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15Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] - Page 2 Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:51 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
It was up to Gaige now... At least the really important part. Marina didn't mind cleaning up the leftovers, the dirty work so to speak. Hearing bootsteps gathering up further ahead, she knew she had very little time if she intended to catch the Revolutionaries off guard; comparatively speaking since they already seemed to be pretty on guard thanks to her running and their Captain's reaction. Reacting quickly, Marina lifted the slain Captain's body enough to hang it on a stuck out nail on the wall. He wouldn't look alive, but at a distance the grunts would at least be coaxed to get close enough before they realized that much. She had the cover of darkness to thank for that.

"Hey Captain!", one of them yelled as Marina hid behind come crates, slowly wandering close to their boss. They would seem him before long and then they did, Marina would be ready. All she needed was a sign... And eventually, the sign came, "HOLY SHIT HE'S DEAD!!"

With this should she pinpointed one of the four grunts location and instantly kicked the air towards that direction, "Rankyaku, REPPUU!!"

Tier 2 Skill Name: Rankyaku: Reppū (嵐脚「烈風」, Storm Leg: Violent Gale)
Tier 2 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 2 Skill Range: 20m
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 4 Post/1 Post
Tier 2 Skill Description: The Rankyaku is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body. This Rankyaku is solely used through legs with repeated snapping, swinging motions. By assuming a chambered kicking stance, the user kicks repeatedly at high speed, shooting out a flurry of shorter blades. It deals half tier damage per blade and they're smaller in size, but so long as the user can maintain the correct stance, they can shoot them out for up to a whole turn. This forms a roughly 3m wide cone starting from Marina's leg to peak range; opponents who step inside it take between T1 and T3 damage depending on how long they were hit by the blades (T1 being a single hit and T3 from being hit consistently for the whole turn)

Unleashing a mighty flurry of kicks, pain filled cries and aimless gunshots filled the air as blood painted the floors. Taking an elegant flamingo stance, the master martial artist unleashing the pull power of her kicking techniques, shooting off a myriad of wind blades that chopped through the grunts as they stood idle on the narrow path between shelves. A large ruckus followed as she destroyed not only the enemies but some shelves and crates near them, but only restoring the lights would reveal the full extent of the destruction. Breathing heavily from exhaustion, Marina pressed into the lab, keeping a crouched stance and hiding behind crates as she prepared to support Gaige, if she hadn't disabled the enemy scientist yet. "I hope she's alright...", she whispered silently to herself, thinking out loud.

She was bleeding from her bicep slightly, but with the adrenaline she hardly felt it... It seems one of the grunts was luckier than she expected...

used 90/150 stamina


16Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] - Page 2 Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:39 pm


Unaware of what was happening with Marina and quite frankly she couldn't worry about her at the moment considering that she had a flintlock wielding scientist closing in on her position and she didn't have much time before Dr. Gates would be on top of her.  Still she remain came as she set down rifle and was holding onto a vital of white power she found into the lab. Waiting for the one moment when the enemy had to reload. Generally Gaige was clam and collected even in face of danger, but this time even she had to be fearful as shot after shot bounce off of the metal desk and the footsteps of Dr. Gates getting closer with each passing moment. Was this the end for her? She shook her head as Dr. Gates would stop advancing as the sounds of an empty flinklock replaced the gunfire. As the Dr. Gates quickly dug into his pockets to find another clip of ammo. Gaige would pop out of her cover and throw the vital of white power straight at his face causing the vital to shatter as a mixture of power and glass where now stuck into his eyes, causing him to yell out in agony and to drop his flintlock as he try to clear his eyes.

Gaige pick up her rifle once more as she leap over the metal desk and charge at the blinded man or so she thought. She would try to tackle him to the ground, but he manage to sidestep and grab make a play to tear the rifle from her grip. A tug of war ensure between the wounded scientists. Consider that netheir of them major in combat their strength was nearly equal. Dr Gates being strong since he was a man and Gaige shoulder was hurting. The Busty blonde could sense the rifle being pry from her, she need to turn the tide quickly. Gaige grunt as she step on the foot of Dr. Gates and then quickly follow up with a headbutt which causes her and Gates to stumble backwards a bit, luckily Gaige still had a grip on the rilfe and was first one to recover from the headbutt, with Dr. Gates still stun she would point her rifle straight at his head and fire.

