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Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Pirate Nation Gaiden: Story of Bazel D. Wiggins! (Beginning) 6f01a67aaf478f8e5108606187caf7f5008900bc_hq

Task Name: Simpler Times
Tier: 1
Location: Alabasta. Impel Down
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Bazel being in a catatonic state starts to go back to simpler times in his life before he was the man he was today and his life was drastically different.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: No

"Oi Bazzy Baz!" said a voice repeatedly towards the unconscious body of the fire bird. They'd begin to poke his cheek on the left side as a means to wake him up. "Bazzyyyyy" the voice would say once more causing the groggy fire bird to arise from it's slumber. "Ugh, where am I?" said Bazel as he looked around. What he'd see had stunned him, Bazel was shocked and appalled at what he was seeing. It was his childhood home that he and his brother Love had grown up with. "Yea I know it looks familiar right? Last time you were here was after you fought that gold guy. You need to stop fighting strong people!" joked the voice. The person talking was sitting behind Bazel, who was it? Turning around Bazel's eyes popped before returning to normal once again. He was in his mind, it was the fire bird telling Bazel to gather himself once more. In his mind he was always with his best friend, his younger brother Love. "Good to see you Love." said Bazel as he pushed off the ground and realized he wasn't hurt here. "hmm." said Bazel who started walking around. "Yea I know, you're perfectly whole here. Fun, for what's going to happen anyway." Love smirked at his older brother before breaking out in laughter. "You don't know? You're far off from what you were when you beat Wayland. You almost died in your last encounter, it'll be awhile before you wake up." said Love who would walk over to his brother who was leaning on a counter adjacent to him. It was then the same spirit from before began to spiral around Bazel. It was this purple fox creature that always came around in Bazel's dreams. It was here now.

"So, what exactly happened to me Love?" asked Bazel who couldn't recall much. It was then the younger brother walked over to the fridge where a picture of the Wiggins brothers rested. "Well.. Let's see..." said Love as he tapped the picture of the two. "You got hit, hard it was a punch but it wasn't normal.. Nothing you could just take and be okay.. It did something to you Bazzy, I don't know if the fire bird could even heal you brother." said Love as Bazel stared to get concerned from the words his brother spoke. His head got low and he started to fight back tears, "I see." said Bazel who clinched his fist. "But all isn't lost! if it wasn't for the fire bird you would have been dead today. It started healing you almost as fast as you were hit." Bazel started placing his hand on his right side where he was hit, he somehow felt the connection to the injury he had suffered in the real world. "Though, while you're here brother.. there are some memories that trouble you. That's what I'm here for!" spoke Love who seemed too optimistic about all of this. Bazel snapped back to reality when his brother spoke "What are you talking about Love?" it was then the fox that was swirling around Bazel would zip off down towards the hallway near the rooms of Bazel and Love, their childhood rooms never scared Bazel so much until now. "Okay brother, you have two different points in time you haven't accepted yet. You get to chose which point you get closure with first but I'm not allowed to tell you what is through each door." said Love who stood on the wall near the hallway.

"Tell me Love, be honest with me.. Is this about Ren?" said a stern faced Bazel it was then and only then that for once the face of Love looked serious. "Yea Baz, one of them is about Ren. Whether you accept it or not, you're going to deal with that today. You can't fight your wounds if your mind is having a different battle brother." Baz would push off of the counter he rested against. "I guess you're right. Even though I hate to admit it I do need to deal with what happened. Just know brother, I'll need you when I come back." spoke Bazel which garnered a head nod from his younger brother Love. As Bazel approached the hallway the spirit loomed between the doors. Bazel assumed the spirit would be Bazel's guide through his experiences at this point in time. Doing his handshake with Love Bazel would smile and then proceed down the hallway and looked to his right seeing a door which featured the drawing he carved on it when he was roughly five years old and then he saw the door on the left which featured a painted hand which was what Love's door had on it in their youth. Bazel would decide to march through the door that belonged to Love.

