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1Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:48 am

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova

Task Name: Vive la révolution!
Tier: 2
Location: Ilusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description: The Revolutionaries have been a pain in the ass in Illusia for a long time. Since wars are won by information and not just military prowess, you decide to infiltrate their weapons warehouse to steal blueprints and technology, to learn what equipment they use and how to counter it, as well as where they're getting it from. Word is; they're working on some new, mysterious weapon, find out as much as you can about it.
Enemy Details: 10 T0 Rev Guards, T1 Rev Scientist, T2 Rev Captain
Boss: No

Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Tukk7Y9

Another day, another job to do... Marina was making very little progress with Isabella, the girl had vanished since a few days ago and so far she had yet to find her. She could only hope Izzy was alright. Meaning, she needed her to complete her ambition, it's not like she meant anything more than that... A spy had to be cold and detached, ready to cut off any potential burdens in her life before they got as far as impeding her. Fortunately, none of the people she was closest to looked like they'd turn into a burden anytime soon, that the major reason why she liked them after all... Speaking of Gaige, Marina was rather enjoying working with her. She was calm and reliable, able to keep her head cool under pressure.

The Marines at the base were still mostly unaware of the deeper connection between the two of them, they were seen together enough to be seen as friends, but none knew of their connection to Cipher Pol 1, let alone the unit they had secretly formed. Perhaps they'd be able to bring Isabella into the fold? Marina and her shared pretty much the same goal after all...

"Pants...! Are you in there?", asked Marina, knocking at the door of Dr. Stygian's office.

She had dug up a few leads, more than enough to give the two spies a job to do, but she wondered what the Good Doctor had been up to in the meantime. Being a scientist, she had a unique insight into the scientific community, and that same side of the many wars the Marines were involved in... perhaps that side would bear a kind of unique fruit Marina's own network never could? She was curious enough about it to seek her colleague out even early in the morning like this...


2Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:31 pm


Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] 280od51

Its been days since Gaige last saw Marina, since she didn't knew where Marina was at, Gaige didn't take any time to look for her. Plus Gaige finally recovered from her last mission with Moss Head. Her shoulder was still a bit sore, but other than that she was at hundred percent. Moss Head she wonder what he was doing. Most likey being a pervert she would guess, but she didn't mind as she enjoy watching him fail. This could be view as harsh by some people, but hey she was a scientist and gain enjoyment from watching those failure being turn into successes. Alias she still need to find a leash for the pervert....

Ever since she join Cipher Pol 1, she can't said much has changed besides having to coming up with a few excuses here and there on why she couldn't attend this or join that . As Gaige was thinking about the recent events that has happen to her. A knock on her door quickly snap her out of her thoughts. She didn't expect anyone to visit her this early.

"Yes. The doctor is in. Come on in Purple. The door is unlocked. Seat or stand. Its doesn't matter to me." Gaige would be sitting at her metal desk, chewing on a pen as she look at several blueprints and notes that were scatter across the desk. So many ideas running through her head, but she didn't knew where to start. Once Purple was inside her office. Gaige would finaly glance up at her teammate. She look nice today, then again when did Purple ever look bad?

"Something on your mind, Purple? I doubt you visit me at this time of day just for a friendly chat. You didn't even bring any food. I thought my assistant was taught better than that." Gaige feign in being disappoint as she lean back in her chair. Flashing Marina a curious look. What did the purple-haired woman had plan for them this time?

3Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Sat Apr 09, 2016 7:25 am

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Gaige was looking gorgeous today. As usual she didn't wore pants, but this time she went with a tight fitting halter top that rather accentuated her well endowed chest. No doubt looking at her eyes while talking to her would be a sternous effort if Marina didn't have all that training in acting. It reminded her of how easily the good doctor could pull off Marina's own seduction tactics with little more than batting an eyelash the right way. Fortunately she wasn't afraid of competition, especially when that competition looked this good.... Marina sat down with a soft smirk on her face, slowly crossing her legs, amused at the sight of the obviously bored Gaige chewing on a pen, "Don't be like that, I'll take you out to eat later if you're that hungry.", Marina teased playfully, leaning over the table slightly, throwing a flirtatious wink her way, "But we should take care of work before pleasure no~?"

