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15The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:09 am

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Thing tingling in her skin as she teased Gaige's... More than any kind of sexual activity, nothing thrilled Marina like the buildup to a night of passion, and from her experience the better it was, the more intense the release would be. The good doctor hardly tried to put a stop to that train of thought or her wondering on how serious her claims would actually turn out to be, which only spurred her forth.

If Marina ever though she'd have seen the end of Gaige's adorably funny reactions, she was dead wrong. She couldn't keep her eyes fixed on Marina's cleavage for long and the moment her foot reached the girl's thigh, Gaige immediately and flashily spit out her drink, earning herself a good laughter from Marina who instantly realized the girl might have reached her limit. Though she now knew the answer to that question she'd been asking herself all this, time, Marina let out an almost imperceptible, disappointed sigh... For once she actually felt like winning meant a loss for her, which made it hard to savor the taste of victory. Whether Gaige's limits laid in the drunkeness or actual intimacy with the seductive covert agent remained to be seen - she implied the former but you never know - but for now, she would quit while she was ahead. Not many people would willingly be go that far with her once they knew her for what she was: Most of the time they couldn't distinguish their own desire from anything Marina might have teased them into feeling. Still, her frustrated look didn't last long and she promptly laughed it off, admitting that she wasn't even sure whether or not she'd fold:

"You almost had me going there for a second... But don't worry, I won't make you feel like I'm taking advantage of you.", she smiled again as her caressing foot trailed back down Gaige's leg - leaving the forbidden threshold of her long skirt - before pulling away completely and slipping back inside her shoe, "When the time for dessert finally comes... You'll be perfectly sober and aware of it~"

Indeed, if she was sober, she might have teased the girl a bit further and watched the results, but given her lightweight nature, doing that would just put her to shame. Since when did she ever need a potential lover to be drunk so she could have her way with him or her?! She surely wasn't gonna start now. Besides, she didn't want Gaige forgetting anything that might happen. No way she'd get off that easily...

Thus, she went back to her food and her wine, thankful for the latter or else this situation might have been awkward... Instead, Marina distracted herself from her lustful thoughts by going back to the science Gaige so loved, playfully admonishing her with a stern look, "Though you better not give me anything that will turn me green!"


16The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:32 pm


The disappointed and frusation from her friend was expected, how did she think Gaige felt even if was her who pull back her body was still begging for the older woman touch, a part of was sexually frustration that she didn't took this farer. Gaige let out a annoyed sigh. One of the downsides of being a young woman just entering adulthood. She still was effect buy her hormones more or less. Now the reason for Gaige choosing to shy away was due to her drunkeness somewhat. If she was sober or wasted to point where she couldn't think straight then sure she most likey would have throw caution to wind and press for a night of passion with her sexy coworker. Yet due to her being drunk and still aware enough it made her think about the aftermath if the two of them did took that step. First she didn't want her drunken state to confused screw her up performance and second? She didn't want to confused a night of passion as something greater (if it did happen). Dr. Stygian was attracted to Marina no doubt, but she wasn't looking for anything serious for now and she guess Marina was the same way. If anything Gaige was in an experimenting phase. Simply trying out different things and exploring what she like and dislike. She didn't even she could be attracted to women until she met Marina.

The doctor would grab a napkin to wipe her mouth off from her embrassing reaction from earlier. "Don't worry I trust you enough to assume you wouldn't have done that. Plus I would be highly disappointed in my assistant if she had to stoop so low just to get me to bed with her." Gaige quietly laughed about the taking advantage of her. "Well if or when that day comes. I be ready~" Gaige said with a friendy smile as she drank her root beer. Thankfully there wasn't any awkward tension between them for Gaige at least.

