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1Still Training Empty Still Training on Wed May 17, 2017 11:55 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name: Warm Up
Tier: 1
Location: Marineford
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Murcielago warms up and tries to get his mind and body ready to execute Rokushiki by sparing some Ensigns. He goes easy on them of course
Enemy Details: 15 T0 Ensigns
Boss: N/A
Murcielago can't say he was ready for an all out brawl with Ensigns, but it didn't mean that he wouldn't be able to hold his own. Even with the conditions placed on the small skirmish, they were only Ensigns and the squabble would be harmless for the most part. Rear Admiral Koh quickly removed himself from the battleground after he announced the initiation of combat with the usage of Soru, leaving all the space for Murcielago and the fifteen Ensigns.

Jumping backwards twice, he gave himself 10m of space between him and the mob of charging petty officers. His eyes shifted through the crowd picking out his first target as he unfastened his gauntlets. Once the straps were undone he swung his arms outwards, making the metal armaments fly off to his sides before he lunged forward. Determined to close the gap, he nearly achieved what he had set out to do, but stopped a bit shy of the accumulation of Ensigns who were beginning to fan out to encircle Murcielago. As he stopped he had one foot in front of his body steady on the ground and the other bent, but supporting his weight almost directly beneath is body also grounded and stable giving him a nice foundation. His arm was reeled back and his fist was clenched to fire off a devastating jab which hit an Ensign right in the gut. Keeling over in pain and practically vomiting a watery gruel of saliva, Murcielago knew he was out of commission, but didn't need to see or hear it to know it. No Ensign could stand after that punch.

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2Still Training Empty Re: Still Training on Wed May 17, 2017 12:02 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Wasting no time, Murcielago pushed off his bent leg to bring it near the one that was once in front of his body and grounded. That fluidly lead into him bringing that leg up to his own body and out as he pivoted from the force of him bringing that leg and jabbing arm in. The result was a swift, but brick like roundhouse kick that caught two Ensigns in the head as they tried to come in Murcielago's vicinity. Knocking them tot he ground out cold, he came out of the roundhouse kick, by gently placing the leg on the ground in a manner that showed his control over his actions. It wasn't the normal way he fought. It was much more tamed than how he typically operated when fighting, but he definitely couldn't go all out on these Ensigns.

Three down, twelve remained and all twelve hesitated to attack. Seems they lost their confidence already. "You all came in with such high spirits! Where'd the enthusiasm go? He's only one man!" The Rear Admiral cackled as he jested at the Ensigns, one of which gave into the jeering and charged at Murcielago with a battlecry. He obviously had some fighting experience prior to joining the Marines. The way he swung at Murcielago wasn't wild and he wasn't hoping to get lucky. The Vice Admiral could feel his determination and intention behind each attack. Despite this each jab and kick was avoided with a combination of deft and confident footwork, body movement, and breath control.

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3Still Training Empty Re: Still Training on Wed May 17, 2017 12:13 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

He knew their hopes would be shattered if this Ensign in particular was defeated. He was probably the star of their unit when it came to hand to hand combat or maybe just combat in general. He could see it in their eyes as they looked on. Not only because he didn't want to shatter their hopes, but because he had a sense of admiration for the brave soul, he didn't want to outright brutalize him. Employing a swift sidestep then sliding his leg that was closest to the Ensign outwards against the dirt ground to meet the Ensigns own foot while he was int he middle of a step, the Ensign lost his balance. Beginning to stumble forward and pass Murcielago, the Vice Admiral pushed his arm out backwards to the Ensign's back to push him in the direction he was stumbling. This sent him not only into the crowd of bystanders, but through it. He'd surely have more fight in him, but it'd give someone else a chance to step up while he was out of the fray. The Rear Admiral chuckled like a monkey with fruit in his hands at this. "Get in there and give him a run for his money! One on one is useless against a far more seasoned combatant!" With that in unison the Ensigns gave out a deafening shout and all rushes the Vice Admiral at once. The Rear Admiral was right. One on one they stood no chance, but even when it was eleven against one, they stood no chance. They did land blows on Murcielago, but they also landed blows on their own allies as he dodged some of their attacks. In the mob of bodies and twister of limbs, the Vice Admiral had no allies to avoid hitting, so he wasn't particular with his accuracy. Now was the time to exude vigor and raw strength. Grabbing arms, legs, shirts, pants, whatever he could get his hands on, he tossed Ensign after Ensign and even muscled them off of him with his tremendous strength alone. Swinging his limbs he could push away multiple of them at a time and send them multiple meters away into the dirt. This continued until they grew tired and accumulated bruises on a large majority of their bodies. Even while he was struck on the occasion, as if crafted from diamond, he sustained no damage at all when it was all said and done. "Hahahahaaaa, that was great. Alright, hit the showers and return to your quarters. Good job today!" Like the defeated cubs they were, they gathered their ranks helping each other up and went on their way off the field.

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