Even with her hurt shoulder and tried state. There wasn't a much of chance of her missing the shot on an unmoving target in that barely out of arms reach. The bullet hits its mark as Dr. Gates dropped to the ground, lifeless. Gaige drop her rifle as she grip her shoulder. "Ugh. Sorry I couldn't captured him, but it was too risky." Gaige noticed the light were back on and sighed.

Looking around Gaige would find Dr. Gates desk and would go through his files as she look for what he was working on. It wouldn't take her long until she found blueprints for a machine? Interesting that wasn't his field of study. Gaige would countine looking through his notes and saw some notes on toxins and try to combine them into some sort of bomb.  This was more like it. She would take the notes and place them into her pockets. Now to regroup with purple.

The tried blonde would pick the rifle she drop as she headed for the exit, she didn't try to stick to cover. She wanted to get out here as soon as possible. "Purple? I got the notes and I had to terminate Gates. I was unable to captured him. Are you here?" Gaige said cautiously and with a hint of disapponited. She kept her rifle point in front of her even if it was out of clips. Gaige footsteps would echo through out the lab as she approach some crates unaware if anyone was hiding in the lab.


Dr. Gates killed in action....

17Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] - Page 2 Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 3:14 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Just as Marina was stepping forward to regroup with the pretty doctor, the lights came back on, revealing the full extent of teh battle that happened here. The narrow path leading up to the lab was in the worst shape, with a dead Revolutionary hanging next to the door and plenty of dead grunts littering the ground a pool of their own blood. Marina's clothes were messy and her hair disheveled, but aside from the wound in her bicep she was mostly fine. She finally saw a tired and wounded Gaige and hurried to her side as the girl apologized for her inability

"Don't worry~...", Marina smiled reassuring her colleague and nodding approvingly of her choice, "Your life is more important than his ever was."

Dr. Gates may be smart, a genious even, but he was nowhere near Gaige's level. If he made it hard on himself and refused to give up, she did the right thing in preserving her life at the expense of his. She rubbed the girl's unwounded arm sweetly before resting her hand on her shoulder and looking into her eyes. She looked fine, just as expected, and Marina inquired, "Did you learn anything from his research? Without the Doctor and most of his work the Revolutionaries won't be making anything for a long time. We did a good job here."

She rested her hands on her hips and looked around, admiring the destruction with a proud smirk, before finally turning around and following Gaige out of the lab. The two would walk out and head back to the horses before the other Revs could figure out what happened here, with Marina getting up on her horse and offering her hand to Gaige once more, "Up you go! I'll treat you to that dinner once we get back~", she offered with a playful wink, leaving it up to the smart girl to decide how suggestive it might have been...



18Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] - Page 2 Empty Re: Vive la Révolucion!! [Task/Prometheans] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 3:38 pm


Marina caused Gaige to jump a bit when she appeared by her. The blonde beauty must been more tired than she thought. Hopefully the purple haired woman didn't catch that. "Thanks that is good to know. Still I wish I was able to captured him for better intel." Gaige panted as she look at the mess that was made from the two of them or well mostly Marina. It was almost like she was walking into a horror movie scence, but Gaige wasn't phase by this much. Being a doctor things can get messy. Marina didn't look to hurt. Gaige could quickly patch her up when they got themselves clean up. She also had to patch herself up as well and maybe Gaige would invest in some shoulder armor? She was always getting hit there.

"Yes I manage to get some information. Looks like Dr. Gates was trying to make sometype of biological bomb. Looks like the rebels are planning to use biological warefare in the future and this was their main production hub. I snag some notes for our supeiors and for mysef. See if I can copy his notes." A happy look Gaige had in her eyes as she got back onto the horse with Purple. Once again she would wrapped her arms around Purple waist as they got the heck out of dodge. Gaige would yawn quietly as a light and playful smirk appear on her face. She wanted to make a witty comment, but she was just too tried. Instead she would just settle on thinking about what Marina planned for dinner. Gaige mind was all over the place.


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