Gaige woud playfully pout as she gave Marina an innocent look. "Oh. I can't promise that, Assistant. I have no control over the side effects any of my drugs or potions may have on you. Plus I do need to test and obverse the effects of an overdose!" Despite her innocent gaze, the scientist did sounded serious about what she was saying. Maybe this was a bit of her Mad Scientist slipping out of her. "Plus I can't be calling you green. I already have Moss Head to watch over when I'm not busy with you. Finally I don't think the color green suits you, Assistant. Oh yes if Marina ever dyed her hair green she would disown her as her assistant. Drop her like a sack of potatoes. Gaige shudder at the thought. Only Moss Head could pull off all that green.

17The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:52 am

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Gaige's clearly shared Marina's disappointment, which was at least reassuring. Neither of the two girls were the dating type, but that didnt' mean their mutual attraction wasn't real. If anything, an intellectual appreciation for each other's work and minset combined with a phsyical lust for the other's body and charm was as healthy as it could be potentially fulfilling if they allowed nature to run its course. Well, it's not as if they were nothing but animals in heat, yielding to their desires at every turn: There would be more than enough time for both women to realize exactly what themselves and the other wanted. She simply chuckled playfully at the girl's remark, now fully in her laid back mood once more.

She gave a cute half hearted frown when the girl failed to promise none of her drugs could have a side effect like that, but even then. Gaige appeared rather amused by the idea of testing the effects of overdose, but also equally determined to not let Marina turn green, which reassured her somewhat. The assassin didn't seem the least bit bothered by her mad scientist quirks, no doubt the kind of acceptance only death dealers like them could have for each other, "I have to agree with you there, green is hardly color, especially not for hair and let alone skin... Ugh...", she groaned at the very thought, wondering how much trouble it would be to look pretty with green hair, "Surely you can leave the more dubious tests for some pirates we find, no?", she chuckled at this suggestion, drinking some more of her wine. It may sound like a joke but knowing Gaige it could very well be true...

Her plate was all but clean, they really didn't serve a lot of food here... With the delicious blond in front of her off the table for the time being, she would have to start thinking about what to eat for dessert.


18The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:42 pm


Dr. Stygian would look down at her barely eaten food. Between the flirtaous banter and the dicussion of work, she wasn't hungry. Her appetite long replaced with unique thirst that she couldn't quench. She was going to spend the whole night working in the lab. "Oh of course. The most dangerous tests can be tested on those troublesome pirates and rebels. Plus I like I said earlier in the evening your a fine gem that I'm lucky to come across. It would be turly foolish of me to let anything bad happen to my Assistant because of my reckless or rather careless. The days when you wish you had some grunts. I been having to self test my own products. I have to admit nothing bad happen to me yet. Beside having to taste some horrible substances." Now that didn't mean she wouldn't try to get Purple or any of her friends to test some of her products.

Gaige was regertting making those dessert references compare to the curvaceous agent in front of her everything else pale in comparsion. As Gaige look at the meun she made a frustration grunt as she couldn't make up her mind. Resting her cheek on her palm she would glance back to Marina. "Assistant. You see anything appealing on the menu? I'm having a having a diffcult time making up my mind." Gaige had to bite her lip to keep herself coming making any sort of teasing remark.

"You know we should do this again sometime. It nice to hang out with another woman outside of work. You know?"

19The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:22 am

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Of course, Gaige had no qualms with testing her drugs on prisioners and criminals, especially those sentenced to death. Sentencing a man to death was the same as saying their life belonged to the world goverment, so if they were going as far as to claim that much, why not go the extra mile and actually make their lives useful to the common good for a chance? Seemed like the logical conclusion but alas not everyone was keen on thinking about things based off raw logic.

"Why thank you~", answered a flattered Marina, raising one hand to her chest and smiling sweetly, before her look faded into one of genuine concern, "Please don't... I'd rather you didn't discover any unpleasant side effects on yourself either. I like your brain and your...", her eyes trailed down seductively for a split second before trailing back up into Gaige's eyes and winking, "...assets... Just the way they are."

Flirtatious comments aside, she really liked Dr. Stygian the way she was and didn't want anything bad to happen to her. Hopefully the girl could see that Marina was actually worried worried, even if her cool, detached personality often made it difficult for another to know what was going through her mind. She finished her foot and set the cutlery aside, stirring what remained of her wine and drinking it down with a single gulp. Soon the conversation shifted to actual dessert in place of the incredibly tempting, metaphorical one.