With these words, she pulled a folder from her wallet and handed it over to Gaige, looking into her eyes inquisitively as she pompted the brainy girl's insight, "Look at these and tell me what you think."

Marina had obviously already looked at the folder and drawn her own conclusions, more importantly, she had been the one to put it together. It contained candid pictures of the revolutionary army, taken on the other side of Illusia. Most importantly, they seemed focused around a specific warehouse, and photographs of people walking in and out of it. Some of the people had circles drawn aroudn their heads to highlight their importance, these included a rather well known scientist and an even better known underground broker. Both of them were obviously dealing with the revolutionaries.

Instead of sharing her findings right away, she gave Gaige time to analyze the data herself and give her own thoughts without being couded by Marina's own. Specifically the scientist, she might know more about that man than Marina did. She imagined the Scientist was worked on some pretty fancy new weapon if he was looking to get resources from that broker...


4Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:32 pm


The marine scientist would lighly smile as she listen to Marina. If Gaige was younger and met Marina when she was just starting boot camp, she would have been flustered at sight of an alluring and charming woman like Marina teasing her, even if was playful in nature. Scientist weren't known for their romantic and sexual lives. Then again most scientist weren't blessed with a body like Gaige. The busty blonde would brush away some of hair as she lick her lips. She did enjoy their playful banter though even if she was less experince than Marina. Gaige wasn't going to lose. "With you being the meal? Such a mouth watering offer. " With that final tease and smirk she would look through the folder.

For moment nothing seem to drawn much interest from Pants as she study the uniforms of various people in the photos some of them dress in work attire, maybe a armed gruads as well. "Looks like the typical serect research buidling. Must be working on something big if they need a warehouse. Oh what do we have here...wait. He really is here. Hahahaha. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Purple I could just kiss you right now!" With how exticed she was, Gaige did sounded serious about kissing Purple. If Gaige seat had wheels she would be spinning around by now (Note to Self, add wheels). Instead she would stand up and walk towards one of her file cabients and quickly skim through a few folders of her own until she found what she was looking for. A photo to confirm her suspicions.

Clapping her hands together in case Purple wasn't listening, Gaige would reveal what she knew. "Do you know who he is? Nikola Gates. His reseach in toxicology is top notch, even if he means of testing his findings are questionable. He pave the way for people like me who just dabble in it, I do enjoy my gadets. Anyhow, He use to aid some fancy business in their research, but when his co-workers discover he was using live human subjects. They drop him at the drop of a dime. After that he went under the radar due to not being able to find funding or resources to countine his work." Gaige paused as she placed her left hand under her chin. Yes if she could get her hands on his notes that could aid her greatly though at her 'level' his notes might take some time for her to even understand.

"My guess would be that they are working on some type of bio-weapon. " Gaige would then return to her seat, eager to hear what Marina thoughts. She also knew a little about Nikola Gates personailty if more information on him was needed.

5Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Sat Apr 09, 2016 4:06 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
She was right. Gaige did have a unique Insight into the scientific community unlike anything Marina herself ever could. She knew the scientists name, specialties, and even a good bit about his past. Marina had to study and research that man to learn half as much as what Gaige knew. She casually rested her head on her  palm as her eyes followed her partner's, chuckling at her comment, "Don't let me stop you~"

Flirting with someone as stunning as Gaige was always fun, the girl had an approachable charm to her, unlike anything Marina ever expected of a scholar like her. She knew about the rev scientists name and specialization, though not about all that controversy. She didn't have enough time to dig that deep... Thus, she looked really interested in her insight, and quickly prompted her for more, "You know a lot more about that guy... I do hope that's not all", Marina asked curiously, "The guy he's dealing with is a famous broker, no doubt he's getting resources, test subjects, maybe even both. We should get you in there so you can see what they're working on."

