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1Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Mother of Dragons [Event] on Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:49 am

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
Task Name: Mother of Dragons
Tier: 5 [turf][event]
Location: Alabasta
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: The hunt is on for the noblemen known as the Celestial Dragons. Rokuju would rather stay away from trouble, but it finds her when the acting reagent of Alabasta confesses to Rokuju that he is in fact, of Celestial heritage. Realising that it is in her best interest to keep the man alive, she plans to meet the revolutionary party that she knows is coming. Ro has heard that Ren Actimel, the Unsheathed Mink, is on his way to Sandy Island and is bringing a force much larger than the usual visiting entourage. While not having anything against the revolutionaries directly, she cannot allow the mink to get his hands on the king. Convince him, one way or the other, to leave Alabasta and its king alone, for they now belong to her.
Enemy Details: Ren Actimel (+ an extra npc for every extra person joining the task due to encounter rules), 2 T4, 500 T0, all on 2 T4 boats (1 airship, 1 sub) of the NPCing staffs creation.
Boss: Yes

Ren here:

Boss Name: Giri
Tier: 4
Description: Giri is a platypus minkman who pilots the submarine in Ren's force. Being mink based on a marine mammal, he swears that his grandfather was a fishman. He has done everything that he can to embrace his supposed fishman heritage, such as learning and using fishman karate and learning to pilot a submarine to get closer to his aquatic brethren. Regardless of what his men think of him, he will draw gills on his neck every morning, earning him the name of Gilly behind closed doors.
Devil Fruit: none
Haki: Buso & ken
Equipment: Seastone knuckles
Strength: 3
Durability: 3
Speed: 4
Perception: 6

Boss Name: Gruff
Tier: 4
Description: Goat minkman with a bahahad attitude (goat_blaring_noise.mp3). Fights using bursts of electro, conducting it through his swords. Shipwrights hate having him on their ship because he will often just start munching on whatever surface he is next to at the time. A rumour has spread around the revolutionary ranks that he once chew straight through the side of a seastone hull.
Devil Fruit: -
Haki: Buso and ken
Equipment: 2x titanium swords
Strength: 6
Durability: 3
Speed: 3
Perception: 3
Mother of Dragons [Event] Q2PQfll

Tap. Tap. Tap. The rhythmic sound of Rokuju’s shoes on the marble floors echoed through the palace corridor. Today was the day that she would receive the Revolutionary General known as Ren Actimel. It had been a couple of years since he had been back, the last time being the great invasion by Yonko Raphael Aleksejev. Unfortunately at the time, Ro had been too preoccupied with her own agenda to watch his movements too carefully. Thus, he had left Alabasta, following whatever business Rev Generals such as himself dabbled in. He had always been on Ro’s radar to some extent, but back then, she was such a small fish in comparison, so much further down the ladder compared to him that she had not bothered to really consider something like a conflict between her and the furry beast. After that battle, Ro begun to grow in more ways than one. Working her way up the military order, improving her craft, gaining powerful allies and even strengthening herself. Now here she was, managing a whole kingdom with its king under her thumb. Yes, she was a very different person to the ant that she had been. She had climbed the ladder to such an extent that she now felt she could look at Mr Actimel dead in the eyes, as an equal.

Ro pushed through the double doors to be barraged by the blabbering of three aids. They were spouting various information at her, such as goings on in the kingdom as well as happenings further abroad. Unfortunately, she had only received word this morning of Ren’s arrival here, so as someone who would over-prepare and plan everything to the last detail if she had the chance, she did feel rather pressured. Regardless, this was happening and she planned to receive him head on. The truth was, she was not sure how Ren would react. Oh, what she would give now to know more about his character, his aspirations and his current situation. To have some personal leverage would be delicious, but such a thing was currently unavailable. How much info he had on herself was another unknown. It was inevitable that he would be privy to Ro’s involvement with the Songbirds, but she doubted the mink would grasp just how much power she had within his very own turf, using it to house her own dealings. The plan was to receive the general and entertain him until he buggered off again and she could get back to business.

Diplomatic and subservient. That was the persona she would be looking to channel. She was confident in her own acting abilities, but it was whether King Uron would be able to play his part that concerned her. The new king was good at the duties he had been brought up to fulfill, but he wasn’t too convincing when playing a part. This is where she was heading now, to make sure that he was ready to do whatever was necessary. He had better be up to the job, this is the sort of situation that gave Ro reason to keep the man around. Had he not been of use to her, she would have likely killed him those years ago when he had double crossed her. She trusted that he had enough awareness to understand this though, the noble born may not be the sharpest tool in the box but he did value his own life quite substantially.