"That jello looks pretty tempting...", answered Marina, crossing her arms under her breasts and leaning back, nodding towards the table next to them. A rather average dessert, but this seemed like something Gaige would enjoy. To her final remark, Marina simply smiled again, and nodded, "Indeed we should. It's hard to meet new and interesting people in our line of work~"


20The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:27 pm


Gaige could understand the concrecn her assistant would have if Gaige was experimenting on herself. In the relam of science anything was possible. The actual look of worry on Purple face cause her to close her mouth as she thought about how to respond. She could lie, but with an expert like Marina who been in the sercet agent businesses longer than Gaige has there no she could succesfully lie to Marina. "That a request I can't promise or an order I can comply with. As doctor I'm suppose a part of me wants self-test certain things on myself before I give it too others, but don't worry anything I sample is something I can handle and cure. Trust me I'm a Doctor." The confidnet blonde hope that would help reassured Marina that Gaige had everything under control.

On second thought, Gaige would added on to her last statement. "Well. I can promise I won't test anything deadly or dangerous on myself. I have some common sense. I enjoy my 'assets' as well." Gaige would winked back at Marina. Fine, no testing toxins, posions or harmful on Gaige. Time to buy some lab rats and get accsued of animal cruetly the scientist thought.

"The bouncy and jiggly jello. Reminds me of you, Assistant just not as bouncy or appealing to the senses~" Gaige would then snap her fingers as she gain the attetion of the waiter near her. Ah the waiter who kept ruining their moments and heard their lewd remarks. Poor guy. "You. Bring me and my assistant some Jello. Maybe some whipped cream on the side. I heard its good pair with Jello." Gaige would finish her request and look to see if Marina wanted anything else before shooing the waiter away.

"You know. I have to admit I'm a bit terrify of you. Back at the warehouse I was worry when you have face all of those grunts alone, but after seeing the aftermath. I don't want to get on your bad side. " The doctor combat skills heavily pale in comparison to the purple agent. Gaige went to sip her drink and then frown as realize it was empty.

21The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:19 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
The good Doctor looked really unhappy with being pressured to not experiement on herself... Jokes and flirtatiousness aside, she really liked the girl sitting across her, too much to let her do something so dangerous without even a word from her. Like it or not, Gaige may be a genious, but she isn't a machine: She can make mistakes just like any other human, and with a bit of bad luck those mistakes could be pretty costly. Marina didn't look too happy with the girl's refusal, her statement of "being careful" didn't really assure her: That that mean she was being careless before? Marina sighed when the girl promised not to test anything too dangerous or deadly on herself, knowing that it was the best she was gonna get out of her, nutty scientist that she was, "So long as you're careful...", Marina answered, still shaking her head slightly as she laid the subject to rest.

The obvious perverted comment still made Marina laugh, she partly expected it from Gaige, but she made the suggestion nonetheless, not really sure whether she'd take the bait or not, "Why thank you~", she smiled with mischievous grace, raising one hand to her chest in a modest manner, "But, I wager you'd have me beat on that topic with all your soft, supple goodness.", she winked and wiggled her finger towards Gaige's chest, waist and hips, "I did get a good feel when you pressed yourself against my back earlier today~"

Flustered as ever, the waiter promptly obeyed the domineering Gaige, who Marina knew to be mostly due to how frustrated she was at the poor guy... She could be a scary one no doubt... And speaking of scary ones, Gaige did confess to put Marina in that boat, "Everyone who trains as long as I did can do that, or worse.", she humbly confessed, right before shooting it back at her, "The same could be said of you, Pants! You're one of those people who could kill a man with your thumb without having had to train for it..."

She saw what the girl could do with nothing but a screwdriver and her medical knowledge: She was already a deadly assassin without every having done any specific training for it...