WC: 810

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Pirate Nation Gaiden: Story of Bazel D. Wiggins! (Beginning) Cf932278b5b93993615134a086ece285027312ff_hq

The door opened and a flash would occur afterwards and a shift happened. A 12 year old Bazel ran through a door chasing after his 10 year old brother Love, the two boys always scrapped and today was no different. "Love give me back my headphones! I'm tired of you taking my stuff you weasel!" yelled an angry Bazel as he chased after his younger brother. The younger brother ran through the house with his arms outwards as if he were flying, "You can't catch me Bazzy, you can hit me all you want me when you catch me but you can't catch m-" Love's words were cut short by Bazel appearing in front of him with a punch square to the nose. As he fell to the ground he looked up at his older brother, smirking and in glory as he had caught the airborne headphones. "Ha, you always think you're faster than me little bro, always remember you're not." said Bazel who aimed to tease his younger brother. As for Love his eyes began to water as his nose became flushed with a wave of crimson water. Covering his nose with his hands. As Love began to bawl tears from his eyes a slightly concerned Bazel came down to check on his younger brother. "Oi Love! If you don't bring it down Grandpa is gonna show up!" spoke a concerned Bazel, it was then the tearful Love got quiet and let out a squeak as he saw the large male towering over Bazel with his clad red black and red hair and his knuckles cracked. "BAZEL!!!!" the old man would scream as the red haired youth with his hat and headphones would begin to run in the opposite direction. His grandfather woud chase the young boy around the house for about an hour before they came back near the kitchen area and Bazel was on the counter awaiting his grandfather to turn the corner. "Where the hell is that boy..." said Bruce who turned his head towards the kitchen. "Right here old man!" yelled Bazel who charged towards his grandfather only to be greeted by a punch that sent the young boy flying outwards through the wall outside to the sand.

Later that day

The two brothers walked down Alabasta, Bazel on the right and Love on the left. Bazel had been nursing an ice pack to the head to where a giant lump was positioned. "I didn't think Grandpa would punch you that hard Bazzy! I'm sorry. I'll never cry again big brother!!!" declared Love which made Bazel smile as he stopped his younger brother and looked at him with a smile. "Don't sweat it! If Grandpa doesn't try to hit me then I won't grow stronger and if I don't grow stronger I can't become King of the Pirates!!!!" yelled Bazel among those in the shopping district of Alabasta. They brushed off Bazel's brash nature with smiles. Everyone here knew Bazel, he grew up on the island of Alabasta and he loved it here but he caused a lot of trouble for people but that didn't stop from supporting him. "Ya know big brother, sooner or later. You're gonna be king of the pirates and I'm gonna be right there! your right hand man! your number two! Your first mate!" said Love which made a sparkle in the right eye of Bazel as he took his hat off and put it on his little brothers head. "The Red Hair Pirates!" said Bazel and him and Love did their signature handshake. It was then they heard someone chuckling. Bazel began to look around and saw a girl adjacent to the duo, roughly five meters away. "What's so funny to you?" said Bazel with his fist held up to the girl. "What you're gonna hit a girl?" snickered Love which caused Bazel to punch his younger brother upside the head which shut him up and made him grab the ice pack for his own wound. As for Bazel the girl would once again chuckle. "Hey cut it out!" said Bazel as his cheeks started to turn red. "Make me!" said the young girl who sat in the same spot she had been in since Bazel and Love ran into her, propped up on a barrel in her dress. Bazel would lung at her falling into a barrel as she vanished turned into a pink like energy and reappeared on a nearby roof. "You missed" said the girl.

Bazel grew angry and got up from the pile of rubble he was in "Oh yeah? I'll show you!" said Bazel as he began jumping on top of whatever he could find to get himself on the roof. "Wait for me Bazzy!" said Love who would follow suit. Once on the roof Bazel would start chasing the girl from rooftop to rooftop in an attempt to catch her but she was fast. "What the hell are you using to get away from me! It's no way you're faster than me." said Bazel as he began to tire. The girl wasn't even running her fastest. Actually it looked as if she wasn't running at all just skipping gingerly at a speed Bazel couldn't keep up with. It was then Bazels lungs would catch up to him and he'd miss a step going towards the next roof "Baz!" yelled Love as his older brother began to descend down three stories back first.

WC: 909

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