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1Hilltop Training [Training] Empty Hilltop Training [Training] on Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:47 pm




Hilltop Training [Training] Latest?cb=20130525203411


Hilltop Training [Training] 3002-2019-00-7_1

  • Gauntlets( 2 Axe dials, 1 Reject Dial)
  • Noah(Thunder Dial, Heat Dial)
  • Ministrel Helmet
  • Oxygen Dial
  • Jet Boots(2 Jet Dials)
  • Vision Dial

Total Equipment slots used: 7.5(dials count for half so they equal 4.5)

The island of Hebi, was a beautiful site. Unlike the typical destinations that Ataru had familiarized himself with this island was truly alive. No matter where he looked the plant life was abundant. They hadn't traveled to the village just yet, as the intel element of the F.O.H had not yet briefed them. So instead Ataru had suggested that knuckles trained with him. It had been some time since Ataru had done anything besides teach others haki. So he wanted to practice his other skills, Knuckles had agreed. Now t hey were moving about obseving the beauty of the island.

Ataru had been glancing at different hills from his vision dial to find a suitable spot. They had finally found one about 2-3 kilometers from the ship. Ataru would jump up from his first charge of his jet dial on his left foot to see the most direct path up the hill. The power of height often reminded him how perspective could change an entire battlefield. He'd have to see if he could make a sky dial airship for his historian and navigator. That'd probably help them traverse either when not using the golliwog. First though he needed to save for what he heard was on the black market. Hopefully it wouldn't be sold before he had the necessary funds. Even with it, he still needed to train while in his thoughts they had managed to traverse the hill almost to its peak. They were now on a small flat circular landing about 8 meters in radius all around. It was here that Ataru would take off his coat until he was just in a white undershirt, then he would switch out of his regular pants into his poly/cotton pants. He preferred to use them for training as they allowed easier movement, so Ataru could try speed maneuvers that were new to him. He didn't unsheathe his sword, he did leave his gauntlets on though. Speaking to Knuckles now he would say

"I'll be considerate since you don't have any crazy inventions delivered here yet. I'm excited to see the prototype you've been talking about for the past few weeks. When it gets in I expect you'll be able to witness my swordsmanship first hand. It's different when the speed of my blade is coming at you. After that Ataru would assume a martial pose, he would run at Knuckles. Not fast, he didn't intended on building up his speed just yet he was warming up. He figured Knuckles needed to warm up as well if he was allowed to reach him he'd throw 4 basic jabs 2 from left 2 from right.


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2Hilltop Training [Training] Empty Re: Hilltop Training [Training] on Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:42 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
At last they had reached a place beautiful and colorful, it wasn't the dull snow caps and frozen lands on tundra or the sandy deserts of Rubeck. There was green life at every turn, wildlife swarming around them though most hidden when others were around. He had heard this place was flourished with life and so it was. Happy to be here was to say the least about this place he was excited and genuinely happy for once. While ru found them a good place to spar he looked over the final touches of his blueprints for his android, he had gotten the materials in and it was time to start building but not today, today was for the two of them to help each other grow.

Once they had made it to the area Ru had picked Knuckles too began to shed some clothing. Since they had walked through a vastly overgrown area to get here he had worn his pants combat boots and jacket with his undershirt,but for the sparring it would come off. Well The Jacket and Undershirt at least. He left his gloves on, the gift from Ru. He had come accustomed to them and how to use them in the short time he had them. They were perfect for his kit that was coming in that Ru mentioned. "Yes once it comes in we'll have to do this again so I can test it's limits to the Tee. " Though he had been working on some other things too he was sure Ru would like this newest one the most. After All he was going to need something from Ru for it anyway.

After getting in some stretching it looked like Ru was ready. He noticed the sword was sheathed for now so that was a good thing, though he brought the rest of his gear. Fair enough he thought. Entering his generic fighting stance it seemed Ru was ready to get to the spar. He came in at his base speed, not using his Dials, this usually wasn't his fighting style from what Knuckles recalled. Whatever he'd go with it for now. As the jabs came in Knuckles bobbed and weaved or tried to anyway. Ru still was faster than him, but that was okay because as he tried to dodge the first on it nicked his forearm. As he attempted to dodge the second on it made full contact with his forearm. This allowed him to feel the speed of Ru's jabs and give Knuckles and Idea on how fast he needed to react to avoid the punches in total, though as the third came in Knuckles ducted leaned his body to the right, pivoted his right foot, and stood back to his regular statue while cast a straight hook allowing Ru's jab to make contact fully, but giving Knuckles the angle he needed to land this punch. Still Ru was fast he might dodge it completely, though whether it landed or not, he was retracting that arm back into his stance before his arm fully extended.