Hopefully Gaige would be up for a little action. Marina's eyes and daring smirk would keep challenging her until she said yes... When that finally happened, she would lead her partner outside, where two horses would be waiting for them. Of course, if the cute lab girl didn't know how to ride, Marina would happily give her a ride, just as she bad done with Izzy a few days back. They would have a good few hours to talk more about the plan, the enemies, and themselves..

Ooc: on phone


6Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Sat Apr 09, 2016 7:19 pm


Gaige would raise an eyebrow. She held back a srcoff "I hope that's not all you know." Of course shs knew more than that. She just didn't want to overload her friend's mind with information. She wasn't as well connect as Marina was, but when came to scientists she knew quite a bit. "Of course I know more. I just wasn't sure how much I knew would be consider useful or how much information you could handle. Personailtiy wise. He clever and cunning as a fox. He knows how to play people agsaint each other and how to re-direct attetion from himself. He likes to stay out of the spotlight, he wasn't a fan of being well known and didn't like to give out too much personal information. His likes his women busty and a bit dumb. He doesn't seem to like women who equal or suprass his knowledge. After all it was his female co-workers who cause him to lose his job. " While Gaige, wasn;t fan of his view on women, she did admired his work even with the living subjects.

Gaige couldn't let Marina have all the fun on this missions. She can't let her 'assistant' or 'boss' think that she wasn't up to par. "You know a scientist like myself can't pass up an oppouritiy like this. Let's go my assistant we have research to do!" Of course, Gaige would let Marina led them outside. Gaige blink as she spotted two horses. Heh. One of the things she didn't know how to do and she rather not make a fool of herself.

The marine scientist would rub the back of her head as she stare at the elegant creatures. "Heh. You wouldn't mind letting me ride with you. I never learn how to ride a horse and since we on a mission it would us save time. Instead of trying to teach me along the way. Not that I doubt your teaching abilites." The thought of sharing a single horse was also more pleasing, but she wouldn't mention that out aloud.

7Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:39 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
She took in every bit of information with a quizzical look in her eyes, facing the pretty blonde doctor as she shared her information. The guy was cunning, manipulative, and perverted. It might not be easy for Marina to manipulate him if she didn't look the way she did, but this time around trying the black widow number wouldn't be nearly as effective. He seems to underestimate women however, which would make it easy for the two girls to outsmart him. They'd be operating behind enemy lines after all...

"It would be easy to seduce him off duty, but in this case we should really get a look inside his lab... That means we'll need to wipe out all of his guards before they raise the alarms.", she commented, looking down running her fingers up and down her cheek with a pondering look as she debated the best strategy.

Marina giggled at the girl's eagerness for adventure, and before long they had arrived at the stables. Gaige had an apologetic look as she scratched her head and looked at the horses, a look Marina had grown to recognize, "By all means, climb on up.", Marina smiled and freed a stirrup, thankful that the saddle was big enough for two. Perhaps her experience with Izzy had taught her something; it was best to pick a horse with a large saddle when she didn't know whether her partner could actually ride. She would offer her hand to help the girl climb up, "Come on, up you go~"

After this, she would simply let Gaige get comfortable before heading out to the other side of the island... She would tell the blonde all about the warehouse, particularly the not so well guarded back entrance. That would be their way in.


8Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Sun Apr 10, 2016 4:09 pm


Gaige would extended her hand in order to grab hold Marina's hand as she help the novice horse rider mount the horse. When Gaige was fully onto the of the creature, the horse didn't seem to mind the extra weight that it was carrying. Gaige consider herself as light as a feather, but she does keep her actual weight a serect even on her file it would label her weight as 'private information'. As Gaige made herself comfortable she would wrap her arms around her assistant waist and pull herself close enough to Marina that her chest pressed agasint the back of the purple haired woman. Gaige was sure that Marina wouldn't mind the closeness between them. She did seem prepeared with the large saddle which Gaige would guess that she done this before. "Thanks~ I take it you done this before?" The busty blone would ask as watch the scenery going past them.