Ro opened the door to the King’s private chambers, not bothering to knock. Last time she had entered this way she had caught him chasing some poor young woman around the room. Luckily for her, this time he was fully clothed, but the state he was in put her straight on edge. His brow was deeply creased, with sunken eyes outlined with large bags. He was sweating right through his collared shirt and muttering to his footman next to his ensuite. He didn’t look good. Definitely would not be convincing anyone today. When the Vinsmoke woman had barged through the doorway, he had visibly flinched, backing up a step from her advance. What the hell was she going to do with his sorry arse now? “What’s going on?” is all said as she approached, moving within his personal space she could almost smell the desperation on him.
“W-well, uh there is a situation and uh-”
“Leave us.” Ro commanded the footman, and he quickly did as he was told, closing the door behind him and leaving the pair alone. No sooner had he gone, Uron began to blurt out a flurry of words.
“Ohgodyou’vegottahelpmepleaseohplease-” Ro grabbed him by his greasey shoulders and held him still.
“Pull yourself together!” She did not have time to council the King today, and she was already low on patience.
“He is coming for me.” Large brown eyes stared directly into her own, the fear passing through his gaze.
“And why would he be after the King that manages his turf?” Maybe he was just confused.
“I knew I should have told you this as soon as all this stuff started…”
“Out with it you fool!”
“Well, you see, I am sort of like, a Celestial Dragon. Or at least, my mother was.” Ro’s mouth parted as her focus shifted to the middle distance. Instantly, all of the implications of this truth came rushing into her mind.
“I sent out word to a warlord who is in Alabasta, hopefully he can help…” the King continued to natter on in his nervous state.

A Celestial Dragon. Well at least it made sense now why he was so stressed. Ren Actimel was a Revolutionary General, someone that was quite dangerous to such a person. Not only that, there was quite the frenzy now that Oceanus was occupying Marie Jois. A hunt was on now for every Celestial Dragon’s head. Maybe someone with knowledge of Uron’s family tree had been captured and the information had been drawn out of them. Now according to him, the Revolutionary was coming for him. She was now beginning to grasp the situation, but where did she stand in all of this? She had to admit that sneaking around behind the mink’s back was getting tiresome, but did she really want to openly oppose the faction so brazenly? How much was Uron, and in extension Alabasta, worth to her? In the following moments, she let her thoughts drift back to the past few years. How she had come to care for the welfare of the kingdom’s people and the state of the island as a whole. She had left the Songbirds temporarily so that she may help Alabasta recover from its war wounds and regrow into its current flourishing state. Did she really want to abandon this place? Cut her losses and bail, just because adversity had once again risen against her?

Her name was Vinsmoke, so the answer was clear.

A couple of hours later, she was standing on the beach, a hundred metres from the water’s edge. Her observation haki already active, tapping into her mindmap, she had the whole area around her mapped in her head. Six dynamic capsules had been preloaded into the energy pistol that was currently in its box form, attached to her left wrist. The rest were stored in her right sleeve for easy access. Three central systems had been rigged to her inventions, the tight synthetic materials hugging her body underneath her clothes. Both her general and lux amplifier were fitted onto her abdomen and her halo gadget sat fitted to her head. For clothes she wore her usual blue and white attire, with her black and gold overcoat fluttering in the desert wind. She wasn’t a very intimidating presence, one young woman standing on the beach alone, ready to receive the general. If the Warlord that Uron had contacted named Black Caesar turned up, then she would accept his aid. This was her choice. She would make a stand here. Ren’s vessels finally came into her mindmap’s view.


items (number in brackets is how many upgrade points it has):
3x Central system, 1 at (2), 1 at (3), 1 at (4)
Energy pistol (2)
Dynamic capsules (2)
Lux Amplifier (4)
Magnitude Amplifier (4)
Angel's halo (2)

Haki: 235/260

2Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:23 pm

Revolutionary General

Revolutionary General
Sir Alabasta has come into view. Gruff said, knocking on the Captain's quarters doors before retreating back to his post aboard the large airship. Ren sat in his large leather chair, his sheathed blade resting on against the left side as he sat in contemplative thought. The man he had trusted to rule over his turf in his absence had betrayed him, not that Ren himself could be all that angry. After all during his entire time as a Shichibukai he had been active as a double agent, feeding the Revolution any and all information he could get his hands on. He deceived the World Government just as this false king had deceived him and like the World Government, Ren would have vengeance for such a disgraceful act. He had trusted this man to rule the kingdom because, unlike Ren's crew he was human and the people of Alabasta would take kinder to a human leading them than a Mink. It was unfortunately the way of the world, people feared those who were different. Ren was tired of that line of thinking however, once this king - no, this Celestial Dragon - was dead and strung up atop the bannisters for all the kingdom to see, Ren would put one of his very own in charge. There would be no more of this ridiculous business and the land of Alabasta would come to accept this new leader or hang with their false one.

Rising from his chair Ren opened the doors and strode out onto the deck, all six foot nine of him. For a Mink he was on the smaller side, but his capabilities as a fighter went unmatched by any who flew with him. Is Giri in position with the sub? Ren asked as he approached Gruff, in the distance he could make out the outline of the island of sand. Yessir, about five minutes ahead of us. He has assured me he'll be ready when you need him. Gruff responded, to which Ren nodded in thought. Good. I don't need a fight for this. If they give Uron up peacefully everything will be fine. However, if they don't... Ren trailed off, staring at his own turf, a land he had claimed for himself and now he may need to possibly lay waste to. He won't get away sir. Gruff finished the General's thoughts.