Gear listed in spoiler.

Hilltop Training [Training] Sig

3Hilltop Training [Training] Empty Re: Hilltop Training [Training] on Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:43 pm


Knuckles was excited for his new armor as well ready to test it's capabilities. It was times like these that Ataru thought about purchasing a bokken made of treasure tree adam. Not just for training with Knuckles but training in general he lost a lot of his abilities when he switched from sword to fist. Granted with his current sword he'd have to hold back regardless he was much to scared to actually hurt an ally, with a bokken he could bruise and guard with ease.Yeah, but that item on the market is more important than training. They needed to go on a excavation soon, it was more of a waiting game to assemble the crew together then it was to find an actual excursion. Organization took time, and patience something that most captains lacked but so far it hadn't seemed to bother Knuckles all too much.

Ataru was surprised by Knuckles willingness to take a punch, but he soon saw it was a trap to lure him for a punch. Even though Knuckles was a scientist he was almost as strong as Ataru, the punch left a scratch. He didn't plan on dodging to many of the close range attacks this was for two reasons, one Ataru was working on his body hardening this was as good as a place as any. Ataru planned on pressing his offensive against Knuckles, he let out another two jabs  from his left fist a higher speed, they would appear as a blur to Knuckles. The second reason was he didn't want to focus to hard, the downside to his incredible speed was it gave him tunnel vision so he preferred to only use it in life or death situations. It also wouldn't do if the only thing he was known for was his speed, he had to be able to rely on more than just his main abilities if he truly wanted to be a threat on the seas. Regardless if the jabs connected or not Ataru lift his leg and use his jet dial's first charge to attempt to knee Knuckles in his abdomen. Then he  would break distance using his second jet dial in his right boot this would push him back 5 meters to the edge of the Hill. He would assume a defensive posture making sure that his base was stable. It wouldn't do to slip down this hill granted he still had a jet dial he could use, but he'd prefer if they both managed to stay on the ground.



4Hilltop Training [Training] Empty Re: Hilltop Training [Training] on Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:35 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
It seemed Knuckles was able to out play Ru again, he seemed to always be falling for his tricks. Though Ru seemed to have his own as well, after making contact with him he felt two hits knocking his head back both times, making his face turn red and slight swelling. Gearing up for his counter strike he heard the sound of Ru's dial activate but it was far to late the knee came flying into his gut lifting him a bit off of the ground as it did. Knuckles touched back on the ground as he caught his breath looking a bit more serious now. Wiping the spit form his lips the scientist was plotting his next few moves. For anyone who was wondering how the name Knuckles Shi came to be, well he was so good in hand to hand it was gifted to him. Shi translated to Death so his name literally came to Death Knuckles, perhaps it was time to show why he was given that name

Knuckles went in towards Ru, with a single activation of his axe of his axe dial he blasted as Ru was landing. The cons to have jet dials were it was a burst of wind pretty much not a constant stream thus he wouldn't be able to hover over one spot for more than a few seconds. All Knuckles was trying to do was gain his focus onto the Dial attack rather than his movements, if this hard worked then the seconds axe dial shot would likely not be noticed until it was close to being too late. The shot was aimed for the chest of Ru. It didn't matter if it hit or not wither because it to was a ploy. Knuckles did all this just to get back into range and strike with a nice solid left jab followed by a right upper cut to the sternum. Once of the best things about being a doctor and a brawler was he knew the key points to strike and cause some extra damage as well as where to aim to slow someone fast down. Since the upper cut was with his right hand he sent out an activation of the thunder dial, attempting to hold ru in this potions or use the shocking effect to make him drop his guard. Either worked because the next attack was a leg sweep and a right hook to the left thigh of Ru where he'd blast the thunder dial again. Of course blasting this close twice Knuckles would take some Arc burns and damages as well.