22The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:32 pm


Gaige was flattered with the compliement. "I'm always here if you need a body pillow. Well I was blessed with good genes from both sides of my family. I do take after my mother when comes to my personaility, looks, likes and even my quirks. heh. I take up a of from my mother. I guess my inherted my father medical skills. " Gaige always had fond memories of her mother. She reallly needed to check in on her and her father to see how they were doing ever since Gaige started her career in the militray. She did miss them time from time. More so her mother simply because she had a better connection to her. Think about her childhood cause the good doctor to lost her train of thought.

"What was I saying. Oh yes. You have to thank my mother for blessing me with such a magnificent body and my forward charming personaility. I think my father was a submissive man. Clearly it was my mother who wear the pants in their marriage. Heck she was a fariy dominant woman outside the marriage. I remember touring the labs with her, everyone just knew to respect her." With look of admiration clear in her eyes, it was clear that Gaige held her mother in high regard. "I hope I can live up to her standards." Gaige confident woud waver ever so slighty before she shook the comment off with confident grin she usually wears follow by a low chuckcle. How ironic that Gaige didn't like wearing pants.

"I could do that, but only if I have the element of surprise. Direct confrontations are my achilles heel. You can take out groups of men without breaking a sweat. I can barely hand on man on my own. Then again that why I leave physical stuff to you, My Assistant." Sure, Gaige could have been envious of her sexy friend, but she was aware of where her talents lie and where she was outclass.

And right on time. The waiter would return with their jello. Handing a bowl to each of the women. He was about to leave until Gaige grab onto his uniform. "I wanted my whipped cream on the side not on my jello, but its fine this time. Don't expect any tips from us." Gaige would rub her forehead in annyonace. She was still sexually frustration from eariler even if she didn't show any signs of it now. She was annoyed with the main course she got and with the timing of that waiter. Can't this guy get anything right?

23The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:03 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
"Don't be surprised If I invite you to sleep with me every now and then~ A good pillow can make or break a good night's sleep.", Marina laid her head on her hand as she smiled seductively, obviously enticed by the proposition. She then listened to the girl's family background, making note how the girl was the spitting image of her mother with her father's medical knowledge, "The one who wore pants in the entire family, you mean."[/color], corrected a smirking Marina with her usual playful quip, not sparing the usual wink at the gorgeous doctor. Oh yes, her mother must be quite a beauty if this young gem took after her. And apparently looks wasn't the only thing Gaige took after her mother.

"I think you already do...", she gave an amused, slightly awkward smile as she nodded towards the nearby waiter. She'd been having fun dominating him all night after all, "At least when it comes to waiters, you defenitely have that part down."[/color]

Still, Marina's jokes ended there as she nodded affirmatively. The girl's physical frailty was a problem, at least when compared to a martial artist like Marina, but that didn't really make her weak, "You don't have to be strong... A doctor like you, with all your knowledge of people; you could be trained into a fine killer."

The girl didn't seem interested in training, at least for now, but Marina had still done her part and put the offer out there. It would be up to her to decide what she'd want to do with it. Their jello had arrived soon after, with the dark haired spy chuckling at the domineering behavior from her lovely dinner date. She didn't mind the absence of whipped cream, but Gaige certainly did

"You DEFENITELY take after your mother..."


24The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:03 pm


She wonder how much sleep they would actually get. Well the activites that they might do before sleeping would surely tried them out. Gaige reply with a coy smile. "The offer is always open when your in need of a good night sleep. Assistant~" Replacing the coy grin with her standard confident smile that everyone has grown to like, love or hate. "Heh. When put it that way. Then she was was sole wearer of pants. Though I don't think I'm as horrible or as loving as my Mother when comes to the 'Dominace' depending if you find that apealing or not. She didn't let me walk around pantless when I was a child and I didn't dare to disobey her. Ah. I should make plans to visit her in the future. Show her the lovely assistant I got. I bet she be proud. She might lecture me on not inventing enough things yet. I been slacking off a bit, but I'm getting into the swings of things." Though, her mother might be shocked that Gaige seem to have sexual interest in women. The good doctor would

Gaige would happily sighed before she look back down at her pudding. Taking a spoonful of her jello she would eat some of it and examien the taste. It was colder than she expect, but it was okay. It amost she was just eating frozen whipped cream.