Several minutes later the airship had closed the distance between it and the island and now hung low in the air some 300m away from the coast. The ship turned, showing its left side to the beach and city, cannons primed and ready. Ren took the speaker Den Den Mushi, mulled over his words for a moment before spotting the lone woman standing on the beach. Gruff, who is that? Do we have any information on her? Gruff looked through the manifests and profiles the Revolution had gathered on Alabasta over the years, especially since Ren had took over but simply shook his head, No idea sir. There have been reports of a woman working in the city, apparently a scientist of some kind. We can't confirm that is her however. Ren frowned but nodded in acknowledgment before waking the Den Den Mushi up.

People of Alabasta, in my absence I unknowingly and unwittingly placed a false king in your highest office. He is a liar and a master of deception and I have come for retribution and his head. I wish no harm to come to this beautiful city but I am prepared to sail in and take him myself if you wish to harbor such a man. If he is truly a man he will step forward willingly. If he is a craven you will have to bring him to me yourself. You have one hour to make your decision and the word of Ren Actimel, General of the Revolutionary Army that no harm shall comet to you or this kingdom if King Uron is brought before my ship today. Ren said, booming through the speakers spread throughout his ship. Below deck one hundred cannons, almost half of the entire 200m long ship's arsenal, of varying calibers stood loaded and ready to fire should the people of Alabasta make the wrong decision.

3Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:16 am

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
Mother of Dragons [Event] Q2PQfll

Rokuju was impressed at the massive craft that descended through the clouds before her eyes. Phew, what an absolute beautiful example of what today’s engineers could accomplish. The ship was easily hundreds of metres long. It was like a flying castle. She had no doubt that this thing could dish out a hellstorm of firepower from above. Her blue eyes glittered with admiration. Now this is what the big boys used. She could appreciate the general’s taste in transportation, even if he was a potential threat.

But why did the revolutionaries stay up in the sky, so far from shore? There was no army presented by Alabasta that had come to meet him, and from the vantage point of being so high in the sky, they should see that there wasn’t any such force anywhere around. The coast was completely unprotected. What were they scared of? Why didn’t they want to come down and take what they sought after?

Ro’s eyebrows raised as booming rhetoric came spewing from the floating vessel. She stood there and took in the words of who she assumed to be Ren himself.
“People of Alabasta, in my absence I unknowingly and unwittingly placed a false king in your highest office. He is a liar and a master of deception and I have come for retribution and his head.”
Well that was an interesting direction. Ro knew that information on the previous king’s death would have crossed the mink’s desk and that he would have approved of the new king, but to so confidently assert that he was the deciding factor in the monarchical head of the kingdom was rather brazen, in her opinion. His word usage sounded as though he was taking responsibility for a mistake he had made. It spoke volumes on how he viewed his responsibility to the island. However, how well he had served that responsibility was another matter altogether.

‘False king’ was the word he had used. It was interesting that Ren decided that having celestial blood rendered his kingship false. It shouldn’t be too surprising that noble lines throughout the world had some percentage of Celestial Dragon heritage, seeing as though the dragons themselves were considered the elite nobility. This coupled with the rather unfavourable slander projected on the king made Ro think that maybe Ren’s beef with Celestial Dragons was something more personal.

Yes, the objective of the revolutionaries was clear, and expected, it was the king. They were threatening the people with annihilation should they not produce him. It was an interesting situation, but Ro felt like she had grown to know the people that lived here well. The royal line had been here long before Ren was even born. To ask them to betray him would not prove as useful as he may think. After all, Uron had been Ro’s face, taking all the credit for all of the effort and funds funneled into rebuilding the kingdom after the wars. His citizens though of him with favour. They had fought to repel invaders before, maybe they would do it again. Then again, would they really oppose the beast that ruled over them with a furry fist? Could they refuse the wishes of a being capable of raining death from above with a single order? Ro wondered which would give precedence on this day. Loyalty or fear?

Once the speech was done with, Ro turned to her four o’clock and motioned to one of the buildings by the roadside about fifty metres away from her. She had a surprise for the visitors. Out came a man dressed in royal garb, purple velvet and white silks. He was the spitting image of King Uron, but he in fact, was not. Even as he got within a few metres of Ro, she could barely tell the difference. His arms were chained and he was escorted out by a guard at each side. When he was finally next to Ro, she would turn back to the airship, make a large gesture to the fake King with a large bow thrown in. It was something she had prepared earlier, knowing that Ren would be after the king, having a substitute was a good option to have. After a few seconds, Ro would give them the word to retreat back into the building that they came from. That building had a large cellar far underground, used for storing goods that required to be kept away from the sun. This would serve as a bomb shelter should Ren decide to attack from the air. But Ro would hope that the implication was clear: The king was ready and waiting to be picked up. There would be no resistance, he just had to come and get him.

haki upkeep - 15
haki: 220

4Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:22 pm

Revolutionary General

Revolutionary General
Ren looked down at the beach from his place on the top deck of his airship. Below the woman they had spotted earlier motioned to something behind her and an elderly man dressed in regal clothing was lead forward. That was quick. Gruff said from behind Ren and the General frowned, his brow furrowing in thought, Aye...too quick. I had my doubts they would even turn him over willingly, but to have him subdued and waiting...before we even arrived. The bear mink scratched his hairy chin, deep in thought. Keep the guns at the ready, I don't like this. He said to Gruff as he leaned over the railing, staring down at this blonde woman. Just who in the world was she?
Gruff I want you to take some of our men and head down to the beach to collect the so-called king. I need eyes on the ground. Ren decided.