After a few moments of contemplating, Gaige would began to speak once more after she listen to Marina. "For the guards, before we engage them in any sort of combat we should cut off power to the warehouse. So they be in the dark and any sort of sercuity system should be shutdown as well unless it connected to another power source. Also since we are dealing with possible toxins and posions, don't touch, smell or taste any strange liquids unless I'm with you. " No need to risk their health just to sake their curiosity. Though she wouldn't mind taking a few samples for herself to examine when she had free time. "I also proposed we avoid conflict if possible. If we have to come back to this warehouse it be better if we don't give them reason to become even more grauded, but your the boss and I go along with whatever you feel is right." After that Gaige would let a comfortable slience fall between them as she stare at Marina. There just something about the older woman that drew Gaige in. Yet she couldn't tell what it was, slightly annoying that she couldn't figure out why. She had other offers from different crews, but she chose to follow Marina without much thought. "Mmm." Since this trip seem to be a bit of long one, Gaige decided to talk about topics that wasn't about the current mission.

"So Purple. How are your friends like?" A simple question to ask to know more about who Marina hangs out with and to kill some time before they arrive at the warehouse. After all besides missions they haven't really gotten to know each much.

9Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:04 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
The horse just let out a small whinny as another good bit of weight added onto its back, but all in all it didn't look uncomfortable at all. Gaige must be light as a feather. Marina let out a soft chuckle as Gaige adjusted herself, blushing the faintest bit as the girl wrapped her arms around her waist and scooted closer, pressing her well endowed bosom against her back to the point that there was very little left for Marina to imagine, "How did you guess? Apparently giving girls a ride on your horse is a great way to get acquainted with their bodies.", she joked, with a witty smirk on her face. She felt completely at ease with the intimate closeness, just as she always carried herself. Petting the horse's mane, she commanded it to walk, keeping her eyes on the road ahead...

Gaige was remarkable comfortable to ride alongside, she had nowhere near the same tone and firmness as the last girl who got this close to Marina, she was all cushiony, curvaceous softness. And she didn't make her feel flustered or anything to boot! Izzy had a way of making her feel embarassed, with her frustrating yet adorable misunderstanding of how her usual strategy worked... Nobody else could do that to Marina but then she was sure that if Isabella had been trying to do it on purpose, she would no longer be able to.

Dr. Stygian was the was the opposite: Even in similar situations, she didn't get none of those strange feelings Isabella gave her. It wasn't bad mind you; to Marina, it felt like the doctor's cool head and playful smarts simply humoured her own in a delightful. She made Marina feel perfectly content to have weaponized her sexuality like this. Both her and Izzy were cute in their own way, the latter due to her innocence and the former due to her forwardness. In the end, both of them were amazing colleages, and even better company.

"Duly noted.", Answered Marina, chuckling slightly at the mention of drinking strange fluids, "And thats a good idea. By the time they find out what's going on we'll have already taken care of them all. I planned on killing the entire cell. Might be best not to give them a chance to complete whatever work they're doing. We're at war with these people after all... Dr. Gates might not be loyal to the Revolutionary cause though. Think he could be persuaded to working for us?"

She would let Gaige have the final word on this last part. She knew of the other scientist's value better than Marina did, perhaps it might be best to simply kill the revolutionaries and bring the doctor alive back to the Marine Headquarters? The conversation soon shifted to something more personal. It wasn't unpleasant but there was a certain indifference in Marina's voice:

"I don't have that many friends actually... Not real friends whom I'd trust anyway.", she confessed, a hint of loneliness clearly visible in her tone, thought not nearly as much as one might expect. It would be obvious that Marina was a loner at heart, and thus used to this. She had to be in order to do her job right, "The ones I do are a lot like me in some ways. Probably not as smart though... Or as charming.", she snickered playfully at this last part, thinking back to Isabella and lightening the mood with her usual humor, "What about yours...?"

