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1Family Feud | Middle  Empty Family Feud | Middle on Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:16 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Arc Type: Standard
Arc Name: Family Feud
Arc Tier: 3
Sea: West Blue
Island: llusia
Arc Description:
The King of Illusia is extremely sick, but the cause of this sickness is unknown to even the Prince himself. Yearning for why his father is ill, Lyoko does some investigating before finding out that he was poisoned. Despite the queen being his mother, he is beginning to think that she is hiding something. Lyoko begins to form theories about his mother at this point and as much as he doesn't want to admit it, he begins to think that his mother is involved with the kings condition. At this point, Lyoko is doing whatever it takes to heal his father and after working extremely hard he is able to do just that. The King is back to normal in exactly two weeks, and the Queen is not too happy about it. Although nobody knows it, she hires a large crew of pirates to attack Illusia to kill the king and make it appear like a random attack. In the process, many innocent people die. Lyoko must fight to protect his land. Things seem to be taking dangerous turns in the Kingdom of llusia. Does the young prince have what it takes to fix this problem?

The Middle:

Task Name: An Unexpected Event
Tier: 2
Location: llusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: It's been a few weeks since the surgery, and the King is now feeling much better. He is able to walk, talk and is eating. The Queen seems to be happy and nobody is questioning anything, but the peace is soon broken by screams stemming from the civilians of llusia. It seems that a large group of pirates are attacking. The guards of the kingdom are rushing to protect the people of llusia. The King and Queen are also rushed to safety, but Lyoko cannot sit back and do nothing. Him and his grunts fight off as much pirates as possible.
Enemy Details: 20 T1 Pirates
Boss: -

Task Name: Save the King!
Tier: 2
Location: llusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Remembering that his father was still healing and still cautious of his mother in the midst of the battle, Lyoko makes his way back into the castle and searches for both his parents to make sure they are safe while his grunts and guards continue fighting. After a while of searching, he hears a loud yell coming from under the main floor. Obviously his father, he quickly makes his way to the dungeons in the castle. To his surprise he finds his mother standing over his father and pirates by her side. Despite the intense emotions he is feeling, he must find a way to save the king before it's too late. The queen isn't letting that happen too easily though. She orders the pirates to keep her son back. Now the prince must fight his way to his father.
Enemy Details:
- 2 Tier 2 pirates with tier 1 swords and daggers
- 8 T1 pirates with t1 swords and daggers
Boss: 1

Boss Name: Captain Matthew Jenkins
Tier: 2
Description: Captain Matthew Jenkins is a man all about his business. He is extremely large standing at 8 feet and weighs about 300 pounds. He carries a curved sword on his hip and always seems to be angry. yelling at his crew for their mistakes. He wears a black leather jacket, and black bottoms to match. His eyes are covered by dark glasses and he has a scar over his lips. Furthermore he enjoys a fair fight and will not fight unless it is fair.
Devil Fruit: Dice Dice fruit
Haki: -
Equipment: Curved Sword
Strength: 3
Durability: 2
Speed: 1
Perception: 1

Family Feud | Middle  Tumblr_n0lv2h8IZr1s69erao1_500

2Family Feud | Middle  Empty Re: Family Feud | Middle on Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:17 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Family Feud | Middle  Sesshomaru_by_kyokoh-dackkru

Stepping off of that ship meant that he'd officially leave everything that had happened in the Holy Land behind, with the exception of Hanna's death. Walking through the city-like kingdom, he could see bigger shop buildings and people selling other goods at stands. The kingdom seemed to be good so far. As Lyoko walked the people stopped what they were doing to give him space. Grunts stood in front of him and behind him. Lyoko smiled and waved at children and other civilians as they shouted his name excitedly. Ever since he killed the giant cyborg that attacked the kingdom the people have shown so much love for him. At first he wasn't truly accepted because he was half minkman, but as Prince there's been too much he's done for his own people not to respect him by now. Hanna's casket was brought inside the royal castle already so hardly any civilians were able to see it. As much as Lyo wanted to walk through his own kingdom alone, his father always told him that not everybody in the kingdom is going to like you. It was for his own safety despite the fact that he was probably stronger than all of the grunts protecting him anyway.

"Your highness!" Just when you think the day wouldn't get any better, you hear the one person that always makes you feel better. That gentle and small voice wasn't hard for him to hear throughout the crowd. Quickly he peeked between the heads of the guards in front of him and saw Tosaka standing there with an innocent smile. "Stop." That one words created a small rippling effect. The head guard spun around to face his underlings and put his hand up, blowing out of a white whistle, causing the other soldiers to stop moving. It was the top of noon so the sun easily sat between clouds and created a bright light over the city. The temperature was still quite low but it was a beautiful day nonetheless. Oddly enough the day didn't match his mood until a few seconds ago. The prince stepped between the guards and moved towards Tosaka. Of course two guards moved with him while watching the city. "How was the kingdom while I was away?" Nonchalantly he looked into her eyes while she smiled and looked into his. They're personalities were totally different and that's why they got along so perfectly. "The town was just fine. Please excuse what I am about to say, your highness, but you aren't the king yet. I'm sure the city will function perfectly even without you being here." The human girl chuckled at her own smarty remark. Lyoko knew she was only joking, it's how they've always been. "Watch it there, I'm still your prince. I can have you in my dungeon if I wanted to." With a smirk he played along. "I bet you'd like that, huh."