Aye Cap'n, I'll take one of the emergency boats down. Gruff said before disappearing below deck to round up a few crew members and prepare to make landfall. Ren turned to a large bison Mink standing beside him, Have we heard anything from Giri? What's their status? The large bison snorted before answering, Old bag says he got tied up on some unseen rocks over on the west of the island, didn't account for low tide or something. He said he'd be in position up the river soon. Ren nodded, a minor set back for something they may not even need. The sub would move up the main river that cut through the island, positioning itself for a surprise attack some thousand meters from Ren's current position. That way, if they needed to attack it'd be on two fronts, dividing whatever forces this Celestial Dragon may or may not have. Picking up the speaker Den Den Mushi, Ren's voice echoed across the beach, I must say I wasn't expecting such quick compliance. You have my thanks. My men are on their way to you now to retrieve the king. Once we've inspected him and properly disposed of the problem I myself will see to the electing of a new leader for this island.

Several minutes later a small sailing vessel descended from the airship, coasting on the dessert breeze. It landed gently in the shallow waters of the beach. Gruff and three other Minks from Ren's crew jumped from the vessel while a fifth stayed. Each member was armed with Gruff leading them, his twin swords strapped in an ex on his back. The large Mink goat, towering over 7 feet tall approached Ro and Uron, exhaling hard through his nose. He looked the old man up and down before nodding and turning his attention to Ro, You have the thanks of both my captain and the entire crew. We don't know how you did it, but making this process quick and painless will not go unrewarded. My captain wishes to know your name, if you are the one responsible for this capture.


2x T2 Mink NPCs
2x T1 Mink NPCs

5Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:51 am

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
Mother of Dragons [Event] Q2PQfll

The blonde titan watched a small vessel float downwards from the larger airship and land on the water just beside the beach. All the while Ro was analysing the craft, her half smile not wavering. Five individuals, one of them at least seven metres tall. He had features akin to a goat and had two titanium blades in scabbards on his back, and had the build to match that of a swordsman. The people were interesting and all, but what Ro was more intrigued by was the craft they had come in. It looked half way between a kite and a zeppelin, with some powerful propellers giving strength to it’s rudders. She watched the pilot and how he worked the controls, all through the landing. She could see his actions and what effect they had on the craft, seeing which levers did what and so on.

As the minkmen disembarked and walked towards her, she turned and waved for the duplicate to come back out. This time, four men escorted him, the two extras bringing legal documents as well as a sack containing some of the royal treasury as tribute. Yes, this was going according to plan so far.

Ro would make another grandiose bow as Gruff approached, and listen to him speak. By the time he was finished, the four minks would be a few metres away from her, with the fake king and his guards also within a few metres. Unbeknownst to her guests, Ro would extend her control over light to a 10m sphere around all of the beings around her. They would all be encased in her Mirage skill, but there would be no immediate threat from it, nor any way to tell.

She liked the mink’s attitude, straight to the point and respectful of the way of business. Ro could appreciate that he would have made a good client had this been a different day. But unfortunately for the mink, she had no intention of holding up her end of the deal. Without skipping a beat, she would answer him. “My name is Rokuju Vinsmoke. And it is a pleasure to do business with you.” She smiled sweetly. As she uttered the last word, she would activate the flashbang function of one of the dynamic capsules on her left wrist, a stunning flash would fill the air in the space that the mink’s occupied. At the same time, she would use her Devouring Void, a pinprick of light flying from her at VII speed until it reached Gruff, where it would expand and swallow the four bodies in a black area of supercharged light. Should the skill land, it would surely disintegrate them to dust given that it was capable of doing the same to steel. Even if the minkmen had some reason to suspect the attack, she doubted that they would have the perception to realise what was happening or the speed to react to it.

Now this brazen attack would usually give Gruff’s allies reason to respond. However, Ro would have covered herself with her Mirage, with this she had the ability to manipulate the light that exited the area they were in. Using this, she would mask any hint that something was going amiss. She would instead play the scene of a quick discussion with the minks, with Gruff looking over the documents, and with one of his grunts taking the tribute and feeling it’s weight in his hands.

In reality, Ro would have made her attack. Should it be successful, she would relinquish her Devouring Void skill and pick up Gruff’s titanium blades, the only things that would survive the disintegration, and walk back to the building that the fake king had come from with the rest of her entourage. All the while, she would be playing the scene of all nine beings walking back to the building: The mink grunts would take hold of the king and the Alabastian guards would enter the building with Ro and Gruff. They would be there for two minutes and Gruff would emerge. Then the minks and the king would walk off back to the boat.

But there would be no minks anymore, only Ro, the fake king, and the four guards, all walking to the craft while being concealed. They would also bring the documents and tribute as props just in case they needed them. Ro would have left the blades back in the building. Next was to take control of the small boat. As the mirage covered the boat and the guard, she would be around eight metres away from him. From there she would take account for his image as well using the mirage. She would turn the box on her right wrist into it’s pistol configuration and shoot the man while being hidden from sight. She would then reconvert the pistol back into its concealed form.