They would ride all the way to the other side of the island, where Marina would tie the horse somewhere discreet, and walk along the streets inconspicously. Anyone who watched these two wouldn't see more than two friends out for a walk. But even in the same island, there was a stark difference between this town and the one their base was in: It was like everyone was on edge, particularly the guards who wore revolutionary colors. It meant Marina and Gaige also had to look calm and not overly happy. Marina simply led the way and before long they had found their way onto an alley, the back entrance to the warehouse. Unlike the front one, this was watched only by two lone guards on either side

"See if you can cut the power. I'll deal with the guards.", she whispered to Gaige, going over to deal with the guards, "Excuse me, Officer~!"

She'd call out with a lost look on her face, and given how she was alone on an alley at sundown, her cover was spot on. The guards were uneasy at first, but instantly smitten by Marina's charming but innocent act, making it easy for her to take care of the two with one sudden movement: Suddenly turning murderous, she executed a high kick, shooting a Rankyaku into one enemy's throat, while snapping her elbow backwards for balance... Which hit the remaining enemy square in the throat, crushing his windpipe and killing him instantly...

After that, Marina quickly pulled the bodies under some crates and swept dirt over the blood stains, wiping her hands and waiting for Gaige to do her part of the plan...

2 Grunts dead


Tier 1 Skill Name: Rankyaku (嵐脚, Storm Leg)
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range: 15m
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 4 Post/1 Post
Tier 1 Skill Description: The Rankyaku is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body. The default length with a leg or arm is 7m, while the width is up to .5m. This Rankyaku is solely used through the arms and legs with swinging motions.
Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Z8QKhQz


10Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:07 am


It was expected that Marina would be comfortable with their closeness. She didn't knew why she would think otherwise. After all since seduction was a part of her tactics she would have to be fine with invading personal space and all of that jazz. "Well if you wanted to have a closer examination of my body. All you have to do is ask. Though I doubt you could beat the touch of an experince doctor." Well she was more like a doctor in training (compare to doctors with more exoerince under their belts), but those details weren't important to bring up. It was a simple joke after all.

"Dr. Gates can be recurited, but I simply suggest you take him prisoner. I wouldn't trust him. He will move onto the next thing that farer his goals, nothing caring if he has to betrayed or stab people in the back. Then even if you do gain his undying trust. Can you deal with his disregard for human life, morals and his lack of respect for capable women. Mmph. he wouldn't make a good assistant for me. I was hoping for a cute girl or cyborg assistant." Gaige chucked a bit, then again she was simialr to Gates. Just more trusting and honset about her work. She was on a fine line on be considered a mad scientist her traits as a doctor help keep her from crossing some lines. If Marina wanted to rercuit him, Gaige won't question her choice. Marina has shown good judgement so far.

There was hint of loneilness she could hear from Marina. The life of a CP agent had to be a lonely one she guess. "I don't many friends, besides you. The only other person I would consider a friend is Moss Head. He perverted, loud and thinks he a hit with the women. Hopeless maybe...but" Gaige would pause for a moment as she thought back to the hostage sitaution. "He has a good-heart and doesn't seem to know when to give up. I adrime him for that. Though I wish I had a leash to keep him in check sometimes. I don't know how he act if he ever saw you." That would be a sight to see.


The rest of ride there was enjoyable even if it was unevenful. Once their horse was hidden away and the warehouse came into view, Gaige would nod to Marina as she would go handle the grauds.  Remember the photos from eariler it didn't took Gaige long to find the fuse box to the warehouse, it was a shame they didn't graud it. "Child's Play" Gaige whisper as she crack open the fuse box and begin cutting and rewiring the wires. The lights outside of warehouse would flick on and off for a few seconds before shutting down for good.  As Gaige was finishing up tempering with the fuse box, a sadistic smirk would appear as she carefully tie a green and purple wire together. If anyone try to repair this, they would get a the shock of their lives. Rubbing her hands together, she shut the fuse box and quickly return to Marina.