Axe Dial 1 post CD
Thunder Dial 2 post CD

Hilltop Training [Training] Sig

5Hilltop Training [Training] Empty Re: Hilltop Training [Training] on Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:43 pm


As Ataru was moving Knuckles tried to launch an axe dial on him which he caught with his left hand absorbing it while firing it back simultaneously this would stop the other axe dial shot with a small remnant possibly hitting Knuckles. If it did it would feel like a small gust of wind slapping him in the chest. The next thing Ataru would see was Knuckles launching an offensive, if he was  a worse friend he'd appear behind him and push him off the ledge. However terrain awareness would have to wait for another day instead he'd just use it to his advantage as he originally planned. Activating his left boot's dial 3 afterimage of him smiling would appear,one in front of Knuckles  and the other two would form a compass roses with Ataru would appear on the opposite side edge of the hill smiling directly south. If Knuckles continued his attack Ataru would observe it, as he used the dials that he had gifted him. He was getting better with them, granted it was hard to use a weaker version of the same gear Ataru had been carrying with him for a year or so now. Ataru, was surprised to see the aggressiveness but his captain probably felt as if he had something to prove. Ataru on the other hand was starting to sweat from the close calls, he considered using his other axe dial, normally he preferred to use them close. He definitely needed to get his other tool ready,  it was the one dial that he rarely ever used. For a good reason, it also harmed him but he figured it'd be good for the captain to know the capabilities of all of his dials.

While watching whatever attacks, Knuckles had decided to do Ataru's afterimage. If any of Knuckles attacked connected with the afterimage it would vanish.  He would expend his left axe dial last charge while using his right's two charges shooting them to form a 15m wall of axe dials headed towards Knuckles. Ataru would ensure that all the dial blades of air wouldn't hit any internal spots of Knuckles. This should ensure that even if he was hit that it would just result in non lethal cuts, Ataru would be behind the axe blades. Once he arrived where Knuckles was at he'd keep his right arm for defense, while swinging a left hook at Knuckles jaw. Whether it connected or not, Ataru would stay inside Knuckles immediate area, he wasn't ready to throw another punch just yet.

WC: 426/400
Stamina: 390/450
Skill Used:

Skill Name: -Dial Out
Tier: -4
Type -Offensive
Range: -20 m radius
Speed: -User's Speed (+1 if using a dial speed enhancement)
Description: -Ataru goes into overdrive moving at his top speed until he reaches the desired effect of at most 12 afterimages for anyone who's perception is lower than his speed broken down in the chart. Since Ataru is moving in a circular radius he is forming a real time picture of the target inside even with his tunnel vision. Once he strikes or leaves the radius the afterimages fade and he returns to an average speed. The after images are capable of shifting inside the radius at the cost of 10 stamina per movement.
Afterimages are destroyed with a direct hit to reveal they are not Ataru. If all afterimages are destroyed then Ataru is just a blur moving at calculated speed throughout the radius.

Perception Matched or higher: Ataru is visible just moving at his calculated speed throughout the radius
-1 Perception- The afterimages are just blurs
-2 Perception- The afterimages almost seem to have a face
-3 Perception and below- The afterimages are smiling at you with a hazy Ataru's face.


6Hilltop Training [Training] Empty Re: Hilltop Training [Training] on Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:46 am

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Knuckles wasn't going fast enough to not be able to stop as he approached the edge, though Ru did throw him for a loop. Skidding to a stop Ru was gone, using his jet dial to the area he was just in. Cancelling his thunder dial attack as only after image now remained and the real Ru so where. Knuckles instinctively activated his eye haki giving him a 30meter radius to feel on coming attacks. Ru's speed as a problem but now there was after images. Halting all attacks he wondered which was the real ru, on top of that he had felt a gust of wind hit his chest early on before he stopped which had slowed him down. Shit, not a good position. Knuckles turned to the after images with a grin, time to become unpredictable. His right arm became a tint of light black using his Armor haki. He wasn't sure what exactly had happened before with his axe dial attack, it was like Ru canceled it out some how. He had to come up with a plan but also go off instinct so he couldn't be predicted. There was a Ru right infront of him, unknowing if it was real or not Knuckles Leaped off the hill top, gaining some distance. It was a far fall sure but before knuckles was 3 feet form hitting the bottom he activated the thunder dial blasting the rock wall behind him causing his motion to move outwards from the hill breaking the speed he had gain from free falling. Placing his right hand out to the ground allowing it to take the brute of the crash he slide on his right side, perhaps leaving his coat on would of been best, because now his ride side was covered with road rash. Tanks to his haki on his arm though the damage wasn't as bad as it could of been. Still having a charge left he blasted it at the top of the hill Ru was attempting to bring him down IF that was the real one. He needed to force something out of RU to make him lose the momentum he had built. If one thing was clear at this point, Knuckles was at a disadvantage when it came to move sets and gear. Just what had Ru been doing all these years to be so ahead of Knuckles in terms of power?