It would take her only a minute or so to be sure of herself while starting up the craft. Having the expertise that she did as well as being able to see every component of the craft enabled her to fly it, with only a few shakes here and there from first timing it. Ro would make sure show one of the guards how to operate the craft as they were floating up towards the airship. The mink that had been guarding the ship had his body dragged below deck.

Should she get this far, Ro would fly the craft back up into the airship’s hangar under the guise of Gruff and the mink guards.


Flashbang -15 energy
Central System recoup +15 energy
750 energy

Mirage -15 stamina
Devouring Void -60 stamina
Solar Fabric passive +19 stamina
494 stamina

Ken haki upkeep -15 haki stamina
205 haki stamina

6Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:16 pm

Revolutionary General

Revolutionary General
Gruff and the others wouldn't stand a chance, the speed was simply too great. The Mink crew wouldn't even realize they had been erased from this plane of existence until it was too late. Ro's plan had been almost perfect, nearly flawless even, save for the fact that while her ability to bend light and create illusions was second to none, she had no control over sound. While her plan would go off without a hitch for the most part, with Gruff and the others disappearing in a bright flash unseen to the rest of the world outside of that 10m mirage sector, it would be the firing of the gun that would tip off Ren and the rest of his crew. Sound it would seem would be the downfall of this little charade. What in the hell was that? Ren would snarl as he activated his Ken haki and scanned the surroundings. While the scene below would appear normal, everyone loading into the raft-type smaller airship to bring the Celestial Dragon aboard, something would be very wrong. Ren had sailed with Gruff for years, he knew the color of his aura and even that of the other crew members he had sent down with Gruff, so why was the billy goat's aura gone and new, strange aura in its place?

Something is wrong, fire on that ship, now! It's not Gruff, I repeat it's not Gruff! Ren bellowed to his crew, his aggressive nature taking over. Turning to the same bison mink he ordered, Tell Giri and the others to begin firing on the castle and any military-like installments they see. Avoid civilians if possible, but I'm prepared to level this island and start fresh if we have to. Ren would then turn back to the railing, his Ken haki still activated to watch the slaughter of the little ship that couldn't. While not all 100 of the right side facing cannons would be able to accurately lock onto the ship due to the layout of such a sailing vessel, Ro and her band of scoundrels would still find themselves faced with around twenty five incoming attacks ranging from standard cannon fire to bits of shrapnel prepared to shred the little air dingy. He didn't know who that blonde girl from the beach was, but he was ready to identify her by dental records if he had to, especially if Gruff and the others really were gone. Ren drove his fist down into the bannister of the airship, his anger bubbling up.


Ken Haki
Aura Sight
Sixth Sense
Hawk Eye


Body: Adam Wood
Hull: Titanium
Twenty Five Cannons:
15x Round Shot
10x Bundle Shot

7Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:56 am

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
Mother of Dragons [Event] Q2PQfll

So far, so good. They had successfully made it to the smaller craft without any discernible reaction from the main airship. But it was only a matter of seconds after takeoff that the cannon fire started. That was to be expected though, the plan was tenuous at best. But it had done about as good a job as she could have hoped for. She was almost close enough to get a good look at the layout of the airship. So far her objective had been to close the gap, and she had almost done that. She stayed her course, flying the small vessel directly into the trajectory of the storm of shrapnel.

She took a glance at the men she had brought with her, their faces solemn and knowing. They had all known that this task would likely be the end of them, but they had agreed to it out of loyalty to the crown. They knew that if Ro lost here, that their king would be taken. All the same, Rokuju did not want to forfeit their lives if she could help it. She stepped away from the controls, allowing one of the others to take them up. There wasn’t any more nuanced flying required, only to stay their course.

Rokuju would turn her attention to the projectiles that were flying her way. As they entered her haki range, she would be able to understand how fast they were traveling, what they were made of and what type of damage they were capable of. Thus, she knew how much strength she required to fend them off. Some of the shots would miss anyway, but some, should they hit, would utterly destroy the craft. Giving power to her lux amplifier, she used it to project a shield around the small airship in the shape of a half-sphere of radius 45m in the direction of the fire. Should there be enough firepower to blow through the shield, she would start up another hex shield, and then another one. And keep going until the craft was within 250m of the airship. If the shields failed to protect the craft, she still had her logia intangibility reaction which she would use only if she had to, upon which, she would move onto the next stage by flying to within 250m herself.

From this distance, she would be able to see the layout of the front of the airship, including the entirety of the bridge. As she looked through all of the individuals in the bridge, she focused on one in particular that matched the mink she had seen on Alabasta previously. Yes, it appeared Ren was here after all, sitting in a chair on the bridge, 20m from the nose of the ship, looking out at them (if he had not changed his position after ordering the attack). She had thought he would turn up himself, but she couldn’t have been sure up until now. This made him her primary target. In their game of chess, he was the opposing king. It was her turn, and she was intending to put him in check.