"Purple. I did my part. Everything is down, though I assume they will send some people to check the fuse box out." Gaige would whispered as she examine the area. It was a bit scary on how strong Marina was. Gaige would make sure to never get on her bad side.

Meanwhile inside the warehouse

Dr. Gates was located in his lab as he was discussing his plans with some of his co-workers. He his hand was on top of a blueprint of some sort. He was nerly bragging about his progress until the lights, power and everything in the warehouse seem to shut down.  He happniess was quickly replaced with annoyance. He thought these rebels were good. A  power outage had to happen now?

"Idiots. At least I have a flashlight. Go have someone check the power. I rather not walk in the dark and cause a major problem." Shaking his head as some grunts would leave the lab and head to the fuse box to reslove the problem. Once the left the lab, Dr. Gates would return to his work, but he was slighty weary. Hopefully the power would come back on soon.

11Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:46 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Gaige felt like another loner just like Marina... Being so smart like she was must be as much a curse as it was a blessing. Avergage people

just felt so... Inferior. It didn't even mean she had to hold contempt for everyone below her, Gaige didn't really seem like that type. But no

doubt she felt that not many people could truly challenge her intellect. Marina was similar in that sense, but in a different way. Her

willingness to kill and secretive lifestyle often presented an intransposable barrier against interpersonal relationships.

Thus, openly firting and debating with Gaige like this was incredibly refreshing. She made a suggestive verbal note to come to Dr. Stygian next time she needed a doctor's check up, and a mental one to ask him more about this moss head of hers. He sounded like an interesting character after all... There was likely a lot of innocent fun a girl like Marina could have at his expense after all.

On a work related note, she also registered everything the girl mentioned about Gates; he wasn't that different from a certain pretty girl Marine knew, but of course he had none of her charm nor did he even fight for the right side. Marina's issue wasn't with the man's methods, but his chosen loyalty: He was an enemy resercher, and thus an asset. The ones protecting him had none of that value... Marina was cold like that. That had to be why these two got along so well and never questioned each other's methods.

Not long after Marina was done wiping out the two guards, she also heard a ruckus indoors with Dr. Stygian appearing soon afterwards, looking rather proud of herself, "Easy as expected huh? I had a feeling you could pull that off.", commented Marina with a hint of irony, yet nodding approvingly nonetheless. She was defenitely cut out for this line of work in her own way. But with the two nuisances out of the way, Marina wasted no time in using the key she stole off those guards, silently sneaking inside, "Stick close to me...", she whispered, knowing they had best not get separated.

She would need both her hands for this so she couldn't afford holding onto her partners, both figuratively and literally. Once inside, they were greeted by pitch black darkness. The Guards were quite noisy with their walking around, so Marina simply laid wait behind a shelf... She waited... And waited... Once the footsteps signalled the enemy's proximity, she struck like the trained assassin she was: Quickly going from behind and grasping her hands around the Revolutionary's neck, she snapped it with a single swift motion, kicking the other one right in the throat with a high thrust kick. These two were killed instantly, but the latter attack knocked the guy into the wall,

"Be careful, lots of shit lying around here!!", another guard yelled out, signalling his presence, naturally assuming his friends to have tripped somewhere. But once nobody heard him, he started walking their way. There was still enough light for the guy to make out their shapes and that of his friend once he got uncomfortably close, so they would need to figure out a course of action before then...