Axe Dial off CD thunder Dial on 2 Post Cd.
Haki Stamina 130/150

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7Hilltop Training [Training] Empty Re: Hilltop Training [Training] on Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:29 pm


Ataru watched as Knuckles fell of the cliff, worried about his captain he didn't even see the thunder as it arced through his body. It was a typical convulsion over in less than a second, Ataru had been shocked by his own dials before. Luckily it wasn't a direct hit or he might of spasmed a little longer, his left elbow was a paralyzed from the strike. This of course made Ataru realize that Knuckles was fine, just another tactic of his trying to create space from Ataru wasn't a terrible idea. Ataru would activate his jet dials deciding to move at full speed for once, as soon as he arrived at the base of the hill he'd make sure to move past where he saw Knuckles fall. It wouldn't do for him to slow down and be blasted, coming to a full stop Ataru would pull out his vision dial to see how far away he was in relation to Knuckles. They were about 15 meters away, and Ataru would start moving at half his speed until he was facing of with knuckles about 3 meters away. The whole time he'd have his arms raised ready to block any dial attacks if Knuckles felt so inclined. He was sure that he had explained that dials could absorb their element, he wondered if he remembered or not. Hopefully he wouldn't try with any of Ataru's dials that would end up breaking or damaging Knuckles's dials. Once they were in range to see each-other Ataru would yell at Knuckles. This wasn't out of anger or malice he was just fired up and didn't realize how loud he was at the moment. Especially after being hit by a thunder strike, "Hey man, good shit I haven't gotten this fired up in training in quite some time. That was a nice shot at my elbow...

As he said Elbow Ataru would activate his jet dial to increase his speed to just below maximum he would then move at an echelon activate his jet dial for the second time to go in on Knuckles. This would appear as a blur to him as Ataru wasn't moving at top speed, if he managed to connect with Knuckles he would touch him with his right gauntlet it didn't really matter where to Ataru as long as it was on his body and activate his Impact dial.

If this connected then both Ataru and Knuckles would feel unyielding pain on the inside of their body. An impact dial felt as if someone was hitting all of your pain receptors inside your body while your organs writhed in agony. Ataru of course didn't activate it at full power as it had the possibility of killing both of them. Instead he gave it just enough power that they would both know it was the end of the training session for now. Ataru had been impressed with Knuckles, but he was starting to get tired at least for today.

If somehow Knuckles managed to dodge Ataru's reject dial then Ataru would go at top speed until he was about 20 meters away from Knuckles. Then he would observe him with his vision dial to see what his next move would be, now that they were off the hill the vegetation made for decent concealment when fighting an opponent.


Item used:

Equipment Name: Reject Dial
Equipment Class: Attachment
Equipment Type: Dial
Equipment Tier: 4
Range:  Contact
Equipment Description: The Reject Dial (排撃貝(リジェクトダイアル) Rijekuto Daiaru?, literally translated as "Rejection Shell") is a fiercer version of the Impact Dial. It is extremely rare to find, and also extremely dangerous to both the target and the user. The Reject Dial takes in energy, just like the Impact Dial, but releases ten times as much energy as it had absorbed. The backlash effect is capable of blowing the bodies of both the user and opponent to pieces, especially with repeated usage.
Equipment Ability: The user stores kinetic energy by the same means they would for an Impact Dial, then upon releasing it the damage is increased by Two Tiers and unleashed on the Dial wielder and the target.
Attachments: N/A
Units per slot: 1
Duration: Instant
Cooldown 2 Post


8Hilltop Training [Training] Empty Re: Hilltop Training [Training] on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:34 am