Ro would leave the ship, activating her flight, it’s cost being paid for using her lux amplifier. She would shoot off the craft, weaving through the storm of metal with ease at tier VII speed. The massive airship hung 50m above the sea, and she was aiming to get within 10m of the nose. From there, she would use her final spark skill, powering its strength using her magnitude amplifier (up to tier 7). Light in a cylinder between her and Ren would come under her control and then flash disintegrating everything, including the Revolutionary General should he be caught and the hull of the ship. The cylinder would stretch past Ren five metres and had a diameter of 10m.

This whole movement and attack since leaving the craft, she had been moving at VII speed, and due to her ‘will of light’ passive, unable to be seen by those of V perception and below. Should this attack go off without a hitch, the mink would have died while he was still watching the craft below, unaware of Ro completely. From there, Rokuju would enter the hole of the ship. She would tell whatever staff to land the airship on the beach, crash land if needed, and that they would all be spared should they follow her direction.

Will of Light: As the fruit's power is controlling light itself, the eater of the Pika Pika and their actions are harder to see. Enemies act like they have a -1 in perception when trying observe the user or the users' actions/attacks.

-25 energy: lux amplifier paying for flight cost

Equipment Name: Lux Amplifier
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: A generator made to amplify skills an abilities, converting energy from her system to add a buff by the attributes below. The energy powering the amplifier is channeled into a series of lenses which build up and focus the energy.. Once released, this energy runs through Ro's system, joining up with her skill/ability. It costs 10 energy to activate the amplifier and 5 energy per use per buff. How many upgrade points the amplifier has determines how strong the buff is. 3 upgrades are necessary to use this device, before that it is just a prototype.
+ x to perception debuff
(will of light passive):                     1    1    1    2    2    2
Can pay upkeep costs of tier x
skills and passive costs in energy: 0    1    2    3    4    5

flight passive:
Massless body: Air travel with instant max speed to a max height of 100m, costs 10 stamina per post. If using for travel, transportation rules apply.

-15 energy: magnitude amplifier +2 tiers damage and interaction

Equipment Name: Magnitude Amplifier
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: A generator made to amplify skills an abilities, converting energy from her system to add a buff by the attributes below. The energy powering the amplifier is channeled into a looped fibreglass track, which accelerates around the circular track continuously, gaining a buildup. Once released, this energy runs through Ro's system, joining up with her skill/ability. Application varies with each case, for example, a pika pika skill projected outward could use this energy to fling it further or increase it's power. It costs 10 energy to activate the amplifier and 50% of the skills stamina cost in energy per use per buff. How many upgrade points the amplifier has determines how strong the buff is. 3 upgrades are necessary to use this device, before that it is just a prototype.
+ x tier of damage & interaction: 1 1 1 2 2 2
+ x% extra distance: 5 5 10 10 15 20

-30 energy: hex shield v3

Skill Name: Hex Shield v3
Tier: 3
Type Defensive
Range: 45m
Speed: 3
Description: Ro can create a solid shield from one of her inventions with projected energy with a shape of her choosing as long as it does not exceed 45m away from the item. The outer surface area cannot exceed 12500m (half sphere of radius 45).

+70 energy: central system recoup
750 energy

-23 stamina: hex shield v3

-100 stamina: final spark

Skill Name: Final Spark
Tier: 5
Type Offensive
Range: 100m
Speed: VII
Description: Ro extends her control of the light within the area of a cylinder (up to 10m diameter and length 100m) at VII speed from herself. When the control reaches the desired length, the whole area flashes golden, disintegrating everything within that area.

+25 stamina: solar fabric

396 stamina

-15 haki stamina: ken haki upkeep
190 haki stamina

8Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:26 pm


New NPCer taking over, so "bear" with.
While the blonde haired woman was occupied with wiping Ren off the face of the planet, or attempting to, the very turf she fought for would be busy getting eradicated. Ren didn't take being crossed lightly as no one should and though he did call for a precaution on civilians, his crew knew how he operated. Sacrifices had to be made to for the greater good sometimes and this one was of those times. This blonde woman was a valiant fighter indeed, but not even she could stop the onslaught that was being carried out on the very island it was she was fighting for.

Beyond that, her might hadn't even been proven yet. She was mighty fast, but even Observation Haki could be used to pilot ones body to ward off the quickest of foes. It was true visually he couldn't hope to keep up with her, but his Haki alerted him of her ill will against his being. With the aircraft she had hijacked being shot down, she'd be forced to fly up and approach Ren herself. A mistake that could prove fatal in the long run. He'd had activated his Busoshoku Haki at maximum power, S-Rank, just prior to her ditching the aircraft. Being a seasoned warrior, he knew how to go about fighting without blatant killing intent in his body. For that reason his own assault on the woman would be a surprise that not even she was ready for. She'd zip up 10m from the nose of the ship and he'd be 20m from the nose in the bridge still. The woman moving so fast, he hadn't any real time to actually move. Despite this he had time to act with his Hakis, which required nothing but mental commands that could be issued in fractions upon fractions of seconds.