"Well. If you offering to help me with training. I can't refuse you if you ordering me to do so. I could make it an effort to break the sterotype of scientists not being physical adpat. Plus I could work on my stamina so I can keep up with you physically~" Despite the tesing remark, Gaige may have broken most stereotypes of being a scientist, but like many of her kind she wasn't a fan of physical training even if she was a marine, she only train when it was required.

"You know, purple. You told me about your father, but what about your mother? How is she like. Is she as stunning as you?" Gaige was curious about Marina's mother now that she finished talking about hers.

25The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:28 am

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
"I'll keep that in mind~", answered Marina, chuckling as the girl confirmed her mom would indeed be the sole wearer of pants in the whole family. However, she couldn't help but wonder if the girl didn't develop a full trauma against pants and skirts due to her mom constantly forcing her to wear them. Kids had a way of developing the opposite way when pressured too hard in one direction, "Depends on who's doing the domination~ I'm sure I'll get along with your mother; I'm a likeable girl after all.", Marina chuckled at her cocky little quip, before speaking a bit more seriously, crossing her arms and nodding contemplatively, thinking back to Gaige's inventions, "She should be proud of all the work you've been doing."

Then again her mother really sounded like she had terribly high expectations, so it might not be as simple as Marina wondered. Her mom defenitely wasn't as chill as her parents were, though knowing what she knew now, that was probably a facade they kept. Or maybe it wasn't... The words part was how she really didn't know, even though they were her parents. She sighed in unison with her dinner date, plopping a bit of jello in her mouth. Apparently both girls go distracted with that discuss

"You've already broken the scientist stereotypes with your wits and charm.", reassured Marina with a giggle, but her final sentence still caught her attention, "That will require a different sort of training. And a lot more stamina~"

But then the conversation turned serious again. And more than just serious, to one topic that baffled Marina even more than her father: Her mother. She chuckled at the girl's curiosity, naturally intrigued by where did the dark haired agent got her looks, "My mom... She was stunning, defenitely prettier than me.", she confessed, trailing her eyes back down to Gaige's as she shed some light on the topic, "See I always looked up to my mom as the perfect housewife... But the way she disappeared after that incident... I honestly don't know anymore.", she shook her head and sighed again, before looking up. She knew her mother had disappeared to go look for her husband, following her own path, not unlike how Marina also tried to do so by following her father's footsteps. In the end her mother might be even a bigger mystery than her father ever was. At least she knew he had been a spy, but what had her mother really been? Was she also a spy? Did she learn everything during her time with her beloved? Did she throw caution to the wind and simply tried to find her husband even as a mere housewife?

Regardless, Marina pulled out a locket from around her neck, showing a picture of her parents together, when they were around the Cipher Pol girl's age. She had most of her mother's facial features, with her father's height and hair.

The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 HZ1kyKQ


26The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:11 am


It appear that Gaige was about to comment on the domination, but then chose not to for whatever reason. She woud simply smile at her friend and nod her head. "We shall see when that day comes. Don't worry about my father. He would be smitten with a woman like you, but then my mom isn't one to worry about competiton." If Marina coud get Gaige to question her own attractions then surely she would get along great with her mother. She wasn't concren about her father as much. He was pretty easy going for the most part and she didn't care as much about his opinions. A bit harsh some might say, but it was just how Gaige view her parents. She didn't love them equally or respect them equally.

Gaige look at Marina with disbeielf, her mother was even more prettier than her. Even more shocking that Marina mother was a housewife. The Doctor would envision Marina as a housewife. While she did look cute in an apron, she couldn't see purple staying in a house all day along, plus if Marina evers gets married, her spouse might not be abe having a wife who has to seduce her targets time from time. Gaige might have to switch fully to her own team after this night was over. Her assistant family was just one mystery after the next. Gaige was glad that her family was stilll with her.