Lyoko simply chuckled and shook his head. "Come to the castle at 6:30 tonight. There's a lot that I have to tell you." Lady Tosaka knew that it was serious just from how quickly his facial expression dimmed. She nodded and gave her friend on the cheek before stepping to the side and allowing Lyoko to continue moving with his guards. It didn't take him long to reach the royal castle. The first people standing outside of the castle was both his mother and his father. Beside his mother was Simba. The minkman who was responsible for teaching the sailors of the army how to drive a ship. He excels in combat and can match even Lyoko in a fight. Beside the king was Michael B Warren; A high ranked solider in the royal army probably stronger than Simba or Hanna. Both Michael and Simba were his friends and he was happy to see them. "Welcome home my son!" The King was the first to speak. His mother stood smiling as she held her arms open. First Lyoko approached his father, giving him a big hug and a obtaining a kiss on the forehead. His mother grabbed him and held him tightly rubbing his head as he held her. At this point they were faking the love they showed for each other- or at least the prince was.

Simba and Warren both nodded at him as he nodded back. After he turned to go inside of the castle they snickered amongst themselves. Talking shit is why they usually laughed with each other but Lyo ignored them for now. "How're you holding up?" As the family entered the castle the large doors behind them slammed. "I'll contact the fleet admiral and that damn celestial dragon boy and demand-" "Demand what? Money? Money can't fix what happened to Hanna, father. Not everything is about money." He paused as the queen watched. The King shocked as he stopped to look at his son a bit confused. The young mink looked at his father and continued. "We weren't prepared. The Marines weren't prepared, the world government wasn't prepared and because of them a valuable person to our kingdom is gone."

For a moment there was an awkward silence, then screams from outside of the castle erupted and large booms could be heard throughout the kingdom. Almost in that same instant, guards bursted through the door and grabbed Lyoko, King Luke, and Queen Kimoko before bringing them to safety in the "Break Room". It was a room hidden in the castle within a wall that led to a downstairs area. "What is the meaning of this!?!""I am the King! I demand you to take me out there to see what is going on!" "I'm sorry sir, I'm afraid I cannot do that. It looks like we're under attack by terrorists. We suspect that they are revolutionaries. They're trying to kill you." " I don't give a-"

"I'll go." Calmly the voice of a young man flooded the small area that they were in. Te king was startled as he looked at his wife and back to his son simultaneously. The Queen watched without emotion. She was too calm in a moment like this, too bad Lyoko didn't realize it. The royal guard sighed before opening the door for the prince. "Lyoko... save yourself." The young mink walked out of the occupied space before stopping when his father spoke. Gripping his swords with both his hands he took his first step onto a stair. "I am going to be king, I have to save my people." He would allow his words to ring in the area as he dashed upstairs. Sparking blue energy from his feet.

Prince Lyoko made his way to the doors of the castle before immediately swinging them open. "Who the hell are they?" This was the second time that Ilusia was being attacked. As to why it's happen so many times is a question Lyo couldn't even answer. Shit, Ilusia produced many of the greatest doctors in the world. Simba and and Michael were fighting bravely at the foot of the castle. Armed unknown men used knives, swords, and guns to fight. It was actually sad that so many people would put their life on the line for money. The scene was almost unreal as people dropped left and right. Oddly enough homes and buildings remained. Lyo leaped into the air while drawing his swords, stabbing them into the shoulders of an enemy as he landed. Michael fought with his sword like a true knight. With his swords the soon-to-be king danced ferociously as men attempted to fight him. Whoever is responsible for this is purposely ignoring the buildings... He glanced ahead as people ran attempting to escape but structures remained unscathed. Coincidentally the Beast King spoke. A short man ran towards Simba but was easily swatted away like a fly.

"I'm surprised you didn't notice, Prince Lyoko." The future king glanced over at Simba. Like Lyoko, Simba was apart of the mink race. The only difference between them was that the beast king was full mink whereas the prince was only half. Quickly the prince glanced back the kingdom watching as humans lost their lives. I see. For some reason the only people being murdered where humans. Minks were left alone minus the few that fought back on their own. The person behind this planned on taking over Ilusia but only wanted the humans dead. A random fist flew to Lyokos jaw before landing and waking him out of the deep thought he was in. In front of him was a woman who seemingly shook with fear. It was too bad she was on the wrong team, her life would have probably been saved. Electrifying his entire hand he jabbed her gut, causing it to puncture and gush red liquid. Swiftly he fought a crowd of enemies. It was only when he sliced a head off it's body did he realize something. Only a person who didn't need humans would kill them off.. This could only mean two things. Either a slave owner was in charge of this attack...or a mink. That single thought was enough for his eyes to widen.


Task 1: Complete

Family Feud | Middle  Tumblr_n0lv2h8IZr1s69erao1_500

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