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29The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 3 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:42 am

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
"I knew you had ulterior motives...", quipped the ever playful Marina the moment Gaige admitted enjoying the jealous looks people gave her. The best part was how even if she said that, there was no way to be sure about who was actually getting those jealous looks. Another reason why hanging out with Gaige was so much fun. Indeed Marina might dress to make the most of her sexuality, but good doctor was not only gorgeous, but she had a more down to earth charm... Whenever she put on a skirt or pants that is, "Over here.", she'd nod as she took her date's arm, walking alongside her under the gleaming moonlight.

It was a refreshing, beautiful evening, one made even better by the beautiful girl walking next to her. For a scientist who might have claimed not to care less, she did have a nice scent and an even better visage... They would walk all the way towards the villa Marina had "leased" once she came over, courtesy of a businessman she'd seduced a few days back.

"You should.", she'd answer, smiling and nodding, "Your dress is gorgeous and that hat... It's simply adorable~", still, the girl's next comment earned her a chuckle as they finally arrived at Marina's classy rented place, and she turned to face the blonde with a delighted, relaxed smile, "I had a wonderful time tonight... If you like roleplaying that much, I should wear a disguise for you sometime~"

But then, even with a night at the end, it wasn't easy for her to simply walk away: Gaige looked so pretty under the moonlight, those blue eyes just kept drawing her further in... Before Marina realized what she was doing, the arm that had previously been holding the doctor's now rested delicately on her lower back as she gradually lowered her head, only pausing inches away from the blonde's face with a faint blush on her cheeks. Her fingertips would brush the blonde's cheek as she pondered on what she was about to do...

The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 3 Vl6e5

Marina defenitely shouldn't have had all that wine. Even if she had a great tolerance, it still made her friskier... But now, with her lips only a few inches away from the doctor's, she held back, and ultimately decided against it. A smart woman of science like Gaige wouldn't place value in anything that happened while her mind was altered. If she ever kissed her, she would be perfectly aware, and want it even. So, she simply aimed slightly off course, kissing her colleague's cheek instead, "Goodnight pants~", she'd whisper seductively one last time, before walking away into her home.


30The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 3 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:38 am


The walk was deightful despite how quick it was, time did seem to fly when is enjoying themselves, but no matter how much fun one has, it must come to and end. One of the harsh facts of life. Gaige noticed how nice Marina villa look from the outside. It turly was more amazing than anything Gaige has ever lived in. "Likewise this evening was a wonderful for me. " Gaige lightly laugh as she thought about roleplaying. "You should I would enjoy that, plus I can do the same in return. Afterall I should learned from the best? Right~" The doctor was about to said goodbye and head back to her place until felt Marina arm resting on her lower back, her friend face was much closer. What was going through Marina's mind Gaige wonder as felt soft and skill fingers of the purple-haired agent brush her cheek.

While the doctor haven't been on many outings like this. She wasn't a complete idiot and knew what course of action would most likely take place. The setting, the mood...everything seem to fall into place, but Gaige felt off, sure most people would love to be in the postiton she was in, but Gaige herself? Not when her assistant isn't a complete sober state of mind. Yet, Gaige concrens were quickly ended as she felt her cheek being kiss instead. "Goodnight Purple~" Dr. Stygian would sighed in a mixture of relief and frustration as she watch her colleague enter her home. Once Gaige was all alone she would smile. "What an eye-opening experience." The doctor would then turn her back on Marina villa as she headed home for the night.

When she reach her place Gaige woud strip out of her outfit, change into a gray labcoat and spending the night working on her inventions. She needed something to take her off from her sexual frustrations after all. Still Gaige had fun and that is all that matters.


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