fell into a deep slumber.

One does not simply,  run from me.

0/30 Marine T1 Grunts 
0/40 Marine T0 Grunts 
1 Marine Commodore, T2

[Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya  - Page 2 Dnt_bl10

18[Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya  - Page 2 Empty Re: [Arc-Task] Goodbye Jaya on Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:46 am



I enjoyed this crew topic greatly. That being said you all participated relatively equally I'd say so you each get the listed rewards below (I'll apply them to your profiles momentarily).

650,000 Beli
4,500,000 Bounty
15,000 EP (full reward because you guys clearly worked as a crew and that was a fun read because of it)
1 SP

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