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Of course Knuckles could only feel the first movements of Ru as he blew past him, once the jet dials were up and moving he had no way to really keep up with Ru's movements.  It wasn't even about predicting where the next attack was coming form, this wasn't hand to hand it was all out. Well Partially anyway, Ru wasn't using his sword yet. Knuckles Heard the Comment from Ru about him hitting his arm. "So that was the real you, I couldn't tell just a wild guess." He knew his axe dial was up, trying to cut off Ru's path he listed his left up and fired twice at the feet of Ru. Unlucky however as they were to slow to meet the mark. If Knuckles Learned anything within this training match it was that he lacked the basics of speed. That would be fixed, he also needed a way to train his eyes to match those movements of Ru. He had just the plan for both of those, though one of them was going to be painful.... Of course he was talking about ripping his eye out and replacing it with a cybernetic eye that could keep up with his movements.  It wouldn't be hard to construct just very very painful to install.

Though now wasn't the time to start planning the creation of said device as he needed to get his head into the match and figure out a way to take away Ru's advantage, though it seemed while he was distracted, Ru had gotten within striking range. "Shit..." He said under his breath as the impact dial went off, his eyes bulged as at first he couldn't even make a sound.  Grasping at his torso it felt as if some was moving around his organs. What was he hit with? Playing the attack back through his head he remembered it just being and outwards energy. Falling to his knees he saw Ru too had been effected. He thought he was the crazy one out the two of them, Ru had to one up him he assumed. Though as the pains seemed to radiate to more of his vital areas he let a roar of pain out. Once the pain had settled Knuckles laid flat onto his back. Fuck whatever that was, but now he had plans for things like that.

Gaining the strength to move Knuckles sat up and chuckled at Ru. "Well I guess that's it for today then. Time to start my hike to get my clothes ahaha"
So he did as he waved off to Ru walking back up the hill to grab his clothing, after all He was on a Rev's salary. If he didn't go get this shirt and Coat he'd have to where Rev gear. Not that clothing was expensive but it was a fee he rather not have to pay. On top of that he wanted to go back and have a nice glass of something nice and dark to relax while he finished his latest invention. After today's sparring session he gathered the details he needed to keep up with Ru's speed or close to it.

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9Hilltop Training [Training] Empty Re: Hilltop Training [Training] on Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:47 am


Ataru laid on the ground next to Knuckles this was actually his first time using the device. It hurt much more than he had imagined or been described by any of the sky islanders. Coughing he spoke his voice was much weaker than it had been before "That wasn't even full power, haha thought I should try it once its my last resort. Figured you should know about it first hand, and know it sends all of it back at me as well. Now you know how dangerous it is to use so if you see me use it...well you get the point.". Ataru would continue to lay on the ground until Knuckles got up as well it had been a good training session. His muscles felt exhausted he was more than happy with the result. Ataru followed Knuckles as they walked up the hill he also had to collect his gear. It was a slower walk than when they went up originally, thought it still didn't take that much time. After collecting his gear Ataru would wave to Knuckles and jump off the hill activating his jet dials to make his fall inconsequential. He was to tired to walk back down and he knew that Knuckles would be fine.

He would go deeper into the green foliage finding a nice spot surrounded by the ambient sound of life. It helped ease his mind, he sat down and meditated on the training he had just done. A cathartic response finally came from the pain and training with a friend. Ataru was always flooded with such emotion but he hated showing it to anyone. The tears didn't seem to stop for a bit as the voices were waking from their sleep that physical activity seemed to bring. Ataru wondered if he would ever feel less trapped in his own mind. It was his own fault after all forsaking one's values didn't come at a cheap price if one wanted to keep their soul. He would cry for about 15 minutes before his eyes were red and he felt a tiny bit better. He knew the time was quickly coming where he wouldn't be able to hold onto his empire at least not in the same format. He still hadn't come up with a better solution to his problem, he had received word that one of his slaves was thinking of an uprising. That meant he would have to mete out death, there was no other way to stop an uprising. THe last one had been a big factor into his psychotic episodes. It was one of the people that he had worked the fields with, he tried so hard to convince Ataru. In the end the only argument left was where to display the head to send the message. That'll be your head one day coward. His voice rarely appeared only when he thought back to that time, it was still jarring nonetheless. After an hour or so Ataru would head back to the crew's boat he'd be a little more amiable after his moment of solitude.

WC: 516/400
Stamina: 390/450


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