She wanted to talk about kings battling kings, then she better had been ready to fight amongst them like a true king. She had power that could put her on the level of even the Pirate King perhaps, but she was too reliant on it and it'd ultimately be her downfall. Ren had no reason to hold back against this woman, especially seeing as she had erased Gruff and the others from existence. The moment he felt her come within 30m of him, he'd release a wave of the rarest haki there was. Had she researched her target and knew who she was messing with, perhaps she'd be aware that he possessed such a power. He too failed at researching his opponent, but fate had dealt him with a more favorable hand of cards, at least it would seem so. She'd be unable to resist the intensity of his willpower and she'd succumb to the darkness that was a loss of consciousness. Even should she release her attack that disintegrated matter, his Armament Haki that covered the entirety of his body would be the only thing on him that was erased. He'd be completely unscathed as it'd soak up the attack.

The woman herself would be falling downwards to the ocean below, the watery depths looking to reclaim the powers she had stolen from it. That being the powers of her Devil Fruit.

Should he be successful, he'd be in shock. He wouldn't have a real clue on what happened, but he wouldn't need to. All he needed to know was the woman was practically untraceable and that would mean conventional combat would be basically futile. That enough would lead him to relying on his Conqueror's Haki and activating it as soon as she was within range.

If her attack still went off though he'd be ok, he'd be in a free fall sate. His surroundings would be vaporized, so it only made sense. The water from this height would be like hitting concrete and while he was a tough cookie, he wasn't looking forward to seeing just how tough he was. He had no sword to release and attack to break the surface tension and couldn't send a command out to fire off a cannonball or something on the fly.

AHHHHHHHHHH He'd yell loudly, riling himself up getting ready to take the brunt of the fall. Despite how loud he was, this wouldn't wake up the unconscious woman from her slumber. Perhaps the pain from her body colliding with the water would, but by then it'd be too late. Not only would the impact be bone breaking due to how fragile her body was, but she'd be in the ocean unable to do anything to help her situation. Even if she could, she wouldn't be able to move her own limbs and even then a submarine in Ren's fleet would already be on the way to secure her and him.

When time came to collide with the water, he'd release a powerful punch downwards towards the water. His body would be vertical, head facing the water, but this punch would be the first thing to hit it. With how tough he was he'd have some fractured bones in that arm, but with the surface tension broken, other than that, he'd be ok.

Ken Haki S-Rank
Aura Sight
Sixth Sense
Hawk Eye

Hao Haki - S-Rank
Conqueror’s Wrath

Buso Haki - S-Rank
Color of Arms
Gift of Arms

190 Haki Stamina

9Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:24 pm

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
Mother of Dragons [Event] Q2PQfll

The moment seemed to stretch out before her. Her focus was sharper than any blade, pure concentration centered on the mink in front of her. Her plan of attack had been simple, remove the head of the beast, and the rest will fall. But something she couldn’t have foreseen was her opponent's’ capability with conqueror's haki or his ability to be aware of where she was despite her speed. She could see the physical state of her prey through her mind, the general was calm despite the situation. But just before she begun to cross the line that would mark a thirty metre distance between them, a chilling feeling came over her. This, she realised, was the intent of her foe that had been previously hidden beneath his disciplined psyche. It was at this time that she came to the conclusion that Ren was indeed aware of her position, and that she was in danger from some sort of threat originating from the mink.

From that point, Ro would change the trajectory of her flight, shooting straight up. She would strike out with her final spark skill in much the same way as she had done previously, only with her altered position, as soon as she had begun her climb. This beam would be capable of shredding through the ship and Ren’s haki defense, but not much else.

Ro had been analysing his armament coating on the way up and knew that even if she would have powered it up with her magnitude amplifier, it would not do much harm. Instead, she would use it to power up her second attack. This would come in the form of her white dwarf skill that would be fired so that light originating from her body would be able to pass through the hole made in the ship as soon as it was made and then condense around Ren. This would apply t5 damage capable of disintegrating him before he had even fallen a centimetre through the hole in the floor caused by the final spark. Due to her not stopping her movement or slowing, this attack would only come a split second later than her previous plan.

She would stop her ascent when the distance between them was 40m, flicking out a dynamic capsule into her left hand while watching the consequences of her attacks with intent to follow up if needed. This truly would be her biggest trial thus far, that much was clear. How would this fight for Sandy Island end?

Skill Name: White Dwarf
Tier: 3 (+2 from magnitude amplifier)
Type normal
Range: 40m
Speed: VII
Description: Upon activation, the light within 4m (8m diameter sphere) of a chosen point condenses into a brilliant white sphere, material and those caught inside are disintegrated, and apply a 1 post blinding effect.

White Dwarf -45
solar fabrics passive +11
362 total

-15 flight cost paid for with lux amplifier
-33 magnitude buff on white dwarf
+48 central system recoup
750 total

-15 ken haki
175 total

Hopefully this is easier to read. I had offered to clean my stuff up to Kin in the previous round as I didn't know there was gonna be a change of npcer. Feel free to pm me with any questions. Cheers for your patience.

10Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:09 pm


Haki here doesn't grant future sight and isn't worded in such a way that it can. Unless an attack is a threat to you and comes from a sentient being, your haki isn't going to alert you of the danger. I even denied your attempt at future sight with a Kami Ken Haki perk, so you aren't ignorant to this. I bring this up, because you use your Ken Haki to say it warned you of an attack, before it was even made (the conq haki) which doesn't make sense for reasons stated above.