Marina didn't dare speak or give any verbal cue to her presence and no doubt Gaige wouldn't either. Maybe the girl had something up her sleeve too?

killed 4 grunts total


12Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:32 pm


Gaige did had a proud smrik on her face. "No problem at all. Simple system that only require some cutting there and rewiring there. Almost easy enough that I find it a bit insulting. Don't" you think." Gaige would then postiton herself behind Marina as they sneak into the warehouse. She wasn't planning on letting her busty boss out of her sight. Close combat was one of Marina's area of expertise. Gaige made a mental note to watch Marina in her close range engagements during this trip, Gaige wasn't sure if she was able to use those fancy moves that Marina used like that air kick, but she could learn simpler moves from her. Then again the total darkness of this place made it harder to see things, sure sshe could find a flashlight or something, but that would give them away.

So far everything was running smoothly as they were moving deeper into the warehouse, when Gaige spot Marina taking cover, she would follow suit as she hid herself behind a stack of crates, having to crouch down a bit. She would remain slient as Marina would take care of a couple of gaurds swifty and without alreting anyone else that may near them. Or so she thought. Another grunt would speak up and sart moving towards their postiton in matter of seconds, their covered would be blown in a near instntly. Thinking quickly Gaige spotted a wrench and screwdriver nearby. Picking both objects up she would carefully move from the crates and circle around the man using the darkness to stay out of sight until she was behind him. As the man was getting closer to where Marina was located, Gaige would aim the wrench she held and toss it at a nearby barrel causing a loud thud and a few papers to fall to ground.

The man then would stop moving as he turn around and shake his head. "I told you idiots to look where you going. I hope you didn't mess with anything." The grunt would turn his back on Marina as he now was moving towards Gaige who wss hidden behind another shelf, holding the screwdriver like a weapon. A bead of sweat running down her neck as the man would pass her. The man gasp, but it was quickly smother when Gaige warpped her arm around his neck, a bit of struggle to keep him from yelling and moving out. She wasn't as phycailly strong as Marina. The grunt would bite her arm, but that kept him quiet. Gaige would then  stab the screwdriver into his carotid artery, being a doctor she knew where the weak points of the body where. The man would bleed out as Gaige drag his body to where she was hiding at.

Gaige would check to see that the area was clear. She would make a hand signal to Marina that if was clear to move on. Not wanting to risk speaking out loud. She look at her arm, hit did manage to break skin, but nothing serious.

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Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
As Marina took care of these two Grunts, Gaige was all but idle. They could both hear the calm footsteps of the guard approaching the dark haired operative as she decided to trust her blonde companion and her smarts. What was she planning? Deciding she was more than capable of looking after herself if the worst came to pass, Marina smirked when she heard the loud ruckus. She couldn't see what happened from this far away but from the way the guard suddenly turned around once more, she had no doubt it was Gaige's doing. Thus, Marina stalked along after the guard... And was able to get an up close and personal look to Gaige getting her hands dirty, putting the guard in a choke hold and stabbing the makeshift weapon through his neck... Even with such a small weapon, she was able to kill that guy with the precision of an assassin, visibly impressing Marina. Indeed, no one other than a doctor who had the knowledge to save lives would be able to match up to a trained killer when it was time to reap them.

She finally got closer once the girl gave the all clear, patting her colleague's shoulder with an approving hand, "This seems the deserted...", she whispered into her ear, "The other guards must be wandering the other part of the warehouse... All but that one."

Marina then nodded towards the one place which still had a decent amount of light, where a tougher looking Revolutionary stood guard with a rifle in his hands. Patting her partner's shoulder again with a quick signal to wait, Marina got ready to approach... She snuck up beside the wall, sticking to the shadows. Each step was desperately slow and the guard didn't turn his head that way. Even a cool assassin like Marina couldn't help but sweat as she got closer to her mark: Her senses were sharp and attentive, ready to dash in at the first sign of a threat

"What's taking those dumbasses so long?!", he groaned, grabbing a cigarette and lighting it. It seemed as if this was gonna be Marina's way in. But as she was two meters away from the guy, he suddenly turned his head her way, "Huh...?!"