"Wow. Both of your parents are just amazing to look at. I can see where you get your looks from. A family of fine and mysterious gems. Purple, you never cease to make me more curious. Looks like we should try to learn more about your mother as well." Just like helping Purple with finding clues about her father, Gaige didn't mind helping her assistant out. Gaige goals were far simpler. Gaige would then begin to pull out some beli from the bag that was over her shoulder. She almost forgot about it.

"Should I escort you back to your place? I'm not to fond of my dessert and you don't seem to be as well. I will cover the cost of our meals and don't worry about a tip. If this place needs one they can ask me." There was no hint in Gaige voice that she was going to argue about who paying and she already had her money out anyways.

27The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:50 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Talking about each other's parents was surprisingly interesting, she got to know where Gaige got her medical skills as well as her deliciously beautiful appearance, as well as a slight domineering streak she was sure she'd find out more about sometime soon. She couldn't help but let out another chuckle at the girl's mention of how easily she'd get along with the girl's father, he sounded just like your average pervert, and Marina always had fun with those.

Marina actually blushed when the girl praised both her parents and herself, it brought her back to a more innocent time when people would compare her to mom and dad. The bottle of wine she drunk by herself certainly helped, there couldn't be any doubt on that... But more than anything, Gaige warmed her heart. Even though they were both cold, calculating women who could flaunt their sexuality onto one another without either falling head over heels, they still cared for each other, "Then I'll just have to satisfy allll of that curiosity~", she answered seductively, before getting a more serious smile and nodding in agreement, "Indeed we do... Though I doubt i'll be able to do one without the other."

Marina didn't bother doing the check dance as Gaige pulled out a few Beli, she was too cool for something so silly. The next time they went out together, Mari would simply beat her to it and they'd be even. She ate a bit more of her jello, and even though it was good, Gaige had a point; it wasn't really anything special, "Sure, I could use the company~"

She got up and offered her hand to the seating doctor, motioning for her to come along and out of this restaurant. The food wasn't bad, but it wasn't that good either. The wine was incredible, but that was all Marina's selection anyway...


28The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  - Page 2 Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:20 pm


Gaige would glady take the hand of her dinner date as she rose out of her head and would lead them out of the restaurant. She would hold the door open for her assistant and gave a small wave towards the restaurant owner. "I'm glad you accpeted my offer, though even if you have rejected me. I would have kept on insisting to escort you home. A proper gentlewomen can't let their beautiful friend walk home all alone even if said date can clearly handle herself. Plus I do enjoy the jealous looks that I get when people see me with you." Dr. Stygian would said once the both of them were out of the place. The evening was still warm, the moonlight and shining stars just made everything look more lovely if that was possible as she glance at Purple. "Which way?" Once Gaige knew the proper directions of where Purple live at she would began walking in that direction, offer her arm or hand to purple with a charming smile. She could feel that effects of the red wine where wearing off which was welcome relief. Regardless if Purple took her arm or hand. Gaige would stay by her side as they walk.

Going out like this was great change of pace for a lab rat like Gaige and she had her assistant to thank. Put aside the sexual tension, Gaige genuinely view the older woman as a trustworthy friend. Joining an underworld of serect agents and serects. Friendship was hard to come by. Whatever happens between them, hopefully the bond between them won't be broken. Good assistants were few and far in between.
Gaige quietly laugh as she keep her eyes forward simply enjoying the view.

"I hate to admit this, but I starting to love this outfit. I'm just in love with the tiny top hat. Though I wish choose something lighter to wear. I do feel a bit hot under the collar. Then again I doubt I look as good as you in that dress~ " Gaige would teased lightly. You think with Gaige informal style of dress she would more casual wear, but she didn't. Almost everything she own is a uniform or science outfit of some sort. "One of the benefits of working with you is seeing you in various outfits and disguises." Gaige thought back to their first mission together.

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