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1Welcome to Hell (Task) Empty Welcome to Hell (Task) on Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:52 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku

Ash….that was the only thing that he could smell in the air as his eyes would slowly open to the sky that was darkened black. Lying on his back in some type of liquid he would look around. Seeing that the walls of wherever he was were glowing red. He sat that for a few minutes as his mind would begin to stir. His eyes would open up all the way as he his body would shoot up. Standing on his feet he would look around on full alert mode. He was surrounded by black rocks and below him was red liquid. He knew that liquid from anywhere. Magma….but due to it being so high on the surface it was now called lava. According to the many scientists of the world. Looking down at his body he would see that his chest was bare as well as his legs and feet. He was naked.

Assuming his clothing had been burned by the lava. He would jump out of the not very large pit. Stepping onto a very hard and sharp ground. Looking around he would see lava and volcanoes in almost every direction. “Where the hell am I.” then he would begin to remember something. He had snuck on a ship in hopes to get back to the four blues. Maybe he had died and if he did...was this hell? Millions of questions ran through the teenagers head as he wondered. If he did die. How did he die? And why had he been sent to hell? He hadn’t done many bad things in his life besides pulling pranks on people. Tears would flow down his eyes as he looked around erratically. Surely if this was indeed the afterlife then his devil fruit powers would not be accessible. Thought the black prince as he remembered himself not melting in the lava

Looking back at the pit where he had woken up in. Something would tell his instincts to run. And indeed he did as he struck into a run across the hard surface. Jumping over openings and crevices in the earth. He would not be killed here. Wherever here was. As he ran he would hear the screams of people sounding like “Eeeeyayayaya” He had heard about that battle call back in the castle when he was studying tribes. And he would remember this tribe from anywhere as they were tied to his devil fruit. The Atsu Tribe of Vulcan. Dammit, how had he ended up way pass Marineford. What exactly happened when he had escaped from the marine base. His heart would pound hard as he looked behind him seeing the tribe close in. It looked like he would have to stand his ground a fight back.

Turning around he would dig his feet into the ground and thrust his hands into the ground. As soon as his hands went into the ground lava would quickly begin to pour out from them. Covering the land around him with a 15 meter diameter. Unfortunately the members of the tribe who were not fast enough had been caught by the magma and was quickly being melted due to the intense heat of the magma/ Their body turning to ash as their clothing would begin to send black smoke into the air. As if it were some type of signal. Looking at the people melting he would count 10 of them. Turning away from them he would run through the thick magma that was like sand. Seeing the tribe run around it he would burst with speed. As he ran he would see giant lizards things in front of him. Dammit, he had heard of those things as well. They were regarded as the casual pets on the island.

Frowning, he would realize that he would need to fight smart with these things since they somewhat was immune to heat. Which meant that he would need to use one of his high powered techniques. Stopping in between both the tribe and the lizard monsters. He would prepare to use the technique that had saved his life only just a few minutes ago. Then at a split second he would decide to change the strategy. In the corner of his eye he would see a lava pool. Running as quickly as he could to his left he would hop into the pool. As soon as he touched it he would use his magma spark ability and turn into magma as he would blend in with the pool of lava. He could slowly feel his energy being drained as the lava lizards dived inside of the pool looking for him, but it was to no prevail. Due to turning completely into lava Stygian have perfectly masked his body within the lava pool. He could hear the footsteps of the tribe running away. Which would cause him to deactivate the skill and erupt from the magma pool.

As soon as he did this he would break into a full sprint opposite of the people who were chasing him. Though, he did not get very far away as he would be encountered by a man who was at least 10 ft tall. His body was wide. Detailing how heavy he was. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. So the Black Prince has finally awakened. Me and my tribe have been wondering how long it was gonna take. We through you in that body of lava hoping that you would rejuvenate.” said the man who Stygian had no idea who he was. Realizing that the man somehow knew about how he was the black prince and that he was in the lava pit. The prince would begin to go into questioning mode as he would stare at the man. “How the hell do you know who I am. And how the hell this I get on this hell hole!” screamed Stygian as his arms would turn into magma. There would be a short pause as the man would howl in laughter and say “Your antics do not scare me little boy, but if you must know. You were sent here by the marines in hopes to never be found again, but it seems that they are wrong once again.” said the man.

Anger would flow into Stygian’s eyes as he stared at the man. The marines would never do such a thing. They found him too valuable not to mention that his mother was of the Gorosei. His eyes would almost burst as he shot forward at an unbelievable speed towards the man as he extended his arm forward as fast as he could into a punch. As soon as the punch would touch the man in the stomach. Stygian would feel something that he had forgotten and never felt for years. The feeling of a burn. He would howl in pain as he brought his arm back, but due to his speeding body he had hit the manat full force. The front of his body would hit the man’s stomach on full force. Sending him in pain as he quickly backed away from the man staggering as he stared him in the eyes “What the hell are you.” asked Stygian as he had never experienced pain like this before in his life. The man would once again howl in laughter as he would fold his hands over his chest and say “I am Donny, the eater of the Atsu Atsu no Mi. The heat heat fruit. Simple magma isn’t gonna hurt me boy.” said the man as he sent a slow punch towards Stygian. The punch hitting the prince in the stomach sending him flying backwards roughly 10 meters.