But it was too late... Using her fastest Soru, she blitzed behind the guy and stabbed his head with her finger, his eyes going blank as he died instantly from the stab to his brain.


Tier 2 Skill Name: Shigan (指銃, Finger Bullet)
Tier 2 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 2 Skill Range: Contact
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 3/Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description: The Shigan is a close-quarter combat technique, in which the user pushes their finger into a certain target at a very high speed, leaving a wound similar to a bullet wound. It is a very useful technique that can connect rapidly and accurately, which works well with the Rokushiki users' impressive speed and agile techniques. However it's never been used to counter or deflect another powerful attack in any fights, which is probably because the user could easily break his finger instead of just blocking it with Tekkai.
Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] 4aSbVJo

Tier 2 Skill Name: Soru (剃, Shave)
Tier 2 Skill Type: Speed
Tier 2 Skill Range: 15m Travel
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 3 Post/Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description: The Soru allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power. It was revealed that the principle of this move was to kick off the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye. +.5 Speed tier.

Of course, this guy's sudden reaction and Marina's less than stealthy Soru... She would have to improve on this technique if she was going to develop a silent version, at this point, she just relied on outspeeding and killing whatever detected her, but with more than one enemy that technique grew ineffective. Several "what was that?!" and "It came from that way!" could be heard from the remaining grunts, and before they came into view Marina turned to Gaige, nodding her to hurry onto the lab that guy was guarding: "Go on in, take care of their scientist. I'll hold them off here."

5 grunts, 1 T2 dead


14Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:50 am


Grabbing the rifle of the dead man, Gaige would take a final look at Marina. "Be careful, Purple. If you fall then I fall as well." Gaige was clearly worried for her teammate being outnumber and possibly outgunned, but there was nothing she could as she would quickly sprint towards the lab, If she didn't take care of Dr. Gates then he could possibly espaced and fall through the cracks once again. And if Marina couldn't handle the enemies than Gaige would surely be captured or killed.

Gaige would quick brust through the door of the lab with her stolen rifle sweeping the room for Nikola Gates. As Gaige enter the room, she would use her foot to close the door behind her. She heard a click as the door shut, assuming that she lock herself in the room with Gates. "I know your here Gates. Put your hands up and give up." Gaige said as she slowly and carefully move around the room, constantly looking in multiple direction. The dim lighting and size of the room made it hard for her to spot the emeny scientist.

Dr. Gates was hidden behind a bookshelf as she peak around the corner and saw a blonde-haired female with a rifle looking for him. He shook his head as he sliently drew a modded flintlock from his lab coat. Sweating up a storm he waited until he saw Gaige's back was too him before he pop out of his cover and fire off her modded flintlock. Two shots fired off without having to reload, One of the shot would hit Gaige in her right shoulder as she turn around towards the sound of the gunfire. The second shot barely miss hitting her shoulder again as she quickly dove behind a metal desk for cover.

"I figure something fishy was going on lucky I keep myself armed. Never trust a grunts to protect yo.."
He quickly hid back behind the bookshelf as Gaige would fire off a round from the rifle, though her aim was off due her shoulder injury. Gaige hiss as she look at bleeding wound. Why did people enjoy unloading bullets into her shoulder? Gaige was planning on capturing him, but with the current situation she had to terminate the scientist. He was armed and dangerous, she was sure talking to him at th

Soon a firefight would breakout between the two scientists. As their shots and reloading of clips could heard from outside the lab. Gaige couldn't get a good shot off as she had to keep ducking down to avoid having her head blown off. Gaige had to stay down as she was pinned down. As Gaige was pinned, Dr. Gates would advanced towards her as he kept on firing his modded flintlock with seem to have a large ammo storage amount than normal.  Bullets bounce off the desk as Gaige look for anything to turn the battle into her flavor and she spot a vital of white power closer to her. An idea quickly formed in her head, but she had to wait for Gates to stop shooting.

Hopefully Marina was holding up. She was in far greater danger than Gaige was.

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