This should mean that you saying your haki pinged u off = ur in range of conq haki and my previous post goes as follows. Since we backtracked the timeline a bit, i'll post accordingly though.

From that point, Ro would change the trajectory of her flight, shooting straight up. She would strike out with her final spark skill in much the same way as she had done previously, only with her altered position, as soon as she had begun her climb.

She would stop her ascent when the distance between them was 40m,
saving these quotes for an inevitable dispute that's to follow my post.

The woman was fast, but perhaps not as spatially aware as she'd wish to be. Though the aircraft Ren was on hovered a shallow 50m from the ground, the woman had only traveled to the aircraft horizontally. (No specific direction of movement was given with the approach). She had planned to avoid his domain of kingship, but would fail to do so as she never halted her advance and continued to fly upwards towards Ren. Despite her apparently feeling a chill of terror come over her body, she didn't heed the warning and still entered. The moment she felt this chill, she would have already been in range of Ren's Haki and would have succumbed to a previously mentioned fate.

Anyways, she'd change her trajectory from horizontally to begin to fly up, vertically. From approaching the nose of Ren's airship head on, albeit a bit lower in altitude than it, to getting right to the point and flying upwards to eventually be level with it, but she'd continue to ascend and eventually be higher than the nose. Regardless, to do this she'd sail in Ren's Haki range and as previously said, he'd release his Haki if she entered 30m of him and she would. Just because she got a warning call, apparently didn't mean she'd heed it. (You don't say you avoid the danger zone of 30m, you wouldn't really know it's specifically 30m anyways, but u only say u change u r trajectory).

So whether it was prior to her first attack being released which he'd survive or in synch with it, all that mattered was his Conqueror's Haki wouldn't be released after it. So she'd be susceptible to the falling from grace and to the unforgiving waters of Paradise with Ren and all previously stated actions would play as they were said to.

Even if her Haki somehow didn't actually alert her, something Ren would be ignorant to anyways, she still would have entered his Haki range by ascending upwards. He'd be aware of this and he'd still use his Conqueor's Haki to incapacitate her as he planned.


all we did was a slight rewind, so all of this is the same as the previous post.
Ken Haki S-Rank
Aura Sight
Sixth Sense
Hawk Eye

Hao Haki - S-Rank
Conqueror’s Wrath

Buso Haki - S-Rank
Color of Arms
Gift of Arms

190 Haki Stamina

11Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:14 pm

Deep Rokuju


Deep Rokuju
Mother of Dragons [Event] Q2PQfll
Ro's mind turned blank. All thoughts, ambitions, intentions, emotions, wants and needs were just gone, expunged from her being. Stalled in midair, her body stood still and spread, at the mercy of a stronger will. All met it's end for her there in that moment.

Staring down the massive airship, she wasn't sure what had happened exactly, or how this fate had come about. But that is what this life's story was, it was striving something greater than any one being. A great ambition, a great hunger that was not able to be satiated. Driven to greater and greater lengths for every incremental leap in power. If she could look back in retrospect, there would be no regret. Rokuju Vinsmoke wasn't an unwise young lady, she knew where her actions would lead her eventually.

And so here she was, the end of her story. Her crew, her family, her people, all of the people that would go on without her. It was a rather peculiar ride, for she thought that she had lived because of the challenges placed in front of her, but it seemed that really, the real living had come despite these challenges. The impromtu adventures, eventful meetings and reflections on her own self were something she could not have predicted. But they had ended up being the spice of life.

Was there supposed to be more than this? Did that matter? Her body slowly began to descend downward, Ro's golden locks fluttering around her face as she picked up speed while falling towards the waves below. In this world of princes and pirates, of sailors and soldiers, of dreamers and demons, she was just another one of the many. Would her life have any meaning to others? Would it be a story worth telling in the future? Maybe, maybe not. She had left a mark, whatever the significance, on the world. Alabasta and Abfall had both come under her care when they were worse for wear, and she had managed to improve the lives of the people who lived there. But existence, no matter how legendary, was only temporary. A flash in the pan as far as the world was concerned. It was only a matter of time until all battle worn scars, all scorched earth, all broken ships would be washed away.

Splash she would go, her body sunk below the waves. For Rokuju, her end is now.



12Mother of Dragons [Event] Empty Re: Mother of Dragons [Event] on Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:09 pm


Ren's assault had luckily been successful despite the fact the logia's attack had still went off. Suffering fair burns over his body despite the fact he activated his haki, he and the one who killed his precious ally were headed down to the depths of the water. Doing all the aforementioned actions to protect himself from the impact, he'd take the woman into his custody and shackle her in seastone cuffs. She seemed to be more interesting than your average person, so killing her immediately or letting her die as she wished to was off the table. She'd be stripped of all her garbs and put into a prisoners uniform, to ensure no hidden weapons were smuggled with her. All her things would be stored in a separate vessel as well. So cuffed in suppressive Seastone and stripped of all her belongings, she'd also be transported in a submarine meaning any destructive behavior would result in her death, for she was surrounded by water since the submarine traveled beneath the surface.

Ren's reasoning behind this was to see not only what affiliations this woman had, but who she was, what she knew, and if her techniques and powers could be harnessed for the up and coming siege on Marie Jois.


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