Dammit, he had never encountered anyone who had a devil fruit as such. He had always thought he was the hottest man on earth, but of course with devil fruits he knew that it was near impossible. There was always something bigger and badder than you when using them. Tears would flow down his eyes as he hbeld his hands up and crouched down in a fighting stance. He needed to be smart with this guy. It seemed like he could hit Stygian when he was intangible. He would look down at his naked body. The black burnt skin already beginning to peel. His eyes would squint hard. His revolver! Where was it. That was the man’s weakness. Speed. Though, if the prince couldn’t use a gun he would have to find something equally useful. There were multiple pebbles and rocks. If he could just aim them in the correct place then he could take the man out. The man’s skin seemed to be super heated. So the inside of his body or his eyes could be vulnerable. He would nod his head as he broke off into a run. He would need for the man to hit him again. Getting into distance the man would kick Stygian into a roll on the ground. Even though he was in pain that was just what the prince needed.

As he rolled on the ground he would gather as many pebbles and rocks as he could in his hand. Using his own body instead of his hands he would come to stand on his feet just as the man would once again begin to howl in laughter. As soon as he opened his mouth Stygian would grab a rock and throw it at full force in the man’s mouth. It would go between his teeth and out of the back of his teeth. As that would happen his eyes would bulge open as he gasped for air. Stygian would grab another rock from out of his hand throw this one at the man’s left eye. As soon as it connected the man’s eyes would burst with pus and blood. Flowing onto the ground. Dropping the rocks Acheron would go running towards the man as he would come into a slide. His whole body aiming for the man’s right ankle in order to immobilize him and make him fall on the ground. Connecting the full force of his body into the man’s ankle he would hear a crack but not a snap. Him hitting the man full force seemed to work, but the man hadn't been completely immobilized.

The man would scream, but sound would not seem to come out as his throat had been filled with blood. He would seem to fall to the ground. Only his arm holding him up as he stared Stygian right in the eyes. Blood flowed out of his mouth as he attempted to swipe at the prince. But due to how slow the movement was Stygian was able to avoid the attack as the man would fall on his face. His body going limp as he lay dead. At that moment Stygian had thought it was all over, but he would hear the signature cry of the tribe coming his way. It seemed that they had found where he was located which meant that they would indeed be mad when they saw the body of their mangled leader. As they ran up a hill they would see Stygian standing over the body of their leader. They would seem to turn into wild animals as they sped faster towards him. However, he couldn’t let them get close. He had to take all of them out in one shot.

He would thrust his hand into the ground sending magma down below 1 feet deep. As this happened it would expand outward for a 25 meter diameter from up under the ground. It would take time for his attack to build up which meant he would need to fight some of the tribe. As they would get into range Stygian would turn his arms and hands into magma as he would begin punching at anyone that came his way. It was a slaughter house as the smell of burnt flesh erupted in the air. There would seem to be a rumbling sound as the ground had begun shaking. His hair would seem to stand on its end as he would look up into the air and begin screaming. Screaming at the top of his lungs the ground would shoot up in the air sending magma everywhere in every direction as if it was an volcano. This would seem to start a chain of events as almost everywhere around the island would begin to be fueled by Stygian’s magma. Dormant and active volcanoes beginning to erupt sending ash and lava everywhere in the air.

Stygian would continue to scream as the magma would come to cover the area. What was minutes later the attack would finally stop. Looking around Stygian would see more of a barren wasteland with lava surrounding it everywhere. Breathing heavily he would see the body of the man who he had killed. Walking up to him with his arms still covered in lava. He would squeeze the neck of the man severing his head from his shoulders as he would pick it up by the hairs. Turning his arms back into their regular forms. Then he would begin to run east towards the beach of the island where a village was located. This village was miles away from the Sabaoady Archipelago so he was sure that the people of that island could feel and see the volcanic eruption. He would need them to for what was about to happen today. He was going to shock the world. Seeing the village he could come to a stroll as he would get to the entrance. Many people would stare at his naked body, but then they would realize what he was carrying in his hand.

“Yes! As you can see I am carrying the head of Donny. The marines had sent him to kill me. One of their own. The son of the Gorosei Destiny Ridgets in hopes that I would never be found again. Let this be known that they have lost a very powerful ally. Know that I will not rest until every single marine is dead. Even my own mother if she was up to this as well. My name is no longer Stygian Ridgets. I am now only Acheron. Tell the whole Sabaody about me!” screamed The Black Prince as he sat the head down on the ground and stepped on it full force. Sending brains and blood everywhere. He would kick what would remain of the head towards the villagers as he would slowly turn around. His arms turning into magma as he walked towards the biggest volcano he would see.

It was time for the world to see he was one not to be reckoned with. He may be a carefree soul, but when someone messes with him it is time for them to die. He will show the marines what happens when they betray someone. His heart would pump as he would begin running towards the volcano. Not really caring about himself being naked. As he ran he plotted his way for taking out the marines. Maybe he should go to one of their main bases of operation. It would be shocking for the world to see the Enies Lobby go up in smoke. His eyes would seem to turn blue as he streaked across the land like a cheetah chasing for its prey. Never again will he be controlled. He was the pawn of the chess match, but now he is the king. Thunderclouds would begin to rise over the island due to the erupting of the volcanoe causing friction to begin in the air. He had heard that the tribe was located near the volcano and he had planned to take of the beli they had located there.

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